Christmas 8bit Mode

Hello everyone,

it looks like Wargaming is following up on the Karl success and prepared a new “fun”, “8-bit” mode for Christmas:


This time, you will be able to choose from three tanks: Mammoth (US heavy), Polar Bear (French TD) and Arctic Fox (Soviet LT).




And of course there will be a medal:


41 thoughts on “Christmas 8bit Mode

  1. Well finally something good and “balanced” to play WoT …. didn’t play it for 2 months.

  2. Awesome..

    No.. really..

    Btw will they make a HD pack for these tanks too? They look like shit! Oh wait..

  3. Arctic fox it’s a meme! In Russian it’s will be “песец” (“pesets”), what is sounds like пиздец (pizdets – fucking end to everything).

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  5. Shouldn’t mammoth be rus heavy and fox for murika ? Considering they already have cats and bulldogs… Guess they were afraid of copyright infringement for the first one at least lol

  6. I wondering, would there will be armor penetration value?
    Well, since last time Karl only use HE .. we just need to hit the target, and BOOM

    PS: I wonder how side scraping would work with those flat surface of the tank xD

  7. Let the Christmas fun begin. You’ll only get to play this mode for a month so enjoy it. When its gone its gone.
    mindless fun. (But look out for the players who take it to serious)