- hitpoints of each vehicle are not calculated randomly, WG has a program/Excel table algorithm to calculate it, but the formula for it won’t be disclosed
- removing the “miniturret” (sometimes called “Artoo”) weakspot of KV-5 is not planned
- when the WoWp gets released, player statistics will be wiped
- additional objects within the capping circle of new maps (compared to old maps) were added to make it interesting for players
- SerB confirms that E-50 has the worst camo factor of all T9 meds
- no solution towards teammates who block your line of fire will be implemented: “We’ll leave it up to players”

- apparently, garage battles are still planned. Storm: “For now, we will not tell any details about this mode. We’ll implement it, we’ll test it and then we’ll talk.”
- ingame Lowe is, according to Storm, based on W1662 Lowe variant from Panzer Tracts
- Storm states that firing on obstacles, behind which an enemy is hiding in order to “smoke him out” won’t be rewarded, as it is practically impossible to determine, whether a player is firing at obstacles to smoke someone out, or simply randomly
- it’s possible module repair time display will be implemented when dynamic tank stats in garage are added
- it’s possible company battles will get “fog of war”, but random battles definitely not
- Storm states that the devs consider additional tank statistics (such as average XP per battle, average hitrate, penetration rate and others) when it comes to balancing vehicles only in special cases with some individual hard-to-balance vehicles
- moving clouds might be implemented at some point
- it’s too early to tell how well is T-34-3 doing statistically
- when the player stat hiding is implemented, 3rd party API-based applications (SS: XVM, noobmeter etc.) won’t be able get them either (“What would be the point of hiding statistics if they could”)
- it’s not possible to tell whether WoT will work under Steam OS, especially considering the fact that Steam might make its OS with blocking non-steam applications.
- you can’t see your tank’s hull in sniper mode so that it doesn’t interfere with your view
- AMX-50B dimensions are historical
- +/-1 MM is not planned
- details for the statistics hiding option will be published in patchnotes for public test patch (SS: not sure if 8.9 or not)
- SerB thinks roughly 20 percent of players will hide their player stats
- FV304 arty is based on FV300 light tank platform

171 thoughts on “29.9.2013

  1. Only the horrible players will hide their stats; no reason for good players to hide them unless they hate being accused of stat padding. WG is trying to make the baddies feel better, Epic!

    • No Sir. The really bad players and afk leechers don’t care about their stats or even don’t know that there is such a feature to hide them.

      Mostly, mediocre players and great players will hide them. Why? The average player (who is not good and not bad) wants to prevent being flamed by some pros and good pros want to prevent being priority target of enemy team.

      In short: a good feature, especially the XVM blocking part…. :)

      • Agreed. It was rewarding to make the jump from orange to green in the sense that “oh cool, I’m getting better at tanks.” However, when I made the jump from green to blue it was not pleasant at all, and not only because you’re now a priority target. It’s also because some XVM users on your team will follow you around like lost puppies, hide behind you, and refuse to move up. It’s not as big of a problem in a front line tank, but for a 2nd line / “support” tank or TD it’s a nightmare. Like somehow being good makes a Centurion 7/1′s hull not a giant target made of frontal ammo racks and paper that gets torn to shreds in close combat. I’ve had it get so bad as to see scouts and heavies hiding behind my TD.

        I’m pretty sure that will get even worse when I eventually make the leap from blue to purple, and so it’s really not worth the satisfaction of saying “hey look, I made it to purple now” if the game gets much less fun as a result. I know I’ll take some shit for it but deal w/it nerds, it makes my job much easier if you think I’m terrible at the game because I’ve hidden stats.

    • I’d hide them just for the sake of it. How often do you hear ‘oh hey, gj 1700+ WN7 player’ and how often, compared to that, do you hear ‘efficiency whore noob!!11!!1′?

      I’d rather hear neither of both then.

      • I actually hear the first more than the second, despite my statistics being good because of my rather disproportionate love for the StuG 3 and my effectivness with it.

        And i actually dont understand anything about efficiency, except the fact that 600 is very low and 1900 is very nice.

    • I will consider hiding it, despite having a rather allright 56% winrate and climbing.
      Why? Tons and tons of players, especially arty, who have confirmed that they will prioritize hitting a target with better stats if at all possible.

      So, constantly drawing more attention from the XVM-users on the enemy team, or being underestimated and not getting to show off my stats? There is an argument for hiding them allright.

      • Lol, just go into arty cover. Jeez, if you can’t dodge arty, especially now, you should reconsider your opinion about your skills. I’m pretty sure arty will rather shoot at some “red” guy in the open, instead of waiting for a “blue” player to come out of solid cover.

        • Yeah, hiding behind a rock while my team crumbles to dust is by far and away the best way to win a battle!
          Never had much trouble with arty, neither before or after the nerfs, but less attention drawn is better any way you look at it.

          • Why do people automatically assume that using cover is passive play? Passive play is sitting in cover and doing nothing. Playing from cover is totally different thing.

    • I have 49% WN and 49 radley walters medals and 13pools medals some idiots call me an noob PS I have 1500 battles

    • yup yup. I don’t run XVM becasue I don’t care how good or bad the other guy is, as long as he’s DEAD.

    • Remember that you also will not be able to use WoTLabs to show your stats on your signature if you turn on stat hidding as once the stat tracker updates each day it will completely wipe your stats as it will no longer be able to see anything from you.

    • I think some good players will hide their stats on reroll accounts to avoid the cries of seal clubber.

      Maybe they can hide them for a short time until they get to mid tier tanks on the reroll account then unhide them.

    • Good players will hide them… because they hate people like me who use XVM to set priorities on taking out stuff.
      This is one point why I will hammer on everything that hides it’s stats:)

  2. - when the player stat hiding is implemented, 3rd party API-based applications (SS: XVM, noobmeter etc.) won’t be able get them either (“What would be the point of hiding statistics if they could”)

    the only way to do this is if it hides the name of the big fat coward with 45 win rate

    • Those stats sites get their stats from wargaming servers. So they won’t be able to get stats for players that have them hidden.

      The stats sites could still serve up the out of date data that they do have, so I don’t think current unicums or baddies will be able to hide, only up and coming unicums and baddies.

  3. “it’s not possible to tell whether WoT will work under Steam OS, especially considering the fact that Steam might make its OS with blocking non-steam applications.”

    I think WOT will work on SteamOS seeing as it is supposed to be an entirely open platform. Also Valve has said they are not going to lock it down, the only problem might be WOT/linux compatibility-but there are workarounds for that so even then you should be able to get it to work.

    • A buddy in TeamSpeak even said, that there is an install script for Linux.

      Something like, it downloads and installs the launcher and then performs the normal installation via the launcher. I works fine on his PC, but I don’t know the specs

    • Yeah, I have no clue what that snippet even means. Makes no sense whatsoever, maybe a mistranslation.

      SteamOS is just a custom Linux distro at the end of the day. Unless WG makes a native linux client (Unlikely) then it will only be supported by using Wine.

      • Maybe Steam will build a wine-based program into SteamOS so that windows games will run on it. Might be some legal issues with Microsoft but they’re aren’t selling it so maybe that wouldn’t be a problem.

        • Anybody ever played WoT on Wine?

          That’s not really a good solution, lowest FPS ever, bad graphics,bad mouse response.


          Easy way to install WoT under Wine, but also very bad performance compared to nativ Windows client.

          So unless WG releases a native client for Linux, SteamOS will be nice, but not suitable for WoT.

          • I use Play on mac I get a proximately 25-35 FPS and I run them on the lowest settings I find its not to bad considering my old PC was running on 10 -20 FPS the only issue with playonmac is you cant run mods and and view replays and it crashes once in while buts not a problem cause I usually u and running with a minute or two.

  4. Well if the stats get hidden, can’t XVM or some other program pull the data from last known stat before the stat hide thingy? And that could be shown for those who hid it….Of course that doesn’t apply for new players, but for those who have some XX battles already…. Is it possible?

  5. - FV304 arty is based on FV300 light tank platform

    Well then, where’s the FV300 then? In a similar analogue to where’s the M41 Bulldog…

  6. “moving clouds might be implemented at some point”
    Someone asked for this?
    Rly…is there award on RU forums for most pointless question asked?

      • Ha! This is all part of the historical reality upgrades. German clouds will remain stationary, however. :P

      • You don’t play a VIDEO GAME for fun? Really? Sad…

        But point taken, I don’t give a shit about moving clouds! I don’t even know how clouds look like in WoT, to much tank porn happening at land level.

      • I camp the entire game watching the sky so I can’t wait for this long-overdue feature- well done WG,

  7. - no solution towards teammates who block your line of fire will be implemented: “We’ll leave it up to players”


    • It’s one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, T9 medium in the game. What did you expect? Built-in cloaking device?

        • A German engine more specifically, in fact more or less the one that was supposed to go into the E-50. Having to fit that thing in places certain demands on the hull dimensions.
          ‘Course, nobody would mistake the Lorry for stealthy either…

    • It’s about as big as a Kingtiger. German shmerman, that’s what’s teknik’ly known as “XBAWKS HUEG”.

      • It’s basically a heavy tank placed into medium class. It’s not like we didn’t knew it has the worst cammo.

        • That goes for most German “mediums” starting with the Panther really. Their design philosophy took a wrong turn at Albequerque I think.

          • Actually, that philosophy gave us modern tanks. It is called Main Battle Tank philosophy: one tank for all roles.

            • Yeah, that’s obviously why they designed heavy tanks to go along with them.
              How about… no?

            • @Kellomies:
              I never said that Germans had MBT philosophy fully worked out and implemented during the WW2, but Panthers were a step in that direction.

            • No, it was an oversized piece of shit with way too little gun for way too much tank and very much still designed within the old “triad” paradigm of light-medium-heavy division. I’d say the real beginnings of the concept lie with the Centurion, even if it was termed “universal” in the sense of doing away with the cruiser/infantry tank division (but then the Brits didn’t have true heavy tanks anyway), and the T-54 which crammed heavy-tank level firepower into an ostensibly medium tank. (The T-44-122 could be argued to have been a stillborn early example of that line of thinking.)

      • Centurion is also nearly King Tiger sized (and therefore has a terrible camo rating too)… But then it’s not a true medium, but a universal tank / main battle tank. Still, what were the British engineers thinking designing something the size of a King Tiger with not nearly the same level of armour protection….

        • A powertrain that doesn’t self-destruct, and strategic mobility in general, was probably one of the major sticking points. Given period infrastructure and suchlike there’s something to be said for an AFV that *doesn’t* weight *seventy bloody tons*.

            • Well, that thing wasn’t really meant to do much beyond sit pretty in the Fulda Gap and shoot the shit out of stuff if the brown stuff hit the fan anyway. Also, well, the total production run was under 200 vehicles compared to nearly 4,5 *thousand* Cents of various Marks…

              Apparently also kind of mechanically unreliable which sort of underlines the point.

        • M60 is even bigger than M103. I still dont know why WG called it a medium tank. At least E-50 is big but has armor.

          • 46 tons versus 58 tons, plus, well, that’s how the US military classified them IRL. And both readily available measurement data and comparin them in the Tank Viewer peg the M60 as the smaller of the two, albeit by a rather minimal margin.

            • US Army classified by gun size. At the time, 120mm was a heavy tank, 105mm is a medium and 90mm as a light tank. Earlier, it was 120mm heavy tank, 90mm medium tank and 76mm light tank.

  8. “- it’s possible company battles will get “fog of war”, but random battles definitely not”

    And what is this supposed to do? We already have something like FoW in the spotting mechanic, where unspotted tanks disappear again after a few seconds. o_O

  9. Well stats hiding is protection for noobs and to stop rage over how badly they perform in this game nothing else… cause 90% of players dont usually know where tank start and where it ends but such players are only paying customers which is wg interested in..

  10. hiding statistics in multiplayer online game ?… the point of internet games is to compare to other players, ITS ONE OF THE POINT YOU PLAY ONLINE not with freaking bots on single player
    most retarded idea in WG since hireing Serb

    • You compare yourself to others by actually playing the game, instead of drooling over some spreadsheet. You want to see if a player is good or bad? Play with him/against him.

  11. -ingame Lowe is, according to Storm, based on W1662 Lowe variant from Panzer Tracts

    So they decided to give it +3 tons on top of that ridiculous and unreal weight, and take away -2 gun depression degrees for the lulz?

    • Yeah, not having that gun depression really hurts the tank, especially since the Tiger II has it now. But really, in the Löwe if I spawn in the south on Redshire I really have no idea what the fuck to do. I can either be useless in the role of a heavy tank and camp the ridge with the TDs or go west to try to hit the 1/2 line flank, but then be unable to crest any hill without being wiped out due to the slow speed and shitty gun depression.

      • True and its not the only map where you have problems, if you dont care about your stats i would advice you to just autocruise into oblivion like i do, Why play a map/side where you can make no silver ?

    • You obviously don’t know physics if you think 90 tons is ridiculous and unreal. We’re talking about a vehicle that is larger than Tiger II and less efficient in terms of armor placement.

      As for depression, we’ll see.

    • A couple of extra tons in 90 tons is whatever, the 2 degrees of gun depression would be handy.

  12. fyi silent, kv-5 miniturret is not some “artoo”, its called r2d2, a reference to star wars robot ;)

  13. “when the WoWp gets released, player statistics will be wiped”

    not according to WoWp EU management who stated that we get to keep our kill counts and medals gained prior to release

    • “it’s not possible to tell whether WoT will work under Steam OS, especially considering the fact that Steam might make its OS with blocking non-steam applications.”

      it’s fucking linux, built on modded Ubuntu, that’s based on Debian
      blocking apps .. did he ran out of vodka, again?!?!

  14. “- when the WoWp gets released, player statistics will be wiped” That is gives us how they are smart and taking correct decisions.Keep up good work.

  15. - when the player stat hiding is implemented, 3rd party API-based applications (SS: XVM, noobmeter etc.) won’t be able get them either (“What would be the point of hiding statistics if they could”)

    Thanks WG!! im have an 1800 efficiency ratting. I cant fucking wait to hide my stats!! today a fucking arty sticked to my IS-6, like a fly on horseshit. I WONDER WHY……the outcome of the battle depended on me. I died, we lost.

    When stat hiding will be implement, arty will only think i am a retarded scrub not worth the attention. BRING IT ON WG!! CANT WAIT FOR THIS!! +1000000000!!!

    • You better not be in a clan then. If it is one of more famous then well… You still be a priority target. This thing is great one one side – you can hide and don’t give a f*ck, but if you are in, let’s say PTS, you are f*ck’d even if you hide your stats because your clan tag will still show who are you.

      • Clan members were always a high priority target when I played arty. If a couple of tankers from same clan showed up together, they were given my undivided antention. Always assumed they were a platoon and were the biggest threat.

    • But enemy heavies should always be priority target for arties.

      So stat hiding won’t help you, especially if I’m on the other side playing arty.

  16. Ugh, Valve said they won’t block 3rd party programs, and will allow you to do whatever you want with it…

    • WG has to dodge the issue somehow, they proven to be incapable of writing proper code
      want them to build a linux client .. HA!

      • Biggest issue with porting to Linux is replacing Direct3D, that is currently being used, with OpenGL. It will be a huge job if they ever decide to do it. That’s why WG doesn’t give a fuck about any kind of Linux.

  17. I have to lol really hard at all those super pro “unicums” (dont think anyone of those claiming to have “1600WN6″ has more than 1200….)try to brag with their “awsum” stats ….

  18. I can’t wait to finally hide my stats. I have a good W/R but I will hide it on day one. Noone should care about my stats, except me, as long as I don’t play in clan wars. Random players usually have less than 50% W/R so who cares if I don’t see that most of my teammates are red?

    Very high stats are needed only for joining a good clan or e-peen contest and I don’t give a shit about any of them. I just want to roll out and blow up things, not bothered by the stat whores who are flooding the chat with their shit bragging in top tier games, then die like a fucking noob with purple stats and blame everyone else or cry gold noob at a random enemy. And the worst idiots are the XVM tards who are whining that we lost before the battle would start. I hope this feature will permanently fuck up the XVM winning chance calculator.

      • It’s none of your business, that’s the point. It doesn’t matter that I am a tomato or not, I am still allowed to play the game and you can’t do shit about it. Don’t like it, don’t play in randoms.

        • I don’t know what the big problem here is… I like Tomatoes… without them, how will i get my blue/purple stats. I do hate the blue/purple guys in games, they can be a pain to dispatch and can also ruin my mojo… lol.

          Still thinking if hiding stats would make much of a difference.

  19. - +/-1 MM is not planned

    This makes sense for tiers 1-7, minus a few high tier light tanks and heavy tanks (KV1s and KV-2). Once you get to tier 8 it should go to +/-2 MM.

    • Correction..
      Tier 8 would be +2/-1 MM
      Tier 9 would be +1/-1
      Tier 10 would be -2.

      This is not counting higher than MM tier >10.

  20. Minor comment,

    - removing the “miniturret” (sometimes called “Artoo”) weakspot of KV-5 is not planned

    We call it the “R2″ not “artoo” because it looks like the droid R2D2 from starwars.

  21. - when the player stat hiding is implemented, 3rd party API-based applications (SS: XVM, noobmeter etc.) won’t be able get them either (“What would be the point of hiding statistics if they could”)

    Whatever, I don’t use that part of it anyway; the non-statistical features are actually helpful, but the stat-based ones…all they do is make me even more frustrated at the majority of my teams.

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  23. To People who will hide theirs stats:

    You guys understand that you will be prime targets from players who don’t? Since there is a very good chance that is a scrub player hiding their stats which in turn will make moot the point that hey i will hide my stats so i wont get targeted for being a good player…

    Just saying it will be pointless hiding your stats.

  24. I can imagine a player trying to get to a clan…

    P: Can I join your clan?
    R: Sure I’ll look into your stats.
    R: Ummmm, your stats are hidden can you unhid them?
    P: No because then everyone could see them! Can’t I just get in, I’m really good i’ve got good WR and Avg XP!
    R: …
    P: Stats don’t mean much, you know?
    R: … We decided not to let you in.
    P: *Insert insane whining and hate*

    Stats hiding… worst idea ever, not because of forementioned, but in overall why would they do so? In a game where it is actually good to know what is your performance compared to others… If everyone would hide their stats what is the use of it? Block 3rd party programs gathering them to limit bandwidth leaching? :D

    Players coming after battle talking to me having their stats hidden, really hard to tell should I really consider their words or just leave them be. :/

    • Why would they do so? Because part of the playerbase has become obsessed with the stupid stats and they pester the other part that doesn’t care about it. Stat whores in this game have gone completely mental and XVM is just oil to the fire. It is not necessary to see the stats of others. If he want something from you and you want to see his stats, you can ask him to show it. Not showing it? Close chat, end of story. Do you want to see his stats so you can tell him he sucks? Well that’s the point, to get rid of this pitiful attitude.

      • More of what can be taught to him or expected for him to know. Is he a rising star or deep dweller in the red sea. A mere glance in stats will show approximation of what the player is capable and is the conversation gonna be useful or useless.

        And yeah, having higher WR tells that the player does know something more, thus having the right to brag about it. Sealclubbers can also be easily found. Also some players are good in mid tiers while they suck horrid in high tiers. All can be seen from statistics.

        I don’t say there are some who take stats too serious and they should have few hits in ego, but that does not equal all who look other players stats. Knowing if your teammate is purple or red makes big difference for some and knowing it before he sticks to the wall in A1 or A0 or K1 or K0 is kinda nice to many. Behavior between 40 – 45 -50 – 55 – 60 etc are big differences. The approximation of skill assesment gives half truth, but it is more than not close enough.

        While in WoT you don’t usually see other player stats while in the middle of a game in many good games you have server stats which gather player performance and while eyeing them you can easily find who to be cautious when opposed.

        Don’t let the assholes blind your sight about to what end statistics are gathered or needed.

        • I also use XVM, but in many cases, it is pointless. Most of the players are bad. I don’t need XVM to confirm that my team is probably full of red and yellow players. If I assume that all of them are bad, I will be right in almost all cases. The negative effects of XVM are much more obvious. Whining and bashing, especially in top tier games in almost every game. Internet warriors venting their frustration on the chat, screaming noob team for the 14435th time, because in the previous 14434 battles, they didn’t learn that the game will be full of noob teams so they have to bitch and whine again. These folks should just stop playing. They are annoying others, they are annoying themselves, random battles are not for them. They should play in platoons, company, CW. When you press random battle, expect 14 red and yellow players in your team, because probably that will happen. If you don’t want that, just don’t press the button. It’s not possible to change the playerbase.

        • Yes I know that this will not stop the noob team screamers, but at least they will not be able to bash others purely based on their stats, before the battle would start. I am not playing this game to see their non-stop whining, pessimistic “we lost” comments and usual raging. Red players are here to stay and whining about it doesn’t help.

  25. First you get worse MM for being a good player and now WG will let any retard who hides his stats claim to be good just because you can’t see them.

    Thanks, WG, for letting people be bad and not get punished for it. What happened to “if you’re good you have a right to pwn”?

    What’s the next step? Losing streaks will be awarded with x3 XP on the next victory?

    • This game has a PEGI 7 rating and you are surprised that WG will let bad players play? Then you are a bigger idiot than those bad players. What the fuck were you expecting when you started to play a free to play game that has almost no age restrictions? This game is designed to entertain all sorts of retards from 13-999 years and milk them for money. Anything else that you might imagine is only in your head.

  26. Look at all those stat deniers getting an erection from the news about stat hiding.

    I want to vomit.

  27. I want to know what my stats are.. in Noobmeter. So I let them on and visible, as WoT ingame stats are not as helpful to me (no progression visisble, no overview of previous evening etc.).

    Having played this game for more than a year now, I know what to expect from my fellow tankers, even those with decent stats, and will all treat them all as a kind of vegetable in game until proven otherwise in the endgame :)


  28. ‘- SerB confirms that E-50 has the worst camo factor of all T9 meds’

    As I always suspect. Now he just needs to confirm the Panther II is also the worst tier 8 (for camo).

    The anti-German bias just never ends.

    • Lol, you must be fucking retarded, seriously.
      Boo-hoo, the biggest and best armored tier 9 medium has the worst camo, oh the humanity!

  29. Actually the turret on front of kv-5 is called R2 not Artoo…

    It is because it resembles the robot from star wars called R2D2…

  30. [- ingame Lowe is, according to Storm, based on W1662 Lowe variant from Panzer Tracts]
    Well, then the ingame Lowe could get 2 more degrees of gun depression then, no?
    It’s currently -6 degrees ingame.