9.6 Accuracy Change Explained

Source: http://worldoftanks.ru/ru/news/pc-browser/1/accuracy_9_6/

Since this is not on EU portal yet (would be marginally more useful to post this instead of another premium shop bundle), here’s the Russian server explanation for the accuracy change in 9.6.

Basically, the official reason for the nerf is that the tanks were too accurate (shooting too often to the center of aim circle) even when the AC was not fully aimed. Thus, the developers decided to separate the aim circle into 10 zones and each zone has a certain probability to have the shell land in it. This is how it looks in 9.5:

The broken lines represent the various sectors and the circle, designated by unbroken white line – 70 percent of shells fall into that circle. The red dots represent the shell impacts within aim circles, the amount used for this sample was 3000 shots. Now, there wasn an issue allegedly of the “snap shot” accuracy (shots without aiming), when people, who were not aiming properly just managed to hit even fast low-armored targets repeatedly. Therefore, WG had to nerf this. This is how the distribution compares from 9.5 to 9.6

In order to prevent the stuff above, the probability of hitting exactly the center (“bull’s eye”) was reduced from 16 percent to 10 percent, but the chance for the shell to fall into the adjacent zone to the bull’s eye increased by the same difference. This change will keep the accuracy for the accurate/fully aimed guns while reducing the accuracy of snap shots.

And this is how it looks in 9.6 – not aimed gun versus fully aimed gun:

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    • Depends on how you look at it.
      They are praising it: KV-5 , strong enough to take shots!!

    • Three thousand radio operators died when making this demonstration. Just appreciate their sacrifice.

    • Sigh. Played the test server and carefully observed the accuracy changes on vehicles that rely on accuracy. Geared up my Leopard 1 and entered about 30 games over a few days. Instances like this became common: well aimed shot at 200m on a tracked T49 (think repair kit glitches they had) goes low and hits the tracks under the hull, 0 damage. I aim directly at his turret ring. Fire again, hits floor by his tank. Final shot once again fully aimed, hits his gun and does 0 damage. These shots were about 3/4 aimed as I was peeking a ridge to avoid a pair of 149s hitting me, but with the L7A3 gun, a top notch crew and all the add one possible, it was still missing. Wargaming have found before that blanket nerfs don’t work, and that they need to actually take care and suit the nerf to the problem. A slight nerf to some vehicles and a more serious one to others seems a better option, lets say a KV2 has a drastically lowered chance of hitting the centre of the circle, which diminishes to almost 0 while moving, whereas an M4 Sherman has a relatively good chance of a bullseye while stationary, better than most on the move but still not a reliable tactic, etc. tanks like the Centurion, Leopard, T62A, etc, high tiered medium tanks and the like, ought to keep their gun handling, because in tier ten matches if a medium driver cannot hit those weak spots on that Jpz E100, or now even reliably hit and pen something like an Object 268 without the shots going awry and smacking into mantles, tracks, or spaced armor, then people are going to load Gold ammo. They say this nerf is to help heavy tanks play properly. I guarantee this will not stop base camping IS7s because artillery is still too dangerous, and even with all the nerfs TDs still have a fear factor to them (as they should) that a lot of bad players haven’t overcome yet. This is just a poor decision on wargaming’s behalf. Shame on them

  1. ffs this is gona ruin me
    i tend to shoot, cross my fingers and shout YOLO and i hit shit on the move…

    • Well it will make 180°+shoot 500m snappies in KV-2s all the sweeter when they do land.

    • again nerf for meds and lights,and buff for ht and td.so stupid to meet needs of majority,that even do not unterstand the point.i am sick of bunch of noobs playing only tds and hts.

  2. Is it me or does the second image make it look like a buff, the shots go more to the center. Might be good for clickers

      • Fully aimed = sCAMPING just a bit more….. back to lower tiers for a while – had some great moving battles there lately.

    • Noticed that as well that puts my concerns to rest I was worried about tanks like my E50M suffering from this.

    • Just look at the most inner broken line and the solid line.
      Amount inside the solid line is the same, amount inside the most inner line is lower.
      If you snapshot the circles are wider and you wont hit weak spots as easy.

      • As I said but nobody believed me, the shots will still go close to middle in 9.6 but not dead center as often. I.e if you fully aim and have a reasonable accurate gun you wont have any issues hitting weakspots in close to medium range and or snipe at 400 meters, even with 0.4 guns since the shell will land close to center anyways.

        • Yeah I think WG clearly just wants to stop this whole snapshotting business that goes on these days.

          • Which may lose a number of players.

            If chat and the forums are any clue, many WoT players are here from CoD, and depriving them of the ability to do a 360-no-scope will cause much rage-uninstalling.

  3. Notice that there are less hits near a border of aim circle in 9.6, unless it has less then 3000 shots in a sample.

    • you will hit dead center more often aimed but you will not do 720 no scope 7km distance dead center shots

      this is a damn buff guys why dont you get that?

      • this is a damn buff guys why dont you get that?

        because this has been seen as an accuracy nerf since it was first heard about. This is the first evidence we have to said it is not a nerf

        • Maybe that explains why 80% of all shots on tiger II and vk045b on test server went dead center and 1mm from center on test server, just a few shots went a notch from the center. Even the is3 with 0.4 has suprinsingly many shots go dead center when fully aimed no matter the distance.

          If you fully aim or aim long enough you wont notice any differance between live and test server, only if you snap shot at long distances you will notice, but even on live server there is a 50/50 chance that she shot will not go dead center when snapshoting at medium to long range.

          Even at test sever at 350 meters I shot with broken gun and hit fast moving tanks so you can still hit with snapshots on test server, your whot will just not go to center or close to center as often. This is what the accuracy rebelance should have beein in 8.6.

  4. It seems this nerf doesn’t exactly mean you’ll miss tanks more often, actually if I’m seeing this right you’ll hit them slightly more often, unless it’s a snapshot, just that it will be much harder to hit small weak spots as hatches and driving ports.

    it’s not the end of the world :P

    • Yeah, I don’t really see the problem, should make sniping slightly more skilfull now

      • Yes, as long as you aim and take consideration to your guns accuracy and range sniping will still be viable. Snapshots at long distances wont and or sniping with low acc guns that has like 0.4-0.46, even though you can and always could snipe with 0.4acc guns in wot.

  5. Did they mention the accuracy buff a few patches ago. Wasn’t the entire purpose of that buff to make shots more centered?

    People complained a lot, nothing happened. Now, a year and a half later…. :D

  6. Thank goodness this is affecting arty. Way too accurate at the moment. Matches with 3+ arty per side are really unpleasant…

    • You think this is a nerf for arty?
      That’s funny. :-D

      Most arty players fully aim before firing, and fully aimed shot will be just as accurate, if not more so.
      This is certainly a buff for some arty, like my leFH with hit’s high accuracy, fast aiming, and 7.51 second reload.

      • It is an arty buff if you fully aim of course, since more shots will go close to center area. I get hgit more often on test server than on live.

      • I have to agree with Wallet_Warrior. Most artillerist do fully aim before pulling the lanyard. With more shots landing in the center of a fully aimed circle, tankers can expect to be on the receiving end of a lot more HE shells from above raining down on them.

        Given this accuracy buff to artillery pieces and the forthcoming view range nerf, I can see a lot of td drivers switching to arty. Means a decline in the td population, but the days with a lot of battles with one arty per side or no SPG’s may soon be a thing of the past.

        • Why don’t they just move to heavies? That way they keep their big guns. Oh wait, then they’ll camp in tanks you can’t reasonably camp in :(

        • That is correct, by nerfing TDs and buffing arty accuracy (since arties shoot while fully aimed) TD players (or former arty players) will play arty again and be happy. Even now on live server, in the evening 4-5 tier 9-10 artys are very common.

      • Umm, sorry to be a noob and all but what is this leFH arty of which you speak of?

        I didn’t see that in the tree, am i blind?

    • If you think arty is accurate than you have NEVER played it or at least not enough times to have ANY clue what you are talking about, arty is the only tank class in the game almost 100% reliant on RNG.

      • Some arty are fairly accurate, while others rarely land shots on the right planet.
        This accuracy change will not hurt any of them though, at least not for people that always let it fully aim.

    • oh you must be new here.. play with arty when its 9+ each side. Or 14 each side.. but 3 each side? you sir are a wimp of a bitch.. i like how they say omg artys op when tds can do better lol

  7. so i guess this change will has bad effect to the tanks with good gun handling (tend to shoot without waiting the gun fully aimed) like M48, T-62A, FV215b but minimum effect to tanks usually need full aiming (most of heavies and some meds like Leopard 1 or STB-1)

    • One thing, mate. You registered using a temporary email, which means I have to manually approve every single post of yours. If you want to comment more often, it would really be easier for you to re-register with regular mail, because a lot of your posts get “eaten” by spam filter.

    • Tier X Russian meds are a menace to say the least. Great ROF, Troll Turret armor, good mobility and good pen. They have better on move accuracy than the Leopard 1 (as mentioned by you).

      If this hits the russian meds, I’d be quite happy about that.

    • Leo 1 needs to fully aim? I dont even wait a nano second to shoot, as is supposed to be… STB in the other hand even fully aimed misses more than a KV2, unlike Type 61 (same gun, WG’s logic) that is way more accurate with the same stats…

  8. Looks like a buff for arty, nerf for tanks.
    since they reduced the amount of shoots “far” away from the center, and reduce the amount of shoots right in the center.
    If you want to be happy in 9.6, play arty with big splashs, you will be hiting every single time.

  9. Neat,should be actually a good news for TD since now they have advantage compared to snapshooting medium from 400 m++
    I guess I need to adjust my china tanks playstyle quite a bit, too. Autoaiming things on full speed and medium distance are actually quite viable before 8.6, resulting in some random hilarious derp snapshots (unless you hit a small bump and the gun proceed to aim for the bird)

    • Yes, fully aimed tanks will have advantage ioppose to snapshotter i.e positioning and guns accuracy and aim time means siomething again.

  10. That KV-5 pic is BS it’s the same overlay of shots, so there is no difference in shot distribution. The same amount of shots hit the “bullseye” fully aimed or not.

    • -.- This particular picture is not a comparision between 9.5 and 9.6 but between not aimed and fully aimed both in 9.6 hence the distribution is the same. How about reading before calling something BS…

  11. I’d actually like if it would be possible to not just change the size of the aimcircle while aming, but also the chance of hitting closer to the center within the circle. This would definatly prevent snapshots from hitting without harming the aimed shots. Well, maybe they didn’t do it, because it was too hard for the server or something like that…

  12. If they explained this like a month earlier people wouldn’t get as upset over this. Big thanks to WG RU for posting that

      • people that played on TS server believed that their shots were inaccurate(the ones with no brains of course) so no they wouldnt even understand if someone is doing suprise butt sex to them

  13. gg wp.

    first the arty doesnt get the 8.6 accuracy buff like the other classes got and now the arty gets the nerf like all the other classes get. so double nerf.

    gg. arty wont hit shit anymore. enjoy your TDs now because they wont get hit by arty anymore. so you can freely camp.

    • *implying that arty shoots at campers in the first place, not MTs or HTs doing their business or the occasional light that got spotted by a suiscout*
      I guess WG employees post on FTR.

    • this is bullshit

      if you would read what SS wrote up there it says shtos will hit more dead center when aimed and you will tend to miss more when you arent aiming

      so no more miss on camper tanks and a lot more miss on the move meds

      i actually tested accuracy nerf on artillerity each one of tier Xs and all i can say they hit center more often when aimed i had a bit problem with obj 261 tho because it was a bit too accurate i missed some shots it might be due to me being a bit noob about arty i only played S-51 and 212A

  14. Do we have the data of each individual sector? Would be nice to plot the distribution curve.

    • all thats changed is the 6% in the middle is now going to the 2nd ring, its still 70% of shots inside the solidwhite line. the rest should be the same, so itl be 10% in the middle 16% on the next ring out.

  15. I was concerned this would be a nerf for my leFH, but looking at the images I don’t it’s much of a nerf at all.

  16. Looks like a buff compared to 8.5, more shots will go close to center but not dead center. This is what I was telling you all the time, as long as you aim fully most shots even with 0.4 guns will go close to middle but not dead center.

  17. It seems like a good move. Thanks SS, RU staff actually explained that and I find the change as a good one. I will have to “feel it” to make my final opinion but I am with you on the fact EU staff could translate it and put for us rather than offer another shitty bundles (like T34 “16% off” where it is not the tank that is off but they just bloat it with “16% worth” prem-days).

  18. The reason for this is… you guys ready? All the hackers with aimbots. Let’s not fix the problem at hand but create an annoyance for everyone playing legally as well.

      • I will try and be respectful. Aimbots overall increase the chance to hit and crit modules with little to no effort. This change is a way to help make that more random with misses, you know RNG bullshit. While doing that though we all get screwed. rnGAYED

        • If people dont know where to shoot to make critical dmg they are scrub and should get banned from game. I dont see issue with aimbots, it is much better to aim manually not even use aimbot or the bs auto aim. If you aim manually you can track shot and/or shoot other areas depending on situation, something that aimbot cant.

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  20. What I understand from this:

    Ruski/Chinese tanks + SPGs driven by tomatoes doing snapshots and ending your match in one hit while you’re driving at 40-60 kph = will miss more often
    Anything/anyone else that actually bothers aiming = will hit more often

    Am I right?

      • Think he brought it up because Russian (and by extension Chinese) guns tend to be less accurate by default and bloom more when traversing, but still tend to hit a fair amount of snapshots.

        Sure, other nationalities have big guns as well, but most of them don’t cause 390dmg as early as tier 6. Ask any tier 4-5 scout scout driver how much fun it is to take a 122mm unaimed shot to the side from a hundred meters out.

  21. (sarcasm) Wow! I didn’t realize “snap shots” were such an issue! So people were complaining and leaving the game because of snapshot accuracy? I hope Armored Warfare doesn’t have a problem with shots being too accurate.

  22. That´s a hidden nerf to soviet mediums, that shot while moving almost all the time. You know wg:

    “If we gotta nerf stalin’s tanks, then we’ll bring all the others with them !”

    Unfortunately, exept soviet mediums, most tanks aim before firing, or fire while moving when they’re too close to miss… Or are driven by tomatoes who dont know what aiming is anyway.

  23. so whered all the people from a few weeks ago now that people can actually see what WG did rather than make tin foil hat theories?

    • They are hiding because they didnt realise they were missing shots on TS due to worse crews and bad aiming and or lag/packet loss on TS. Or they simple forgot that most shots no matter the dispersion should NOT go dead center.

  24. After seeing and getting killed by basically “360 no scopes” from 122 wielding Russian Derps Im glad to see a nerf to super snaps.
    Far to many cases where a non aimed shot would fly straight as an arrow, when that should actually NEVER happen, rather than happen some of the time.

    • I agree, it made superior positioning useless as well as aim time and accuracy as parameters. A well positioned KT for example should never get penned by a derping 122mm russian with 3.4s aim time and 0.46acc that just drive out and put one shell into you and then back off barely aiming. Sure you might dmg him as well, but he will dmg you more due to 390 alpha, not to mention that this scenarios should have never happened from the frist beginning. Bad positioning and lazy aiming should be alot less rewarded. These russians have bouncy /spaced armor and good mobilty for a reason, they have 3.4s and 0.4-0.46acc for a reason not just for “fun”. But they sure had alot of unfair fun after 8.6.

  25. Awwww that’s cute. If only any of that mattered. All that does not have RNG factored in.

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  29. The picture with KV-5 i WRONG actually. It’s just the same dots pattern enlarged. So it can be from 9.5 not form 9.6 aim system. In 9.6 as it was said there should be much less hits in te bulls eye on big circle. Another WG screw-up I think.