Straight Outta Supertest: Panzer III Ausf.K




Statistics for 100 percent crew:

Tier 5 German MT
Hitpoints: 600
Engine: 300 hp
Weight: 23 tons
Power-to-weight: 13,04 hp/t
Maximum speed: 40/7 km/h
Hull traverse: 35 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0,863/1,151/1,822
Turret traverse: 33,4 deg/s
Viewrange: 340

Hull armor: 50/30/50
Turret armor: 50/30/30

Elite gun: 75mm L/43
Damage: 110
Penetration: 103
ROF: 15,261
DPM: 1678,7
Reload: 3,932
Ammo carried: 40 rounds
Accuracy: 0,384
Aimtime: 2,21s
Depression: -10




germany-g107_pzkpfwiii_ausfk5 germany-g107_pzkpfwiii_ausfk6 germany-g107_pzkpfwiii_ausfk7

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          • Ram has a 6pdr or something like that. (At most a 76mm), It gets limited MM and it sure as hell don’t get a 105mm. (Though if it did…)

        • Churchill 3 is incredibly slow however. Ram II on the other hand is about equal and has full MM.

          • Ram II sees tier 5-7 so not limited MM.


            The Ram-II’s matchmaking is not as good as its heavier counterpart, the T14.

            straight from teh wiki

      WG! why you make it slow! my normal tier 4 pz3 will catch (and kill) scouts! but this has 13hp/t! WTF
      if this is a tier 5 it needs to be fast, because it does not have good amour and only a average gun, speed is all its got left. please be placeholders, please be placeholders……

      • That’s because WG introduces new German tanks with their historical engines (Pz. IV S, StuG IV) but did not change the engines of all the older Panzer III and IV variants.
        They should have reworked the Panzer III and IV when they removed the unhistorical engines of the Panthers and Tigers.

        • i think that was because they were too fast, making them unbalanced, not because of historical accuracy. this is wot, not wt, and tanks are NOT balanced around historical factors. this tank never existed in the first place, or was it even a plan, because you could not fit the breech of a 75mm gun in a pz3, well, any 75mm gun not the L24 at least. so a non real tank, not even a proposition, let alone a paper panzer, but it must have the historical engine? Please no, this tank i have wished for, i love the pz3. please Wg, MAKE IT FAST

          • hell, it even has less amour than the tier 4, it better be damn fast.
            T4, hull:70/30/50
            turret :57/30/30
            and a recap of the t5 leak
            turret: 50/30/50 (um ss? typo? look at the amour model, side and back or turret are same on there)

    • Thing is, we already have a good tier 5 German medium, the T25. They have similar guns (better pen on the T25′s gun, though the dpm on the PzIIIK is better) The T25 has similar armour but it has “some” sloping and better sides. It’s also much faster in a straight line but has less traverse. Gun depression is -10 on both so even-stevens there. The T25 also has more health (by 10hp, but still).

      Simply put, I can’t see a reason WG would put another tier 5 German premedium in the game.

      • If the Czech branch gets implemented, the T-25 will be a medium tank at either tier V or VI of that branch. The T-25 we have now will be removed. Since there’s a bit of speculation that the Czech branch gets implemented next year, there might be a need for a new german tier V prem medium tank

        • Wargaming WON’T remove, replace or move T-25 to EU branch. It would be just stupid, and would cause a lot of bitching.

    • Yes, the Ausf. K was just a Panzerbefehlswagen with an altered turret (I’m assuming something internal, because it looks pretty much the same as the standard turret to me) and the KwK 39. Once again Wargaming is making something up.

  1. Why the F premium t5′s have so high HP pool ? Fighting T-25 isnt fun when it can shred you to pieces while still having around 250 HP left…

    • If T-25 shreds your tier5 tank(other than TD or SPG), assuming your tank isn’t stock, then you are doing something wrong, because its DPM and alpha are pathetic, and it got quite a lot of trouble turning the gun at the enemy(poor turret and hull traverse) and aiming down(long aiming time, poor accuracy). Whatever you drive, you either have better DPM or alpha or mobility. Just play to the strenghts of your tank and T-25 is food, unless enemy player knows his sh-t.

    • T-25 is essentially a tier 5 premium Panther with shitty traverse. Are you now going to bitch about Panther’s HP too?

  2. Pretty sluggish, sadly. And the German 75mm gun really isn’t one of my favorites – on PzIV at least, it aims quite long and the DPM is just not there.

    But the HP and depression makes it competitive against the T5 german meds, perhaps better than them.

  3. why the weight is increased but armor reduced?
    we can find every information from the the game
    The Turret of Pz.III Ausf.L is 3,200 Kg with 57/30/30 and Pz.IV Ausf.G is 3,200kg with 50/30/30
    the turret have same weight.
    and the gun
    5cm L60 is 700 kg and 75 L43 is 1473 kg
    the different on weight between Pz.III Ausf.L and Ausf.K should lower than 1 ton!
    and the hull have a great decreased!
    from 70/30/50 to 50/30/50
    What a joke! reduced armor with a great increased weight! 3 tons
    and Engine is 300hp lower than the 320hp from the stock Pz.III
    how slow this tank can be??? the Power-to-weight is lower than the Heavies!

    The Pz.III Ausf.K will be the King of the Worst T5 tank!

    • Apparently it was supposed to have a diffrent suspension and tracks to fit the turret(and most likely diffrent turret ring and whatnot), so that’s where additional weight might have came from.

      As for the weights of the turret, you are basing your comparison on WoT parameters, and i remember there was at least few changes to turret stats already, one that im certain of is the changes to VK3002DB over the years. Luchs also had its turret weight changed at least once IIRC.

      And i don’t think that WG is really going around, measuring the weights of each of tanks components around the world, right? ;)

      As for armor thickness, its all comes to the question- did the crew put special additional armor plate(bolted to the front) or not? :P Because i remember that’s how they uparmored their existing pz2/3/4s over the time.

      • “And i don’t think that WG is really going around, measuring the weights of each of tanks components around the world, right? ;)”

        Due to the lack of consistency in weight data, WG works to get the overall weight as correct as possible. If data springs up that a certain module is weighed incorrectly, they just shift the numbers around between the module and the rest of the hull, but the overall weight is paramount in comparison.

    • “why the weight is increased but armor reduced?”

      Weight of Ausf. J config in WoT: 18.46 t
      Weight of Ausf. J according to Spielberger: 21.5 t

      “and Engine is 300hp lower than the 320hp from the stock Pz.III”
      The HL 108 and 120 series for the medium tanks are unfortunately overbuffed significantly in their performance. The premiums that use the engine get historic gross output

  4. As if we need more German Premium Med tanks, already 4 available in -game store?
    How about a French Premium Med Tank?

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  6. How sick do you have to be to make this a T5 tank ?????? Do you even realize T-25 is MUCH MUCH MUCH better than this shit, at every possible thing, from armor to mobility to gun ????? Even with limited MM, this will be crap.

    • This thing has more DPM, better accuracy and aiming time- how exactly is T-25 gun better, since difference in penetration is negligible thanks to poor gun handling on T-25? (unless you switch to APCR)

      As for armor, on paper yes- T-25 got better armor. In practice, its still sh-t! :P My friend once said: it doesn’t matter if its -10 degrees C outside during winter, or -20 C, its still fking cold. :P This thing at last doesn’t have stupid 20mm of cardboard at rear(drive-by Pz1c with ~320 alpha in one clip says “Siema”).

      Hull &turret traverses are better too= better brawling capabilities, 20m better viewrange surely helps as well(suited with more accurate gun, remember?).

      T-25 main advantages over this Pz3 are only speed in a straight line and power to weight ratio. Well, and a typical premium tanks bonus to credit &exp income.

      Don’t get me wrong, im not saying that this Pz3 is awesome or that T-25 is utter crap, but i think you might not be thinking well through those characteristics. :P I play a lot of tier5 tanks and when i see those stats, i think i might know how to make good use out of them, and with special MM it might be even better than T-25(performance wise).

  7. I have 1 question; why are WG modelers putting dent marks on EVERY part of tanks which were not armor?

    German tanks usually had far fewer dents if you look at picks; a few examples being: (rear flaps on the Tiger and the Pz IV) (the whole right mud flap even in this apparently battle hardened machine)

    My take on the issue is that they are taking the example of the Tiger in Bovington and applying dents to EVERY non-armor part of ALL tanks in the game.

    Though a little denting does add to the authenticity but not as much as the modelers are putting there.

    The best they can do is, lessen the dents now so that the looks of the tanks don’t suffer and when (50 years from now) WG figures out how to implement spaced armor and ‘stuff’ falling off tanks when hit by HE (Which I have observed in WT videos and in Theatre of War 2 series) that would add to the authenticity and eye candy.

    This is a personal opinion…. WG will do what they want to.

    • This is just the raw model. Once they apply the textures they will be less noticeable.

      Also you can’t compare a high quality Pz III model with some low quality photographs of tanks that have all kinds of tools and equipment on their armor.

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  9. Could work, but only if it gets limited MM and some good aim bloom stats. And I’d think it’s pretty likely. So far, it looks VERY similar to StuG IV, IM’s reward. StuG IV is worse than regular T5 vehicle, but gets excellent gun handling stats. This Pz will probably be like this as well.

  10. Another worthless shitty low tier german tank, just what we need. T55 better be good.

    Btw on the subject of shitty german tanks, is the stug IV from IMs supposed to have pref MM ? Because no way I’m wasting a team slot with that otherwise.

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