Invite Code for EU

Hello everyone,

need an invite code for EU? Try this one: DFE7KGDE – should contain 7 days of prem, 1000 gold and T2 LT (it can apparently be put in by multiple people, so no worries. Many thanks to Clearevil and Sczuka for sending me this.

20 thoughts on “Invite Code for EU

  1. Maybe I’m dumb, but can someone tell me what are these invite codes for? (I haven’t seen anything about these codes and I only see here posts about invite codes but the uploader doesn’t say for the newbies what are these codes and what you do with them)

    • When you register a completely new account in WOT, you can enter this code in that registration moment and it will give you the above mentioned bonuses.

      • Thank You! But why someone here would need an invite code ?! New players won’t know this site and take an invite code and make an acc and take advantage of the code. And the old players… they won’t use it because it’s not for them (if they are smart enough not to start playing the game AGAIN on a new acc) If there is another reason for these invite codes here except for the new players (which i think won’t even know this site) can someone tell me?

      • well, I tried to create an account but hell if I can find the box where I could’ve enter the invite code…seems it disappeared with the new account management thingy(you’re forced to register on, not on, or I’m blind.

  2. Just some info:
    DFE7KGDE works for EU and NA.
    TWGUPWOT gives you Tetrarch + 500 Gold + 3 Days Premium. Works on ASIA/SEA only.

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