Straight Outta Supertest: New Physics

Hello everyone,

as was written earlier, Wargaming is currently testing new physics system on supertest, that includes tipping tanks over on their roof – and…. well, I’ll just leave this here.


Yes, this is going to end well. To be quite honest, I am very skeptical of this. Last thing the game needs are outrageous flips, WT style. I talked to one of the supertesters and allegedly, it’s actually possible to make a tank do a 360 degrees (vertical) flip in the air. We’ll just have to wait for the open physics test, which should come relatively soon.



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      • No they are prodably using same crappy setup as me, Pentium D, 3.23 Ghz Windows 7 32 bit, 4 Gb ram, Nvidia 9800GTX+.

        • And I thought my C2Q Q9550 is old enough.
          Wait, WoT still doesn’t support multi-core in 2015, right?

              • Hell i had around 30-35 fps on improved render with my old setup, e4300@3ghz, 2GB ram and 9600gt at 1440×900 while having everything except shadows and water on mid(textures on high tho).
                I really have no idea how are they’re able to get sooo bad performance…

                • Dunno… magic

                  AMD x2 5600+ ( 2.9Ghz ) + GTX 9800+ + 1680×1050 + maximum = At the time I had this setup 30+ fps ( No new render thout, so biased )

                  Still… this is not potato level, this setup must be the new upgraded abascus they were talking few months back.

    • well I played at that settings at one point and yet it wasn’t laggy for me. So long as that green dot next to the ping is green then you’re fine, but once it’s red, you’re going to really suffer. And the fps is fine, I used to play at those fps rates on my laptop before I got my desktop.

      • If 8-13 fps are ‘fine’ you must have really low standards. Everything below 20 I would call absoutely unplayable (atleast when you try playing competitive) but i’m also used to 75 on average max settings (foliage and extra effects in sniper view off of course) in 1080p.

  1. Level of detail in those screens looks like 8.0. About flipping your tank over, yeah, sure, why not but it shouldn’t be very common.

  2. Tank flipping is fine, because in WT tanks don’t flip, they clip and glitch into eachother like they are weightless until one of them somehow ends up upside down.

    As long as the physics ACTUALLY OBEY THE LAWS OF PHYSICS (WT seriously), it should be great, tanks are heavy and should be hard to flip, but it should definitely be possible to do so, like if you slide sideways down a steep slope the tank should totally flip over.

      • 2nd picture? Really?
        3 tanks going towards eachother would never end up in that position with the current physics. Low tank vs high tank, yes, but not 3 of the same type.
        I think there’s a reason why he shared that one.

    • The biggest problem with WT is collision detection, at least we don’t have that. I just hope WG will make it so we have reasonable respect of hitboxes and don’t, let’s say, treat other tanks as ground.

  3. It would be interesting to know, if those screens come from standing in front of each other and just start pressing w or from ramming each other with max speed.

    First would be totally stupid. Second, well better than hitting a sloped surface (t54 hull) with 50km/H and stopping like its a 90° wall with ur tank clued to the ground.

  4. Tank flipping, and sliding isn’t as bad as the gear changing in WT. My bullshit-ometer freaks out every time i have to wait secounds to start moving. I hope we get something more user friendly in WoT.

    • One of the first things said about the design of the new physics system was that it would be more realistic than current game physics, but also more arcade allowances than War Thunder Physics

      • “Oh, an enemy, I just stop and reverse around the corner.”
        Works well in WoT but does not work in WT as reversing after stopping takes a while. Or even turning on the spot.
        Sure, WT is more realistic but it is also good that WoT is more arcade style so the player can choose what he likes.

        If I want to have fun driving around with tanks I play WoT, if I want to feel the pain of the driver fighting with a stubborn gearbox I play WT or watch the Chieftain’s Hatch video of the T-34 ;-)

        • Thats actually well said, except that for me its like “if i want to have fun driving around in a tank i play WT, if i want to play toy tanks glued to the 500×500 meter maps i play WoT.”

          Obviously i exagurated but its somewhat like a joke, its like me and you know those games are diffrent but good, down to personal prefrence.
          But everytime SS mentions wt its just judgmental and stupid, he said he played it like once a year ago and now is just antagonizing both playerbases on purpose.

          • Considering the Gaijin cargo cult spent a year hyping everybody to the moon and condescendingly mocking the WoT playerbase, I can give him that.

            • Who cares lol, game industry is overhyping every piece of shit that comes out right now, its what they do, Gaijin wanted tanks to beat WoT, it didnt work, but its a good game, WG wanted HD graphics and havoc physics, it didnt work, but its a good game. Unless you’re a twelve year old kid who gets excited because someone said something, its a non issue, just make your own fucking opinion.

              • Honestly I would like a 1 second delay when changing from forward to reverse… Would stop people from moving back and forth like people bunnyjump in FPS games. At least until the new spotting mechanics gets implemented

            • It’s still a superior game, WoT is fun only if you have friends (I keep playing WoT for the social part because the game is broken, so is the community overall), WT has much better developing potential, it has more options for the future than WoT and it’s dream of having a “modern” engine, and only that, because you can’t further develop WoT.

              It’s stuck here, and will remain in such state forever.

  5. one of these days on the new physics, there will come a time where a T92′s splash damage will cause a light tank to flip.

  6. The problem with The A shaped crash is the weight of the tanks should push away the dirt behind the tanks and have them both on the ground rather fast and not just hugging forever

  7. No one need this..idiots in game will try to flip tanks and chasing them all over the map.
    This new physiks will also couse a lot of bugs and whining players.
    I think they should leave it as it is.

    Just my 2 Cent

    • >implying WoT isn’t just a game we play for shits and giggles
      >implying flipping tanks won’t be fun
      >implying whining players isn’t popcorn material

    • well, dont know if you played back then, but anyone who remembers 7.5 to 8.0 patch :

      It was like 2 weeks of “OMG I will jump down there for no reason just to see new physics” and “I will push that lowtier tank around the map” but after all the noobs have “tested” it, I would say: It was one of the best additions WG has done to the game yet (Before u could block a Maus with a loltraktor and it couldn’t move anymore…)

      What i want to point out is, that if stupid players do stupid things with new features is in no way an indicator if that feature is good or bad.

  8. As long as this fixes the issues of tanks getting stuck on stuff or briefly stopping a full speed run to 0kp/h, I’m all for this. The problem with the current physics is that our tanks really don’t have tracks. Even when most of the tracks touch the ground you can still get stuck, because the only calculated contact patches between the ground and the tank are the first and last road wheels if I’m not mistaken. So, technically, with the current physics your tanks will get stuck if they are standing on something which is only touching the middle of the tracks. Total bullshit and really annoying and gamebreaking.

    SS, do you know if that issue is confirmed to be fixed with the new physics?

      • It’s not. I don’t have that kind of problems and everything else runs as normal (other tanks are not warping around etc, ping is low and framerate problems are non existent). It’s the same issue which I had dozens of times already when driving over one of the car props with my IS-3, which got my IS-3 stuck at full speed. Dirt and debris flies around when that happens, just like you would have jumped down a ridge and landed pretty hard. I even took some damage as well doing that, driving into a car prop on Windstorm in the middle of the street, reducing my speed from about 30 kp/h to 0kp/h in my IS-3 and giving me damage.

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    • I was just getting ready to say the same thing…here comes the new form of TK abuse, flipping people at the start of the match, then driving off laughing.

  10. I’m very interested if these new physics will implement server side tank rocking. If it does, then peek-a-booming will become harder. Cool thing though if this stops tanks getting stuck if one track touches a hill.

  11. Since when the fuck tanks act like they weight 500kg? God i hope they wont turn the controls and feeling of the tanks into Mario Kart ffs.

  12. Actually physics patch is the definitely most awaited patch for me ever!

    I think, while everybody will have a shitty case every now and then, this will be the coolest change to the game. Players will have to adapt playstyle or face the consequences.

    Realism is not always the direction to go, but i think this actually could add something to the gameplay, that makes it more fun and interacting.

    What it shouldnt be, is bad implemented physics like in WT.

  13. Flips don’t happen that often in WT anymore and you can pull flipped tanks back onto their tracks with other vehicles now. The WoT maps are much smaller though, with very short range engagements, I could see this go very wrong.

  14. So for example if I see a stranded ELC AMX or other low tier small tank (due to troll platoon or sth) can I run it over with E100 instead of just ramming it?

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  16. I hope there will be possibility now to run over small tank with maus or e100 and kill em that way !
    So tired when small tank glues to maus so he cant hit it, but would be nice if he could then run over it and kill it that way :)

  17. Shouldn’t they be more concerned about putting the fires out instead of playing with the fire trucks?

  18. They will probably put this to an extreme just to say “oh we have physics that are different from beta”. But having realistic physics in a arcade game is a joke anyways. I think the physics are good now, all we need is working suspension so we dont get stuck on small obstacles on corners and shit.

    I bet this shit will end up with as bulldog flipping a king tiger or some other stupid fucken shit.

  19. btw its good to see that the CHAINS SINK INTO GROUND… like the “HILL SLIDING ISSUE” (where you get stuck)

    i bet 100% more tanks now get stuck like this :)
    draw trough stuck on enemy tank …

  20. I imagine “Do a barrel roll!” will play every time that a fast light hits a rubble pile.

  21. New personal missions;
    In your light tank, do a flip and land on top of a heavy.

    In your medium tank, roll a Tank Destroyer over on its top.


  22. Great. Let’s add idiot team members getting stuck or flipping their tanks out of a fight now to the list of stupidity already in the game. It should fit well with fail toons and friendly fire.

  23. The more the game is turned into WTGF garbage the more it’s a buff to shitters and a nerf to people coordinated enough to finely control their tanks.

    AW can’t come soon enough.

  24. I love it! This would be fun as hell during ClanWars training.

    - We need more realism and less illegal modders!

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