Wargaming Offers Jobs in Ukraine?

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Hello everyone,

this is connected to the previous article about WG firing the Kharkov staff and I am including it here for teh lulz, because it’s basically a PR article.Another article was published a day before the last one on how Wargaming helps the Ukrainians get jobs, because the offices of Wargaming in Ukraine (Kharkov, Kiev) lately grew by 38 people. Wargaming was 16th largest IT employer in Ukraine at that point, they hired 142 people 2014.

And a day later, the Persha studio layoff was announced. Guess that didn’t work out.

11 thoughts on “Wargaming Offers Jobs in Ukraine?

    • Except that nobody was actually fired. WG moved 50 positions from Kharkov to Kiev/Minsk. Some of those people didn’t want to move and so they are no longer working for the company.

      SS isn’t a journalist. He’s a blog writer with an agenda. Don’t expect anything that is actual news to be reported accurately.

  1. Wargaming was 16th largest IT employer in Ukraine at that point, they hired 142 people 2014.

    Just 16th largest? I didnt knew that there were so much IT-companies in Ukraine at all. (Who have a reasonable amount of workers)

  2. Well they did an example of “poor job” so i wonder how did they hold those jobs for so long. Truth is WoWp is a game that would have been heavily criticized even 10 years ago. Matching it against the competition of Warthunder – well it is just as bad as a game can get.

    • 10 years ago you say? It would be like WoT back then – revolutionary and a big success.

      Remember that WoT was a big hit even with arguable bad MM, inexistent physics, bad graphics, gameplay problems, unhistorical tanks and lacking core game features. None of this problems had WoWP as it was going live….

      WoWP failed because of Warthunder and some minor other difficulties that they fixed till now. WoWP is better than most of you say. Yes, it is worse than Warthunder, but this doesnt make it a bad game.