“Developer Time” Q&A (Part 2)

From an earlier “Developer time” writeup I found only just now, somehow I missed it before. Same source (VK Express community), this time the topic is “individual missions”

- no plans for adding the option to complete the same individual missions twice
- the IM tanks will not be nerfed, even if their statistics are very high
- it’s possible there will be a way to get girl tankers from other events in the future
- the girl faces are all real people, working for Wargaming
- the sum of all the credits you can get for complete all the IM’s is 41 million credits
- there will be a girl crew voiceover, performed by “famous voices” (SS: most likely refers only to Russia)
- no plans to allow players to buy IM tokens for money, the IM vehicles will not be introduced to premium shop, ever
- press-accounts will not have the IM tanks

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          • Hey,,,

            :D Wait a min… He said what ?

            - the girl faces are all real people, working for Wargaming”


            So am I to understand that the German faces, Russian faces, American faces for example are from the various depts within the Main offices that work there?

            -or are these hired girls ??

            Does that mean we get to see that Wargaming chick in our tanks? And how much GOLD will it cost for the really good looking GIRLS…

            I knew there was a profit motive in this some where ?

            Do the girls get any Royalties ?? Knowing Wargaming Probably not..


    • I think only the obj260 is exceptional (but we’ll hardly ever see any in game ever) … T55a is on par with T54 and worth trying for due to nationality are crew training aspect for German meds.

      • Agreed. Stug and T28 Concept look proper shit to say the least. Concept does even get its full gun traverse ’cause reasons. I’ll try and go for the T-55A myself, but Object is too far for me sadly. :(

      • Hmmm I think in a year from now we’ll see half the big clans drive around in Obj260.

        So, what you get then is that the already BEST players get the absolute BEST tank there is (it’s basically a tier 11 tank) driving around killing everything.

        Imagine a platoon of 3.
        My solution? I just drown myself and deny them the hitpoints.

        I think rewards should be achievable by everyone, not just some WoT Gods who already pown everything.

        • How right you are – fu WG ! They are IM so why not take personal stats in account and lower the mission requirements accordingly – fu WG!

            • If that were the objective then why do the “im’s” require you to play like you’re braindead to complete them? i.e. cap in a heavy

              • ^^ This.

                Many IMs demand that you play outside your role, that you play intentionally bad, that you forfeit games and deny your team your assistance.

                Alot of IMs have nothing to do with “being a good player”. They are a game of chance played on the backs of your own teammates.

            • Becoming a better player is a nice goal.
              But there is becoming better and becoming better.

              If WG wants me to run the 100m in under 10 seconds, thats a nice goal but completely unobtainable for me.

              They should take stuff into account.
              I’m fat, I’m old and I broke my knee once. I can do 100m in 18 seconds.
              I’ll lose weight, I’ll go to the gym, I’ll work really hard but I probably will never go under 15 seconds.

              And then Usain Bolt enter the arena, runs under 10s and voila he gets the Obj260.

              • Missions should be significantly reworked if the StuG IV is really that bad. Doesn’t justify such complicated missions, and it’s a mass-produced tank which just doesn’t make sense.

  1. Hey SS, what happened to the fun mode? With the t110e5, foch and Lttb? The russian server had it but it has yet to appear on the eu server

  2. - no plans to allow players to buy IM tokens for money

    I don’t believe this. WG is greedy, WoWp is a failure and WoWs will probably not be successful, too. Thus, WG will surely offer these tokens for money – sooner or later.

    • looks like a mixture of Port and the Battlefield 1942 map: Operation Market Garden, that was such a fun map for that game… :)

      and for the question… IDK, looks just like a fan made map to me, but i can’t be too sure

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  4. - the IM tanks will not be nerfed, even if their statistics are very high

    well they’re pretty much premium tanks anyway, people worked their asses off trying to get these tanks, they shouldn’t be rewarded with something which is going to get nerfed.

    • The same can be said about tanks like the Waffle. But they’re removing it after nerfing it twice. If the shit is ‘op’ then it should be nerfed accordingly.

    • Well since they are pretty much clones of existing tanks their long term performance should be predictable.

    • It doesnt matter how hard they worked/cheated for it.

      The Obj260 looks like it’s totally OP.
      A 60 km/h IS-7 with a much much better gun.
      The thing goes 35km/h up hill on Himmelsdorf !

      It has only 1 weakpoint and thats the ammo count.
      This thing is going to rule tier 10 with 80% win rate.
      Just imagine 3 people from good clan using this.

      The only reason for WG not to nerf it, is if they play to make it available using ‘tokens’.
      I think thats the master plan.
      Wait 12 months, people have some missions done but get stuck on mission X.
      Then you can pay 5000 gold to get the mission completed.

      And I;m telling you, people are willing to pay.

  5. 2013: “WZ-111 won’t come to EU!”
    late 2014: “Here, you EU capitalist pigs, buy the WZ-111 or suffer like a faggot!”
    somewhere in 2016: “Buy your rare IM tank, the StuG IV for a fabulous price!”

    Basically, they’ll change their mind about the IM tanks…

    • the girl faces are all real people, working for Wargaming.

      Ya right another line of Bullshit from wargaming. Fap on devs Fap on.