Of Tier 10 Discounts in March

Hello everyone,

as you probably know, the tier 10 discount for early March 2015 for EU is the T110E4. What you might not know however is that starting from last month, the tier 10 discounts on EU server were unified with RU server. As far as I know, this change was never officially announced anywhere, but last two tanks were the same. I thought at first it might be a coincidence, but now that the Russians have a T110E4 on discount as well, it’s very likely that the discounts are unified indeed.

With that being said, the next tier 10 discount (second half of March) will likely be the Maus, as the Russians usually announce the tier 10 discounts for the whole month instead of just the next one.

22 thoughts on “Of Tier 10 Discounts in March

  1. Hmm… Maus, huh? I got Tiger P, so perhaps time to at least move to tier 8.

    • Yeah, I feel the same way. Just not sure how when I want to go for it. This may push me past the Tiger P. It’s how I started past the panther to the E50.

  2. Makes sense. When people were complaining about T-62A being on discount for the second time while Object 263 has yet to be announced, some WG community guy said “it’s out of our hands unfortunately” or something along those lines.

    Anyway, will buy back VK 45.02 B to check out it’s new armour and have it for when Mauschen comes.

  3. I hope they will give us something worthy as a reward. Currently on NA the reward for FV215B 183mm is a shitty FCM 36 Pak 40 .

    • PAK40 has one of the highest winrates :)
      At least good for “unicums” (<pathetic wn8 ones)

      Also you could get valentine or "ram" … that would suck :)
      Or if you want get into the real shit barrel: Excelsior and worst of all prems: sextonII

      • Actually, I think that the Ram2 (if that’s what you meant by “ram”) is pretty decent. Oh sure, the lack of pref MM is a bit of a challenge. But when it’s top tier, the Ram2 in skilled hands is a solid tier 5 prem medium tank, and it can hold its own at tier 6 as well, when played carefully. Heck, it you play really, really carefully, the Ram2 can do some damage in tier 7 battles (as long as there’s a fairly even distribution of tier 5′s, 6′s, and 7′s), though it’s clearly out of its league.

    • Actually, the Pak40 isn’t a shitty tier 3 TD. It’s quite good. I will say that perhaps … perhaps … it may seem a bit low tier as a reward tank for completing an On Track/Top of Tree mission. But that doesn’t make it a crappy TD for what it is.

  4. WG have completely forgot about the existence of the 263 line, and have been starting over because in their minds, all tanks were already featured in TotT at least once. I have been waiting for more than a year now for the obj.263 and at this rate, there will already be lines that will be included 3 times before they realize they forgot about the 263.

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