Interview with V.Kislyi (topic: EU tree)

Hello everyone,

thanks to elwiscomeback555 for linking this to me. What follows is another interview with V.Kislyi (WG CEO), that took place during the WGL finals in Warsaw, this time with a Polish presenter MrOmen. It’s slightly more interesting than other interviews because of one thing: Wargaming’s attitude to EU tree. Check this out.



The question about Polish tanks (and EU tree) came first (as you can see, Polish players do put an emphasis on that) and:

“I know we promised and – including myself – we were talking about Polish tanks and European kinda tree, well, the reality is that we, well, you have to understand, we had to release the British, Japanese and Chinese tanks before, because, you know, those were big nations, which were fighting with those tanks and then, you know, we keep getting new and new players, 80 million, eight zero million registered users we have today and they want so many other things. Let’s be honest to ourselves, adding another European tree will not add much of the variety. Of course, tanks will be little bit different, but when we had a choice, you know, historical battles, new physics, experiments with new gameplay modes and our resources, are not, you know, unlimited, we had to make hard choices. Until the end of this year, we have so many plans, probably we aren’t going to do EU tree in this year. We will make it some time in the future, but not during this year.”

Well, there you have it. The info is not new (we knew EU tree wouldn’t come this year), but you can see Wargaming slowly retreating from the EU tree and… that’s not a good thing. Tons of Polish, Czechoslovak, Italian, Swedish etc. players are waiting for it and that’s why this topic deserves a bit more attention and I will be dealing with that in a couple of future articles.

Note one odd thing: apparently, adding EU tanks is in conflict with Havok and HB according to V.Kislyi – so, programmers are now doing historical research and creating models? He probably meant HD rework.

Other info from the interview:

- no special rewards for hardcore players are planned (best of the best should go to e-sports and win real money)
- WG fill focus on CW and e-sports (CW – more casual version will be the fortifications)
- tactical tablet for CW is planned (SS: a map where commander can draw tactics and such)
- bitcoin support not planned
- WOWS: 10-15 min battles, has to be spectacular, it’s possible that WOWS beta will be until the end of this year
- all models in WoT will be reworked to HD, hopefully until the end of the year (SS: not really)
- Sturmtiger: maybe it will appear, but not high priority
- people loved the Karl mode
- Type 59 won’t go back in shop (will be kept as special prize)

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  1. ” Let’s be honest to ourselves, adding another European tree will not add much of the variety. ”

    Nice to read some actual honesty, amongst WG’s normal marketing bullshit.

    • Oh well, guess I can surely forget about ever seeing tanks like the BT-42, Sav m/43 or P40.

    • Guess that’s why they added Chinese tanks. They certainly do bring a lot of variety … namely Russian tanks painted French green.

  2. WoT’s future doesn’t look so great when the guy in charge thinks CW and E-sports are the way to go. Surely the fact people were more interested in codes than the actual league finals should give him an indication of how crap that stuff is.

    • I think it’s something to do with the massive increase in esports teams year on year? I swear it was like 800% or something. And why moan about more endgame content??? Casual clan wars and more regularly available lower tier special battles sounds good to me!

    • I think it’s other way arround. E-sports ARE the future, but not for WoT. Yes, they are great for Starcraft 2, DOTA 2, LoL, Counter Strike, but not for WoT.

      Also E-sports crap? Lol. Valve gave 1.6(or 1.8, forgot) million dollars to the winner of The International DOTA 2 tournament last year. 600k(or 800k) to the second place team. There a big ass prize pool. That’s huge for ONE tournament. And there are a lot of tournaments over the year.

      • I’m not into e-sports. Surly the 25% random factor on most in-game skill-based actions is a massive turn-off for e-sports fans?

        • It’s just really boring to look at WOT in a esport format. Can’t even look in first person, it’s like having a drunk guy switching camera around whole team when you died first in a battle. And you will have to look at a massive camp fest too.

    • That’s because people are SPOILED. WG should give them way less, extra missions every weekends, contests, free stuff, free gold – they get all of that pretty much for nothing, so no wonder they always whine for more.

  3. “adding another European tree will not add much of the variety.”
    screw that I want more tank trees MOARMOARMOAR screw details screw HB
    better add more tanks more maps (why not start making a map maker so players can make a map then post it and the maps with most votes get ingame) make like 1 map a month and add dragon ridge back in the game please
    and free for all?
    “all models in WoT will be reworked to HD, hopefully until the end of the year (SS: not really)”
    NO NOT HD!!!!
    “Sturmtiger: maybe it will appear, but not high priority”
    make high priority and then when ammo on that tank is all shot let us shoot like this picture

    “but you can see Wargaming slowly retreating from the EU tree and… that’s not a good thing.”

    no good thin? thats called BAD thing

  4. Of course they wont sell the Type 59… it would make too much sense to make easy money… Let’s relegate it to a prize for contests that not nearly as many will be able to take part in or have a chance at winning.

  5. well boooooooooooo, i think i’m waiting for EU tech tree the most, i didn’t wanted more maps or HD i wanted eu tech tree!

  6. ” Let’s be honest to ourselves, adding another European tree will not add much of the variety. ”

    Yeah, China with it’s Soviet copy tanks added soooo much variety.

    Smaller nations with their own ideas to compete with bigger nations during ww2 and early cold war are not…
    As a Hungarian player I would reinstall WoT to see what Romanians and Czechs had during Ww2…

    • Irrelevant. In terms of the current game meta, virtually all combinations of avatar parameters have been used. Any additional avatars (ie. new tanks), will just be copy-paste unless they add new parameters or game mechanics which deepen the differentiation of existing individual parameters.

    • China was added to give the Chinese server something to get excited about.
      Adding the EU tree will make a lot of people happy, but it’s not like it will open a new market.

    • Only Type T-34,Type 58 and IS-2 are fully copy of soviet ones with similar play-style….the others are actually different if you not being stereotypical….

      If WG think about introducing RC(Taiwan) line I bet so many would whine it’s just US copies LOL

      Personally I hate WG every time they introduce new line of tanks they have to be different in terms of the playstyle….but some of the current tanks aren’t following this trend, like the Porsche line

      • WZ-120(type 59) is the chinese copy of russian T-54 and there is much more tanks that were pure copies and not just those 3 you mentioned….

        • So what?
          Gameplay wise, Chinese tanks are unique

          121 =/= T-62A
          113 =/= IS7 =/= IS-4
          Gameplay >>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>> who copied who < <<< number of times I sneezed today.

        • Alexander Yordanov+1

          btw not much people realize the armour on the WZ-120 and Type 59 is more like the T-62A….121(aka Type 69 prototype) layout is more like T-54….

          plus, the M48A1 and FV4202 play-style is similar(not that fast, good gun depression, crap turret), but nobody complain because it LOOKS DIFFERENT, WTF

  7. I remember the beta days when i had lots of gold from a giveaway. And i was thinking what fun premium tank to purchase. In 2011.

    I think when i finally decided to get the Type59, it was the most fun experience with a premium tank. It was OP. Period. It was alot faster, better armor, engine fire or the fuel tanks igniting was almost non-existant.The MM was different back then too. Even more kind!! it also laughs at slow turreted tanks. You can circle them to death.

    It’s still a pretty good tank even now. Power creep afected it, but not as much as other tanks.Best 7500gold i ever spend. Today it would easily be 14k and would still sell like hot bread. Germans were selling their GDC conference type59 codes for hundreds of euros on ebay. So go figure :)

    I LOVE MY TYPE 59!! cant wait for HD model!

  8. 80 million registered user my rear-end, type in a random name and look at those BOT-Generated user accounts from 1 or 2 years ago with absolute 0 stats at them, there are millions of them around prob more bot-registered users than real users….

  9. I support big boss on this one, we don’t really need EU tree for practical reasons. We need HD and more tanks of current trees more

    • I’m from Finland and taking a look around our tank museums as well as pictures of those from other European countries, you can’t avoid the fact that the majority of the tanks worth using in combat were from one of the main countries with actual tank industry (UK, USA, USSR, Germany or France). We have those nations now in the game, but some parts of those main nations are still held back due to lack of time to implement. You have for example the entire French medium line, second French heavy line, German Sturmpanzer line, missing premium tanks from nations like a US TD and the list goes on. We now also have stub lines of the Chinese and Japanese, both of which would warrant expansion but neither of them are popular among the greater populace of players so it might take a while. The French tree isn’t overly popular either but that’s at least in part because you only have lightly armored autoloader heavies that some people don’t like and a long line of light tanks with autoloaders. The French are sorely missing the second heavy line and their first real medium line, the design cues of the French are well worth keeping in the game

      It’s good to be proud of your nation and celebrate the achievements you’ve made but I don’t think an EU tree put together from tanks of various nations can be as valuable to the game as expansion of the existing nations. With another new nation you’d have the complete inability of using existing crews as well as no chance for transitions from branch to branch meaning you have no synergy with the existing content in the game. And are there really tanks in the EU tree from tier6+ that would contribute value to the game? The Japanese and Chinese trees are already mostly sidelined from tier6/8/10 gameplay because their tanks are less attractive than those of the original nations. The EU tree might just come out as another unpopular tree that never gets used much. WG could of course buff the tanks to be great but do we really want more disproportionately buffed tanks in the game?

      • “And are there really tanks in the EU tree from tier6+ that would contribute value to the game?”

        Yes there are plenty of interesting European tank projects that would fit tier 6-10. Here is a sample: Bkan 1A heavy 155mm autoloader artillery with 14 round mag, Strv 103 low profile autoloader medium without a turret, TVP T-50/51 moderetly armoured and mobile autoloader medium tank, T-17 autoloader light tank with good armor, OTO Centauro leopard 1 with autoloader. there are plenty more vehicles that i could mention but those should help answer your question.

    • EU tree tho could and would be one of the most historically accurate trees in WoT… Unlike the IMO absolutely not needed WTE100 line or the Obj 430 for example. Also EU tree could fill so much lines that WG had enough work for few years lol.

    • did you read what they said?
      they said that they are focusing on adding HD models and othe features first. They have also said tahat they will rebalance many tanks in the game during 2014. So you are getting what you want to get. The EU tree will however be added later no matter if you want it or not

  10. “so, programmers are now doing historical research and creating models?”

    Whos words are those? V.K or S.S? Because they are plain stuipid, unless you consider The Chieftain as a programmer. There are other people, like producers, designers, modellers, 2d and 3d artists, you know, not only programmers.

  11. In a way I understant WG that they want to focus on something else then adding new tank trees, but oh boy… Wasnt there enough demand for the EU tree? If one would combine the playerbase of Poland, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Italian, Sweden and some other slavic nations that can apear one would get like 70% of the EU server player population lol. If that is not enough then I dont know lol…

  12. With all due respect, what have Polish, Czech, Swedish, or Hungarian tanks EVER done in War?
    ZERO combat experience in real world for all of them.

    Italian tanks saw a little action in WWII.

    Israeli Tanks have had the most kills in real combat in the entire world since WWII. So why exclude the best tanking nation in the world from the best tanking game in the world?

    And to all the racists that are gonna pop out, FUCK YOU!!! In advance.

    • wild israelifan appears

      take a look at tanks israel used – bought or captured.

      Centurion – British
      Sherman – American
      M48 – American
      M60 – American
      T54 – captured Soviet
      T62 – same as above
      Locust , AMX13 , and so on…

      only thing that can remotely be considered is Merkava Mk1 , but its fkin pointless to implement tank tree for 1 tank, and NO WE DONT NEED MOAR COPYPASTA TANKS TYWM

      request denied

      • Every single tank bought by Israel was improved and modified based on actual combat experience.
        There is not a tank made that Israel had that did not turn into a MONSTER.

        Case in point, M50-51 Super Shermans that OWNED T54/5′s and Centurions.

        And the Merkava Mk1 could not be included due to the fact that it had a smoothbore gun.
        Rather the Merkava Prototype with the M68 (as in the M48 Patton).

        • What is better? Pointless tanks by pointless nations that have never fired their guns at an enemy?

          • No tank tree can consist of 1 or 2 tanks on tier 7 and 9. So, i see israeli tank tree absolutely pointless. And also, your market is overmatched by countries which should appear in more-and-more distant EU tree. Combine Italian,Hungarian,Polish,Swedish,Chech and Romanian market (number of ppl live and play WoT), it overmatches yours by more than 20 times.

            Above reasons prove that israeli standalone tree will never be implemented, your only chance for sherman copycat and whatnot to appear is in some branch, nothing more.
            No offence, but face it, israel is just a small country , uninteresting in terms of WoT.

            • Son,
              Combine the armies of all the nations you mentioned, Israel military would wipe them out like a smidge on a window.

              There is a full tech tree that could be implemented for Israeli tanks, TD’s, and arty.

              Check out this link to the Israeli National Tank Museum:


              Tier 1-Tier 10 can easily be covered.

              • first, im not ur fuckin son.

                second , enuff of ur fuckin propaganda of israeli military, we dont need that shit here.

                third , several nuclear missiles from MY COUNTRY (US) would wipe out that fkin abomination of your country, so just fuck off and troll somewhere else.

                Now im talking your way.

                • Was I talking about the USA? Nukes?
                  Israel does not have Nukes ;-)

                  But it does sound like you need a cattle prod shoved up your ass to get your lack of head straight.

                  I don’t recall needing your permission to post anything here, so if you don’t like what I post, feel free to ignore and move on.
                  Unlike the USA, Israel has yet to lose a war, so our “”abomination”” of a country has more of a right to exist then you could ever imagine.

                  How many Native Americans did Americans butcher to create the USA?
                  Women, children, Elderly? Don’t preach about abominations kiddo.

        • Merkava Prototype would be similar to the FV215b(120)…..considering WG hates similar play-style tanks that would be unlikely to get in WoT

    • As for Hungary:

      Told I (maybe Tier II tank) – In service from 1939 – mainly fought on the Eastern Front
      Toldi IIa/II B 40 (Tier III tank) – In service from 1942 – mainly fought in Hungary
      Turán I (Tier IV tank)- In service from 1941 – mainly fought on the Eastern front and Galicia
      Turán II (Tier IV or V tank)- In service from 1943 – mainly fought in Galicia and Hungary
      Nimród (Tier III tank destroyer) – In service from 1941 – mainly fought on the Eastern Front
      43M Zrínyi (Tier V or VI tank destroyer) – In service from 1944 – mainly fought in Hungary

      And here’s the possible hungarian branch – (made by the hungarian people from the WoT Hungarian forum)

    • Poles used their tanks till Germans and Soviets didn’t wipe them out.
      Czechoslovakians used their tanks just to repel german rebels from Sudetenland captured objects, but then these tanks were captured and used by Germans and that till invasion to Russia.

    • The problem with Israel in wot is that the tanks would just be clones of ones already in the game with some modifications here and there. The one exeption would be the Merkava mk1 but that has been stated as being outside the wot timeline several times.

      And saying that european tanks and tankers didnt fight, and have no combat experience is just a lie. Romania, Chezhoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and Italy all had tank forces that fought during world war 2. And they have more original designs than those possible for israel

  13. ¿what’s with all the EU-people and the zealotism(and specially Cz and PL zealotism) for a “EU tree”?!?
    i honestly don’t understand it at all, you talk about oh so many players waiting for those tanks… WHAT FOR?, they’re mostly variants of german/allied vehicles or uninteresting old stuff (nothing that would fit the T8-T10 interesting slots), maaaybe there’s something interesting there, but an entire tree for ONE tank?, waste of resources…

    why can’t people play and be happy with the (excessive ammount of) tanks that are ingame right now?.

    i’m from LA(not US-LA) and honestly couldn’t give a single shit about a south american branch(or even if they implemented them at-all, and woudn’t even bother to either buy or xp them), absolutely uninteresting as hell

    • Oh sorry that i want to see my nation in game…

      The EU tree should be definetely more interesting and original then the chinese one.
      Plus no one force you to play it, so leave us with our EU tree a play whatever you want.

      • that’s my point, why would you want your nation in game if it won’t add nothing interesting to an already severely overcrowded game.(in fact, at least 50 to 60 tanks should never have been in game, release trees where good enough)

        i’m not defending chinese tanks, that tree is garbage 100% copycat but they needed to add it for political reasons(otherwise WOT couldn’t have been released in china due to those retrograde tard laws they have about local companies only)

      • If it was just about WG deciding whether to put something in the game that is already made, I’d not have a problem with people wanting the EU tree for their own enjoyment. But it’s a considerable amount of work that WG won’t be able to put into other parts of the game and that becomes a question of what everybody wants. That’s why we have all these opinions here, but you’re talking about one or more branches of tanks which means two or three patches worth of time that WG won’t be remodeling other tanks or improving maps

    • You have obviously no idea about what a European tech tree can offer. It has the potential to be the largest tree in the game with atleast 4 medium lines, 3 TD lines, 2 SPG lines and possibly 2 heavy tank lines, all of which reach tier 10 and have no more than 2-4 foreign tanks. There is actually a huge variety in original european tank designs that are not in the game that include things such as the S-tank, M44 Tas, P40, T-50/51, Bkan 1A, Panzer 61 and hundreds more vehicles.

      I can understand if you dont want more tanks but your argument for not adding more tanks is not researched at all and should be dismissed since there are plenty of uniqe EU tanks that need representation in the game. and remember the game is called WORLD of tanks

    • The Italian tree overs an alternative tier 1 which could blood end the T1 Cunningham spam and would be different from the french tier one repetition. Italy was also an Axis, which would be nice in historical battles.

      Not including tier 1 the Hungarian Tree reaches tier 10 on it’s own with medium tanks and TD proposals, they are mostly somewhat akin to Russian tanks with more gun depression but slightly worse armour and lower mobility aka. a middleman with less ridiculous turret armour than the americans but more russian sized vehicles ( less ridiculously big turrets )

      Swedish tree is full of tanks that are actually TD’s and has original designs which would be strange to have around in a supposed tank tree. As serb says: how terrible.

  14. “- WOWS: it’s possible that WOWS beta will be until the end of this year”

    “WOW” that is incredibly retarded, why the fuck are they delaying it so much!, AN ENTIRE YEAR OF BETA-ISH -game is in some form of alpha/beta since last year- is not only stupid but will kill all the hype it’s been building.
    It’s already seen TWO E3s, that’s a clear sign of failure (i despise when game companies “announce” games that are nowhere near release)

    • It often happens that you have to remake things if bigger testing shows your game isn’t as good as you wanted it to be. Like probably WoWp should have gotten one more round of consideration and changes. I don’t care for planes anyway but I do have hopes for WoWs. WoWs is much more like WoT than WoWp and it’s more likely WG will be able to use what they’ve already learned and make it a good one.

  15. I don’t see a huge issue with WGs stance.

    Adding the EU tree in before HD model re-works are up to speed is pointless. Adding more models which need to be re-worked later is not clever.

    I would imagine the EU tree is also the most difficult conceptually. Other trees are on a nation-specific basis due to those nations having enough tanks to build a whole tree (Let’s ignore China because that was obviously a money-grab) whereas the EU tree is intended as a cross-nation tree which introduces a number of issues, the main ones being what to do about crewmen and also how to manage research bridging between nations.

    With that said, I would never say no to more tanks and I’m sure people at WG do want these tanks in otherwise they would never have even though of doing an EU tree…

  16. Most of the time i see this guy somewhere a have a feeling from him like he dont know what he talk about.
    Like that thing about polish tree, or that priceless tactic with Maus on Himmelsdorf.

    Hard to believe that he is CEO of WarGaming.

    • Well he’s a CEO of quite a large company, he deals more with the euros and dollars of the business than any specifics about polish tanks. They’ve got other people for content, the high management is about business. With a small company the CEO still has time to be interested in everything that goes on

    • 5 or 6 of their designs are in the German tech tree but they have plenty of more designs that could potentially fill a entire tech tree except for a heavy tank line. i suggest you go to the history tab at the top and check out the proposal SS made for a Czechoslovak tech tree.

      • What I meant is the more famous/heavily used Czech tanks are there.

        Fully agree that not all are covered.

        I would like to see the Euro tanks, however if they were really that needed and good, they would be better known. I do not hear anyone on the NA server yelling for these.

        I agree that the Japan tree was not needed, and I have never heard of any of these tanks and they bring nothing to the game.

        I think they would be cool, and let the Europeans play their own countries which is fun, but how much will it bring outside of the EU, I do not see people coming to play the game just because it has Euro tanks, but I could see them playing due to E-sport (which I think are stupid).

  17. They should release EU tree instead chinese tree in EU and RU servers, developers in China can have their own chinese tree, also bigger maps like in WT will be better. I am tired of these russian bias copies and their decisions.

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