T-90A Striptease

Hello guys! Okay, moving away from the Picture/Photo of the Day format because I couldn’t keep it up every day. Instead, I’ll just use normal titles. Even though, “normal”… okay.

T-90A Snackbar

This photo shows a recently captured T-90A MBT, driven by snackbars (not sure who, I think it’s not ISIS but the “moderate heacutters” aka FSA, hence the high-tech escort). If you are wondering where the ERA is – it’s missing, revealing a nice look at the welded T-90A turret (the standard T-90/T-90S has a round, cast one). The Syrian Arab Army “Tiger” forces managed to basically ruin everything inside the turret with a grenade and the optics are blown to shit from the outside, so this vehicle is completely useless for combat and can be used as a tractor only.

7 thoughts on “T-90A Striptease

    • russians never sell their top tech. they always downgrade it and make an export version of it… it is like in WoT, they sell stock tank, but they are using elite version in their army. they are doing it like this for a very long time now…

      • Not anymore, the days of monkey models as mandatory choices are over. In fact, T-90SA (export version of T-90A) can be configured to be superior to standard Russian T-90A (for example by adding an APS)

        • any idea if the APC on the top left is fully functional? any news of such vehicles being captured?

          • Looks like a standard BMP-1 to me. Every side has dozens of those operational. They generally perform very poorly due to their thin armor. They are very vulnerable to pretty much any weaponry.

    • Export. T-90A is not really an ultra-high tech tank, its parameters are generally known or will become in the near future (keeping tank performance a secret on the battlefield is basically impossible, sooner or later it will get captured/wrecked and the armor gets photographed etc.) On the other hand, it’s solid performance in SAA hands makes for very, very good advertising. I think that T-90A/T-72B3 Obr.2016 will become third world benchmark in the near future.