Nothing really interesting today, just posting this so nobody waits for the translations or anything. Orthodox Christmas and all that – hopefully peaceful enough :) But, if you are interested, you can read about the incident where RAF Tempests got into a fight with Israeli Air Force by Listy.

Or you can read a story of a poor plumber guy, whose truck ended up in ISIS hands.

Or you can read about the state of US forces in North Africa from a 1943 report in an article by Chieftain.

Or – if you are more modern-tank oriented, you can read an article about the newest Russian tank platform…

Okay, that’s enough reading for now… have a nice evening.

31 thoughts on “8.1.2015

  1. Hey SS, why so much arty hate in FTR today? Do you like tears of those mad and sad tankers? I think that Tyra’s guide was great though.

    Must check all those articles you linked now.

  2. That Russian tank platform. This is just armchair speculation but…

    Looks like it has shit gun depression and fuck all space for the crew in the turret. Those machine guns are almost as daft as the ones on the IS-7. The driver has the tiny viewports which is to be expected but it looks like the turret would decapitate him if he stuck his head out.

    Seems Russia has been investing more in necromancy than in tank design, because apart from the appearance this is all very soviet.

  3. >It will also feature a smaller main gun than the T-95 and will be an overall less complex design. This makes great sense as simpler tank designs have historically been the most successful for Russia.

    It’s much more complex than T-95 project.

    >It is not fully clear if the T-14 will leverage an ‘unmanned turret’ design philosophy

    It will.

  4. Can’t wait for individual missions soon.. my craving for post-war soviet tanks (T-55a) will soon be satisfied.


  5. Wondering why people call it “orthodox christmas”. Romanians, for example, are orthodox aand we had christmas same as everybody else…december the 25th.

  6. good to see Russia sticking with the tank design strategy of “make it a mobile pancake”

  7. Is it called T-14 because the project started in 2014 ? I guess in a few years we will have a… T-34 heh