Evilly Talks About New Motion Physics

Source: Rita’s Status Report

From a Russian video interview with Anton “Evilly” Pankov

– in new motion physics, the type of ground your tank is on will play a larger role, tanks will behave differently on various surfaces like sand, snow etc., the amount of surface types will increase, but the game will be made so that the tank doesn’t slide from side to side like in other games;
- it’s certain that new motion physics, players will be able to get to places on maps they couldn’t before – this will be monitored carefully and “cheating” spots will be made inaccessible;
- Some maps will be reworked to handle new motion physics if necessary;
- based on the test, tipping the tanks on their roof doesn’t seem to be a serious gameplay element, it will be very difficult to tip a tank on the roof, it won’t be a problem;
- It’s not yet sure whether mobility of some tanks will be changed (buffed/nerfed) based on motion physics;
- It won’t take long to get used to new physics in your favorite tank;
- There will be more rounds of the test with more vehicles and maps.

26 thoughts on “Evilly Talks About New Motion Physics

  1. So what happens if the tank is stuck on its side? Does it blow up like it does when it’s upside down?

  2. I sure hope they keep a dedicated handbrake button. That made all the difference at key moments, but I don’t wanna slide like that all the time.

      • Learn to read. He wants them to keep it. There was some article about removing it and using instead the reverse for it.

        I also hope that they dont change it…

      • Now we’ll actually have to use spacebar, previously there was almost no difference.

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    • In reality its easy to powerslide tank. Absolutely no grip on tracks when going sideways. I have done it when i drove T72 in military. It was winter but still. …

      • Rather think what is the year when T72 was buil, from what are made its suspensions and what is the difference with T62 for example. Also, have u ever, ever-ever tried to enter behind a corner when driving your T72 at 50 km/h?! Think again how would you attempt such task and how it is in the game :)

        • If I remember it correct there is this thing called “radius of turn”. It is impossible to make sharp turns on max speed! Here is the original text for the changes in this part of the issue from 62 to 72s: “Ходовая часть танка предусматривала использование двух типов гусениц: с резинометаллическим (РМШ) и открытым металлическим шарниром (ОМШ). Гусеница с РМШ шириной 580 мм собиралась из 86 звеньев, с шагом 157 мм. Ее звенья состояли из двух траков, которые соединялись между собой цевками. В средней части звена на двух пальцах устанавливался разъемный гребень, закрепленный стяжным болтом. Гусеница с РМШ состояла из 96 звеньев. Для гусениц с РМШ использовались венцы ведущего колеса с 13 зубьями, для гусениц с ОМШ — с 14 зубьями. Перестановка венцов производилась на те же ступицы ведущих колес. На выпущенных опытных экземплярах машинах были установлены гусеницы с ОМШ.”
          Source: http://alternathistory.org.ua/tank-obekt-167-dedushka-urala

  4. it will be very difficult to tip a tank on the roof, it won’t be a problem
    <-there is no way to tell you how many times i see an ELC on the roof on the physics Test server..^^

      • Intentional or not intentional, but our average ELC driver on Live server will do the same like.. a lot. At the beginning just for the lolz, and later, because it’s easy to jump with it somewhere and loose control in general. And with all those laggy computers/internet connections and bumpy maps.. yeah, I think we will see that many times.

        • Same when the current physics was introduced – on test servers everyone jumped from Westfield bridge. And in normal battles, do you see anyone jumping? I do not.

    • None goes there eithere way lol. You go there if you want to get shot by arty and tds

  5. - Some maps will be reworked to handle new motion physics if necessary

    Sounds like they didnt test that Oo Should i be worried?