Storm posts about increasing your Performance by Disabling the Triple Buffer


Hello everyone,

9.0 issue post spam continues – this time, Storm posts about triple buffering. He states that the theory about positive effects (less microlags and more FPS on average and weak computers) of disabling the triple buffering in WoT was confirmed, but this ONLY works if Vsync is disabled as well.

In order to do that, you have to edit the file “preferences.xml” (usually in this folder: c:\Users\___username___\AppData\Roaming\\WorldOfTanks\) by setting its value to “false” like this:


Once again, in order for this to work, Storm emphasizes that Vsync (vertical synchronization) needs to be turned off. With it turned on, it’s better to leave it as it is. He adds that 9.0 has a TON of issues.

From the discussion:

- this setting was supposed to be turned off by default, but someone at WG screwed it up
- this will NOT be fixed by the Friday hotfix (SS: this bug was discovered today, while the micropatch is ready for download since yesterday or so), it’s possible however that this will be changed by another micropatch

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  1. Yep, WG is an enormous company and sometimes someone screws things up. Having no idea how Storm feels, but I will be very angry and moody if somebody destroy my work.

      • You work hard to fix problems in your code then sit back and wait for the patch to go live, only to later find a line in the code that you didn’t put there and wasn’t supossed to be there to begin with…

        You do the only thing you can do in that situation: you fall back on your desk chair, point at your screen and say “who the fuck changed that!?”

            • Sure, look up source control using Team Foundation Server (TFS) in VS2012. As a software engineer I use it daily. Among it’s many features, it tracks all code changes with tons of detail, and is practically required when you have multiple developers working on a code project.. I have also used TortoiseSVN and ApacheSVN (Subversion) for the same thing.

    • Ok, i know this is a stupid question…can you show me the exact location of that file? I havent found that file in my “Users” folder. There is no “Appdata” folder. Am I doing something wrong..?

      • ^ “Username” is your name. Appdata is hidden by windows default setting, google to know how to display it.

      • Where it says “user name” in the OP you have to put your PC accout name.

        Ex. C:\Users\Grox\AppData\Roaming\\WorldOfTanks\)

        • Yeah, found it. If you dont know how to find “Appdata” folder: press ALT+T, folder options, view and then select “show hidden files, folders and drivers” and ” disable “hide protected operating system files.

          Tho, i have to admit my fps is basicaly the same..maybe 3-5 fps more than before..but not a big difference.. :(

  2. I just checked the settings window in the game, and I could have swore that triple buffering was toggle-able from inside the game, instead of changing XML files. Maybe it was in 8.11?

  3. if you need to disable that setting you are running at low enough FPS anyways to not need to use VSync. Vsync is a thing that slows down the FPS when it goes above the refresh rate of your monitor (the amount of FPS it can display in a second), to avoid showing half of one frame and half of another one. Just saying for those who don’t know what VSync does and are afraid to turn it off

  4. The statement: “- this setting was supposed to be turned off by default, but someone at WG screwed it up” conflicts with what was posted on 26.3.2014 “- from 9.0, it will not be possible to switch triple buffering off, it will always be turned on apparently”

  5. c:\Users\___username___\AppData is called appdata address .so u can change it to :

  6. 26.3.2014:
    “- from 9.0, it will not be possible to switch triple buffering off, it will always be turned on apparently”

    “- this setting was supposed to be turned off by default, but someone at WG screwed it up”

    So, who is lying?

    EDIT: Ellis28659 was faster…

  7. “He adds that 9.0 has a TON of issues.”

    If it 9.0 has a TON of issues, then why this motherfuckers from WG release it “too soon”?!

    This ruski fucks are still applying this stupid “rule”… “Quantity, no quality.”

    • Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. If an executive, who’s only an account at best and knows coding only from his flipcharts, tells you to release, you release because he’s the higher up. Test server’s 9.0 Third Version was crap and it was obvious that they’d stumble about it, again. Like every company does that is bogged down by that kind of executives in charge.

  8. Here’s something for all of you to think about. If you use the control program that came with your graphics card to set things like triple buffering then you will see a big drop in fps this is because your video card and WOT will be be doing a push pull type of fight over which one is controlling things. What works best for me is to setup my graphics with the card settings and set most everything in the world of tanks setting to minimum or off. Removing the toggle for turning off graphics options was just dumb.

    It’s like having 2-3 firewalls running then wondering why you have a ping of 500+ and I know alot of you who do.

  9. Was suffering from a drop in performance, tried this and seen an improvement based on a trial of 3-4 games. Been able to go back up to high settings on improved graphics with 50-60fps vs 90-120fps on std. Will try again later for a larger sample of games.

  10. what is this? year 2000?
    how the fuck can a PC development company cannot know how to fucking properly code Triple Buffering in year 2014? what the fuck!

  11. Hi all,

    I can confirm that this does not work. It did nothing to my game that is lagging very badly. The lag happens when tanks are being destroyed or blown up. FPS drop happens also while playing. The idiots in WG really are very stupid. I hope someone else will take over this game and make it run as it should. The Russians in Belarus are drinking too much Vodka. No wonder they fuck up things hard.

    How can this game lag on my PC? I use computers since 2000 and know how to set things up well. I play WOT since 2011 and know how things work.

    My pc is:
    Windows 7 x64
    Intel CPU 970, it runs at 3.2 GHZ, it has 6 Cores and 12 Threads.
    12 GB of Ram running at 1333Mhz
    GTX 780 TI

    This PC plays latest game without any problem while this fuck WOT lags after 9.0 patch. Sure the idiots in WOT are not up to date with things that run computers.

    I tried lowest settings and yet it is losing FPS when things blow up or when I fire the gun.

    WG is really stupid, why do they aim for something they can’t do it right? People out of WG find fixes to fix the game while the fuckers in costumer service bitch slap me with copy paste shit. I contact them and they say we need some diagnose from you. What the fuck is this? You had test Servers running. Why do you need me to tell you the problem? The whole forums are full of reports that people are giving telling they have lag.

    • “losing FPS when things blow up”
      because they load tank destroyed model at this point, so make lag. They should check available memory and load more if have space.
      But u must use brain to do it, so…

  12. For what it’s worth, I have an extremely modest system
    AMD Phenom 9550
    8 gigs DDR2 RAM
    nVidia 275 GTX

    Before 9.0, I would get between 25-35 FPS (take or give) on medium settings.
    The 9.0 test server I was getting 30+ (i.e. never dropped below 30 FPS) FPS
    Live server I would only do 20-30 (tops)
    Turning off the triple buffer brought my system to it’s knees in WoT, no higher than 20 FPS and quite often 10-15…basically unplayable.

    Had to switch back to get my 20-30 FPS back…so perhaps it’s just my machine, but be careful and test this setting with a tank you don’t care about winning in (in other words, don’t jump into a Tier X tank and find out the game is unplayable under this new setting)

  13. Hmmm strange, WG says setting triplebuffering to “false” should fix the problem?

    But why is it, after the micro patch, again set to “true”?

    Is it a fix, was it a fix or did WG just told us some cr*p?

  14. By disabling Vsync in the past, my friend and me crashed our graphic cards… so no, won’t disable this again!!!

    Furthermore, how disrespectful towards one’s own customer is it to recommend such things that are nothing else than makeshift conditions than real solutions. For how many months will this situation go on?? Do we all pay not enough to expect a premium product without annoying bugs???

    “A (Storm): “(…). When I go to sleep, I think about how to silently steal gold from people. And I am giggling nastily.”

    And when I go to sleep, I think – among all the other more important stuff in my life – that I have successfully dropped this game. And I am giggling nastily.

    • If you are on a nvidia’s latest card you can go into the nvidia control panel and turn on adaptive vsync.. it will only toggle vsync from the graphics card when you go above 60fps/your desired fps(the refresh rate of your monitor). This settin isn’t available on many of the older cards but the last few generations do have it I believe

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