Happy new year, guys!

A bit belated but… happy new year everyone.

Honestly, I thought of writing something intellingent here about how this year was and how the next one is going to be, but I can’t bring myself to do anything these days. Wrote a few sentences, it sounded like total whine, deleted them.

Anyway, to all of you who read this, three years after I stopped writing about WoT, I wish all the best in 2018. Thank you for reading this blog, thank you for sticking around. Who knows? Perhaps 2018 will be the year of great revival, in more sense than one, and we’ll start meeting regularily once again on these pages. After all, of six years spent around tank games, writing is what I enjoyed the most.

Epocha turret on BMP-3 and BMP-2

Epocha (“Epoch”) is a new Russian turret system, armed with Kornet ATGMs and… a 57mm hybrid between autocannon and a grenade launcher. Basically it’s apparently a grenade launcher with long barrel, a crossbreed between high velocity 57mm (that light chassis couldn’t handle) and low velocity 100mm.


- Churchills in 1940
- 50mm Panzer III in 1940
- Sherman Firefly in 1940

Someone’s smoking something. Okay, I get it, alternate history. Still…

Anyway, storyline campaign? Looks like someone’s copying AW again.

Gotta admit though, I really wish we had a fraction of these resources. AW Storyline Campaign would have looked much different…

WG does Balance 2.0



So, Wargaming does Balance 2.0? Because that worked SO well for us at Armored Warfare.

No, seriously, they even call it that way at 2:15.

Hmm, did I mention that the former project director responsible for approving it moved from AW to Wargaming? I didn’t? Must have forgotten it.

Hahahaha. Large scale battles, now Balance 2.0… one might even think they are copying Armored Warfare :)

Good luck.

Suicide Tanks

On the modern battlefield (as in, the assymetrical battlefield of Syria or Iraq versus snackbars), there are few things dreaded as much as the VBIEDs (Vehicle Borne Improved Explosive Devices) or SVBIEDs (where the S stands for suicide). In other words, suicide vehicle bombs. These can take a form of pretty much anything from standard civilian cars to actual tanks (or, more often, BMPs) fitted with explosives.

There is a really, really interesting article on the web that I just found by accident, dealing with the analysis of this kind of vehicles. Sharing it here.



M48/M60A2 Hybrid

Another quickie. This is a hybrid tak – M60A2 “Starship” turret with M48-series hull. How or why? No idea. I assume it was made for some training purposes or as a target for a gunnery range from spare parts.

M48 M60A2 turret hyvrid