As Usual: 9.5 Live Oaks Fail

Thanks to Scrapheep for this one.

Hello everyone,

I don’t think this needs much explanation. Either in 9.4 or 9.5, Wargaming screwed up the hitbox of some Live Oaks buildings. But a demonstration will serve better than description:



Basically, what you see here is building collision model (hitbox) not corresponding to the visual one, causing the shells to be blocked by invisible barrier. Usually it’s city maps suffering from these issues, in the past same problem emerged on Ruinberg, Himmelsdorf and Stalingrad had it too (some of these were apparently fixed in 9.5). Meh.

28 thoughts on “As Usual: 9.5 Live Oaks Fail

  1. It happens also on some Highway map buildings (on top left corner of the map). If I remember well, it is the same building model, with the stairs.

  2. good to know. used that spot in 9.4 and it didnt behave like this.
    WG most likely will say they rebalanced the map. the south spawn is OP OP

  3. This can’t be true! :O
    World of tanks is the best game ever, has no bugs, no glitches and MM works PERFECTLY all the time!

    Sarcasm btw.

  4. Drove me nuts already. I tend to go there a lot and I’m like WHY THE FUCK CAN’T I HIT THAT GUY… figured as well that it’s some faulty hitbox. If you know it, you can deal with it and also use it to your advantage.

  5. It was like that in 9.4 and is also in 9.5, i use that position quite often in meds on that map and that model caused alot of screwups for shots that should have hit tanks…

  6. There are plenty of these bugs on other maps too. You can fire trough side of a mountain or hit an invisible hitbox just like in the video. And its not necessary a city maps. These bugs were here for my entire 20k battle “career”.

  7. They screwed other maps too. Most likely its because the maps use the same building models

    On Highway map yesterday I was shooting a tank that was partially behind a building. However when I was shooting his front that was sticking out of the corner, my shells just hit the “invisible” barrier aka the actual collision model (while the visual model was shifted left looking from the north spawn)

    The building is on E4 square, its a house (and I was shooting from the hill at C6)

  8. if u don’t see silhouette don’t shoot… i got used to this from pearl river where some shoot thru the hills and on some hills u shoot far away from the edge

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  10. its seems his gun is in the model of that bulding thats why he cant shoot when the gun isnt in that bulding he can (we only see the sniper mode not arcade so its possible)

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  12. I went there with my T49 and shot myself for third of my health. Thought I was just too stupid to aim, but that explains a lot.

  13. fyi…this happens on almost all houses or building with steps.. i posted a thread about it in support on the NA forums, and as usual, it got ignored

  14. It looks like the player in question runs the game on a relatively low graphics setting due to the shell after-effects. Perhaps it is something that happens only with low terrain settings.

  15. No, I have terrain on maximum, to prevent this kind of shit in the first place. I have a lot of unnecessary effects turned off tho, not to distract me from the game.