Another WG TD contest fail

Hello everyone,

remember KingAlphyn? For those who don’t, he’s the guy that rigged several competitions on US server, he even admitted it. As a result, he has been banned from all the WG contest in the future.

Or, has he?

Yesterday, KingAlphyn won one of the prizes in the S35CA category:


So I guess this is how seriously Wargaming takes contest rigging. Not only they don’t doublecheck results for rigging (hell, at least the premium vehicle winners), they don’t even bother to uphold a ban for a guy the PLAYERS convicted of cheating.

I think that from now, we can safely assume all the results of Wargaming XP competitions are somehow rigged. Hell, it wouldn’t be the first time. Remember Czechout….? When you have friends…

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    • On RU forums at least, the devs mentioned that about 15 players were disqualified for rigging the contest.

  1. SilentStalker , this looks really ridiculous. As a big and wealthy company you don’t do such a thing..ignoring someone who cheated before. It’s not fair! That’s it!

    But people won’t do nothing about it. They will pay for their premium status month after month ,they will purchase premium tanks and so on. Nothing will make WG behave like an important company.

    By the way, do you happen to have the full list of TD winners? Thanks !

    • Never did, never will xD
      They dont care about me(us) I dont care about them
      Mutual respect

  2. No gold has been awarded to me yet, so I haven’t spoken up about this. Not gonna call out a fail-ban if it hasn’t actually failed.

    • If so, then it may not be WG fail at all, I wouldn’t make these kinds of threads unless I had definite proof of cheating.

    • While I do believe you won’t get anything in the end, the real question is:

      - if there is a blacklist and WG is vigilant about the blacklisted people participating, why was KingAlphyn listed in the first place, taking the place of one regular winner?
      - would this get hidden under the carpet if I didn’t write about it?

      • Good questions SS, your doing a good job of keeping an critical eye of WG keep it up:) Hopefully more will do the same as you SS and then just maybe WG will take note of the community.

      • I think another real question is how did you get from one person having suspicious stats and another, banned person appearing in lists without actually winning anything yet to “safely assuming that all the results of Wargaming XP competitions are somehow rigged.”

        • When the most famous (and permabanned from competitions) game rigger appears in next contest winner’s list, that doesn’t look like negligence anymore, does it…

          • To me it looks like the result of an automated system pick. I am sure that they didn’t include a filtering mechanism in that system for players banned from competitions. It could be very possible that they check for banned players before giving out the winnings.

            Yet before any prizes have been given out, and before there’s any real proof of cheating, you have managed to create 2 threads claiming that WG failed and “that WG doesn’t give a damn about the cheating” (bolded out) while ignoring the fact that WG did disqualify a bunch of people from this very contest. Now what else could THAT be but either negligence or purposeful misinformation?

            • Your point is only half right. If WG was doing its diligence it would never RELEASE the automatically generated list without first scrubbing it. That only seems to make sense right? You can’t be half pregnant man. Either you’re doing your job or you’re not. You can claim that they published the unscrubbed list and then went back and didn’t award disqualified players, but then shouldn’t the next 1-15 players that would’ve been on that list be pushed up onto it? Seems like the right thing to do, but then again… it is WG. So defend away Kyeaah, but your version of devil’s advocate can’t explain away these public relations SNAFUs.

            • Why do you also go and assume those things on so little information? WG can and does award players not originally on the list. On RU server, the system bugged out and didn’t count a small portion of the results. Next day after the lists were released, they noticed that and added the missing players on the list as well as the ones that would’ve been pushed out.

              I read this blog for accurate information, educated speculations and neutral point of view. In my opinion, articles such as these are more like pointless sensationalist name-calling, I can read tabloids or forum comments by people like Medjed for those.

      • I believe the list is just the automatic listing from the program, or whatever, that keeps track of the XP numbers. Wargaming just posted that without editing out banned players.

        My first comment here. Love the site.

      • Its good that its published here. Like for me its one more reason to stop investments into WG and WoT. I hope WT will be a bit more fair to the community and the noncheating players than WoT and the WG behavior. I still have a running prem account but after that i leave WoT behind me. Every month/ week a spit on the fair players. Hail to event riggers and the fucking afk& bot farmers…

        But we get dozens new tanks… ;)

    • From what I have heard directly from MR in WG TS, gold won’t be going out until sometime this week.

  3. Why this doesn`t surprise me anymore?… I never enter contests and never will – only if something really changes not just only a temporary ban to calm down player base… This really is disgusting policy to have – they made escape goat with this person previously so that blame is removed from them (but they do know – that was their fault). Pathetic, to say at least. And now this?… Sorry, but this indeed is too much.

  4. If only they were that lenient toward Garbad, who was permbanned from the forums recently.

    I think I will miss Garbad rage and his 1337poasting.

    • Seen the original picture and I know exactly who it is. But. That was done in CW match between EFE vs. FIRE (During CW campaign IIRC) and they decided to have some fun. That is in no way competition rigging (Atleast in WG’s competitions), since ONLY random battles count. TC’s or CW’s (In this case it was CW) do not count. Also it’s not even possible to do that in random battle (30k dmg, try yourself…). Also he did it in a premium tank (Which does not count anyway…)

      So for me it’s ok to do that (Wont affect me in anyway, the person who did that just got a little boost in credits). But IF (I know it isn’t possible but lets imagine it that way now) that was done in random battle and the results got rigged then I would be all in for banning such retards. But since this is not the case now, I cant see any reason to call EFE/FIRE guys assholes now… It doesnt affect me nor you in anyway in any WG competition, so I really cant see why you’re blaming them like that.

      • Never thought about rigging being fair? I haven’t, because it is not. Even if it does not effect you it is still rigging a game… And that is not right.

        “Herra konstaapeli, minusta annoin nämä rahat ihan äskettäin ystävälleni, eivät ne siis voi olla minun, eihän?”

  5. I got 1313 exp by myself and didnt win S35-CA category. This is the suckest contest ever. People with real effort got nothing, and cheaters-riggers take it all. Shame on you WG! Shame on you.
    //@SS: Could u again make WGNA have some serious action to double check the result? I think they will pay attention.

    • Last time they paid attention long after outrage broke out in the forums. And now you know how long their attention span last.

    • Are you st… No, that question is not needed, because you are. S35-CA “Bathtub” is more than capable of getting 2k and a good bit more NXP. 1,3 NXP is nothing special in it, nowhere near what I would expect the winner to have. If there was no rigging, I would still expect the winner to have at least 2,2k NXP. I’ll also give you few more examples of Tier V TD’s where I would expect really high NXP from winners: StuG III, AT-2. And I am sure that on every one of the Tier V TD’s you would have to do at least 2k NXP to even have chance to get to TOP 5.

  6. These XP contest have always been one of who riggs it the most. Heck I’m close to top 500 on ave xp on EU server and have never won even a small price from them. You would expect I would atleast win one of the smaller prices sometimes by accident.

  7. bloody hell, WG should stop competions. It seems like WG dont give a shit about cheating. none of their “competions” can be taken seriously now.

  8. This shows everyone the attitude of WG when it comes to making money comparing to promoting a game. They don’t waste money on double checking if a player shouldn’t be included in an event because that’s “dead wight” for them. Along with other rigged events and those failed CW events, I’d say WG is no different from a evil monopolist who takes ultimate pride on the fact there’s no other option for players so they are the law.

    Well, this only going to last till the similar game comes into the market, WG will fail if they don’t change their attitude towards their players.

    In fact, I have already dropped out of this game, only came to ftr once a while to see if this game is gonna change. So far, I’m staying out of WOT

  9. This is why i never bothered with any of their competitions. The prizes are decent but nothing special. And i for sure know that my chances to actually win something are really low cause of the all cheaters. Screw them and their competitions.

  10. While i like good conspiracy theory as much as the next tanker….having worked at or with several companies that provide 24/7 application support, it is much more likely someone (or something) screwed up. From the looks of how these contests run it seems to have some automated portions and some manual. People get tired, have days off, get distracted, fill in for someone that is out etc etc. While it seems to us that the banned players should be automatically removed from the contest lists it is more than likely done in a manual process of some sort, as removing banned players from contests was probably not high on the list of design parameters for the system. Things like this tend to get attention and programming hours re-allocated to fix it.

    A lot more serious problems occur daily out in the cyber world even with much larger and better staffed IT departments. So before we all sharpen our pitchforks and warm up the tar, consider what real world issues probably effect this situation rather than a conspiracy to get a banned player some in game gold.

  11. Should of Banned this cheating fuck, Also exactly why I don’t try for Contests They are rigged Clan war is not winnable It’s Just there to show you and sparkle in front of the small clan.

  12. You guys all need to get out of your Mother’s basements and get laid more often. It’s a game, get over it.

  13. Do people still expect to tell them the truth? I think that every second sentence they speak (unless they’re trolling) is more or less far away from the truth. Grow up, kiddies, the world (of tanks) is an evil place. :P

  14. How about making mission/competition entries only valid if they were battles that happened during peak hours when there were a certain number of people in the queue/on your server?

    Two birds with one stone, as it disincentivises unhealthy round-the-clock grinding making WG seem more conscious to govts like N/S Korea or China, and makes fixes much harder to pull.