T-34/85 “Rudy”

Sorry Polish players, it’s actually a Soviet tree vehicle. Likely with unique crew. It’s not a pure clone – the turret is slightly different, it’s the same post-war production T-34 as was used in the TV series (Polish production).

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      • Dont hate the Polish, if you do, you re no better than the tyrants from ww2 who gave in to irrational hate

        that asides, this tank is a sure purchase, that is, if it drives just as well as the t-34-85 <3

  1. It’s actually a nice series. I think everyone should watch it when they find the time :)

  2. Since we don’t have a EU tree yet. And the fact that it was a Russian tank. Russian tech tree is the next logical thing unless most wanna wait for the EU tree first .

    • Historically goofd, but I like it more this way. This red star itches me the wrong way tho.

    • yep, white eagle with a gold crown, however this is gone now which is why you dont see it on the polish flag

    • …good point, this is a bit of a confused mess, isn’t it. If we’re going with “yeah this is a Soviet tank driven by Poles”, there shouldn’t be that crown there. If we’re going with a “this is a Polish tank” and use the modern eagle design, what’s that star doing there?

      Actually, in fact, what IS that star doing there? It’s messing up the numbers! They should at least take that into account and move it.

    • eagle is supposed to have crown….but yeah its facing the wrong way
      co ty kurwa mowisz…

      • The eagle is NOT supposed to have that crown. The series is a commie production from commie times, remember? They removed the crowns from the eagles.

        This should be the best way to decide, really – since looking at the actual pictures from the show you can see the eagle as kinda blotchy at the top of the head. No obvious crown though.

        • Eagles painted on Polish vechicles at that time on eastern front are mentioned here “Piast Eagles”, known also as “kuritsa” (Russian: chicken). They should look like this one:


          No crown, head looks right.

          Some others little bugs on the model above:
          - missing dog’s leg print on the side of armor,
          - in the book (not TV series) is a part which says: “eagle on the left side of turret had blurred one wing due inaccurate paintig of it”
          - radio antenna should be replaced by pine branch with wire wraped around it (in one episode crew misses original antenna while they driving across forrest)
          - big metal, welded plate should be in the front of the hull – it covers hole after hit received by tank in Warsaw,
          - barrel should be shortened (field repair after hit taken in that barrel during fight against German paratroopers in “Hermenegilda” operation.

          After fix of above things we can say “it’s historical” ;-)

          • Dog paw is between “u” and “d” letters.
            And we can argue about rest of the points as they got brand new T-34/85 after getting T-34/76 burned down in 15th episode.
            But yea, as TV series used T-34/85 in every episode I would like to see it with everything mentioned. Otherwise it’s not Rudy, it’s bad moneygrab .

            And get rid of that red bullshit on hull and turret.

  3. Or they could simply release it as Russian tank and once the European tree is out move it over; logic (initial sales + first “European” tank for crew training for a second wave of sales)…

    • People would riot over that. “I buy Soviet premium and now you change to Polish, stupid WG gief money back”

  4. Oh, well, so they wanted to make a copy of “Rudy” in game and they couldn’t copy the eagle properly… But it’s nothing, this red star is definately disgusting.

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  6. sooooo the tank is in rusek tree…not EU…
    Eagle is facing wrong way….
    and no dog included :(

  7. WG fail

    The tank has Polish Eagle with the crown emblem – that is post ~1990.
    Rudy was part of Polish People’s Army (LWP), fighting along side of Soviet forces on the Eastern Front. They were using so called “Piast Eagle” (without the crown), which later was Polish National Emblem for Polish People’s Republic (PRL) until ~1990.

    And I don’t even say a word about those red stars…

  8. Well, this is the last drop. No more monies from me, FU WG. Too many retarded things in this game and this one was final for me.

  9. Is it just me or is this one of the best looking HD tanks so far? It looks fantastic, on these images at least.

  10. Which eagle is wrong? They are both facing the front. That’s a simple mirror problem. I would get it, and just replace the red stars with some other emblem (Polish flag?)…problem solved, right?

    • No, Rudy had the eagle without the crown as part of Polish forces in the East. They were using eagle without crown as the emblem.
      The eagle emblem on the tank is current era eagle WITH the crown.

      For Polish people it is like… England football team given by mistake British flag. Or Germans presented today with Imperial/early-Nazi era flag (black-white-red) instead of current flag (black-red-gold).
      So considering how far WG went to make Rudy and count on Polish people to buy it this is silly yet significant mistake.

  11. This is a huge “F*** You” to the Polish community. Forget the eagle, forget the damn stars, the mere fact that they made it a Ruskie tank not an EU/Polish tank is an insult and is meant as an insult. They can’t be so tone deaf to believe it is anything else. A tank from a Polish series, that was crewed by three Poles and a Georgian driver, that in the story served with a Polish unit is made Ruskie. It may not feel like a huge insult if you are not Polish or Russian but it will be received as a premeditated insult by many Poles.

  12. You either make a Rudy or a another russian tank – make up your ming WG. How putting loads of stars on it is supposed to make me buy it? Moreover, historical or not, common sense suggests that you dont put national markings on top of tactical symbols.