Abrams in Germany

An interesting photo for no reason in particular. An M1A1 platoon in West Germany (Bavaria), Hohenfels, 1987.

M1A1 platoon Hohenpfelz Germany 1987

These tanks would have faced the brunt of a Soviet onslaught if shit went to shit back then.

4 thoughts on “Abrams in Germany

  1. Good old Grafenwoehr. I am still digging some of that famous mud from my crack.

  2. “the brunt of a Soviet onslaught”
    I do realise the reasons behind keeping the 120mm L44? instead of the longer one, easier to maneuver and probably easier to balance/stabilize, but as mentioned they would face a powerfull enemy and still did not choose the gun with more penetration, furthermore US made ammo is said to be inferior to the German counterpart, I would understand keeping the weaker gun if they had at least got good enough ammo to compensate, a small design flaw