Swedish m/39 and m/42 in Action

Hello everyone,

this video show the m/39 (a version of the Landsverk L-60) and m/42 Swedish WW2-era tanks action at Beredskapsmuseet in Sweden in 2013. Pretty interesting to see them moving around :) You can read more about the vehicles here and here. The strange truck at the end is the m/42 SKP/VKP.


13 thoughts on “Swedish m/39 and m/42 in Action

  1. Last summer was one of the warmest in modern Swedish history, hence all the dust.

    • No we dont, we have Leo2.
      The home guard on gotland used them until not that long ago but not the regular armed forces.
      They were used in kongo with great result in the 60s by swedish UN-forces.

    • They were used en mass until the 90s I think, but mainly by the Home Guard who were militias historically equipped with military hardware one or more generations behind the rest of the army. Home Guard even used the Swedish Mauser model 1898 as well, old school indeed.

  2. Must be southern Sweden, because I couldn’t understand a word the presenter was saying :D

      • Yea it’s kinda small but it does have alot of howitzers and field guns, I live barely 5 minutes away from the museum so got alot of photos from there.

    • Of course… the Sweedish Tech Tree is possibly the only one that can get to tier 10 without copying or inventing stuff (and with 2 or 3 branches even!).