Overlord made a post about the new game modes, announced in the ASAP magazine. What do you think about them? Let him know! The same goes for the Maus reconstruction – let him know what you think.

Interesting fact about the Maus though. Yuri Pasholok made a post as well, where he hinted, that it might not be as easy as others imagine, because given the international situation, Russian researchers might not be exactly welcomed in German archives…

Apart from that, no real news today. Apparently (not related to EU unfortunately), one of the Russian servers got connected to one of the main internet lines in Moscow. Moscow players reported 3-5ms ping…

59 thoughts on “11.4.2014

  1. Moscow players reported 3-5ms ping…
    EU players reported 3-5s ping…

      • yes it’s terrible, playing on EU with super lags and increased latency, while those evil Russians enjoy good ping…

        Fuck Putin the slave-king.

        • It’s probably a lot harder to do so as EU internet market is very fragmented (a lot of providers, many countries, harder to arrange such things).

    • Look, the low ping is super good, 3-5 ms is the dream, no lag, instant LIVE reaction to all your actions, not even a micro delay to you shooting, it makes all the difference in the world.

      They’re just reporting it cause it’s good. :-)

    • ping a computer next to you or other room in the same network, you’ll get about 1ms speed, so 3-5ms is really fast where everyone is dreaming of in online game world. Btw, ping a computer on same network connected via wifi, you may get the same 2+ms

  2. Why shouldn’t russian researchers be welcome in germany. Not every german believes the propaganda the german government is spreading via news etc atm.
    But if there is a problem they could send people from WG in Paris or elsewhere from EU to research.

        • I can’t believe that its worse than what is russia spreading. Btw, can you provide some examples of German propaganda? And is it on every single channel or just a few? I can’t speak German that’s why I’m interested.

          • because Russians are smelly, they don’t shower and they can’t control their needs, they will rape any pure blood German girl on sight.

          • There are monday demos in germany every week right now in several cities. The only press presence there was RT.

            • Indeed, I saw one few weeks ago. Ten persons standing next to a van and cheating. Not a big thing.

    • Considering how tense the situation is they’re not going to be terribly willing to hand over military data even if it’s old.

    • “German propaganda”…

      quite harsh, sure, inthe first days the TV focused on the ukrainian point of view, but they got back to general news fast…

      …and print media nearly always covered both sides

    • This shows how the Russian media are spreading misinformation among the people.
      In Germany there is no anti Russian front, not in politics, not in the community.
      A museum or an archive has it own criteria to researchers.

      • Seems like a nice civilized country. In Poland anti Russian propaganda is in full swing since the beggining of the Crimea annexation. Media cover only one side, politics are divided as well as society. Some like them, some are neutral towards them, but about 30-50% people hates Russians. Rusophobia is strong in PL, the land of corruption and slaves.

    • They just need to blame someone in advance if the project will fail.

      “We couldn’t complete the project, because the german archives did not cooperate, mimimimimi”

      • well i would have a solution for it.
        “please mister museum, copy those files, i will pay for it. please!”

        But i think this Maus project will never see the sunlight anyway… too expensive, too unnecessary.

  3. Can’t wait to see the rigs they build to hold/move the turret so they can put the engine in. Also they may have to cut away the top to get an engine/trans in.

    Petition: Maus Tour 2018!

  4. …one of the Russian servers got connected to one of the main internet lines in Moscow. Moscow players reported 3-5ms ping…

    Now if NA-East would plug into that, we’d have respectable pings of 50-80 and none of Telia’s dropped packet b/s constantly.

      • NA east as well, my ping times are typically 30ms, and my connection isn’t all that hot…

        As an aside, a game mode I think would be fun:
        One map, 1 hour time frame, King of the Hill style. Log in, play as long as you survive, when you get blasted, grab another tank and get back into the fray (or is this the “garage battles” he is talking about?)

  5. Russian researchers might not be exactly welcomed in German archives…
    It’s funny when it comes from Yuri Pasholok. Why does it surprises him that no one would welcome him for example in EU(Germany) after he repeatedly called EU people scum, morons etc.

    Also that ping *drools* It’s like fucking playing on LAN.

    • If i would be a museum owner i wouldn’t mind what Yuri said about europeans. I wouldn’t allow him in because i would look up his name first and the very first thing that googlesearch gets is a “trololo panther was an engineering mess but STRONK russian tonks were not!”.

  6. Why not welcomed?
    It’s not like Germans would hate Russian researchers just because they don’t support their government.
    Pasholok really seems to be a way to pessimistic person. :/

    • Its not pessimism, its paranoia. And russian media that is 90 if not 100% controlled by government makes sure that people would think that way.

      • Like any other state television. Though RT seems to be much more objective than most news channels in Europe.

        • Yeah, RT is the least biased news portal, especially if you look at shit like Fox “news”.

  7. Some things should set aside politics like restoring things from the past to their former glory. The Maus project could bring some unity between Germany and Russia. Since the Maus is a German made machine, although as I understand it Germany hates anything that is from the Nazi era with a burning passion as bright as ten thousand suns.

    • there is in fact quite some unity already, political and economic relations are good, even at the moment…

      people over here dont hate the Maus, but I doubt that many people’ll show some interest in a tank…

  8. Russian researchers might not be exactly welcomed in German archives…
    hmmmm … why you think that is so … steal a german tank and think that they are welcome in german archives … LOL

  9. It would be nice if they would just fix the current game modes before screwing around with more modes.

  10. Lol, Pasholok not being able to misunderstand German engineering is good news to me.

  11. I think the main crux of the reluctance to share data stems from the way the russian tank museum treats foreign visitors. Why should they hand over documents when if they go to see it they’ll get a guarded fast tour and no photos whatsoever, while Russians are treated like normal visitors to a museum?