- Storm confirms that the engine has a chance of lighting up from ANY damage done (above certain threashold, that is there to prevent lowtier autocannons from causing too many engine fires), but not every damage done makes the engine yellow or red, so it is possible for a “normal” (undamaged) engine to catch fire
- frames per second limit won’t be implemented
- fullscreen mode without a frame won’t apparently be impemented (SS: not sure what this refers to, a fully opened window?)
- 1,2×1,2km maps are being experimented with

- apparently, player-customizable command wheel idea has not been scrapped
- apparently, the Unreal Tournament 4 “consequentive capture the base” (SS: no idea, sorry) mode was not tested on WoT
- it seems that there will be a clan icon in the Achievements window, there was just no time to implement it
- spall liner does not depend on where the tank gets hit apparently, it simply reduces the damage and crew crit chance
- 3D technologies (3D monitors) support is planned, but not anytime soon
- (SS: apparently regarding the historical battles): there were 10 M24 Chaffee tanks in Dien Bien Phu battle
- the Lorraine 40t frontal plate issue is not important according to Storm, that’s why it will be fixed only in medium future
- Chi-Nu Kai will also be sold only via giftshop at first until 9.0
- French second medium branch is not ready, it will definitely not be in 2013
- apparently incorrect Japanese crewmember of Major rank tags in WoT will be re-checked

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      • F.T.R.I.P.D. is no the job, citizen.

        We will make sure that scumbag, known only as “Rene” in internet criminal underworld, will rot in jail for all those atrocities that he has committed.

        Charges are:

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        As such, on behalf of F.T.R.I.P.D. I’d like to assure you that we will not rest until perpetrator will be ultimately caught and judgment shall be bestowed upon his vile being.

        In case you have any further evidence of misbehavior from aforementioned individual please contact:
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    • Really, SS asked nicely for the Donkey stuff to be knocked off, he busts his rear on this blog for all of us, please respect him and his wishes.
      Hate to see him have to start banning, but I would not blame him.

  1. - fullscreen mode without a frame won’t apparently be impemented (SS: not sure what this refers to, a fully opened window?)

    Borderless Window mode, I guess? Which kind of sucks for us people with multiple monitors.

  2. Delaying more French tanks…how long has it been since the French got any new tanks? A year? Two years?

    • Technically a year and a half ago was the last true update. It seems wargaming hates france, even though there is a large following for french tanks, more people want french tanks than japanese tanks according to the FTR poll.

      • I rather have Japanese tanks which actually fought in WWII than those blueprint/after war French tanks.

        • Except the fact the japanese tree is chock full of blueprint tanks too, and most of the tanks that were accepted for service never saw any action. And japanese tanks aren’t really going to bring anything new or exciting, except perhaps HE being always viable no matter what tier.

          • Actually, most of the prototypes (According to the Japanese Wikipedia translated into Engrish) were made/wooden mock-ups, so atleast they were made, as apposed to tank drawings on a blueprint.

            • Most of the tanks in the second medium line would be the historical ones or actually produced ones–S35, R35, etc, and culminates in the AMX 30, which is also most definitely historical. I’d rather havethe tanks of a nation relevant to tank warfare than those of a nation for whom tanks were an afterthought (and whose performance showed it)

            • Most of the japanese tree (if not all of it) actually was made. Some of it did never fight, due to Japan wanting theese tanks to mainly participate in defence of the mainlan (wich never happened) But the fact is they were phisically made. Also, new nation branch allways beats a new branch of existing nation.

            • Most French projects also existed in metal or at the very least mock-ups, so that’s not much of an argument.

        • Sure it’s very important to have historical tanks in order playing ramdom tanks batlle nations after and with approxmatively 50% blueprints already in.

        • Thing is those are borderline useless in a tank-to-tank fight. Unlike the pre-/early-war French stuff much of which has yet to appear in the game.

          • Now the 59-16 can actually pen something from the front if jap tonks are introduced muahahahah

  3. - the Lorraine 40t frontal plate issue is not important according to Storm, that’s why it will be fixed only in medium future

    Lorraine if you add 100% more armour it has still only 0 armour, so yeah. Why they even care about that? They should make new tanks and not changing the angle of a birch gun from 45.23 to 45.22…

      • Yes it’s true, but if you do that 20 times in one patch that would be a new tank.
        Even if you change a 0.01% change won’t change even 0.001 of the vehicles win rate.

        • Changing that text file 20 times is still MUCH less than creating a new tank. You could probably change that text file 2000+ times in the time it takes to create a new tank, and you need different persons to create the tank.

    • It might still matter, I mean, any 120mm+ guns can overmatch the frontal armor so it can penetrate it regardless of angle (this isnt really important in the frontal armor)

      The other thing is that the armor as of now could be penetrated by HESH (possibly even by some HE) shells easily. Other than that, thats about it. (as far as I am concerned, HE cannot overmatch)

      To be fair, they did fix the gun depression, now its -8°.

  4. previous post,
    did you delete most posts in that comment section or did you really close it because two stupid questions were asked?

    I know this game is played by a lot of very stupid people, you can’t possibly expect no one to violate the rules of the project.

    • That’s why SS should make that only registered users(i myself am not one currently) can make comments and if some retard is trolling or is simply being retard can be banned from the FTR. Not banned in terms that he can’t visit FTR at all, just he won’t be able to comment anymore, but he could still read articles etc.

      • A ban will not prevent that kind of retards to create a new account and post shit again. Like the first-post-donkey-retards, nothing else except of physical violence will stop them from posting that shit. They don’t care that it’s not funny, they are retarded and they believe everything they post is worth at least a Nobel prize.

        The only thing which might work are +/- points for each post. Once a post reaches certain threshold (e.g. -20), it get’s automatically minimized / hidden. I guess that might help. It is less time consuming than manual banning or manual deletion of stupid posts.

        • I still think that they would just quit with new accounts, because it would be a lot easier for SS to ban them than for them to make new account every day. Eventually they would just either making new accounts or they would just stop with trolling and retardared actions.

      • Oh boy stfu, im banned from official forums, I dont wanna have that banning bullshit here as well.

  5. - apparently, the Unreal Tournament 4 “consequentive capture the base” (SS: no idea, sorry) mode was not tested on WoT

    Typo? (Unreal Tournament 4 never existed..)
    Again, no idea. Did they mean “1 flag capture” where only 1 team has the flag and defend it while the other team must capture it within the time limit or else they lose the round and then swap teams.

    • Its probably some King Of The Hill derivate where the flag starts neutral, the first team can cap it to make the enemy team bleed and it can be swapped between teams. Kind of like the capture itself doesn’t win the round but holding it for a certain time would.

      • Yeah, teams start with 100 victory points and holding the flag(s) remove points from the enemy pool. Whichever team runs out of points loses. CoH and DoW had something similar.

    • Or its something like: Easy to cap base (say 30 pts), but game doesn’t stop when captured, you get 1 point. First team to 3/5/7 whatever wins.

      You could also make it so the cap moves after each successful cap (either predetermined path or random). This would work for both standard type caps and encounter.

      I’d kinda like to see a multiple cap set up, where each team needs to cap 3 spots to win. All 3 are available simultaneously. (so it’d be somthing like this in el Haluf: capture top of north and south ramps and town.)

      • Your actually all wrong. There are bases such as A B C D E. (TF2 basically also has this mode too) The attacking team captures base A then they can move on to capture base B then base C etc. Once base A is fully captured the defending team can not recapture the base anymore depending on the version of the game mode. (In some versions there are attackers and defenders in others both teams are on offense attacking in order.)

        This differs from say conquest in BF or multi hill KoTH because you can only capture the bases in a specific order. IE if team 1 has A B and C captures and team 2 has D and E then team 1 can ONLY capture D and team 2 can ONLY capture C. Team 2 could not just skirt past the enemy and capture A because you can only go for the next cap in the link. (Winning is either based on tickets or the first team to capture all 5 bases at once)

        This game mode would be utterly rediculous and stupid without respawns though.

    • Pretty sure it’s a “Lost in Translation” thing. I think “consequentive” is supposed to mean “consecutive.” If you remember, there was a mode where you had to capture multiple control points leading to the main base. I think “progressives objective mode” is more descriptive. That’s my take on it, anyway.

    • I actually would like the teams on assualt to have to swap sides and essentially have to play 2 matches for each time put in one of those matches…some sides are easier to attack or defend and this would even that out a little at least

    • There was an Onslaught mode in UT2003 and UT2004 (maybe other versions, not sure, only played those two) which had a ‘network’ of bases connected to two power cores. The power cores were invulnerable until one team was able to capture a connected chain of bases between the two cores, in which case the other team’s core became vulnerable to attack. No clue how you could make this enjoyable in a WoT context, unless you’re prepared for long games (compared to the existing 15 minute timelimit) and/or respawns.

    • Does order matter? I would like to see something like a series of objectives to capture in order. Secure Sector A, then move on to B before taking C. Of course, given random matches and the people in them, this would really be impractical.

  6. fullscreen mode without a frame won’t apparently be impemented (SS: not sure what this refers to, a fully opened window?)

    Some old toasters video card works better in that mode…like the old Intel series… Point for WG… WT dont support toasters…

  7. “Medium Future”?!?!?
    Back in 2011 I think German 2nd TD line was “Coming Soon”

    Well, then, we’re looking at sometime around 2020, if not later.

  8. - 3D technologies (3D monitors) support is planned, but not anytime soon

    Please hurry with this, its freaking annoying to play in 3D simulated mode right now……………….

  9. - frames per second limit won’t be implemented

    It’s already in … it’s called VSync and limits you to around 60 frames

  10. Yes, and no. Yes, it does try to synchronize the frame rate to the refresh rate of the monitor. No, it is not a limiter, even it the result is similar. The problem is, if the system is not able to pull off 60FPS V-Sync uses the next best value it can use to sync, in this case 30FPS. That means that if you use V-Sync and your PC can only pull off 40-55FPS V-Sync will fall back to 30FPS resulting in a worse performance, just to be able to synch it to the refresh rate of your monitor.

    nVidia has a technology called adaptive V-Sync which is more like a limiter, if the FPS are 60 or higher it turns on V-Sync, if below 60FPS it turns V-Sync off, enabling you to utilize 55FPS instead of 30FPS.

    It’s quite useful, but a real limiter in the engine would be even better.

  11. I guess we should have expected that Chi-Nu Kai would be sold in gift shop first. It’s WG’s newfound way of maximising profit.

  12. You sure it is “- fullscreen mode without a frame won’t apparently be impemented (SS: not sure what this refers to, a fully opened window?)”

    I was hoping they would come out with a window no border. Performance is better in fullscreen but you have the ability to alt-tab easier in window no border.

  13. “Capture the Flag: Classic Capture the Flag. Players compete to capture the other team’s flag and return it to their base. Competitive teams must use a great deal of teamplay. Both teams must defend the base from incoming attackers and get into the other team’s base, take their flag and return to base. This requires that the team protect their flag carrier very well from enemies in order to complete their objective.”

  14. I really like French tanks so i would love to see a new medium and the new heavy line which is already finished but they wont put it in WHY

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  16. BTW, I have a question to all VK 30.02M (mini-Panther) drivers: am I the only one getting almost only T7 and T8 MM? Seriously, I had better MM on this thing on 8.8 Test Server than on live… Usually my games in it look like this: ding, ding, ding, shot, shot, ding, ding, dead… And it gets pretty frustrating. I loved this tank on Test, and I hate it on Live. Was there any “rebalance” to it, before 8.8 went live?

    • serB style : dont play VK3002M :trollface:

      L/70 of vk3002M its the best gun for med tier6 with good DPM, decent accuracy, good aim time and excelent pen, better than 76mm M1a2(M4e8), 76mm Vicker HV(Cromwell) or 76mm S-54(A-43)

      Vk3002M have mobility as same as some Med tier8, better than Pz5 panther(tier7) so u can flank most HT or TD tier6-8

      I realy like my VK3002M. T got M just after 7 battles. :D