9.7 Content – Vehicles

Hello everyone,

here’s a preview of more of the 9.7 content.

New French tree (as stated before, AMX-30 will be unlockable from AMX-13/90):

FCM 36

Renault R35

Somua S35


Renault G1

AMX 30 Prototype

AMX 30 B

Cromwell Berlin


IS-2 Berlin

Object 244

Waffenträger Krupp-Steyr

79 thoughts on “9.7 Content – Vehicles

    • Yeah, its a shame that the previously made HD models were out-sourced and look like shit. Sure they have more polygons, but the textures aren’t that good and no more details than most of the SD tanks. Xbone HD tanks look much better than those on PC, because of better textures. Hopefully BigWorld can render it. The inconsistencies from batch of HD models to the next is really annoying. SS, didn’t WG say they were going to have their own artists go back over previous models? All the newer models since WG’s own artists started making them look really good. Not sure why WG didn’t make them internal to begin with (isn’t that the job of the artists).

      • 13 90 is my oldest tank in the garage… never sold it… i think he is 2 years old now. better crew than BC :D

    • I was going to ask the exact same question. If it is, I did not expect the switch to happen so soon.

    • T7 premium iirc.

      Edit: Yes, 2 weeks ago it was rumored to be the e25 replacement.

    • If i recall correctly that one is going to be a tier 7 TD, possibly a premium one. Basically the replace the E25.

      The WTE100 will most likely be a Waffenträger Panther, with a 15cm gun.

      I’d love to have the JPE100′s 17cm gun on a Panther chassis though…perhaps that one will be available as an upgrade. ;)

      • Whattttt?!?? Are they replacing E25?!? Why!?!? Fucking whiners are ruining the game!

        1-They get rekt by a tank. *They buy the tank* – 42% win rate, 300 dmg per battle… “It’s OP! It’s OP!” *tanks gets a nerf*.
        2-*Searching another tank to complain about*.

        • Tey are not removing e25 from the game. WG removed it from the shop. Krupp WT will be new premium in e25′s place.

    • Nope. This is the replacement for the E 25. They are still unsure about the tier X one… sort off. That’s months off still.

      • They already decided the tier 10 replacement AFAIK, we even know the guns. Implementing it will of course take 2 years.

    • Dont think so wg wants you as special guest for the grindfest. Also dont trust them never ever. People start to grind xp on the 13/90 = timeburn = profit. WG laughs at last.

      • AMX 50B is an autoloader and still has 4 crewmembers.
        The number of crewmembers is not connected to the type of loading….

        • AMX 50B is a heavy tank

          13 90 is a light tank with autoloader(3 crew members*)
          batchat is a medium tank with autoloader(3 crew members*)

          you get it?


    • I recruited my 7th female crew member as a loader for the AMX CDC, eventually to be retrained for the 30B. My 13/90 and Lorraine both have all female crews, so three of them along with the CDC loader will make the jump to the 30B line, the other three will end up on the Bat-Chat.

  1. Seems like a little too much clutter on the AMX 30b. I mean, the box (IR sight?) on the turret’s front left is blocking one of the stereoscopic view ports.

    Love the tracks on the G1.

    • Different model makers were involved, it was even on FTR that WG basically scrapped the previous ones because of the quality. These look nice, so hopefully they’ll stay.

      • They look better because they were displayed in model viewing software(i.e. Marmoset Toolbag) These come with better lighting and texture set-ups because they are made for….well… displaying models. The are not from BigWorld, don’t expect them to look like that in-game

  2. Well thank god I have already grinded up 150K xp on the 13 90 then since they announced the AMX 30′s.

  3. AMX 30B cupola looks like a friggin’ Control Tower at an airport.

    Cromwell Berlin looks sexy and I want one damnit.

    • But the entire turret is very flat in comparison. Also could be nicely abused for spotting. Just stick the little tower out while the rest of the turret is hidden. Minimal chance to get hit, max spotting power.

  4. An educated guess on how much XP for the reasearch of 30 prot?
    Presuming it will be researched from the 13 90.

  5. These renders are amazing. I love the 30b and will definitely unlock the proto right away. On another note: my god that cupola is HUGE!

  6. Why do we still play with all the hacking going on? I think I am addicted to pain and suffering.

  7. Would still like to see the ELC 30 (ie, ELC “Even” with 30mm), ELC 90 (ELC Even 90mm) AMR 35, AMC 34/35, Engin P, FCM F1, Lorainne Canon D’Assaut, ERAC, AMX-10 ARCA, R35 CA, Lorainne 37L AC, Somua SM, Sherman FL10 and…

    …maybe even the AMX-30 ARCA.

  8. Does the Pz S35 will have its stats changed to have the same armor as the new french one? (and something else nerfed as compensation?)

  9. Oh i so want that AMX 30B ! Already got 200k xp sitting on my 13 90, cant wait to get it. Looks sooo nice :)

  10. I just hope that that cupola won’t become a weakspot of the AMX-30B. This thing looks huge and the angle of the turret plates actually look quite bouncy.
    Anyways it is nice to know that the AMX-30 Prototype will be researched from the 13 90. These 70k XP I saved so far aren’t for nothing ^^

    • Weakspot? Whole tank has like 30mm of armor, so it doesn’t need weakspots ;) This cupola may be usable for spotting, though.

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  12. Too bad it seems as though the SARL 42 will remain a pile of shit due to absolutely useless dpm and everything else. At least it’s not a moneysink due to being tier 4.

    The G1R is just inferior to the PZ IV in every way except for the fact that the sides are quite spaced. Oh well.

  13. Wait a minute, the Cromwell Berlin has the US star on it. Does that mean it’s technically going to be a US vehicle?

    • It’s not a “US star”, it’s an “Allied star” – all Allied vehicles in Normandy, including British and Canadians, had stars painted on them for recognition, especially so they wouldn’t get strafed by friendly fighter-bombers.

      The Cromwell in the pics is definitely NOT a US vehicle, since it has markings of the British 7th Armoured Division, the “Desert Rats” (the red and white rat symbol), 1st Royal Tank Regiment (the “51″).

      I so want this tank… they better not make it nigh-impossible to get, or I’ll be soooo pissed. :x :P

  14. for some strange reason there was a chill running through my back when I saw how huge the AMX-30B’s commander’s hatch is and what appears to be the remote controlled MG mount to be a possible weak spot.

  15. Who’s vehicle Berlin Cromwell is going to be? That paint and star looks American.

    • It’s definitely British. It has the markings of the British 7th Armoured Division, the star on the back was widely used by all Allied armies in Normandy for aerial recognition, the paint was the standard for all post 1943 British vehicles (not the North Africa desert colour WG slapped on all British tanks), and the US never employed any Cromwells whatsoever – they were perfectly happy with the inferior but easier to produce Sherman.

  16. And so here we have the last french tanks in WoT…and they are not even impressive (except those two AMX 30)

    • yeah I bet even when we do, the textures will be dumped down anyway…. because reasons.. and 90% russian players playing on Riva TNT2 16MB.

  17. is it just me or these are the textures that are no longer available in game ?

    You know, those ultra-super-fatal-deluxe-HD textures downloadable as a separate file, they said it will no longer be possible to get them…

    I bet my arm and leg these tanks will NOT look this good and sharp in game.

  18. :/ was excited for Frenchie meds but looking at the video they seem slow and the 30b has one hell of a cupola which I know has like 20mm armor so yea…

  19. Ah, finally a British tank in European colours.

    And oh man, that 30B is really rather pretty, hoping the Leo 1 will end up looking comparable, with all that STUFF on it.

  20. My God, these tanks are absolutely mental. Can’t wait for these bad boys to be released along with the other HD tanks coming in 9.7, so stoked! The 30B’s model is so good I’m actually going to resume my grind up the French light/medium line… And that IS-2, God damn do I want one, it looks so beast… Actually scrap that, I want all of them.


  21. It makes me sad that most of these are low tier. I probably won’t play any of them except the AMX 30s. Also it makes me sad that I’m the worst 13-90 driver NA… cause it looks like I’ll be rebuying that tank and trying to not suck ass in it once more.

  22. Seems like I do have to grind myself through the AMX 12t … oh the agony … :P Even though connecting the AMX-30 with the 13 90 makes just as much sense as connecting the Sherman Firefly with the Challenger …

    Also, tbh , I think it would have made the same amout of sense to put the AMX-40
    ( thisone : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMX-40 ) in as tier 10 , the AMx-30 Prot at tier 8 , the AMX-30B at 9 and it could have came from the heavy line …

    And before you say it’s too modern, here are a few that were desinged and the same time :
    * STB-1 ( aka. Type 74 , 1975 , still in use )
    * WZ-121 (aka. Type-69/79 , 1982 , still in use )

    Or if the 40 is really that modern .. rthen the AMX-32 would do either way I guess…

    Anyways, these things look awsome, the new HD stuff look a lot better then the first ones that got into the game.

  23. SS, is this tech tree really correct ?
    If so, how do they handle the replacement of the Hotchkiss H35 with the FCM 36 ?
    Are we supposed to unlock the FCM 36 or will it come like the Pz. IV Ausf. A&D ?

    It will be only a dozen battles to get the Tier 2′s done, but the current approach already annoys me. They force us to either buy and equip the Hotchkiss H35 in addition to the Renault FT to get the new french low-tiers or to spend the precious free XP …