“Let’s Battle” Web Magazine Returns… on RU Portal

Hello everyone,

remember the “Let’s Battle” web magazine, that we had on EU server? Last issue came about a year ago and after that, it was thought discontinued (let’s face it, it was not exactly the best thing WG ever produced), but now, a new issue appeared… in Russian. Given the content, it’s specifically a Russian edition and it’s unlikely there will be a translated version.


- Mad Jack Churchill’s story (a guy using a longbow in WW2)
- “intrigues” – the fight for contracts in German tank industry
- the future of Strongholds with their developer
- Olga Sergeevna photosession

and some other crap. It’s still in mobile-only format (ohgodwhy) tho. From the stronghold article (courtesy of maiorboltach), some statistics:

- on RU server, there are 100+ thousand strongholds with 300+ thousand buildings
- the most popular building is “finance department” (SS: how is it in English? Not sure)
- it took a year to develop the mode
- the game mode is bassed on a board game for 3-6 players with dices
- at first, it was planned to give strongholds only to the largest clans
- there were several variants of the visualisation and UI considered

I haven’t seen the magazine myself (apparently it’s not possible to install it on PC), but if you know how to do that or are running a mobile device, you can get it via GooglePlay, App Store or Amazon.

13 thoughts on ““Let’s Battle” Web Magazine Returns… on RU Portal

  1. They should have put the Olga photosession in the beginning, I guess it would attract more readers. Or not exactly readers…

    • Seems that someone got scared to be published on FTR so he asked what is FTR about. SS I think your hall of shame works – an insulter goes to forum to check if the threat of being published is real and how many people know the place. According to number of replies, a lot.
      There’s a small chance that he would think twice before throwing insults next time.

  2. The stories look interesting. Hope we can get English version soon.

    Olga looks hot :)
    What’s her job at WG anyway? PR?