Inside the Tanks: Sturmtiger

Another video by Challenger.




As usual, there are small things that are not historically totally correct (like the conversion of StuG III into AT role meaning the infantry was left without infantry support SPG, it was not), but compared to the last G-13 video, it’s better. The “three M4 Shermans killed by Sturmtiger” is – as far as I know – a hoax, either started by some unreliable books or the internet.

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  1. Loool…2400mm of penetration. Even with this you could bounce a scout in WOT… because reasons :))

        • “If the initial impact angle (before normalization) of an AP or APCR shell on the target’s armour exceeds 70° (85° for HEAT), a ricochet (a specific variant of a bounce) occurs regardless of its penetration value and the shell is deflected off the target without causing any damage. You may ricochet off of spaced armour as well, and even if you penetrate that your shell may still ricochet off the underlying hull armour.”

      • A shell this caliber would triple overmatch the armor and penetrate anyway, your argument is invalid.

        However a hole texture with the size of half the tank would look glitchy.

        • “In cases involving HE shells or external module hits, overmatch does not occur.” (note: HEAT and HESH fall under HE in this rule, AFAIK)

          Only AP and APCR do overmatch. And I think those weren’t to be used on Sturmtiger (might be mistaken here, haven’t seen the proposal details)

          • so what? the explosive charge of that missile is way higher than the conqueror gc, it would oneshot even if didnt pierce.

  2. How did the loader load the gun from inside the tank? I mean the ammo looks like it weighs as much as the loader. I guess there was some kind of mechanical system (?)

    • much more than a loader, they used a crane and the ammunition was 350kg heavy. oh yeah, and he also says that in the video, but its hard to actually listen.

      • Actually the video says that they used a crane to load the ammunition IN the tank, meaning filling the ammo “rack”, as it can be seen from the photos.
        It says nothing about loading the rounds on the tray, something that apparently the single loader managed to do on his own. Given the 350kg weight of the rounds, wondering how he managed to do that is nothing strange.

        • “Due to the bulkiness of the ammunition, only 14 rounds could be carried, of which one was already loaded, with another in the loading tray. The rest were carried in two storage racks. To help with the loading of ammunition into the vehicle, a loading crane was fitted at the rear of the superstructure next to the loading hatch. Even then, the entire five man crew had to help with the loading.”

          So, one was already loaded and another one ready in the loading tray. It took the whole crew to load the rockets into the vehicle, even with the help of the crane. The loader alone probably was able to reload that one rocket from the tray, but you can expect that it took more than just the single loader to load another round into the tray. I highly doubt that he did this on his own.

    • Chieftains style can get boring, Challenger seems more neutral and even with a few historicall fallacies he’s somehow more pleasant to watch.

      • I prefer Chieftain’s hatch too. Especially for the Hetzer/jgdpz 38t video, no fake BS.

      • Wow thats a first. Someone who prefers Challenger over Chieftain.
        Free speaking > Reading lines…and I don’t know, imho chieftain “knows” the stuff and challenger just presents it…

      • I’m with you, I love the presentation of these vids and the historical information. Much better presented.

  3. I noticed almost straight away with The Challenger is that he reads his lines. I don’t believe The Chieftain reads his lines, which makes them more enjoyable.

  4. I concur with those preferring The Chieftain because he doesn’t read a script. Once I noticed this guy was reading his lines, it destroyed the streamlined TV documentary quality that these videos have, compared to The Chieftain’s more ad hoc ‘tank nerd’ with a focus on exploring the physical vehicle in detail.

  5. The weight of the shell does include the propellant? And in that case, what was the weight of just the actual shell? I’m asking because the controversy about damage in game tied to shell weight or caliber might be influenced by this, since we don’t have yet rocket projectiles in game, and the damage equation might be different (afterall, it’s just a balance parameter)

    • There were a variety of rounds with a weight of up to 376 kg (829 lb), and a maximum range of up to 6,000 m (20,000 ft), which either contained a high explosive charge of 125 kg (276 lb) or a shaped charge for use against fortifications, which could penetrate up to 2.5 m (8 ft 2 in) of reinforced concrete. The stated range of the former was 5,650 m (6,180 yd). A normal charge first accelerated the projectile to 45 m/s (150 ft/s), the 40 kg (88 lb) rocket charge then boosted this to about 250 m/s (820 ft/s).

  6. Wait… one shot can’t kill 3 Shermans? YOU DON’T SAY?

    Remember, it’s slow, vulnerable, has a ridiculous reload time, probably not very accurate – the velocity of the shell was inconsistent at best, and would get shat on by every arty on the enemy team as soon as it was lit – but …. because of DAT SPLASH THO … it’s too OP for you to add to the game.

    5 artillery on a team on maps the size of Wal-Mart parking lots are OK, but a Sturmtiger is verboten.

  7. In WoT: Class SPG (Artillery)
    Tier X
    Health: 620
    Hull Traverse: 20
    Speed limit: 35kms
    Horse power per ton: 14
    Gun traverse: Verrry limited (foch like)
    Armor: 150-100-60
    Aim time: 12.0
    Accarcy: 1.8
    ROF: 0.39
    Ammo: 13
    Shell travel time: 8 (at 1000 meters)
    Shell Arc: (GWE100 kind of arc)
    Shell Pen: HE (standard) 135mm Splash 18 meters. Damage 4000 (if it pens) 800-2000 (Cost: 3500 Cred) Closest to impact of shell. armor and spawllining. within splash.

    HEAT (Prem Shell) 345mm damage 2900-1950 (Cost 8000 cred, 35 gold)

    HE (Prem HE) 145mm Splash 25 meters, damage 4000-1950 (Cost 12,500 cred, 65 gold)

    Repair cost: 85,000 Credits

    There… all balanced…

  8. Love you to explain this SS “like the conversion of StuG III into AT role meaning the infantry was left without infantry support SPG, it was not)” what he said is totally correct.

    • “Love you to explain this SS “like the conversion of StuG III into AT role meaning the infantry was left without infantry support SPG, it was not)” what he said is totally correct.”

      Well, where to begin. The conversion of the StuG III from the L/24 to the L/48 gave the StuG a better AT capability. It didn’t remove it from the infantry support role nor “assault gun” concept. Challenger is not Tom Jentz & Hilary Doyle.

      • Your right I believe that neither of these gentlemen ever went to war on a Tank, just my thoughts. And of course the conversation removed it from Inf/assault gun concept

  9. This is the embodiment of derp ^ ^.
    I love my Su-152 derpy, but this thing is beyond belief with its caliber.
    Im not surprised that WG doesn’t want to see this TD/SPG in the game :D