Jimquisition feat. Wargaming

The title says it all.

On personal note, I never believed I’d see this again. Another “Czechout-like” situation and WG EU does LITERALLY THE SAME THING – fucks the contributor over and creates a massive clusterfuck in the process.

Oh man. The video is fucking hilarious and even if you are the most hardcore WG fan, I urge you to watch it for the entertainment value alone. It’s a masterpiece.

9 thoughts on “Jimquisition feat. Wargaming

  1. Tank games players seem to like the game, but hate the company. No other way a video calling out developers like this could have had so few dislikes.

    • Agreed. I wonder if it’s connected to the fact all three devs in the field are Russian (or, well, Belarussian but to be honest that’s the same thing in the eyes of the majority of people).

      • entertaining or not it is just another guy trying to get views with “youtube drama”, the trend has been around for a while and there are people “stupid” enough to give them credit
        at the start it showed he did not even bother to learn what exactly is having a CC status, that’s why he treated Tankfest as if it was WG own promotional/marketing event (like Blizzard has)
        WG was obviously wrong but who the hell is this guy to talk about it? furthermore he started by generalizing WoT players just because of one guy who sent him emails, calling him weird, it is just not worth it to watch such video, it means much more when you watch from someone of the WoT community that is still impartial to put the blame on who has it

          • I don’t even know what being “0,1% ESL pro gaming WG whore” means but I don’t give a shit to what someone says when the first thing they do is calling others names specially when I wrote “WG was obviously wrong”, don’t know how someone could even think I’m some kind of WG fanboy, or whatever, UNLESS there’s something wrong with them, anyone with at least 2 brain cells would not come to the same conclusion you did

            what I like is tanks, not WG, not Gaijin and not My.com, well in fact what interests me is anything mechanical like aircraft and ships as well

            still, no matter my likes and dislikes, it does not change the fact that many people live through the youtube drama trend and this guy seems the same for not even check what it meant for SirFoch to lose CC status
            for me the opinion from “within” the community, wether active or former members and no matter how delusioned or salty they are with WG or WoT, is much, much more worth it, for example people like SilenStalker that have personnal knowledge of the good and bad within WG and WG EU

            it’s a issue about standards and the first 3min25sec made me doubt his are high enough

            btw for the last 3 years I’ve played 2 hours of WoT for every 100 or so I’ve played WT, does that make me a Gaijin “whore” as well despite hating them?

  2. This Jimquisition guy should do an episode about Armored Warfare. It could be titled ‘How to take a really great concept and total, completely, utterly screw up it’s development’. Might be illuminating.

  3. WG has now apologized, SirFoch has accepted it and WGEU mentioned he would be compensated, if the only person “hurt” by it has moved on we should do the same and focus on the main issue at hand

    • Let’s see if there isn’t another completely incompetent WG minion crawling out of his hole to make just another unqualified statement.
      I cannot understand how a multi-millions Euro company still employs those clowns instead of properly educated personell. Especially with regards to PR.
      It seems as if Stalins arm still reaches very far.

      Hopefully SirFoch will never stop putting his fingers into the open wounds.