57 thoughts on “GW E-100 Replacement

    • Must be buff loaders to only have two of them…
      It shouldn’t have AP pen, it should be whatever it hits it crushes completely :P

    • You wont need to worry too much.
      It will probably be so inaccurate that even the enemy team will need to worry about their friendly GW E-100 shitting on top of them.

      • Well u drive it to corner of the map,.. shot diagonaly oposite corner,… everyone on map but u splashet do death if u have spall liner,.. if u dont count yourself death too

    • just because of this news i re-bought the GW Tiger, and decided to grind those 120.000 exp i still need to get the GW E-100 (after the accuracy nerf i stopped playing artillery altogether). get to f**k, CGC, here comes the german hell machine!

  1. Oddly enough the CGC is one of my worst tier 10 arties.

    It has a short barrel (mortar yes) and I can seriously never hit anything with it.
    Maybe one in.. 15 shots is a hit?

    In my T92 (longer barrel, howitzer), I fire AP shells half the time because it’s still accurate enough to hit at 1000 meters.
    Missing with AP doesn’t alert the enemy so they don’t move.
    Hitting with AP does 1500 damage.
    Missing with HE alerts the enemy and does 300-500 damage.
    Hitting with HE does….. 500? 2000? God knows…
    I love AP in my T92….

    I also fire AP in my GWE100.
    It’s a lot harder because of the stupid small gun arch.
    But if WG turns this gun into a 305mm mortar, it will probably make the GWE useless (for me).

    No sir, me no like.

  2. I thought all the time, that (since 305mm gun was mounted on Sturmmörser Bär) it will be Bär. Why not?

  3. With 40 deg. min elevation it probably can’t shoot anything closer than 1km. Good fail vehicle for fail players.

  4. Well at least it’ll finally give something to Germany that can actually hide behind the side of a house as a tier 10 for a change.

  5. But… will it have autoloader? *g*

    On a more serious note for those who ask why not Sturmtiger instead of this Deathstar:
    Sturmtiger has some serious front armor. It would be the bouncing bane of every scout tank, if it’s implemented as arty.

    Also… wasn’t it that the Sturmtiger had no horizontal gun arc? How do you aim with it in arty mode?

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  7. Honestly, the GW-E100 is annoying to play, atm. For me, at least. I hope this new thing has a better gun arch or better traverse. Anything to make it more reliable!

    • This isn’t necessarily adding something but replacing something already in the game with something else.

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