- the KTTS (ASAP) video for patch 9.0 will come out “quite soon” (no exact date though)
- Storm states that it’s not known, when the drawing distance will turn to the circle
- Apparently the drawing distance circle will be of 565 meters radius, not 600 meters, so that the area drawn remains the same
- there are issues with traffic apparently (SS: connected to the size of 9.0 patch? Not sure I understand the context)
- apparently, the 6.3. date of 9.0 test is incorrect (SS: oh well, I said that it’s from an unverified source)

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    • If they are reducing the render distance on the diagonal then that would be a very bad idea without a serious rework of several maps. You won;t be able to snipe across the El Halluf valley for instance, which will make scouting on that map pointless. So the first idiot team to drive into the valley loses.

  1. “- Apparently the drawing distance circle will be of 565 meters radius, not 600 meters, so that the area drawn remains the same”

    So no 700m vehicle render distance? Or what is the difference between vehicle render distance and draw distance?


    “- Storm states that it’s not known, when the drawing distance will turn to the circle”
    “- Apparently the drawing distance circle…”

    That’s nice communication between SerB and Storm…

    • nah i think they waiting on 9.0 live and see how much fps will drop , if drop too much they wont make bigger render area (circle) for a long time tbh…
      its all about RU low PCs playerbase ect…

      • Actual rendering shouldn’t really be hindered by that, anything that far does not have to be rendered as hi-poly unless you zoom in on it, in which case you can shave-off details on anything outside fairly narrow FOV.

        Afaik this used to be some technical limitation of the engine, but nowdays they just don’t want to screw up the gameplay, because larger tank render-distance would encourage sniping.

        • but nobody is dumb enough to snipe with kv2 at 700m, though it is really good at it, I had some really good shoots at 600m max. But I think there is really no need to go over 700m as shells fire after 720m I think, need someone to confirm that.

  2. Wait, so we’re getting an improvement of a mere 65 meters to draw distance horizontally and vertically (as seen on the map), But we’re LOSING a full 142 meters in diagonal?

    This doesn’t do much to help address the functional nerf to snipers that was giving all tanks an accuracy buff.

      • I know exactly why they did that way.

        Still doesn’t change the fact that I and other players that favor sniper tanks were looking forward to a buff to draw distance to help counteract the nerf to snipers that was giving all tanks an accuracy buff.

        I, for one, would happily turn down my graphics quality if it meant I could engage targets at ranges my accuracy would permit. As it stands now, a KV1-S can engage at max draw distance with a reasonable chance to hit, and ain’t right.

        • My scouts were looking forward to draw distance improvement.

          Imho it was all the buff they needed (forget any other rebalancing – it’s the lack of long range hits since arty nerf that have hit them the hardest.)

        • Whatever gave you the impression in the first place that the new WIP draw-distance system would be based on the diagonal “corners” of the current one anyway? The point is just to make the damn thing more intuitive to grasp, that box is damn annoying and often enough plain inconvenient.

          Also what’s that third paragraph supposed to be relevant to besides the usual whine and cry?

  3. - there are issues with traffic apparently (SS: connected to the size of 9.0 patch? Not sure I understand the context)
    If they going to use same servers for downloading test/client – oh good, whole weeks full of lags :D

    • Unless it’s specifically a 9.0-refered line, I’d guess it relates to the current (since 8.11 amplified) lag- and package-loss issues on the EU and (allegedly) NA-servers.

  4. - Apparently the drawing distance circle will be of 565 meters radius, not 600 meters, so that the area drawn remains the same

    Tell me its a joke. Currently its possible some times to shoot over 600m and now they are going to make 565m? WTF have they lost their brains or what? It will be nerf to snipers and nothing more. Longer fighting range would have been more realistic and it would have made scouts more useful. Scouts that would spot enemies for your team would have been very useful and effective.

    But no WG decided to fuck it up as usually. Why am I even suprised?

    • yes, tank warfare was fought at long ranges, but this game is not set up that way. I already get blasted by invisitanks in the back of the map. Can you imagine having one chaffe light your whole team and everyone being shot from the invisible waffle on the hill. Ludicrous if you ask me. They for once are doing us a favor in making the fights at closer range. I hate sniping and hate invisitank. Its unrealistic, they need to rework camo soon before i uninstall. LOL

    • You’re basically whining about people no longer being able to “metagame” with the corners of the draw-box -made rather easier if you’re running a mapmod that shows the limits btw- you know…

      • I run all that stuff, and my comment about sniping, was not about it in general but its not my play style. Sometimes it has to be, but when you playing on a map like redshire, where its open and sometimes in order NOT TO CAMP you have to move. WELL guess what when I move my noob ass i get lit up from invisitanks at over 600m. are you kidding me, your the guy that sits in the back of the map padding his stats. shut up

          • WG KTTS series are called, by WG EU, ASAP…that’s why Frank uses that translation.
            Blame WG EU for not calling it WID(or W33D?).

      • I was saying that as long as when it is done is as soon as possible…
        Already play on maxed out settings (sure fps could be a little higher if it were set lower, but I like my pretty pretty gfx) can’t wait for HD models.

      • Sorry, I didn’t know that. Because it’s wrong translation. You can include this in the next “WG fuckups” post.

        “KTTS” clearly has sarcastic meaning with “when it’s done” the most correct translation. Checked the dictionary, “KTTS” has synonyms “when hell freezes over”, “when pigs fly” etc.

        • One could easily imagine an English-speaking dev adopting “as soon as possible” as a catchphrase meaning the same as SerB’s KTTS (i.e. “You want to know when? You’re S.O.L. then, cause I’m not telling you”).

          Which makes English ASAP a good translation of Russian KTTS in context of WoT (surprisingly good given the usual quality of their translations).

    • The ‘ASAP’ name is propaganda just like with ‘RNG’ instead of ‘Great Belarusian Random’. Capitalists don’t understand stronk Soviet culture, or something.

  5. played to day some WT GF
    had 20ms ping
    then played WoT
    had 200ms ping

    Warthunder is getting better BTW….
    arcade is getting arcade

    • WT is not going to be better if they dont introduce built prototypes and pretty well documented blueprint tanks.
      Lets compare how many players WT and WoT have?
      Ta-da! Your argument is invalid.

    • I love how it’s always the WT Fanboys who go out of their way to start flame wars in order to gain coverts.

      • wrong, i don’t like WT, just saying it getting better then it was… on all accounts…
        i still like WoT much much more. but also i’m GF tester so i’m keeping tabs on patchs and testing…

  6. reducing the view distance to just 600m will change the gameplay a lot, and especially on diagonally fought maps
    will it change the gameplay in a good or bad way? this is to be seen; but reducing the max view range is going to compact the engagements and will definitely alter how TDs are played

    • One thing is sure, snipers will get fucked(losing the last bit of advantage they had over the brawlers since the accuracy buff)

        • i guess it won’t affect scouts negatively, but it will nerf td’s for sure XD
          i guess the only way to buff scouts is to reduce viewrange on all other tanks…
          td’s with 400+m viewrange? why the hell?

    • they have good intentions but bad programmers, lets hope this clusterfuck of a company will manage to keep WoT alive this year.

      still steaming from sochi, still hurts WG Servers….

  7. To the loss of draw distance – I’m unsure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Indeed snipers will get a nerfbat to the back of their heads – but then again, everyone is “sniping” nowadays, makes for very boring and slow gameplay and quite a few crappy draws with hoardes of TDs just “sniping” away at everything and heavies and meds trying to emulate that behavior so as not to get instagibbed the moment they need to change cover.

    The loss of draw distance may alleviate this kind of behavior and let the true “sniping” to the vehicles that should. I’m rather tired of seing ISs and KV – pick-a-numbers on the ridgeline on El Campuf lobbing shells in the general direction of the enemy team hoping they’d hit something while whining and screaming at scouts for not spotting.

    • But you are only losing draw distance on the diagonal, you gain on the N/S and E/W so you will be opening up a whole new set of sniping alleys while closing down some on maps which are only playable because of this anomaly.

      • You mean maps that are campfests because of this anomaly. Everyone complaining that now they can’t snipe at A1 from base on El Halluf; that’s a good thing!

        • And you think anyone with half a brain will go into the valley on El Halluf when they can’t get backup from the ridge?

          No, you will just have two lines of campers waiting for someone to get bored and come into visual and shooting range, and the usual NW corner stalemate.

          No point in scouts, just sit on the ridge where you have all the advantages and wait.

          And you’d call that an improvement?

          Of course it can be fixed by moving the ridges closer together, so more reworked maps.

  8. someone earlier mentioned geometry… well here it is…

    “the drawing distance circle will be of 565 meters radius, not 600 meters, so that the area drawn remains the same” (he actually means diameter)

    area of original 500x500m square = 250,000 m²
    (the diagonal view range = square root of 500²+500² = square root of 500,000 = 707m)

    area of circle = π (pi) x radius²,
    radius = 565 / 2 = 282.5
    3.142 * 282.5² = 250,751m²

    As others have said…

    ….you are losing the 707m diagonal sniper view to gain an extra 65m dead ahead…

    It will change quite a few maps, not for good or bad overall, just different, like the reworking of some maps with new bumps and dips, certain maps will hardly change, others dramatically..

    • Your mat is wrong and you should feel bad. 565 is the radius not the diameter. So it is
      565^2*3.14= 1 002 366 . The side of the square is 1000 so the total area is 1 000 000.

      • * note to self * wake up before typing mathematical stuff….

        However, (yep.. the excuses are coming!!), in the good old British school system, I would still have passed because I got the formula correct, even if the answer was wrong… (yep.. true…)

        Now I am confused as to how the hell my numbers worked.. (ie 250,000 near enough to 250,751)…??

        I presume its because since I halved the radius, I also “quartered” the squares’ area, and the formula is radius²…. (a half squared is a quarter)

        (PS.. ² is Alt-0178)

        Must be time for a drink………………………….

        • Yea, you numbers worked because you were calculating 1/4 of the square, where 700 and 565 is diameter. Upon seeing your numbers working I thought I was wrong and went to doable check.