WG Now Selling Bonus XP for Cash

Source: http://worldoftanks.ru/ru/news/pc-browser/11/special_prem_march_2015/

Hello everyone,

if you read FTR closely, you might have noticed one thing. The producer part of the entire Wargaming is now headed by the chief of WG EU production.

Yea. My first reaction was “well, that explains a lot”. WG EU makes Wargaming a lot of money after all.

Anyway, Wargaming is going all out these days, when it comes to inventing new things to sell – the first one being the already announced conversion of free XP to crew XP. The latest one appeared just yesterday on RU server.

For 1 USD, you can buy one hour of extra XP. If you buy that 1 USD “bundle”, you will get two things:

- 1 day of premium or 250 gold
- 15 percent of extra XP for the next hour, counting from the next time you log on to World of Tanks

This 15 percent bonus is cumulative with all the other bonuses (event bonuses, double XP, premium account bonus and all that).

Doesn’t sound that bad, does it – only, if you plan to play let’s say 12 hours with this “event” over the entire weekend, that’s already 12 USD, that’s not total chump change anymore (not for Russians anyway), if you want to use this for hardcore grind 12 hours per day for two days, it’s already 24 USD – and for 24 USD, you can get a lot of nice stuff already.

This sure is a pretty well calculated thing. Not that there’s anything bad on making money, guys. But keep in mind the costs and what you are getting. Personally, I wouldn’t take the deal I think. Make it 30 and it’s worth considering though.

27 thoughts on “WG Now Selling Bonus XP for Cash

  1. Well, 250 gold is like 3 days of premium (month of premium is 2500, 30/10 is 250).
    And one month of premium is 10 euro, and this would make it 10 USD (8 EUR) plus you get 10 hours of bonus… I’m not even mad…

      • At this current time:
        1 US Dollar equals
        0.89 Euro
        10 × 0.89 = 8.90
        10 dollar = 8.90 euro

        Our taxes are higher by well over 10% higher so it’s effectively 10 = 10, basically.
        Google it if you want to check.

  2. I’m glad they’re finding creative ways to try to make money rather than just going full on pay-2-win. I have no interest in this personally, but I have no problem with the idea.

    • Well creative is a nice word, I’m thinking more along the lines Panic, Concern. In three years of playing this game I have not seen so many “deals & offerings” till recently. Coincidence?

  3. Let me tell you how this event is called in normal speech :

    “Mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money !”

    • That’s a sneaky way of making people play for longer.

      Does it say anywhere if you also will get the day of premium or gold if you won your 20 battles a day?

      • You can buy 1 day premium or 250 gold and get a bonus 1 hour +15% XP.
        Or you can win 20 battles and get 1 hour +15% XP for free and a bonus fire extinguisher.

        You can get free 3 days premium for 150 000 damage and 150 kills at one nation during the March T34 marathon (up to 21 days in total for each of 7 nations).

  4. WT has something equal. They introduced “booosters”.

    15% for everyone 1 battle (24hrs to use em, after activation)
    15% for you alone 10 battle (24hrs…)
    for XP or Lions (credits)
    Each 99eagles. = 150 egles 99 cent = 66 cent per booster.

    You can gain them also on login and other stuff… still…

    I WONDER WHERE WARGAMING GOT THAT IDEA FROM! (wt was “first” this time)

    ps. but they got “surprise boxes”
    299 eagles: you get stuff like 75k credits or … 3d prem… or 300 egales (won that)… or if ur darn lucky – Prem Tier 4 tank (equal to tier 8 in wot) and many more.

    • Such things are common on almost ALL free2play MMOs, gaijin again invented nothing, nor were they the first to do such things.

        • LotRO converted to a free 2 play model in 2010 – they had limited time XP boosts since then in their ingame shop. And even they “copied” it from somewhere else (mainly pay2win games from asia).

  5. on RU server, I don’t know
    However, imagine a hypothetical person: Well employed but has only 1-2 hours a day to play WOT. 1 euro a day is no problem for them, and a bonus like this helps them get more out of the time they spend playing.

    This is actually pretty good in my opinion. Certainly much better than “pay to win” strategy.

  6. I think that one thing that this sort of package would do, if you really thought about how to get the most out of it, would be to get people to stop lingering around in pub matches after they’re dead. After all, any time spent watching an ongoing battle after you’re dead is time that’s wasted and could be better spent by starting up the next battle.

    Also, it occurs to me that if you can buy this bonus package in blocks as small as a single hour, it would be a good idea to not buy large blocks of it, but rather small blocks. Only have time to play for a couple of hours? Only buy a couple of hours of this bonus. Think that you might want to play 12 hours today? Well, no one is forcing you to buy all 12 hours at once. Buy a couple hours at a time. And if your plans change later in the day, you’re not stuck with bonus time that you can’t use.

    Heck, if you only bought in, say, 2 hours blocks, you could play for a couple hours, take a break, then buy another couple of hours and play, and so on. This level of granularity in the bonus “product” would give the player a lot more flexibility. Too bad you couldn’t buy premium time in such a way, but oh well.

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  8. WG probably loves Norwegians. The average joe makes about 20$ an hour here. Count that up to 7.5 hours each day. Buying prem, gold or even prem tanks is pocket change.

    Many of the friends I know who spend money, usually spend alot. Thats *kaching* for WG.

  9. Now is even more pay2win, since 0.8.11 the game has turned in totally pay2win not only on premium tanks now in grinding that (apart of premium account), now you can grind your tank only paying (without counting free xp).

    This and the missions are the main reasons that made me to stop play WoT. And Now I have to say thanks!, let mee a lot of free time to do others things that I left before wot.

    • You mean like lurking around in forums which discuss a game you no longer play?!? Sounds like time well spent to me :-)

    • Pay2Win? you have no f***** idea what you are talking about.
      Not the slightest.

      “APCR/Heat/etc” – was, when it was only aviable for GOLD – this was pay2win.
      But you obviously got no idea… not at all…

      Boosting economy – in a game where economy doesn’t dictate the gameplay, has nothing to do with pay2win.

      Why dont you play f***** real pay 2win games?
      Go and play “ogame” (browsergame) – with “commanders”, giving you income and research boosts, as well expanding your gameplay possibility’s.

      or most APP-games – which often contain items which are simply more powerful in combat… stuff like that.

      Nah… better point fingers on a game, which hasn’t this shit.
      Your shitty tank wont fly, wont shoot stronger or take more damage – and as long this isn’t the case : …….. zip it.
      But just keep your mouth shut when its about some puny XP or Credits boost – in a game were those wont (literally) kill you.