- it’s possible that the frontal hull armor of the Super Pershing is currently incorrect and will be changed (buffed, better angle) when the model is reworked to HD (possibly in 9.7)
- alternative hulls might not arrive earlier than year and a half
- by far not every tank will get an alternative hull
- tank destroyers never reached such an amount that they would account for 30 percent of all vehicles in battles on any tier
- Mauschen (tier 9 Maus) will have the same crew setup as tier 10 Maus
- Himmelsdorf apparently has some buildings that have bugged collision models (SS: this replay, 14:30 to 14:10, shells allegedly stop from invisible barrier – haven’t watched the replay though – Storm will investigate)
- E-25 will not have its size changed
- the shell damage RNG algorhitm was not changed for years, it’s not true that some guns have more shells deal minimal damage than others
- map “Overlord” in 9.7? “I cannot promise anything”
- in 9.6 accuracy nerf, changes to damage done are proportional to the accuracy of the gun (the less accurate the gun is, the bigger the drop in damage done)
- Storm doesn’t consider the fact that some gun models have relatively low amount of polygons to be a huge problem (“small thing with low priority”)

82 thoughts on “23.2.2015

  1. “- it’s possible that the frontal hull armor of the Super Pershing is currently incorrect and will be changed (buffed, better angle) when the model is reworked to HD (possibly in 9.7)”

    For what ? This thing is already an armored beast on its own tier

    “- in 9.6 accuracy nerf, changes to damage done are proportional to the accuracy of the gun (the less accurate the gun is, the bigger the drop in damage done)”

    Arty says hi

    • yeah, i have always problems with ferdinand to penetrate him.
      FERDINAND, not SU-100!!!

      • Yes, because you autoaim the upper plate and expect to autopen from any angle.

        Not the turret ringe or the entire top of the turret, because that would take effort.

      • If you can´t pen SP with Ferdi, it is not the game that is doing it wrong.
        I would love to meet you in my VK4502(b) (before they put it to ethernal sleep anyway Q.Q)

        • Why don’t they buff VK4502b some more? The thing supposed to be equal to E75, but they made it into some alien force field front armor. Zero pen without gold, and I don’t use gold.

          SP will always be weaker, rare is the noob to aim for the frontal hull on it.

    • “Arty says hi”

      I’ve bee insulted many, many times these past few days of being “noob arty” because I couldn’t hit immobile targets.
      My answer is always something along the lines of “no, you whiners made arty even more random, if you are unhappy, you shouldn’t have cried so often.”

      It’s WAY too easy to cry for nerfs for enemy arty, but demand that arty on your team be immune to them.

      • I, for one, never encountered a situation in which I rather have spg player over a decent MT player.

        • Meh, I do. endgame pwning in open maps. Platooned with a buddy (couldve been a randomer, but less likely) i just lit up higher tiered OMFG-so-much-health tanks and got them wrecked…. For more closed maps MTs or even HTs are better ofc

      • After whining a lot against arty i’ve started playing some of those i had unlocked and even got myself a nice GW Tiger. In my still limited experience i’ve started realizing just how much arty can be frustrating both for people getting hit by it and people using it. It’s just too random. You may hit flush an amx 13 90 with a shell and miss a static Maus by a quarter a mile with the other. Being a skilled player of course will help you maximize the opportunity to either get a solid hit or land the shot close enough to cause major splash damage, but it’s still quite too random, even by this game standard. The solution? I can’t really find one. Getting rid of it isn’t a solution, it would only exacerbate other problems. Reworking it is the way, but how do you make it really fair for both its users and people who have to fight it?

    • U clearly dont own a sub-par pershing. And need to aim better when you see one.

      Armor was the ONLY selling point of that premium and it got nerfed to dirt back in patch 8.8 (or 8.6)

      That tank needs that armor to make use of that gun with 170 pen.

      It is already riddled with weak spots, its slow, has a below average gun and its MM weight was increased thus now it gets into tier 9 matches more.

      Give it back the armor it had.

      This tank has to load gold as soon as it sees any good armor or a tier 9 tank.

    • KafalPL, do you have Super Pershing ? If you don’t have it in your garage then pls be quiet and learn where to shoot. Only his gun mantlet is good, hull armor is paper after it’s last nerf.

      • 65% WR in Super P says hello…. it’s a beast, even without APCR spam.

        Learn to angle to front plate and dont get too close… 50 meters or preferrably 100 meters. gl hitting the cupolas. If really brawlig, and they are aiming for your cupolas, drive backwards and forwards and stick you gun up with aiming somewhat to the right. If they aim for your hull… meh, i bounce 250 pen shots there all the time. Keep angling until they go for your side, then angle back. EASY :)

      • Except last time 3 SP’s were pushing forest line on prokhorovka and 2x IS-3 + 2x Panthers couldnt stop them (sure that most of their shots were not even aimed at the roof but thats not the point). Worth to mention that SP’s werent even angled towards those IS and Panthers

        Also SP eats most of other T8 MT’s. T-44 vs SP ? GL

        • Can’t say about panthers but if IS-3s couldn’t stop them then it is the fault of those players. The gun on IS-3 can easily pen the upper half of the UFP of the SP.

          And BTW, SP can’t pen the IS-3 frontally, even the LFP is difficult to penetrate.

          The only way I deal with them is by loading gold till I get a chance to shoot at the sides of the IS-3.

          That explains your unstoppable trio of SPs.

          And I have 54% WR in my SP (1350+ games) and it used to be 59% pre-nerf.

          The armor on that tank is as good as the player facing it. A good player will go through it every time and noobs keep shooting the spaced armor without taking into account the pen on their guns. Against such players, SP is OP.

          I face them in my KT (I play with 88 for more DPM) and killing those things is no problem at all. Even my T29 laughs when it sees a SP.

          • Point ?

            KT also laughs when it sees any other T8 MT. Most of the T8 heavies laugh at them. SP is no different in that matter than T-44 or Panther 2

    • Armor is being changed because its currently historically inaccurate. The current in-game model has the secondary spaced plate run from the glacis “knuckle” (where the upper and lower glacis meet) to roughly the hull machinegun- historical photographs and Belton Cooper’s memoir (The engineer in charge of making the in-field armor modifications to the historical Super Pershing.) show that this secondary plate should cover the entire frontal spaced plate.

      • So the SP will be bullet proof on both the upper and lower plate unless you have 250mm pen? Good one, fucking noob friendly OP tank. If you angle the front most guns at tier 8 will bounce you except the TDs. And this is a tier 8 medium premium with pref MM.

        • Turret ring is still weak, and you can hit driver ports just above the spaced plate IIRC? Oh, and hole for machinegun too. Then there’s always the turret.

        • Waaaa my T-43 can’t autoaim the ufp waaaaaaa

          Why bother flanking it and its paper thin side armor? God, too much effort waaa

          Why bother shooting the turret ring/cupola’s? Armor too stronk.

    • Upper frontal plate can be penetrated by 170mm guns, easy to do when you know where to aim, and who even cares about hull armor, everyone is shooting turret weakspots anyway

    • The Super Pershing was extremely funny to play prior to the armor angle changes and the 8.6 accuracy buff. One could, especially in a tier 8 game, just sit in the open at medium to long range and bounce basically all the incoming fire from the front. Sure, you were done if someone got your side, and at close range the commander’s hatch was a common target, but other than that, it really was the most well armored tier 8 “heavy”. It was pretty common to bounce guns like the BL-10 off the front.

      Now accuracy has rolled back a bit. If the armor gets returned to its former greatness in HD, it might be a fun tank to play again.

    • “an armoured beast” are you fucking retarded? front armour is now next to useless, sides are weak as fuck, top bit of hull is weak as shit, back is weak, turret is weak in the cheeks…
      go back to t1 scrub…

        • Why? Then it should get nerved, because most other tanks when becuming HD also got nerved like is3 (which will have weaker turret and frontal armor) as well as tiger II that got lower plate 100mm instead of former 120mm. SP is a noob friendly joke, specialy with apcr pen which has more pen than tier 10 TD!!1

          • Buthurt in the extreme is your problem.

            And to top it off u are ignorant in the extreme. As I said, next time the test server comes up try this thing out then come back and tell us whether u found it op.

            To be honest, you are the only ‘person’? I have seen who is claiming that.

      • -Turn of the internet
        -L2 read
        -L2 use your brain
        -Go back

        If it wont help then go back to primary school

        Got nothing else to say to sm1 like you

        • Try it out on the test server please before forming your “expert” advice….

          And learn spellings while you’re at it.

    • What I don’t get about the people complaining the SP needs to be nerfed more, or deserved to get nerfed to begin with, is that there are plenty of other tanks in the game with nigh impenetrable armor with weak spots that no one complains about. I mean, look at British TDs. They’re basically the same thing, albeit without turrets and a slower turning rate and top speed. Good luck penning most of the frontal armor, but aim for the cupola and you’ll win every time. Of course, the Super Pershing already has crap stock pen, even for a medium tank, and is slow so it’s never going to effectively flank enemies, so killing its armor hurt it a lot. I can still have good games in it, but it requires a bunch of dipshits who have no idea where to shoot me on the enemy team. So with obvious weakspots that are easy to hit and pen for almost any enemy that faces it, in addition to a gun that’s never going to pen most frontal armor on enemy tanks, it needs the armor it used to have in order to fill the role it’s designed for-take punishment from enemies, give some supporting fire, and help with brawls and pushes.

      • Show me where I said that I want to get it nerfed. I didnt. I just said that its armor is already very sturdy on the t8. Angle it a bit and even UFP bounces stuff. As for the pen – T-44 says hi

        • The T-44 is quick enough to flex around the map and find opportunities for side-shots or isolated enemy tanks to CoD. The T26E4 is not much faster than most heavy tanks of its Tier (and actually significantly slower than quite a few of them!) so its forced into one of two types of games- its either attempting to push a corridor with heavy tanks, in which its armor is generally insufficient (Even with significant juking, most Tier 8 HT guns can easily penetrate the SP’s upper glacis weakpoint.) or into a supporting fire role in which is gun is generally insufficient.

          However, performance is not the impetus for this change- WGs line for the past year has been that the Super Pershing is fine and that it will not be buff. (Whether there is any truth to that line is irrelevant- that was their story and they stuck to it.) The reason for this buff is that they’ve gotten a hold of some new photographic evidence that pretty solidly proves that they got the armor layout wrong, that it should be better angled and that the secondary spaced armor plate should cover the entire UFG.

          Honestly though, isn’t anyone refreshed that for once a tank’s armor isn’t being nerfed by an HD rework?

    • it’s possible that the frontal hull armor of the Super Pershing is currently incorrect and will be changed (buffed, better angle) when the model is reworked to HD (possibly in 9.7)

      LOL! way to go wargaming . You bought back many SP’s, you paid out Gold to everybody who had the vehicle previously after you armor nerfed the crap out of it by changing the armor angle on the front end.

      You called it a Major historical re-balancing of the armor at the time. Making it more inline with what the pershing had.

      LOL now you say it’s incorrect and will be buffed better angled. What a bunch of complete idiots. My guess you’ll return it to pre nerf characteristics. Did you not have someone physically measure the angle. Or did they just eyeball it off 2d photos..

      WG your developers are a complete and total FU*KING JOKE.

    • I’ve never really had problems dealing with the E-25, sure its small, fast, and has a decent gun, but the only frustrating thing about it to me is its speed in relation to its size. (I love my elc, but shooting at those things, and things like it, are the bane of my core being)

      Its entirely possible, as i’ve only played around 3k matches, that i’ve never run into anyone particularly good with the E-25, (I live between both NA servers,so i’ve only in reality logged ~1000 on the west and ~2000 on the east, so its not entirely surprising to me giving the regularity I switch between the two sub-servers that i don’t notice the more annoying players in the game base) I haven’t seen enough of other peoples footage to see why people are going into a fit over the thing.

      Is it possible someone can send me links or replays so I can get some common ground?

      • My problem is mainly with its size and camo plus it being a prem TD doesn’t lose its camo bonus when firing through bushes. I can’t count how many times I’ve been advancing when all the sudden I start draining health and its open except for a bush 100m away. I die and then all the sudden I see an E25 pull away from that exact bush. If it lost its camo bonus it would be fine but since WG are so scared of butthurt pay-2-win people leaving the game they won’t do a fucking thing about it.

      • The benefits you missed are it’s view range, camo, DPM and gun handling.
        These can be put to use to wreck a team without being spotted, which makes it harder for the victims to understand what is going wrong.

        If you see E-25′s then they are more likely to be the bad players. If you are wondering what is going wrong with your “fail team”, it could be the unicum E-25 who is hiding their involvement in the rout.

        The perception of the Types was much worse because the way they showed their OP nature was in your face. Furthermore, the skill floor of the Type was much higher, as the troll armor made the tank more forgiving. Even at its worst, the E-25 is a fraction of the problem of the pre-nerf Type 59.

        That said, I love mine. I’d be a bit disappointed if they nerfed the view range and camo to the levels of other TD’s, but I’d understand. I bought mine with tournament gold though, so I didn’t invest real money in it.

    • WG didn’t want to nerf E-25 due to historical factors, so they ‘discover’ their historical SP nerf wasn’t so historical after all to inhibit whining. Tricksy.

  2. The CykaPershing is getting buffed?

    Well I already have something like a 60% W/R in mine so far, so I’m perfectly fine with this.

    • SP is noob friendly as fuck in medium range, you can only shoot the top of the turret if you have like 200mm pen, if you have 225, then the lower plate is the only option. The SP has better frontal armor than all other tier 8 HEAVY tanks to be fair. I dont get why people complain about a tier 8 preium medium that has pref MM. Fucking spoiled powercreep paedo players.

      • You just seem to have the mindset that armor alone = broken tank that must be nerfed. I have never had an issue wrecking any sort of super pershing from the front.

      • I would sure like to see you driving the poop-shing.

        Buy that crap and try it out when the test srrver comes then post on the forums instead of making blind claims using that dead brain of yours.

        225 pen to hit a sp on the turret top? HTF you think 2 sp fight? 150 pen goes through reliably. Get your butthurt ‘facts’ straight.

        That tank is only effective against tier 6 and 7s. Againt tier 8s u need gold and when you sre tier 9s then kiss your as$ goodbye!!!

        My request to you is to STFU and stop writing about something u know nothing about.

      • because they removed the armor that was already in there and the prem war rages on. thats why prem tanks never get nerfed only buffed.

  3. SS, may I please ask; Do you gather this info from different sources or do you have like a small interview with Storm? :)

    • After the M41 Walker Bulldog, I find that to be the most OP tank in the game, a tiny, high-camo, fast, high RoF tank should not be able to spam gold at almost any angle to totally wreck a KV-4.

      • i’d say that they should resize the E-25, but since it’s a prem, it should keep the camo rating.

  4. Sorry if I seem ignorant but can someone please explain what is meant by ‘Map overlord’?
    Just curious as haven’t heard that one before?

  5. - E-25 will not have its size changed HA HA HA HA

    … like WarPlanes = HUGE SUCCESS IS HUGE! (fake)

    step 1 op tank
    step 2 dont nerf
    step 3 remove ($$$)
    step 4 claim to fix unhistorical shit
    step 5 notice the $$$ tank is unhistorical shit
    step 6 acting like step 2-5 dont exist and whistle the SerB-ian national hymne :)

    I had shown balls – put it back to store and offered the usual “fuck up package” – after nerfing it with size and might do a small buff.
    (bigger = more weight + more PS = better for ramming < fun)

    Pershing… Panther 88… etc.
    (not to mention the huge uproar for type59 issues)

    pah. – no spine. make ur country pride!

  6. ” it’s possible that the frontal hull armor of the Super Pershing is currently incorrect and will be changed (buffed, better angle) when the model is reworked to HD (possibly in 9.7)”
    it needs an accuracy on the move BUFF ! it has a rating of .23 α thats tier 3 average medium tank level :(
    the gun is similar in accuracy to the German 8.8cm L71 ~.34m@100m but WG gave it .38m@100m
    its historical HVAP(Apcr) is 331mm@ 100m but that will get in to tier 10 battles.

  7. Do we know what is hapening RE extra crew member in the VKB-Mauschen changeover.

    Will those with crews with full repair/BIA simply have to train a new crew member from scratch?

    • I was really wondering about that.

      When the the KV-1S became the KV-85 the crew change wasn’t an issue as the 85 only had 4 crew to the 1S’s 5. But here the Mauschen has another loader, 6 crew to the VKb’s 5.

      So my 4 skill crew that have traveled up from the Tiger P, through the VKa and now crew my Shoe-Tank are effectively crippled by a noob loader?

      Perhaps it’s historically accurate, rushed new recruits to crew tanks alongside veterans but that doesn’t make it any less annoying.

    • This is not the first time, something like that is happening.
      As RagnarokBazil already mentioned, MT-25 got a noob (100% wthout any perks) radiomen. Maybe there was something similar in past.
      But in this case it’s not the end of the world, because after the Little Maus you anyway get the real big Maus, which has that second loader and you should get one somewhere anyway.
      And another good thing is, that at least now you have some options to take a spare radioman and let him do the loader work.. Ok, for gold, but at least you can.

      P.S. Remember, that the same thing happens with E-100 and Jagdtiger.

  8. E25 being left alone? Good. Stop fucking with premium tanks unless we r given the option for a refund.

  9. Now if only they’ll buff the SP’s pen so it’s somewhere in the ballpark of the real gun’s penetration potential. Then again that’ll just make the noobs cry “OP!”

  10. “- in 9.6 accuracy nerf, changes to damage done are proportional to the accuracy of the gun (the less accurate the gun is, the bigger the drop in damage done)”

    Try to shoot someting with obj 268 and other tier 10 big gun td – fcn amazing things is going on now. Yesterday I shoot into bulldog with jpe100 (AP round 300 pene) from 40m and I only detrack him. Hit something with 268 is fcn miracle now.

    This game now start to be even more annoying then before.