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- SerB, when he saw this War Thunder picture: “So, the stock tank is rusty and you remove the rust by levelling it up? :)”
- SerB, when seeing the IS-3 War Thunder model: “Yea we’ve seen that already of course. For even such a condition of the machinegun, the tank commander would be imprisoned for like a year”

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      • Well, they are trying grit too hard. Grit and dirt, and rust. The tanks look barely functional.

        • Amount of stupid is too high. “Barely functional”? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. None of the rust is even close to through the entire thing, it’s just a little bit of surface rust, it has no effect on the tank what so ever at all, not even when it comes to resisting shells. That’s why you fail.

          Now if the engine was rusty, that would be a bigger problem.

    • Tanks are not rusted so badly unless you kept them in storage. They put on extra rust to make it look more “detailed. Something that is IMO not needed the weld lines better modeled rivets and shadow effect on the uneven parts of the armour do the job well enough.

    • You can’t deny that WT models are much more detailed. Textures are very sharp and nice. WoT looks as if it was at least 5-7 years old by now… Also, despite much better models and textures, WT will still perform much better thanks to a better game engine. So not only it will look better, but also work better. WT wins hands down.

      • A game can be as pretty as it wants, but if it has some important parts of gameplay that are not present then it is still a bad game.

        Enjoy not harming the most beautiful KV-1 you have ever seen!

      • that’s so fucking retarded i don’t know what to say, you UNRUST tank by UPGRADING?, incredifucking retarded, so letme get this straight, when you “buy” a stock tank in WT you actually open a mini-RPG where you visit scrapyards to find the most rusted and beaten tank and then do a “history channel the restorers” to bring it up as it should’ve been stock?…
        yeah… don’t wait up sitting for me…

        that fake rust btw is retarded, no tank would’ve been in that state in operation, not even the most beaten T34 after spring thaw

          • I like the fact we are all still conjecturing up and down, and then critiquing our conjectures.

        • “that fake rust btw is retarded, no tank would’ve been in that state in operation, not even the most beaten T34 after spring thaw”

          During war times, you don’t have time to polish, clean and paint your tank to perfect, during peacetimes, the tanks will be polished and look new. Don’t confuse peacetime tank looks with wartime tank looks. Also, the rust is just surface rust, not even close to making a difference. Imagine your grill, it’s outside most of the year maybe? It’s rusty too perhaps? Just scrape that rust off and it’s like new again.

          Also, there is a Bf.110 that has been lying on the bottom of the ocean for 70 years and it isn’t disintegrated, it’s rusty as hell though, and the hardness of the plate is probably down a bit.

          This small amount has no effect.

    • I suppose, in old WW2- days at least the german tanks weren’t that rusty. They got produced and sent to the front. UsualIy new produced tanks in Germany had anti-rust-colours – (RAL 7028 – a dark yellow, before 1943 it was RAL 8012 – a red anti-rust-colour) before sent to the troops, where they got their normal colorisation and camo. I imagine warmachines that days didn’t had a long duration on battlefield before destroyed – so almost no rust. I think it was kinda the same with warmachines from all nations who participated the war.
      When I think back at my time at German army, the vehicles usually got cleaned regulary and repainted when needed…

      • for me the wt model is “better” cause it’s not like the “simple” wot model , just look at the cable on the side of the kv-2 or the gun barrel that is an hexagon on the wot model and when you look at the wt model it’s a real circle. the overall quality of the wt model make it win without any problem

    • SerB is mad because now WG texture ‘artists’ gotta learn how to put textures on model and how to use bump, specular etc. maps while texturing.
      I prefer to drive tank which looks like battle machine, than tank which looks like brand new, just grabbed from dealer – Bugatti Veyron – without single scratch nor rust.
      This guy is so stupid. I have no words to describe stupidity of that faggot… but wait… thats the WG style.

      While watching these textures (im not telling about rust or well painted) im really impressed. Gaijin 3D artists and texturers made really detailed and good looking models. Thats the effect of professionals.

      Just check and compare WG and Gaijin patch logs – Gaijin is trying to improve their game, they fix bugs immediately.
      In oppossite – WG looks like they have no clue how to fix current bugs, so they just leave it and keeps adding new tanks and shitty, unbalanced maps, in addition from time to time they remodel some old maps.

      WG had over 2 years to improve WoT. What we have? New physics. And thats all. They still have weak and poorly optimised game engine. Graphics was improved a little, but its still weak. Improving isnt adding tons of crappy tanks and maps.

      I wonder how Ground Forces gonna look in 2015. I can bet Gaijin gonna make much more in single year, than Wg made in over 2 years.
      The only thing which WG is doing well, is making ‘to do lists’ and guides ‘what we will do in future’. And nothing happens. Historical battles? Sure. But not now. Garage battles? O rly? So, maybe no 0 dmg shots anymore? LOL, u wish sucker!

      There was so many bullshits what they will do, and still nothing happened. 7v7 battles – cool. But this wont be cool anymore, when additional xp and credits bonus end.

      • In this thread: “Waaah, I’m mad that the Belorussians made a better game than the Russians! Waaah!”

        It’d be nicer if Gaijin could actually make things that mattered in the upgrade tree. Sure, you can get upgraded guns and engines, but you can also get “wing repair” or “cover”, which do absolutely nothing. +0.0078 to wing drag coefficient?

        Also, American planes are garbage in WT because Russian bias is distinct to Russia. GG well played.

    • yea, because their isn’t a “rust” look on the WG tanks..sheesh you people are to damn bias that you don’t even pay attention to the details of what your defending..

    • Not all of the brown stuff is rust, some is dirt and mud that has slung up when they drove.

      In my honest opinion, WoT tanks aren’t that bad when it comes to detail, well, some aren’t. However, they look more like they’re almost straight from the assembly line. The WT models look more like an “ace tank” or a veteran tank that has seen some shit. I like the WT one more since it has overall nicer graphics, very good details and well, a better more worn feel to it. There is only one tank image that I feel was a bit too much on the rust and mud, which was of the T-54.

    • Well wg or serb won’t ever admit any mistakes or any other game being as good as their own. I think thw wt model looks amazing. The wot model looks like it is very very old. Plus the wt engine will probably look better and run more smoothly.

      It has to be said that the kv model is kinda old and was done before the new graphics system was introduced in 8.0. But the new models don’t really look any better. A lot of it is down to the graphics engine wot uses which is really old and has poor performance. Wot developers are not exactly the best ones either and most of the time fail at the most simple tanks given to them…

    • Detailed yes but it looks like useless rusty junk. So realistic that it looks ugly. In fact, these tanks look like they’d be sent to junk yard and not to battle. The IS-3 is terrible, it looks like real life CURRENT IS-3′s 70 years after the war and not like something new that just came from factory.
      More details doesn’t mean its better. Definitely not prettier, unless you consider ugliness beautiful.

      • Oh, come on. Compare this IS-3 with the one we have ingame. WoT tanks look like their color has been water mixed.. Just look at the IS-3′s tracks on the front hull… the texture on WoT is horrible compared to WT tanks. Ok, don’t look at the rust, but come on, you cannot think that such poor texture makes WoT tanks look better… That KV-2 gun is clear example… the WoT one looks like it has a black hole inside the barrel -.-

        • Good thing WoT texture AND models can be improved by players via mods.

          Warthunder can’t do anything and you have to beg developers to do it.

          • That’s if there are people willing to make the mods. Last time I checked, the mod scene for NA is kind of stale. You have to go to the RU, EU and SEA, forums to find anything worth using.

          • That’s like saying “the game has bad optimization but luckily there are people who optimize it slightly at the cost of more terrible graphics”.

      • I don’t give a fuck about that rust, because in WT you can paint your machine, with the colors you want, well it’s a bit tricky but at least you can make it unique. :)

    • But serb’s first comment is not actually trolling. War Thunder says when you buy a stock plane you are basically getting a worn hand-me-down plane and have to fix it up by getting exp and upgrades for it

      • Well still, the detail of that KV-2, and other tanks too for that matter, is top notch. Whenever people ask WG why are their tanks so un-realistic, visually or gameplay wise, WG always reply “join army” which is cleary avoiding the fact they don’t seem to have the skills to actually try to make the tanks resemble their real-life counterparts.

        • Wait, you are saying that WG as a whole, is unskilled….because they chose to make their games, differently than how you want them to be?

          DCS: Combined Arms is probably the closest thing to a multiplayer Tank Sim as you are going to find, and please….Convince me that DCS: CA has even a tenth of the server population that WoT does?

          Sorry, just because you wanted a Sim, and not an arcade game, does not mean that Wargaming is unskilled. To me, it seems like WG is skilled enough to make a game that can have over 500,000 players on their Russian servers at one time, in addition to the European Servers, the American servers, and the SEA servers. Hell, how many people play FSX in comparison?

          Sim Games do not have that much of an audience. Period. If you want a sim game, find one. If you can’t find one? Make one. If you can’t make one? Stop acting like an entitled child, and insulting people who do make games.

          Am I a WoT Fanboy? Hell no. I’m probably ditching WoT for WT Ground when it comes out. There’s a ton of decisions made in WoT that I do not like. Such as the static +/- 25% RNG on Penetration and Damage rolls. The spotting system. Unbalanced Maps. Power Creep. Random Nerfs. Etc. But calling WoT Devs unskilled because they made the game that they wanted to? That’s just idiotic.

    • This.

      Or their “HD” models will be fine… which I doubt.
      I like the way WT looks, But I didnt like the gameplay of planes .. “garage play” or whatever it is. I had no idea what I was doing, why am I respawning, how many vehicles I can use.. it was simply mess.

      I think tanks will be the same… pretty good looking but mess, no idea what to do, whats the objective etc. WoT mechanics is fine. But I like WT graphics more. I’ll definitely try it, but I doubt I will stick to it, excitement will fade away in time…

      • Same here… I definetly like “eye-candy” graphics. I mean, it’s much better to play a game where you can actually see what is around you. The problem with WG is, they needed/need 2 years to make tanks look realistic( IF they will look better with the HD client). And even that? What? We will need to have improved graphics on, medium/high settings so we can be able to see that…. WT will probably have this from the start, so ye, I give my points for WT here. But sadly the economy and gameplay is what I am fearing for in WT tanks.

        • what is your point? world of tanks was released several years ago, war thunder tanks are released in 2013, of course theres going to be an obvious difference

          • The point? When WoT releases their HD client, it is still unknown how strong your PC will have to be to make it work…. WT is going to have this from the start.
            Plus, WoT could have made far better graphics from the start too, if they had a stronger game engine to handle it. Do a test: get 10 T7 CC together, and all of them should fire their full clips at the same time. The FPS will drop like hell…

  1. I don’t know why everybody hates the rust so much? I wonder how many WW2 tanks were rust free, when they were in extensive use, maybe even in hard weather conditions with no way to repaint them….
    SerB is clearly avoiding to answer in any way…. Graphicaly and visualy: WT has definetly made very very beautiful tank models. But I am afraid if they will keep the same economy they have from the airplanes that we will perhaps see very non-balanced trees….

    • I like WT models, but there was no such thing as “extensive use” when it comes to tanks. A “life expectancy” for a tank was several weeks, maybe months during the war… There was no time for them to rust.

      • Exactly. Now imagine that the “life expectancy” would be a few months or a year? Unless WoT would make that tanks become rusted the longer you have them in the garage, I still think WT did ok by making them look rusted.

        • Of course, you’re unfamiliar with the War Thunder business model: We sell you the inferior version with a broke engine, rusted armor and worn-out transmission, and then you can either earn the fully capable parts or throw money at us to get a not-rusty tank with a brand new engine and a factory fresh transmission!

    • Majority of tanks didn’t even live long to have rust. Rust appears after some time, there’s also paint that isolates steel from environmental effects such as weather. The thing is, paint has to be torn off or must dry out enough to fall on itself and that takes time, then a bare steel is exposed to moisture and then a rust may start to appear but it again takes time. On steel used to make tanks it’s surely more than few months which exceeds average life of a tank during war.

      These tanks look like they were all old worn-off and definitely not ready for service. It’s just realism pushed too hard. A show off I think to try bashing WoT.

        • As I said above: That’s a stock tank you’re looking at. Their planes suffer from the same thing when you first buy them – they look worn out because they’re someone’s handmedown, and you either put time into the game (generally about twice the length it takes to elite a WoT tank of approximate equal tier in fact), or you can throw money at the game and get a shiny new version of the plane.

    • Rust or not, WT tanks look like tanks and up to scale, most WOT tanks look like remote controlled toys. While WT has 100000x more polygons and detail on your tank, it will also run 2x better than current WOT and I bet 3x better than HD WOT.

      If some of u are dyslectic apes and cant focus on the gameplay cuz the tanks look too realistic (lol?) turn down the gfx, aaand youre only cutting some slack to lazy WG that doesnt deserve it. :\

      • Very true, WT looks great even on my old scrapy computer really impressive models and very well optimized game engine I really wish WG had an engine that runned as good as Gajins. Looking forward to WT ground forces I will have 2 great games to play WoT and WT:)

        • Ye, and also! listen to this….

          To anyone who thinks that the engine WoT is using, is “fine”, they are just fooling themselves… My computer aint top notch… when I was runing WoT on improved render on low! settings, I was running it on 20 FPS.
          When I tried WT planes… 3D surounding, big maps, better render as default.. i had no problems with that one… = better engine in WT.

          • Or maybe ToW engine better in server side. I WT will do calculation on client, spoting system, it will be hacked, you must do all think to server side only, without it will be cheaters paradise, you you cant do nothink.

      • If its the same engine as for planes…
        here’s some hint on my notebook:
        WoT – shadows, postprocess, terrain and water medium, rest is high = 35-40fps
        WT everything on the highest settings possible + vertical sync = 55-60 fps average

    • I have to say that i can play WT on highest- ultra-movie graphics with ~80fps while only able to play WoT at mid graphics at 40-50 fps (30-20 when overseeing the whole map)

  2. - SerB, when he saw this War Thunder picture: “So, the stock tank is rusty and you remove the rust by levelling it up? :)”

    He’s right you know…

    • he’s just stubborn, or just cannot man up and admit they did the right move using modern engine.
      We asked WG for new engine for years. They didnt give a fcuk.
      Now with WT on the scene, we are getting multicore support and graphics patches…

      • actually e won’t get any multicore support, but hey … if they lie enough some people will start believing it
        HAVOK physics will be handled by additional core, while the WoT base engine still remains single core – you can disable HAVOK, as they said, so .. where is the multicore? nowhere

        • Iirc Storm said that they managed to solve some issues they had with the game engine and that the full multicore support will come and not just partial support like they said first time….ofcourse that also could be a lie or just trick to make people think they will get real multicore support, but you never know…

          • Htey use BIG world engine becouse its very optimised server side, they do all calculation on servers, it takes a lot of resuorses, if you put some of this calculation on client side, you risk that someone will hacks client, and welcome to wolrd of cheats.

  3. *YAWN* it’s just graphics, that does not mean that WT is actually better (or will be better) game than WoT.

    • Actually, considering WG just bought a whole building on Cyprus for a few* million euros… you would think they could make their tanks look a bit better than a hand drawn painting made by a 3 year old -.-

      • Good thing they made them handle like actual tanks, and not like a go-cart in garry’s mod!

        • Actually I’d like that more… WoT seems a bit sluggish to me. They are telling its an arcade game… well I’d appreciate it to be little bit more action-paced.
          My most favourite tank is elc amx,… just because it doesnt feel like snail.

          • Just because you like arcadish style more doesn’t mean everyone likes it and doesn’t mean that WoT shoul be a racing game with tanks….i like it way it is now….after all we are driving virtual 50+ tons monsters and you can’t really expect them to move like a freaking F1 car.

  4. I want WT to release ground forces ASAP so that WG will finally have some competition… That can only make things better for us lot.

  5. The great and powerful super tank experts at WG doesn’t know what basecoat is…
    Paint is rarely painted directly on to metal (or any material), both Soviets and Germans used brown basecoating, and painted over it with camouflage (or simply green).
    In last months German tanks reached the front with only brown base color, and crews themselves painted it. Sometimes they didn’t had time for it, so they just painted a few grey stripes, and rushed into battle (if I remember correctly that camouflage is usable in WoT).

  6. I love people and all stupid things they can say…

    For an exemple, ford escort, who was sold 20 years ago, were sold with rust on it (under the car)… It was because of the poor metal quality and other fact.

    So, a metal tank with rust, omg, incredible…

  7. Calm down everyone, have a piece of cheese!

    While it is painfully obvious that WT has better models, you forget that WoT’s models are 2-3 years old by now, plus the fact that for next year there is a scheduled upgrade for ALL WoT models.

      • WoW’s player models are like 7 (or more) years old now and they are upgrading them just for the next expansion, if you want any comparisons. And its not like they didn’t have the money to do it before.

        The fact that WoT’s tank models are 2-3 years old is not embarassing by any means.

        Actually, I’m happy to see that WT’s models are really good, even tough I can shamelessly tell that I am all out for WoT here. Nevertheless, I would love to see some competition that will break WG from their cozy place and make them dance.

        As someone said, competition breeds inovation.

      • lol, moron making fun of rust while everything else looks better. What if its not rust, but dust/mud. what if its the base color.

        Anyway, even if they were all covered with rust like if they just pulled them out of swamp after 50 years… it would still look much better than fancy “like new” shiny tanks like from need for speed…

        • Well that rust is pretty much what would you expect from a tank that has been in war for 1 or 2 years, with rains over it and such.

            • Except this is a game and realism wise your tank can barely sit on field for 7 minutes each match.

              Not enough time to rust until your tank is blown up so they give you a new one.

              • OK..OK…. enough with this rusty thing.
                What i want to tell you is, why you take a game time to compare with real life ? A battle in a game is 7 minutes, but in real life it take several hours, may be a day. but that’s not a problem.
                Before you gonna say even that not enough to make rust, imagine this: you was a brand new tank crews, just finish your training. your officer decide to give you a tank. But it’s not a “new and shiny” tank you dream, but an old tank of a veteran crews, who has survived hundred battle before? is that dust? is that rusty? cover with mud? have oil leak out of engine? Because in real war, not everyone have brand new tank. If you are an officer, you’ll give new tank for a veteran crews, who can save thousand life with their effective, or a “newbie”, who don’t have any battle experience?
                That is what i thing, and stop saying “bla bla bla… because it too rusty like 50 year old”. It’s a game, you even can drive a paper tank, rusty tank are nothing wrong. Respect it, may be that old KV-1 belong to Kolobanov
                In any case, WT model is better than WoT, what we want to talk here is: WG need to improve WoT graphic.
                5~7 yeah old model? did you even see IS-3? it had new model in 8.9(or 8.8, i don’t remember), 2~3 month ago, but still crap. We need better engine.

  8. SerB can do only useless trolling, so WT hit WoT there where it really hurts… I fear from the WoT HD, because even the optimalisation of the recent graphic engine is CRAP…

    • He always trolls. With important question, with pointless ones. He his a troll in human form.

  9. EmperorSafirius, how much is WT paying you lol to reply to all posts? tragic mate, just tragic….

    On the subejct, who gives a fcuk about this, when you spent most of your time in sniper mode or watching the battlefield from above (commander camera mode) when deciding what to do next))) It’s all about the gameplay…

    • You mad bro? :P I have a free evening, that is why I’m in this topic… And all I am saying is the WT tanks look better… Im not defending it since I’m not expecting anything great about their gameplay and the whole economy >>

      • But lets be honest WT’s tank models must be on the ultra-est of ultra settings. No way some computers can expect that kind of quality. And what happens with really nice models on lower graphics? Yep, they look like crap.

        WoT’s models are good enough even on brick computers. And as I said previously they are due an upgrade next year.

          • No it is not much easier to run.

            You might think so because decent computers with multicore processor can run WT at a bit higher fps.

            But when you get down to singlecore processor + 1gb ram computers; WT became impossible while WoT can play with compressed textures(which, again, WT can’t do because WT does not support mods).

            • Haha, that was a good one.
              WT has better optimization than WoT. Accept it.
              And even if your texture-compressed polygon-reduced modded WoT would score a better performance, WT still has the prettier graphics.
              And besides of that, there is no need for a compressed-texture mod for W because it has a setting for old computer hardware already. Plus textures generally do not influence your FPS, just the load of the GPU’s VRAM as long as it has enough VRAM.
              If you would put both graphical settings on the same level, WT would outscore WoT by ease.

      • sure, if you’re into a game of “looking at tanks” lol then i have to agree, but nobody cares about that, ’cause if the gameplay sucks, no good looks will make me buy it / spend money on it.

        • Sure, but considering we won’t be able to discuss WT gameplay for a while all we can talk about is graphics, and in that category WT has the clear edge, it looks much better and runs better. As for the rest we can just hope it will be good though I personally am not holding my breath there.

          Oh, and am I the only one that remembers that before the shiny new tier 6 KV2 there we had a very rusty and dirty tier 5 one for ages?

    • I give a fcuk… I play all wot lights and mediums using the 3rd person camera.
      And these are jsut screens of the tank models. Have you seen the actual maps ? Mud, grass, trees, dust, ….

      The only thing I fear the most is the gameplay mechanics… if it will be the same as planes, it will suck. I tried a few battles (up to tier 4) and I had no idea what I was doing, just flying around and shoot stuff. suddenly the match ended, no idea why or what was the objective,

        • Actually, it’s not that bad. I play WT too. You have too see map loading screen to know what is objective. If you have 2 airport (X-mark like with number in middle) and a plane icon near it, several arrows with 2 color counter each other, it’s Encounter mode, you have too kill all enemy ground force fist to win (process is 2 bar in top of the screen). There also 2 counter, one with cross is how many enemy ground unit you have to destroy, one with shield is how many friend ground unit you have to defend. If you have 1 or 3 airport in middle of two team, it’s Capture mode, you have to make your process bar run out fist by take more airport and prevent enemy team take it back. Kill ground force in this map will make the bar lower too, but not enough to win the game.
          Note that if enemy destroy your base airport (bombarding all defend AA around it ), you will lose even how process bar is (like capture base in WoT).

  10. I think because the game is old so as the engine, so from the beginning, they can only patch things up to improve the visuals, and you can only improve(sometimes worse) optimization. If the base is old, you can only patch it up unless you overhaul it. Unlike on WT, because it’s newer, their engine and visuals are much much better. They are already optimized it so in the future patches, expect it will only be better because their base program is set on high standard.

    Gameplay is still not included on these opinions.

  11. bla bla bla bla

    war thunder its a nice opportunity for all nooobs. i hope they go all to play war thunder.

    ACTIVITY USERS make the winner. but wot play easy ..they have a lot of experience and solid gameplay. A lot of tanks and tested maps… Wot can only become better with every patch.

  12. I really can’t understand why SerB had to troll those answers. Why can’t he just say that WT models sure do look nice and said that they will try to even make their better than just childish trolling? After all he is aware that WoT still has the better gameplay itself and instead of playing on that card he is trolling the opponents move. With answer like that he only shows that they are concerned a bit about the WT tanks, and if he had just said simply that their models are nice he would look like a gentleman who is not affraid of a little competition. I like the models of WT, but still doesn’t mean it’s better game and that all of us should switch to WT….i might try it, but doubt it i will switch to WT, not after 13k battles in WoT and much more fun gameplay. Only thing i wish for is that Wargaming had that Gaijin engine. Imagine how awesome WoT would be with it, with much better graphics, but most of all with awesome optimisation so everyone could have played with at least mid-high graphics and with high fps constantly.

    • Only those who’ve played both can say which has better gameplay. Also, WT ground forces is still in closed beta, WoT is released. No one can really make comparisons about either game based on screenshots, other than that one of them may or may not look better than the other.

  13. These fan wars are annoying I’ll admit that wt graphics are better but keep in mind we don’t know the gameplay and wot graphics are old and 2014 is dedicated to HD graphics true there may be fps problems but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that it will be fine.

  14. I hope you guys realize there is going to be major patch in 9.0, that will bring HD graphics…right?

    And don’t hand me the garbage that it will still look worse, especially since it has not even been leaked yet.

  15. It’s the kind of response you’d expect from console fanboys, only in this case it’s analogous to a Xbox fanboy arguing that the Xbox 360 is better than the PS4. How immature is this guy.

    Meanwhile WG is working desperately to improve their graphics and eye-candy so that WoT doesn’t look nearly so dated and crappy when compared to WT. Hypocritical and childish.

  16. “Yea we’ve seen that already of course. For even such a condition of the machinegun, the tank commander would be imprisoned for like a year”

    How terrible…

  17. Neither WoT nor WT Tanks rates better than WWIIOnline game play wise from what I can see. Of course WWIIOnline is a sim where WGs’ or Gaijins products are not.

    I never look at the mantle piece when I’m poking the fire.

  18. Bitch please, as soon as Open Beta starts, I will see all of you World of Tanks Fanboys in War Thunder.

    That’s for sure. “Gameplay” “Economics” well, I don’t know when you played last time WT, but there you get paid by activity even when your team fucks up, I still make 50k XP/30k $$ (nonPremium) at Level 10.
    Also if you would follow the news @warthunder.com you would know that they are reworking the Techtree & Tier levels, all down to 4 Tiers not sort by history correctness but by strength.. so no more Aircobra’s 37mm Trollcannon vs Wooden Bombers. Techtree wise it means basically it will be a little like WoT, reworked interface coming up too… And don’t forget, War Thunder is still OPEN BETA TEST. No “final” as in WoT/WoWp.

    • “And don’t forget, War Thunder is still OPEN BETA TEST. No “final” as in WoT/WoWp”

      And does that mean anything? The fact that they already have their business model running although the game is still officialy “beta” , is pretty dubious I think. And the amount of money they charge for participation in the ground forces beta… And I hear that Wg is greedy, Gajjin beats that easily.

      Anyway happy to hear they are working on the GUI. So far I have no idea how it works and it confuses me all the time. For sure I will try out the ground forces gameplay to see how the gameplay turns out. Airplane combat does not interest me at all – be it from Gaijjin or from WG.

  19. Eh, I don’t particularly care about graphics, my computer isn’t particularly good anyway, the first thing I do in games is adjust the graphics to get relatively good frame rates.
    I get almost the same framerates on WT and WoT, and the grind on WT planes is horrible. I got a tier 2 plane that I haven’t even reached halfway through the grind on all the parts and my country rank already reached 4.
    It’s almost like I’m grinding a t5 or t6 tank in WoT.

    Yeah, WoT models need some work on them, namely some mud/rust on the tracks/suspension, and probably some rust, but not too excessive. I think that the “Brand-new” look on the WoT tanks work well because, come on, you repair it every battle, I like to think of it as them sending the tank back to replace all the damaged parts, repainting it, etc.
    Of course, that brings up another issue, why don’t tanks you barely use get rusty? The crew does regular maintenance on tanks you don’t use much, of course.

    And those that complains that WoT needs a new engine, yeah, we know that, but do you know the implications? They’ll have to recode everything, and make sure it works. That’ll take a lot of time.
    Sure, they can do it, but what are they gonna sacrifice? Several patches worth of new content that they can bring in? Longer interval between each patches?

  20. what i noticed the most was the armor angles, espeically with the IS-3; just by looking at the difference in armor angling alone, you can tell that Wargaming had political and national bias when making the model of that tank; in the WT model, the penetrable lower glacis is far more exposed. There are similar issues on the IS-4 with the side plates that are obvious just by looking. I’m going to enjoy Warthunder, if only because i know that i won’t necessarily have to see my shells bounce off of armor configurations and angling that never existed!

  21. What did you expect SerB to say? “Yeah, Gaijin’s tanks, planes, and overall game engine is vastly superior to our old unoptimized trash”. No, he’s going to troll/lie instead. If you were able to show Stevie Wonder those pics he’d even say WT looks superior.