Straight Outta Supertest: M4 Imp Changes, AMX CDC Pics, Tiger L/56 Rumors

Hello everyone,

a bunch of small things, that happened on the supertest. First and foremost, some Russian leaker webs started showing the pictures of premium Tiger L/56 again. You might remember that this vehicle was leaked some time ago. It’s basically nothing else than premium Tiger I with 88mm L/56 (with identical model and characteristics to the non-premium one) as a premium vehicle. This vehicle however apparently was just an experiment to figure the suitability of the tank for eventual future release. As far as I know, its release is not planned.

M4 Improved was changed yet again, this time it was nerfed – reload time went up from 3,644s to 3,836s, reducing the DPM from 1811,3 to 1720,7.

And, finally, AMX Chasseur de Chars, upcoming French tier 8, was seen in supertester hands in random battles lately. It’s possible this vehicle will be introduced in patch 9.6 along with Japanese tier 8 medium, STA-2 – not certain though.










46 thoughts on “Straight Outta Supertest: M4 Imp Changes, AMX CDC Pics, Tiger L/56 Rumors

  1. Why is it a medium tank ? It is meant to be a TD (CDC : chasseur de chars = Tank destroyer)

    But I will buy one if it stays like this. :D

  2. What’s that about that Tiger L/56?? Yesterday when I tried to apply clan war camo on my E-100 it said that camo can be applied to every german vehicle except Tiger L/56. So there has to be some plans for it.

  3. I will definately be getting one of those….great for training my upcoming Batchat crew (I think). If it plays anything like the FCM it will also be quite a good credit-maker and (heaven forbid!) be usably in Stronkholds or even ESL?

  4. Supertesters using white tracks mod ;-)
    Seems all those mods are only illegal on EU server, the rest of the world is free to use them…

  5. The CdC is so hyped that if they release it, you should buy it real soon.

    Cause it will flood the servers and be retired soon after.

    • Yes pls tomatos buy it so i can shoot you with nothing but HE. Srsly i dunno what’s the hype is all about. It sure has a lot of gun depression and mobility but i don’t like being shot at with HE. Plus you will get one-shotted by arty 99% of the time. Yea seems FUN. Unless you are one of those borsig campers then dunno.

      • People don’t really drive with HE loaded. Most refuse to load HE because if your intended target disappears, but another one shows, you can shoot him for 50 HE damage or something which is a failure.

        And direct arty hit oneshots most T8 meds anyway.

        How many shots does STA-1 bounce, huh? none, most likely. And you can pen it with HE in many places. Have you been shot by HE in STA-1, ever? except KV-2?

      • HE or oneshots arent the real problems with CDC, its the combination of totally paper armor combined with not existing camo rating (presumably, since it has similar profile to FCM). Every true paper tank have good to great camo values, i dont really see people doing well in this, since they will be outspotted by almost everything (especially if it wong get pref MM)

  6. I will get the CdC for sure if it is still any similar to what it is now on paper no matter if it gets reduced MM or not. The Tiger is interesting if it gets reduced MM to 7. If not, it’s utter crap.

  7. Is this Tiger L/56 a special premium like the M4E8 Fury? One that they could not finish in time for the movie promotion?
    I wonder how much money WG got for promoting the movie.

  8. Note that if you try to apply a camo paint on a German tank, in the bottom of the camo info box it says “camo can be applied to German vehicles except Tiger L/56″

  9. I think the Tiger L/56 will released with “Fury” Bur-ray on January 27, 2015.
    maybe there have a limited fury edition with game code
    (like Pz. IV hydraulic for Razer mouse)

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  11. >It’s possible this vehicle will be introduced in patch 9.6 along with Japanese tier 8 medium, STA-2 – not certain though.

    Silentstalker, I think HD version Type 61 and STA-2, It’s possible may be late.
    Japanese tankers points out a mistake of WG for Type 61 scale size.

  12. If you try to buy camouflage for the E25, you point to the camouflage, wait a few seconds, and the following message will pop up: ‘Can be applied to all German Vehicles, except Tiger I L/56′. Premium Tiger confirmed? Also, since it says that no camouflage can be applied, I assume it’s a premium tank with the Bovington museum skin we saw on the test.

  13. I noticed today looking at camo skins for my Pz IID it says “This skin can be used on all german tanks except Tiger I L/56″