Almost a Year…

So, it’s been almost a year since I stopped writing For the Record. Some things have changed – some, not at all. But before we get into that – let me ask you first:

Do you feel satisfied with how Rita took over? And if not – would you like FTR to return?

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      • Agree.
        Also, Rita doesn’t post a lot.. Often, the only daily post is about one of her streams..
        I stopped watching her blog more than once per day and found satisfaction with The Armored Patrol. Tons of news on a blog that would deserve more attention.

        • Eh, aside from having WoWs news that Rita doesn’t post, TAP’s only real point of interest is that he tends to be a bit faster.
          However, I don’t like Seb himself. He’s quite childish and a bit of an ass, too.

          • That can be said for others who are far older than him, too :3. You cannot deny that he does indeed post more content by a large margin, and he has plenty of time to mature with age.

    • Honestly …

      Rita’s blog is as sad as it could be leaving me thinking he is doing this because he is told to do it.
      I did follow her news but I found them extremely boring, lacking regular updates, no fun reading her articles and they are short, mostly streaming with annoying comments.
      I think she is loosing interest to run her blog and no longer bother about community.
      Right now I don’t care what she is doing as I think this is not worth it and complete waste of my time.

      I wish you were still here … then I would never be forced to look Rita’s blog.
      The FTR used to be the very first page I did open before to look anything else. This was your reputation you have gained over months. Unlikely this is something that can be replaced easily.

  1. Rita has no focus mate, I used to read your blog every day and I quickly lost interest in the way that she carries on. Too much bluff and not enough content.

    Please mate, if you can. Come back, you are sorely missed.


    Edit: as per below I still have this marked for updates! Hers was long gone.

  2. To be honest, I didn’t follow Rita for long. I think for a month, then I lost interest. I still have FTR set up as an RSS feed bookmark

  3. Dude there is no replacement for your style … no matter how good or bad Rita or other bloggers are .. there is only one SilentStalker!

  4. Even though Rita is good, you were still better. I’d definately read your blog way more ^^
    While I read FTR every day, I visit Rita only about once or twice a week.

  5. Rita doing good. I don’t follow her streams or youtube content though.

    Wouldn’t mind you picking up blogging again though.

  6. Am I satisfied with lack of information and news and the attempt to cover that up with blatant sensationalism and mediocrity? Yeah, I’d say no to that.

    Some people may have disliked you but you had attitude and everyday content worth reading, even besides the usual translations.

  7. K, I’ll be plain about it…

    No, I am not satisfied with HOW Rita is taking over, the content is her own, not forcing her to write something she doesn’t want to but…

    I feel as though sometimes she even isn’t the one posting her articles, the way her opinion shifts(one time saying WG is useless, even pointing out some individuals, next time, she’s friendly talking with those said individuals) as though there would be 2, 3 people writting her posts.
    The posts itself are nothing special, the usual regular Q&A have been almost left out(yeah, she said Storm stopped answering) but still, one or 2 Q&As after almost 2, 3 weeks of none with NO answer beforehand why there weren’t there(she only answered about Storm stopping to answer after people got pissed about it).
    And some content that she posts is slow, as in, the news is on other portals faster than on her blog.

    Not saying what she does is bad, but there is certainly room for improvement. Interviews with WG Devs are a nice thing, but I feel like her blog is missing that “insider” digging that you on FTR did, as in, really took the time to get the info you felt we wanted to know about.

    So unless YOU feel like you wish to continue with FTR, I say “yay”. It would definetly take the pressure of Rita(if she even feels it) since people who read FTR before and were your followers from the start, liked reading up on certain news which Rita doesn’t feel like it concerns her blog(which i don’t mind, hence agreeing to your opinion about restarting FTR).

    -Emperor Safirius

    • I feel exactly the same way, like it is more people than one writing that blog. I stopped completely reading her about half a year ago and dont miss her at all.

    • That’s because there are multiple people writing it without crediting them because some of them might work at competition (*coughAWcough*). Come on, it’s more like a public secret.

    • Just compared FTR and Status Report sites and here are differences that I found.
      1) Font and overall layout is better on FTR, much cleaner.
      2) While I don’t mind occasional AW and WoWS post, you shouldn’t post much if your main audience is WoT players. That’s what I believe drove me away.
      3) It feels like there is too much advertisement of Youtube content. Yes, I like to have a good laugh, but that’s not what I came for.
      4) I can’t place my finger on it, but yes, there is something in here writing style that just doesn’t appeal to me.

      In the end, I believe she is doing good job and while maybe not your level, it’s good enough replacement. And as Emperor said, while I prefer FTR over SR, if it’s too much trouble, it wouldn’t be problem if it stayed as it is now. Best of luck! :)

  8. Noone can’t compare your writing style….just no equal…it’s like looking at jingles and quickybaby…..jingels has the voice and some very nice way to tell a story, u did the same….u had your style and i liked it very much.

  9. Peter Collins
    “as per below I still have this marked for updates! Hers was long gone.”

    I was thinking what i could write but this man summed it all up. ..

  10. My daily routine BEFORE i even started WoT was to see what goodies you had for us. I love it. I learned a lot from what you put in FTR. I have nothing against Rita. I enjoy watching her play .. but the content is all over the place. I am sure i speak for others when i say:

    We miss you!

  11. I miss your objective subjectivity. Honestly, her posts are reports (pun intended), whereas your were opinions that majority of the community shared. If something was bad you presented it as such, with an appropriate commentary. Not that hers are bad, they just aren’t what we/I got used to.

  12. Too much AW advertising, she could treat Obsidian same way as WG, there were already some mistakes made by Obsidian (you know it mate) but all we get is just more shit on WG. Dont like it at all.

  13. I read like 2 posts from her and never read anything again. FTR was always pinned in my browser, so I had fresh news, easy to read and very satisfying. I wish you come back, made account just to write this.

  14. Rita’s good, but it’s not the FTR charm anymore. I used to read this blog under my desk in high school, waaay back when it was on blogspot.
    You’ve said that there are blogs for AW, that there’s Rita for WoT, but honestly, I was reading it because of you. It’s just not the same, reading stuff from other people. Alow me to explain-
    Half of the news is the same as the portals/forums on the websites of the games, other half is … well, just news, there’s almost no personality in it. just copy pasted translations and that …. is not entertaining. Bitching and complaining about wargaming was. Actual input from the guy writing the posts was, it is what makes blogs unique. FTR was unique. armored talk and RSR are too, to a point, in their own way. It’s just not a way that I like to follow daily and read everything.

  15. I wanted to like Rita, but, to be honest there is no quality, at all. Everything she posts is full of very basic grammar errors. Also, other than posting some pictures there is basically nothing there, she doesn’t really compare the new HD tanks with the older ones, barely says anything about new tanks etc. Other then her livestreams (why would you watch her instead of more skilled wot players? because she is a girl, or what?) there is nothing she does better than you did.

  16. While im sure Rita is trying her best, it is not enough. I have noticed, especially in the last months, there is much less content that it used to be at the beginning of Status Report. (Maybe because of fewer news in general or something else, dont know)

    One thing is sure. Since you closed FTR, there has been a hole. Like something is missing. No one can replace you and your style and we miss you :(

  17. it’s weird. i haven’t checked FTR for over 8 months and the day i do seems to be the day you post something.

  18. FTR was an institution. Your words were gospel. I like Rita, but as others pointed out she is no FTR. So my vote would be very much a yes.

  19. Man … if there is a God out there, you will return to FTR, with any content AW or WoT. Rita is good, she is trying her best, but she will never be as good as you. Probably you can’t return to FTR because of your contract with AW but at least you can give some lessons to Rita on how to be with the players and not with WG, regarding her content on the blog! With you I had a chance to know about next missions or the next TOP OF THE TREE tank with one or two weeks before … with Rita I get those infos when they are published on the WoT website… and this is just an example!

  20. i want FTR comeback… but also, rita should working on that with you :)
    like… if you both could work on some blog together, it would be awesome

  21. I stopped by the Status Report once a month or so, but it’s just not For the Record. If you got the willings and time to start the old engine up again, then you are most welcome to do it.

  22. I would like you back, but I am afraid of the same old toxicity. You know the stuff best yourself, SS.

    It’s like XVM, your posts are a great resource for the single players, but also don’t make it better in a way that would be good for the game’s community itself. You improve the players, but you poison the community.

    Is my subjective opinion.

  23. Rita is lacking the fire, she is not writing everything that she could write because she also likes to be in the “wg agreed” streamers, which is a very closed circle, so she cannot write acidic posts.So, yea, we kinda miss your style.

  24. Rita is doing fine, but its just not the same…of course it would be great to see FTR back in action :)

  25. Rita lost focus after a few months. While FTR was the first place to look for WoT news, RSR could not maintain that level. She posts news after they appear on most of the other sites, even after they appear on WoT official site. She’s more concerned about streaming, going to meetings and participating in all kinds of events organised by WG! It’s doing advertising for the company.

    FTR was more of a rebel blog and still delivered significantly more content, sneak peeks and news. So yes, I would really appreciate to have FTR back.

  26. Well. Rita is doing fine, but is just a tad too spread out over too many games and she does not go deep into the stuff as you did.
    Rita is like reading headlines, and your blog was more like reading the articles properly, and not just the headlines.

    Btw… stop toying with us…!!! ;-)

  27. Hey there SS! good to see you writing again. so here is my 2 cents in the matter.
    At first I disliked Rita’s different style and I don’t watch her streams. But I got used to the way Status Report is doing stuff and I got accustomed to Rita as well.
    She does her best and that needs to be acknowledged. unlike your scepticism I like her overall optimism.
    If you want to get back to WoT and FTR I will be here to read your blog. if not…Rita is doing just fine.

  28. jeezis all the negative shit on Rita?! what the hell you guys!? I love her blog. IMO its a fine replacement for FTR. Just wish she’d cover World of Warships as well.

    How’s AW treatin ya SS? Lately i’ve been playing it more than the old tank game. at least at the low to mid tiers its a far more fun game imo.

  29. I am disappointed by Rita’s blog because of two reasons:
    1. Very few Q&As
    2. No historical articles

    She did some historical articles in the past, but very few and the Q&As have a very low frequency. Your blog was much better, I still browse you historical articles from time to time and pick a random one to read, even though I read them all already.

    I know this might sound harsh or mean but the question was asked and my answer is sincere.

  30. *sigh* like everyone above I think: I used to check FTR several times per day. I check RSR several times per week.

    Now to be honest I think you already lost your insider but I used to be able to check and plan weeks if not months ahead (top of the tree for example). Now I sometimes get the feeling Wargaming announces update dates before they are on RSR.

    Apart from that you did a lot and you had other things to do, the “I am working so hard to get this content for you” is not something I appreciate. With FTR I never got the feeling it was a job, something that HAD to be done to make a living.

    My vote is come back but… that does pose a question: You left because of a conflict of interest between your new job at Armored Warfare and the blog. Has that conflict of interest been resolved somehow?

  31. I want you back. Rita is okay but I like your format better and I am just so used to you

  32. “*sigh* like everyone above I think: I used to check FTR several times per day. I check RSR several times per week.”

    Same. I read this blog more than I played wot.

  33. I never really picked Rita’s blog up, but when I looked at it the other day to try and get back into it, it just didn’t feel the same. FTR’s format is just better.

    As a long time lurker it would be utterly brilliant if FTR were to make a comeback. :)

  34. Well, RSR nowdays feels like Rita & Jingles & WG promo site. Ended up prefering The Armored Patrol site – even with WoWs crap I couldn’t care less about they provide more relevant content and more interesting articles.

  35. Right. So, although I like Rita and I appreciate the work she puts in her blog, I still believe that she’s in no shape or form as good as you were, SS. And yes, that’s coming out of the mouth of Rita’s competitor, The Armored Patrol blog.

    I know we had some fights (in our early days), in regards how Rita can’t keep up with both streaming and maintaining a blog – /YOUR/ blog. Yes, it’s the legacy of FTR. Without you promoting her, she wouldn’t have been able to get the amount of daily reads she gets.

    You’ve given Rita the opportunity to continue what you’ve built. Your work and your sweat. She’s nowhere close, my friend. She’s a YouTuber, she’s got that going for her and I think that should be it. She’s a great content producer as well, but not even as close as a good WoT blogger as you were. Of course, Rita is still the ‘main’ source of information, but I believe that’s slowly drifting away, day by day.

    When your ‘Empire’ collapsed, you’ve given everyone a chance to have a blog that’s about tanks. That includes me and Sebastian, who have built a blog ourselves: TAP.

    I miss the days when you were actively maintaining the ‘For The Record’ blog, but I know that it won’t never return, at least the way it used to be.

    ~ BloodSnow, co-founder of The Armored Patrol

  36. Well I do enjoy Rita’s blog, she does her best clearly and she does invest in this job (I think she learned russian for this ?).

    But I kind of miss the amount of content FTR used to have. RSR sometimes has no single post in a day, while FTR did get a LOT of stuff (historical articles, much more Q&As…). Also I must say I absolutely HATED the “sponsor” thing. This used to be an objective and news blog, not a “sponsored by the guy I’m gonna talk about for the next week while not posting a single thing about what the blog used to be about” kind of content. That particular moment really took me off.
    Rita is a great and untertaining streamer, but as good as it started, time starts to tell that both cant really work together. The moment you start getting sponsors and things like that you lose the right to say you’re not biased by anything or anyone, even if it’s true.

    Maybe both could work together, anyway I’d love to see FTR back

      • I thought I read that in one or two of her post about her trying to translate herself. Anyway, I like her blog but I think that maybe she has too many projects going on at the same time, and thus the blog is maybe not as updated as it could be and used to be. And your writing style is cannot be replaced

  37. I follow Miss Rita regularly and enjoy her; sometimes rambling; style. If FTR returned, I would gladly follow both. :)

  38. I definitely want FTR return. As i wrote on Ritas blog some time ao, its not the same. She sometimes goes quiet for few days and after that it goes to quantity over quality. Almost all posts are then copy pasted form WoT main site/other blogs or just “hi come to my stream”. Almost no leaks, no historical articles, some info she skips because she dont like it or even interaction with readers. One of the worst thing was that she and others went to Cyprus to WG for few days and literally bring no new info, nothing interesting O_o And even try to wrote any critic of her there….

  39. I like Rita, but I don’t read her blog anymore. I read FTR because I wanted to read your content Silentstalker. So now I read your posts on the AW site.

  40. I don’t like rita at all. I don’t like her blog, I don’t like her as a person. Please come back.

  41. Well she did here best to do her blog work. But I feel less interested to read her blogs. Mostly because of the lack(maybe few) of historical articles(its very educating). Toxicity in her comments is unreal(I was expecting banning or removing like you did but nothing happens). And the worst part is she advertise too much(which is why skip it and wait for the news, lol moments or historical article). And I really miss the “Hall of Shame” good laughs :D (It makes want to punch or kick to the retarded player’s throat hard). Those were good times.. good times.

    AW is got a long way to make good game and to be competitive against WoT(5 years old).

    • I talked to Rita about the toxic comments problem. She blocks them on Google but then it only makes those users invisible to her and for some reason they aren’t blocked from posting on her blog.

  42. I follow Rita regularly as I did FTR and while I personally find Rita’s style satisfactory, I also liked FTR style and focus on historical aspects so I wouldn’t mind if it returned. I think there’s room for both.

  43. Hey Silentstalker, do you remember me? I used to provide you with information regarding Chinese tanks. From my perspective, I love reading your blog a lot more because it contains more interesting information. I remember myself checking your blog several times a day and it really has been going down hill with me trying to read RSR. (so presume something has changed that made me lose interest)

    I think Rita has done also a great job, I am sure she spent a lot of time working hard on her blog. However, I’d have to say from a reader’s perspective it was more engaging reading your posts for some reason which I haven’t really thought about.

    From an article writer’s perspective, I feel like getting contents posted with Rita is much slower process and often I simply never hear back anything. I understand she does streaming e.t.c but purely based on the QUESTION, do I want you back? My ANSWER is YES!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Let me say this “god damn SS you really spoiled us with your FTR blog”! :) At the beginning Rita’s status report was fine, … but than it go sideways … i don’t find attractive here articles.

    Please come back but not with AW stuff :)

  45. Let put it like this: at this moment no post on Rita blog since yesterday, and 15 post on TheArmoredPatrol (the “competitor blog”)…

  46. I don’t follow Rita. I checked it out when FTR stopped posting content but her blog has too much other stuff in it that I really don’t care about. It feels more like I’m reading her facebook page. The only thing missing are pictures of her cats (there probably are some) and what she ate for lunch today.

  47. I really hate the comment system there because its using google comment system and i am not willingly to use my private google account there to comment … i prefer FTR blog … better design. As for content, i stopped playing WoT so am not checking that blog often.

  48. I preferred your blog, Rita does not put up as much content and only seems to update in the evenings, meaning I can’t break up my work day using Status Report. Rita does a fair job, but I preferred FTR.

    I liked how FTR had more content and was updated more often.

    Please bring it back, for both WoT news and Armored Warfare news, along with your other articles.

  49. Rita is doing an excellent job, imo.
    While some of the above have made comment about her content change I enjoy that she does not stay hemmed in on any one game for too long.
    Also, her opinion is just that, her own.
    Sources are helpful but I appreciate that she is willing to share what she is thinking at that time.
    Hope this next bit comes off in the right way.
    My concern if you come back would be the veracity and validity of your thoughts and opinions on anything other than AW. You have, as I understand it, been working for AW/Obsidian for over a year. That means you have had, or had a vested interest in AW.
    Would that not make any commentary on your part unintentionally biased against WG and for AW?
    This is not a question of integrity on your part as I, and most everyone here respect you. It is more of lens. Whether you could look at WG from a place of true neutrality not in relation to where AW is or how AW does things in compared to WG. AW has paid you and you have creatively contributed to their process and to the game itself. That would make anyone invested and to a certain extent, biased.

    • While I wouldn’t mind a return of FTR(I checked into it everyday), doing it for that reason wouldn’t be something SS would do :3

  50. Man, I really miss your FTR. Rita is doing alright, but you are just not replacable. I raelly liked your site, man. Also, some people hate on your attitude, but you know what, they can step on some lego bricks! I like the occasional rant or saltiness, it really keeps it all real :).

  51. I loved your blog. The way you wrote stuff, the way you think, your objectivity, all the Q&As and historical articles.I used to visit your blog several times a day, even at school, and even when I was taking breaks from WoT.Some of you articles made me feel like I was diving into your mind and I think that made me change a few of my perspectives.I have a ton of respect for you and the work that you did for us and I hope that one day you’ll come back to writing articles, even if they are not game related.

  52. I just registered here to answer.
    I used to read your blog multiple times per day. The content nearly always high quality and your managed to mostly hold back your personal opinion.
    And you had the perfect mix of Q&A’s, historical articles and cool insider stuff. It just felt like you had better access to intesting information.


  53. WTF FTR :) :) :)

    Love you SS, love Rita, but I don’t follow RSR bcs of her “problem” with Russians. Seb is doing the great job with TAP, so WOT is covered. No matter, I’d love to see FTR back!!!

  54. in my opinion Rita is doing a pretty good job and her blog also gives us some very interesting information.
    but i think you, Silentstalker, had done a better job in the past and gave us more information. i would really appreciate it if you return to your work!

    and guys, it’s ok if you dont like Rita’s blog and are not satisfied with the content, that’s your opinion. but don’t insult her because of that, it’s not nice…

  55. For WoT standard stuff, Rita is okay.

    But FTR main attraction is not only WoT article, i mainly read FTR for tank history, a thing that not often comes out from Rita.

    So well, it will be appreciated if you can either:
    1) focused FTR for general tank history
    2) Buff Rita’s with more tank history.

  56. Going to have to agree with most everyone else. I didn’t really keep up with Rita but I used to read your blog daily. Would love for you to return. I know it was a lot of work though and I wish the best for you regardless of your decision.

  57. Bad english, a rambling writing style, personal opinions that are not constructive, flaming WG and going along with the crowd whilst not actually presenting good opinions, focusing on nitpicky stuff that actually has absolutely NO impact on the game, highlighting the wrong stuff at the wrong times, and overall BAD reporting. read the first QA with the perspective of a normal person (questions from the the invitees, answer from the developers). Then watch the interview and understand it was the OTHER way round, and completely changes the idea of the question.

    And whilst we’re on the subject of the cyprus meeting, ffs… her contribution is next to nothing. “Making maps is easy” – Ritagamer 2016. You fly to cyprus to ask if the t110e5 was wrongly buffed, and to say that you want to buy all the premium tanks but can’t because you don’t have the money.

    The kind of community she appears to represent, and the feedback she is so intent on delivering is just bad. Not the community, just the way she interprets what the community wants. Don’t even get me started on the eSports hate… but that’s a personal gripe.
    SS come back and do some real reporting.

  58. @Everyone complaining about lack of Historical Articles on Ritas Blog…

    Well, everyone who usually writes articles on FTR/RSR has been very busy. Very very busy.

  59. I don’t see why both can’t be viable blogs along with TAP. I like Rita’s personal style and TAP’s more historical style. And I remember FTR being good (but seemed like SS was forced and not having any fun) when I was first starting out in WOT. The more the merrier.

  60. Hey Frank… I think a lot was said above. Rita is a good girl. No need to say bad words. But I think, what you left behind when you ‘went away’ was too much for her. Your legacy was too big.
    I was following you already on the very old blog, when FTR was only a few weeks old. Very quickly I got addicted and was logging in several times a day… till you left. Since than… something is missing. I would be happy to see you again regulary – although I know how depressed you’ve been several times, near to throw everything away. And I would’ve understood it. So… think wisely before you take back the rudder into your hands. There will be again hard times. But let us know if we can help you, how we can support you.
    I am really happy you’re concidering to come back. And if you do: a big welcome.

  61. Even though I really like Rita ad a streamer and youtuber, she will never be able to equal your level of “skill” when it comes to blogging.
    Her content is far from bad but it is not specifically great either and yours really was.
    Like someone else already said its like comparing jingles and quickybaby, quickybaby is a great player but IMO he is quite bad at telling a compelling story, where as jingles is not such a great player but he is amazing at giving people information they want and telling a story and keeping you interested while doing so.
    Its comparable with you and Rita, you have a way better way of telling a story and giving us the info we want and make us ask for more where as Rita is not as great of a storyteller, she gives information we want but just in a very boring way and it can be quite difficult to read some of her long story’s due to her lack of “storytelling skill”

    So to sum it up, I like Rita and her blog is useful but quite boring from time to time, and yours was just great and fun and very informative and made me want to come back everyday so yes I would like you to return.

    And now you would be able to post a lot more AW content, I personally do not play a lot of WoT anymore but way more AW so I would appreciate AW content along WoT content

    Nice to hear from you again btw :D

  62. You should come back.
    As a voluntary translator working for CWot community, I am not satisfied with RSR and her content when comparing to FTR. Although RSR does the job for QA, something is missing. And most of our community DO want to see the return of FTR.

    Please SS, come back.

  63. I would love to see you come back, as FTR is such a piece of amazing work – Yet – I think it will be completely unfair to see you re-run the blog again at this stage.

    Since you left, there had been some blogs like FTR rising, noticeably Status Report (Which is your “Official” replacement), The Armor Patrol, and the Armor talk. If you are to come back now, these guys are basically getting a slap in the face for all their hard work.

    Now personally I don’t really like Rita. I feel that she is not the cynical voice like FTR I am looking for. She sounds…. too playfulAlso, I understand everyone needs a break, but why the heck Rita is like off 60% of the time and ever if she post, the news is like a week old (Or even so, a year old?! WTH?). Is that she can’t keep up the life with streaming and doing the blog (Or busy dating with Jingles? XDDDD)? I feel that the quality of the blog is not up to standard. And as you see, many agrees with me it seems.

    What I suggest you doing is that instead of re-taking the market of FTR, I suggest you become a guest writer more often – Wherever it is, whoever it is. TAP, Status Reprt, doesn’t matter. You can write about Tanks, or write something that you want to talk about in these places. This way, you can help out these amazing people spending as I know quite a lot of time on a not very profitable blog for thousands of people. I love FTR, don’t get me wrong, but IMO, if FTR is to come back, you should not directly compete with the other “newly-founded” (Duh – like a year new lol) blogs.

    Anyway, whatever happened behind AW or on your job, please do rememebr there’s always all the long-time readers of FTR. :D

  64. I miss blog about AW since Armored Talk is temporarily down. I don’t play WOT anymore. So should FTR return it will be about AW.

  65. All Hail Silentstalker !!!!!!!
    Don’t have problems with Rita’s Status, but u have more serious and interesting content both WoT and AW.
    I’d glad to see the reopened FTR!

  66. Do you feel satisfied with how Rita took over? No

    And if not – would you like FTR to return? Yes

    When you closed the FTR Rita had a hard act to follow. Rita does a good job and I do read her blog, sometimes each day, sometimes once a week. While I enjoy her blog, it does not create the same excitement as the FTR blog did. Her content is usually what comes up as news on the official websites. And she is careful not no criticize Wargaming (they do not consider her any threat whatsoever). Also there are no leaks from unofficial sources (or that is what it seems like). So it is kind of bland for me.

    I miss the deep plowing research, historic articles, tech tree proposals, the huge knowledge, the rumors, unofficial leaks, criticism, the dedication. I really miss your blog. Rita’s blog compares to fast food as your work compared to a home cooked meal.

    I hope the blog will come back and focus on the PC version of WOT since that is the game I am playing the most. But also articles related to AW would be welcome as I am playing that too.

  67. When I think about it, it was your content and research which kept me interested in WoT. All the interesting insights and stuff which was to come.

  68. “Do you feel satisfied with how Rita took over?” Hell no, you can’t be replaced. You are unique in you style and that’s why we are still here. The question is… Are you ready to make a glorious return? The choice is yours.

    • And don’t you even dare to troll us again. Have to admit, the Terminator picture was a good bait.

  69. Yes, I would like to see FTR working again as before! Rita’s blog is quite different (and not in a good way) than this and for sure not enough for my needs. Beside, Rita’s one is quite childish…

  70. Its true, your legacy was too big.yes, she tried to fulfill and she did her best (i hope). But we need the voice that`s pointing clear at whats wrong, and not from a wg streamer pov that wants to stay in the “agreed” circle. So, yea, we kinda need you.

  71. Rita in not that bad, but the quality of your work was way, way better. I was waiting every day for new post for my, but with Rita I’m doing just a fast recap every Sunday. I still have FTR set up as an Favorite RSS feed in my bookmark.

    Hope to see you soon SilentStalker :)

  72. If Rita is STILL there after a year – she is doing excelent job to keep biggest EN WoT blog going. Thats is a huge effort.

    But FTR to return?…

    Nah. It wouldnt be the same :)
    Without controversy its not fun :D

  73. Rita does do a pretty good job as a replacement, she has her own style that i respect, though some things she does also annoys me. I cannot deny that your style is also great and would love for you to come back. Though if you come back how would it work? I think it has been too long, and Rita has already established herself as a competent replacement for FTR, I don’t think it would be fair to just come back suddenly after quite a long time.

    • “Rita does do a pretty good job as a replacement”

      And everyone keeps saying Status Report is a replacement, as in, they still compare it to FTR. And it’s still only a replacement, even after a year since FTR went quiet. Seriously, people go to Status Report just because they don’t have FTR to turn to.

  74. Rita is doing fine, blog by her is quite OK, however I prefer FTR over Rita Status report. Come back please.

  75. Well, just look at all these posts here. Look how many there are. And that’s after the blog got shut down a friggin year ago. And still, people follow it and responded immediately.

    If that’s not enough of an indication how popular FTR is, even after all this time, then I don’t know what would say it any better.

  76. I would like to see For the Record make a comeback. I preferred the sort of news service that For The Record provided, with a mixture of some funny videos, reviews, impressions, and articles about the history of vehicles, weapons, and other things. While doing a blog like For The Record is no small feat, I just feel that Status report and Rita haven’t been up to the task(again, For The Record accomplished so much that you can’t fault Status report/Rita for not living up to the standards set by Silent Stalker and For The Record). To be honest though, this Rita somewhat wasn’t ready or prepared to meet the expectations of the readers coming from FTR and that was mostly why Status report didn’t work out.

  77. I have read RTR for some time but I lost interest. Her posts lack details and clean look. I know she want to be in good relations with WG but it is too visible in her posts. Eventually ,after few months I stopped reading Ritas blog, every other WoT blog has much more to offer. Plus that 40 year old virigns-living in mother’s basement bashing on everyone who disagree with Rita, licking her ass in every comment. Ughhh the comment section is utter bullshit.
    I have read FTR daily, few times a day. Even after you closed ftr I still come here sometimes.

  78. I’m glad you’re back, but you’re in competition with Seb (owner of The Armored Patrol) and somewhat me (I provide articles). I’m glad you and your opinions are back, but I’m afraid that you won’t be the same as you were last year.


  79. We all know that you’re writing most of what goes up on Rita’s blog. Why are you trying to make it appear as if this isn’t the case. At least have some integrity and admit to it.

  80. Just come back man, I loved your posts, and used to go on FTR every day, now RITA’s not good enough and with that my interest in WOT has faded away as well

  81. Come back SS!! We need a real man to run the blog again, not some girl that just copypastes stuff! We need your help! Come back!

  82. sorry, but rita didn t match my expectations and I found the armoredpatrol to be better blog than rita, with best and resh info than she had.
    We miss u silentstalker so much !!!!! we miss the strongest wargaming voice opposition when u left us. No more post about bots and cheats that have ruined wot game and so….

    plis come back.