Bad Apples – EFE

Hello everyone,

I believe it’s no secret that I am not a fan of the EFE clan, that, in my opinion, carries the torch of the “rudest clan out there” after EXNOM was disbanded. And there is a reason why I am not exactly a fan. Check this out:


Do you think the clan leadership is concerned with keeping their clan clean of such complete retards? Think again.


And this guy is a clan recruiter:


Obviously, the entire clan is filled with such filth. It’s a shame really, but in this case, the few “bad apples” spoiled the entire basket methinks. In case you are wondering, Matt1 recieved a 14 day chatban for this – personally, I don’t think this is sufficient, an account wipe or perhaps a 1 month ban would be more appropriate solution.

You know, I really don’t get it. I get angry as well, I call people fucking retards and such – but invoking Hitler? Wishing cancer and rape? Obviously the standard approach (reporting these players) is not working, clans such as EFE don’t take punishments seriously. Therefore, I think I am going sort of “restart” Hall of Shame – but with a twist.

Right now, Wargaming is sensitive to the entire “nazi” thing (as was mentioned numerous times, Russians take this sort of crap very seriously). What Wargaming doesn’t want is bad publicity, such as “Wargaming EU allows nazis to roam free” – so, got screenshots of these assholes sending people to Auschwitz, spamming Heil Hitler, or wishing gas chambers for other nationalities? Send them to me at – and we just might do something about all of that in general. We’ll see.

Edit: Well, I think that was enough of rage. Comments closed.

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  1. Whatever you have come up with, it already makes me grin like the Cheshire cat.

    Brownshirts, you are going down.

    • Well done SS, you just decided to take that retards word for what happened then? Maybe that lying polak forgot to mention that he shot my ammo rack to yellow twice leaving me with around 20hp in the beginning of the match?

      Also, mr. SilentStalker, for this retardness, go have a big cup of “fuck you”, on me of course.


      • Hahah, You are mad? Why didn’t you shoot him back? Why did you resort to insulting ALL polish players because of that INDIVIDUAL?

        Haha, sweet tears :)

      • Nice SilentStalker… NICE! I had to make account just for this…. IF you WOULD have read whole thread you COULD have notice that that Poziomek90 DIDN’T show all in those screenshots as I mentioned it there.
        But way to go… you can both twist truth as much as you like if it helps to live in this world.

        1. That Poziomek90 did shoot Matt1 twice and broke his ammo rack
        2. Our commander informed him to report that to WG
        3. That screenshot from our conversation is only HALF of it…. After that I told him that

        “We are not their parents and they are responsible of their own actions in random games” where HE answer that “You will get fame on forum”.

        So…. who is fault in there? That Poziomek90 shoots Matt1 twice (team damage) and then he spread only half truths around internet and you get hooked on that. Nice nice nice, seriously….
        I am not going to deny it that we are harsh for those who just suck in this game, but I hate those who spread half truths and now you are one of them.

        • If you dont mind, do you or Matt still got the replay? *grabs the popcorn and waiting*

          • Will replays do anything?
            I witnessed a raging (probably german) player, who was sending all the slavic people (Polish, Slovaks, Czechs, Russians…) to hell, marking them as untermensch/not worthy living, slaves, no-brainers…
            So I sent this replay to WG support.
            Do you know what they did? Nothing. Nada. They just sent me a reply, that there is an ingame reporting feature, so if enough people report these f*ckers, they will deal with them. No, doesn’t happen.

            • Will replays do anything?- Yes ofcourse! I want a good laugh, but also to make my own opinion about this, to see the whole picture, who started it, etc. But yeah…no replay…i ate my popcorn watching the comments, not that bad tho.

        • So what, he team damaged him? Happens every day, let the system take care of him. What will happen to a moron like your teammate who insulted EVERY SINGLE POLISH player with his comments?
          He deserves anything that comes to him.

        • Hey Datamursu,
          i hope WG will ban/wipe your account & disband EFE clan, you irresponsible scumbag. we are watching you.

          • So… He insulted all polaks… so? It’s up to WG to punish him right? or am I wrong? And as you said he deserves everything what comes to him FROM WG. I have never deny it… sadly that Poziomek90 just LEFT IT OUT from that screenshot.

            I said there that everyone of our players are responsible of themselves in random games. Read that topic and think… think really ahrd. Nuff said.

            The thing I hate here is that some idiots just spread half truths here and play role of martyrs… get a real. I don’t have problem on it that someone hates something… that is life, if you have problem with it… do something for it then. There is often reason why someone hates something…

            You can ask that replay from Matt1 if you want it, I trust on him in this case.

            • yeah, aked him, he doesnt have it, he said his game client crashed :( Anyway, thx and have a nice day

            • You are scum and you should feel like scum. Such insults like wishing death and injury are evil and volatile things. Shame on you and your clan of assholes.

            • Kylläpä nyt on ylpeä olo olla suomalainen…
              I sure as hell feel proud to be Finn now…

        • Shooting and ally and wishing someone to get cancer, or writting that Hitler should have killed them all are two slightly different things. don’t You think? And if You guys don’t get that than maybe You should visit your doctor and check if You don’t have a brain cancer. Besides this game is for all people, not only for the “pro EFE, I’m a GOD” and other shit you are, well in the end your stats show only one thing, that You are better in this one, specific game, nothing else but from what You’re writting in chats I can say that besides beeing good in this game, you are just trash who doesn’t understend that games are for fun , especially free games. If you don’t like weak players go play ESL only.

        • Oh sorry. Poziomek90 showed at least some screenshots. What did Matt1? NOTHING but insult him and others with some of his mates from EFE. He could upload replay but he did not. So who should be trusted?

        • Imagine that some real life unicums tired of someone like you, internet madafakas decide to be harsh to u just because u ruin his ,,game,, , and make your face really purple. To be honest after reading this i think u deserve some purple make up together with that moron friend of yours. Because of you idiots who would sold your house with life included, for a point more on those stupid graphs, people will stop enjoying gaming . So with all due respect to the authors of this blog (if u think that is needed feel free to delete the comment) but a honest FU to you and your retarded friend, and of course to those who didn’t noticed that you are skipping your history classes in elementary school. I trully hope that one day, by accident you run on some guy on who u are being harsh and gives you what u really deserve so you would know better next time. Half conversation or not, what is said on those screenies is beyond reasonable. Again FU and your retarded clan.

          My appologies to the FTR again, and i totally support this effort on bringing down these assholes.

        • Nothing he did in game justifies the extent of his response. Period. There is no excuse for it.
          And you clearly, missing screenies or not, don’t feel there is a problem.

          To bad this part’s not for you – “Buh by, have a nice ban.”

      • Hi,

        You should have asked to the guy who shot you if his parents are still brother and sister since their divorce. You should have told him to push a stick in his ass and sit on it. You should have told him to stop drinking and go back to plumber school. You should have told him that his cancer of stupidity is in terminal phase. And if you were so up in rage, you should have told him he’s a motherfucking cross breeder.

        Did you ever met people who were in labor or extermination camp? I did. I met and talked with those people, and understood. Have you seen those interviews of women explaining how they were raped by red army soldiers when they were 13? Sickening to the extreme.

        You just make me sick. My grandfather suffered major burns when his Sherman was shot around Saverne. He suffered weeks long, burnt on almost half of his body. But he told my father he would have done it again, and even have died, if it were just to make sure nobody would ever see a nazi flag ever again.

        I just hope you don’t think nazi ideology was right, and that it was just meant to harm this moron who shot you.

        • Haha, are you fucking serious, you god damn hypocrite. Those things are basically the same fucking thing as I said.

          Also, I could list all my relatives who died in the WW2, in the hand of those dirty commies, but is that relevant in any way? Are russian war crimes less of a crime?

          • they are not, but that doesn’t allow you behaving like a prick…

          • You truly don’t understand the difference?

            I feel sorry for your disability.

      • So for shooting your ammo rack in a PC game entire nation deserves to die? Congratulations, I wish you perma ban. And insulting just another people on the internet is not gonna make you look better.

      • Sounds like typical silentstalker showing only screenshots and not REPLAYS to verify the facts. He did the same on me where a retarded heavy base camper and his girlfriend cut and pasted the chat showing only my posts. SS didn’t even bother to upload the replay I sent him with the whole chat history.

      • Oh yeah, and because of that, you’re allowed to invoke the Führer himself, insult entire nationalities, and wish death?

        If you actually bothered to use your brain, you could have reported him to the CS and have him banned. But no, you went full neo-nazi/retard mode and insulted to death.

        Serves you well, dummkopf.

      • People like you should be banned from the game for a month at least(if not forever) for provocation like this, no matter if they got damaged by a friendly or not. It is a game, a single battle won’t make a great difference, especially not in real life! AND what does his FAMILY have to do with this? WHY should they get RAPED and MURDERED? WHY should he DIE from cancer? And what does the polish population have to do with THIS?(and I am not even getting into Hitler)

      • Nothing he did in game justifies the extent of your response. Period. There is no excuse for it.

        Buh by, have a nice ban.

      • The topic could actually end here. Point proven: He doesn’t get it. No regret. Even if the other guy was a complete jackass nothing on earth justifies such an answer. Nothing. And nobody without brain damage or serious need of education would even think of insults like those. And it is totally unimportant what happened before. If you shoot somebody in the face you may get a tad leniency from others when they know that you did it because of some insults. If you insult somebody in the worst possible way because he damaged your pixeltank you prove that you need to go see a doctor or therapist. And everyone making up excusses for you is just as bad.

  2. Fortunately I haven’t found any of these type of assholes in my battles. If I do, I’ll remember your request.

    • Dont waste your time. I wont. A 14day temp ban? these fucking WG faggots care more about how much money the player gives then, than the insults he writes.

      Let’s not forget they also gave a 14day ban to that faggot piece of shit warpack cheater from NA server.

      WG is simply encouraging all this with their pathetic temporary bans.

  3. an account wipe or perhaps a 1 month ban would be more appropriate solution.

    SS you’re reacting too hard. I’m serious that Polaks make alot of people really mad, myself included and the retards, alot of the Polacks, are the reason why I don’t play much anymore. He’s just saying it really violently.

    PS: Torilla tavataan perkele !!1!

    • There is something really wrong with you.

      Please seek professional help.

    • This is retarded. Why Polish? By the way, “Polak” is an ugly word, it’s like calling Germans Krauts or whatever. The problem aren’t Polish players, the problem is the fact that people blaming them don’t realize that if all Polish players suddenly disappeared, the game would NOT get any better, withing a week, there would be another scapegoat: Czechoslovaks, Germans, Hungarians…

      • Well we would have less siemkas and Löwe drivers with 1k games and Polish flags.

        Also Polak is the Polish noun for a Pole. That’s the Scandinavian way to say Pole.

        • Also Polak is the Polish noun for a Pole. That’s the Scandinavian way to say Pole.

          We are speaking English last time i checked but since you brought this line of argumentation up will pick up where you left. It would be OK for me to say that finnish women are very Kurwa. Oh, no. Do not get upset. It is “scandinavian“ for curvy…

          • There is no need to go full retard, just because you get butthurt by what Poles are pronounced or written in other languages..
            Polak, Polakk or Polack is used in all Scandinavian countries, but the word for curvy is different for every country, and none spell it “kurwa”, so stop spewing lies.

            • Wow, I didn’t knew the finnish education system is THAT good, that you know ALL the spoken langauges of the world.

            • But the guy above you is a perfect example of the majority of people in this game and their mentality. They can’t make arguments.. they can’t do anything right. I bet he’s ~500 wn8 in game.

      • Agree. We all rage from time to time, someone more than others. But (at least) I try not to be racist. I dont rage with “die polaks get cancer” i rage with “fucking ignorant retarded players (or apes) and RNG” or something like that. I dont want anyone to get cancer, die or whatever.

        This is just a video-game, behind the other screen, there is a real human being, it doesnt matter where did he come from or whatever.

        Dont be racist, hate all the nations equally! :)

      • What’s wrong with people calling polish guys “Polaks”? If you compare it to us Germans being called “Krauts”, that’s really no big deal, I actually think it’s hilarious :D

        • I’m german and I hate this word. Sauerkraut ist so ziemlich das ekligste was es gibt ;)

    • Still, it’s a real mystery for me who the “Polaks”/”Polacks” are… Maybe you mean “Polish”.

      • Purple color doesnt give them the right to insult and wish deaths to people.

      • Unicums? Well yeah because of all those waffletank and multi loader platoons…
        Get them on their own in a random and they are shite, like lots of the ‘top’ clans. I got 56%win rate on a standard account and there’s lots better than me – all better than EFE nazi scum.

        SS is right, if these bastards represent the ‘best’ clans wtf are WG doing by giving temp bans?
        The EULA states:

        2. Prohibitions, restrictions and conditions of use, for all game chats and channels.
        You agree not to do any of the following while using the Game or any game chat or channels.
        2.01. Excessive Profanity and Inappropriate language is not welcome. It is suggested to ensure that the censor filter is switched on. The censor filter is not an excuse to break the existing game and chat rules, and excessive profanity will still be moderated.
        2.02. Typing in such a way to bypass the censor filter is prohibited.
        2.03. Insults, personal attacks, abuse or harassment are not tolerated on any level.
        2.04. Racist or nationalistic implications which may create offense to a certain nation, ethnic, religious or racial group are prohibited.
        2.05. Allusion of racial or national supremacy, as well as discriminative propaganda on any level is prohibited.

        Well if it’s prohibited WG, stop the fuckers who are doing it otherwise delete the EULA…

        • Pussukka, don’t think finnish players are any different. ALL countries from where WoT players come from have bad apples, Finland included, except that they usually don’t go “Hitler will kill you” on you but just go “Lol, i am so much better, look at my stats”. And yes, I have seen this many times. Funny thing is that usually those players who got killed say these things xD

          • Every country has some, some with a higher percentage, some with a lower percentage.

              • Yes, I never said that we don’t have our fair share of retards.
                Also Finnish retards are way worse than Polak retards, since they start calling out every Finnish in the match and demand them to answer. ;_;

                • Luckily i don’t have problems with my fellow Slovenians xD
                  I do laugh when they start to write in broken english… And i troll them back in my own language and they get scared as shit xD

      • /signed. The best post in this answer thread to a rascist apologist so far ;)

    • hahahaha
      i like the commander “pretty weak, eh should learn new ones”, se, that’s the CORRECT ATTITUDE.

      people, this is not carebearland, learn to fucking deal with shit or GTFO the fucking internet.
      or take an intensive 1 week 4chan/b/ /pol/ course so you get off your carebearing eurofagland sensible ideas

      • Nice trolling. The correct attitude is to say not more and not less than you would say to another mans face.
        If you insult everybody you meet in real life as well you end up in a hospital or in jail. Doing it online just shows how pathetic you are. Swearing and insulting shows immaturity, insulting people with “go to Ausschwitz quotes” and so on shows that your a fascist, nazi or something other that from the “scum of the earth that should be educated and punished” Bucket.
        And everybody who doesn’t take a stand against those people isn’t any better really. Nobody without serious brain damage who is over 12 year old insults anyone else in this way.
        Remember: Hitler didn’t massmurder his way through europe because of the fanatics and firm believers of his nazi bullshit – he was successfull because many smiled and watched, more turned their head in disgust but nearly nobody opposed him openly. If we don’t want history to repeat itself we must take a stand and show those haters they don’t belong and that their swearinga and their inhuman ideology is not accepted!
        Btw.: Posting something like that in is a major offense in germany. I actually am going to sue those from my country to make sure they think twice before going “all-out-nazi” again. I don’t believe in Wargaming anymore because 14 day chatbans are not the appropriate reaction to nazi insults.

      • Say that on the street. the police be needing words.

        It doesn’t NEED to be carebearland. You rude people need to be taught better manners. And if it takes people like us banning you from every game you play till you understand, then so be it.

  4. Fun!

    “Fuck siemas” is ok, the same way “Fuck retards” and “Fuck [x nationality] ” are ok.

    But wishing gas chambers and whatnot on others?
    I lost family in those chambers, so yeah, that can go fuck right off.

  5. EFE i thing is Turkish.What u expect from moggols they dont know who is their fathers and mothers?
    And i say that coz Turkey has more than 90 differents tribes.
    And yes im from Greece and i hate them more than Hitler.400 years under their boots was more than enough,But at the end we rape them!

    • EFE is Finnish actually.
      Here are the EFE clans:
      EFE Eye For An Eye
      EFE-X Everything For Efficiency
      EFE-V Eye For An Eye Veterans
      EFE-Y Everything For Efficiency YOLO

        • So you would preferably have tomato siemkas than good players on your team?

          • I rather have tomato siemkas than some players who think they are God of WoT and think they have the right to insult and wish cancer on people.

            Yes, I rather have siemkas in my team.

              • ? Now you’re talking out of your ass…

                I DARE you to insult somebody on the street with GET CANCER YOU FUCKING JEW and let’s see how long will it be untill you get beaten up and taken by the police…

                Don’t be such a moron by saying things like that…
                It’s a GAME. Nobody has any RIGHT to wish cancer to somebody ok? Just because some virtual stats tell him that he is better than some 15 year old players?

              • Pussuka you think EFE has right to use horrible insults, not ones like asshole or idiot, but something much, much more bad just because they have some stupid blue/purple number next to their nickname in a game?

                You and your defense of EFE is ridiculous. There is nothing justifying heavy racism or wishing someone cancer. You must be either uneducated or simply stupid to not understand that.

                I also wonder if such people would act like this after visiting Auschwitz and seeing only the little part of horrors that happened during WW II.

                • Exactly. No matter how good you are in a VIRTUAL GAME, it gives you NO right to make real life insults to some person you never met before.

          • Yeah, cause only Poles are red in WoT and all others are unicums. And if not Poles you would have 100 prc win ratio. Oh lol man, you are so pathetic with your Nazi way of thinking.

            • i just don’t get this anti-pole-BS. The largest community is polish so many bad and stupid players are polish too. But I rather think that germans suck the same. I mean – many of the best E-Sport-Teams and Clans consist only of poles. Most seasons of the ProLeague had 3 polish teams in it, some even 4.
              It’s just the polish writing, Siemka-posting and general “i am perfect so someone else must be the reason we lost this game” Attitude that causes those rascist remarks. And missing education – it makes me retch daily in random battles. Most poles are even better english speakers than the french or german players.

      • Incorrect, it started out as Finnish but is multinational. EFE-X has quite a few Poles in it, along with Hungarians, Finns, Dutch, British, Czech, South Africans, French, Germans and a bunch more.

      • EFE clans are international, FIRE is the finnish part. Don’t be so obsessed, there aren’t enough good players in Finland to fill 4 clans.

      • Bartek, keep retarded comment like that for yourself. I have met a lot more Polish crypto-nazis then i have ever met Finnish ones.

      • We didn’t have nazi blood back then, but we do have now. And basically every country has now.

        • No, I am with the OP. Finns really love Nazi’s, tons of documented evidence. If they weren’t so scared of Soviet union making their country a parking lot, they would still be Nazi’s.

          They are the only country in eastern Europe that got away from being force fed communism, so they still cling to their Nazi roots.

          And it clearly shows, we have the evidence of this EFE clan saying everything a Nazi will say.

          Let’s band together and ban this stupid fucking Nazi Finns. Maybe even that Pussukka (I will call him Suka for short, no offense intended, it’s just Russian word for “cunt”) gets banned.

  6. What is this shit ? some R1SE bad PR ? Is this your personal bad blood when FEJM tryed to fight with EFE ?

  7. Lol. Seriously? This is a norm for us. It’s not like they can speak english anyways. And if they can, then fucking learn to use the minimap for example. Game is sometimes unplayable because of these red tomatoes from PL w/e.

    • Ooo, we have another Nazi Übermensch, who thinks that red players are only from Poland…. I wish you all the same that you wish Poles.

  8. It would get to anyone if you were best player on the team averaging over 3K Wn8 constantly while still losing most battles. Most of the times it’s players like those from EFE/etc. that outdo every other tanker in the battle by at least two times if not three/four times.

    People get angry, people get mad, people get annoyed, and then people vent to the first and easiest target. Deal with it and move on. The amount of times I’ve said to someone I hope they get anally raped with a cactus purely because they camp behind me doing nothing all the while I could really use the help is impossible to count.

    So he hates Poles, my standard answer (as EFE-X leader) when someone comes to me with stuff like this about my members is to say “Report them”. I could not care less about what they say in battle. But if they get banned for a long time (or their account wiped) then they suffer the consequence because they essentially become useless to the clan. It’s hard enough running a clan, let alone if people outside it want you to run a daycare as well.

    • So? Then teamkill, block, tell everyone they are fucking retards – I care not. Heaven knows I had my share of outburts, when I teamkilled someone who pissed me off. Not proud of that, but I understand that. But this sort of shit? Nah.

      • In Finland there are alot of neo-nazis I’ve noticed. You can especially see that on imageboards.
        Of course it’s not mainstream politics to be a nazi and those kind facist parties were banned when the Soviets beat us.

      • Personally I’m not too fond with the Hitler fanboy anti polak nonsense, and you won’t see me say stuff like your article shows. But I can understand where it’s coming from.

        Why should EFE leadership care about useless players that got told off by EFE members. These are people who will literally never get anywhere close to the level required to join EFE. And essentially all the people who are do fit EFE requirements will never be told any of the things you see in the article, and I doubt I have to explain why (but in case it wasn’t obvious: because they’re not retarded morons :D )

        • See, I totally understand this Cipher guy.

          He is one of those Nazi apologists, that stood by and did nothing while the horrors were committed. He is literally telling us: Yeah, they are assholes that do horrible things, but I am going to let them do it, because it doesn’t affect me directly. I’ll deal with it when it becomes inconvenient to me.

          Needless to say, a lot of this types got tried and shot in the back of the head after the war. He is worse than the Nazi shits filling his clan. He is the fungus on which they feed.

          I say ban all EFE clan’s… get them disbanded, whatever. I am a unicum player, I get frustrated to no end by bad players (which to me compromise 99.99% of entire community) but I don’t ever drop down to a level of using Hitler or Gulags in my insults. Why? Because I am not the Nazi.

          Ban them. Fuck this pathetic shits in the ass with a cactus. I am with SS on this one, current anti-nazi climate in Russia will likely get those shits permabanned in no time. Wargaming EU are gutless puppets, what are they going to do? Protect the Nazi’s against parent company? That’s a fast way to end without a paycheck.

          • Go fuck yourself in the anus with a cactus :D

            I don’t condone it, so I must be a nazi apologist for not kicking them out. I honestly don’t give a shit about what you have to say.

            I am not the one who should be dealing with my members rule breaking, it’s the people who run this game that should deal with my members rule breaking. I always say, report them and move on. So report them, and move on. Now stop being such a little crybaby, you’re just one of those kids who thinks he knows his shit because he read a history book about what happened after the war. So now all you can do is compare a completely irrelevant situation to a game that people play that is vaguely connected.

            • I believe this is the whole point of this post. We will report them. Through the system, and above the system.

              We will bring down EFE to the ground, ban everyone we can get banned and I personally will be a happier man knowing this has been done.

              I will have a beer tonight and smile while thinking of people like you not being able to play. It will give me a genuine pleasure.

            • I think you don’t get it: The actions of your members will reflect back to your community. If they are cheating people will think of all EFE members as cheaters. If your members behave like Nazis we will assume that EFE is full of nazis. Why? Because you don’t take a stand. EFE can be compared to a sports club. If the football players of a team insult their enemies with nazi lingo, an upright President will cast them out. Because they damaged their club, they behaved badly and he wants to make clear that its not the clubs policy. You as a leader are responsible for disciplining your members. It’s part of your job. You do it if they fuck up games, you probably do it if they get caught cheating in clan wars (just an example!). If you let that behaviour slide your not better than him. And everybody else in your community who looks the other way and won’t take a stand aren’t better either. So the bad reputation of your clan is well deserved!
              I didn’t really know what EXNOM stood for because “Expect no manners” just got proven over and over again. Those immature kiddos were laughing stock with their swearing and insulting. Do you want to be their heirs??

        • “useless players”

          Yeah … Writing these you claim that Poles are useless (all of them). Now I clearly understand why you do not care that you have nazis in clan. You are just one of them claiming that whole nation is useless…


          • I never said they were all useless, I said this particular guy was useless. As far as I know, however harsh the comments may be from EFE players, they are never towards people who have done good in a battle. So he must have been useless. As such I said, useless players, because those are the people who get called out by better players.

            1PAD community is pretty much all Polish as far as I know, and I respect them a lot, because they’re obviously good players.

            • Oh I see, one worse battle in virtual game (or worse stats then proud unicum) is enough to claim that someone is useless… No more questions

              • Elitist behaviour – another nazi similarity *smile*. They thought that those who they deemed “worse than them” were only fit to work as slaves under their boots.
                People who are worse players than EFE players make up 99,99% of the community. Deal with it. If a family father of three with shaking hands wants to play WOT after a long day in the factory or office just leave him be! Being emotional or dedicated to the game is not the same as being an elitist jackass!
                Insulting bad players isn’t morally justifyable because you play better. You dont insult people who earn less money or who are ill as well! 99,99% of all the people would instinctively know that this behaviour is just ridiculous.

      • I totally agree with your article, but not with the language you use in your own comments ! If this is to be taken seriously then YOU need to take the high road too, even if only for “minor” insults such as “fucking retard”. Don’t forget, disabled people were as much victims of nazism and general blind hatred as any other minority.

        Very few “retards” will be playing the game anyway, or posting comments because they’ll be too busy “fucking” apparantly :)

        Anyway, totally agree with your OP.

        • Look at this practically – if the EFE/X leadership was to say “Players, send us your complaints” then actually go through all of them and assess them, they’d do nothing else all day long. If you have a problem, report them to Wargaming, let them decide. If Wargaming isn’t doing anything about it then you know where the problem actually is.

          • If they would ban the idiot who was the main topic of this post most others would probably start behaving like normal people. OMG – the clan would probably be liked one day. Players with what we germans call “ass in his trousers” would think about joining them because they obviously aren’t just made up by elitists, bystanders and nazis. Hell, would it be that bad? I was the leader of a big WoW Community and had to deal with this kind of BS a lot but it doesn’t happen nearly as often as you think. And as soon as the first jackasses are reprimanded it will happen less and less … . To be taken seriously you have to get rid of some people. I can’t imagine that a nazi like that is well-liked in his clan and doesn’t cause trouble internally.

    • No disrespect. But I’ve seen my fair share of A1 camping E-100 unicorns alone or in a toon farming WN8 and not helping out in the battle itself, and then after the tier 8 HT in front have died after fighting their tier X’s they rage “9K damage and 5 kills and still a loss” rage to take that first part seriously. Ever since they found out WN8 = damage its been like that in half the tier X games I’ve been in.

      • Many games are owned by wellplaying Unicums. But many others are lost because they are kill-hungry, camping and just not live up to their potential.

        • about 60-70% of all unicums i met in random battles are selfish gold spammer retards who think they are the best in the world, and everyone else who is not agree with them or who is a weaker player than them are retards and they dont deserve any help. They think “team-play” means “you go, take the hits, die, then ill come after you and cleaning up the remaining tanks while blaiming you for being a siuciding noob”. 3 of them, in platoon, were actually from EFE.

          The other kind of unicums are those with “big expectation”. They (also) think they are the best. They are (also) selfish campers. Another example: i was in 13 90, tundra, south cap. was trying to spot the enemy in the 1-2 line, but failed, there were too many tds, and i took cover (if i would poke ill die), and also didnt know how make me useful there. then JagPanzerE100, TESLA guy, told me im a noob for not scouting. asked him kindly what i could do, im trapped. he kept insulting me, didnt gave me any advice. after the battle, i see he played only tds. not a single game in lt (seccond account)

          But there are good unicums too. like QuickyBaby. he is nice, good with newbies, he will help you if you need and he is a team-player. (also Circon, but i dont watch him too often)

          TL’DR- the types of unicums

  9. The problem is these kids have no idea what they’re talking about, maybe we should send them to Auschwitz…. To learn from our past, I mean if you have just a little bit of comprehension of what happened in Europe in WW2, you wouldn’t say these things. I think we have to blame the education of these people, only banning them just isn’t enough, they should be banned untill they submit an essay on the holocaust and the effects of it to this day for a lot of people, and them consider un-banning them!

    • Hasten to add, not that I neglect what happened in Asia (members of my family were interned in a Japanese camp in Indonesia), sorry if someone took offense by that.

    • You think people talk like that because they don’t know how bad this is? I got insulted plenty of times like that, but really I don’t think it’s too bad.
      Gas chambers don’t exist any more, Nazis (I mean the *real* nazis with the uniforms and the country and the Hitler, not these cute little kiddies who glue nazi stickers in public transport) as well. It just isn’t real, so I can’t take it serious. People should generally not do this.

      Nevertheless, calling somebody a “f*ckn jew” makes you a terrible person, that’s a fact. Your idea of sending an essay makes sense, but will that stop people from insulting like that? I doubt it. I know how hard it is, but one has to understand those guys as well, getting oneshotted by an FV-215b 183 with that stupid gold round isn’t exactly one reason to calm down. Some insult like “stupid polak” and some as “damn jew”, that’s just a matter of bad habits and education.

  10. EFE? I knew the clan was famous :D :D

    I was in a middle tier battle with a platoon of these assholes :D Want to know something funny? Not even one of them said ANYTHING in the chat :D
    THey didn’t do shit in the whole battle xD it was a steam-rolled fail of a loss for us but funny thing is these guys aren’t even good players :P

  11. I’m in EFE-X – one of the original members – and your statement “Obviously, the entire clan is filled with such filth” is incorrect. There are a few people who have to resort to unimaginative, racist slurs in chat but we’re not all like that.

    To be honest I’ve had more abuse from other players because of my clan tag than all the abuse EFE members have dished out and have been posted here (or the previous walls of shame). I’m not excusing the abuse posted above (the second guy is clearly winding you up – you walked into that) but you should see some of the shit people say to EFE/EFE-X members in game or in hanger chat, without any provocation. I regularly get guys open a chat window, call me something then block me. But calling me a polish noob just makes me laugh at their inability to come up with something thats actually offensive or cutting, especially when they’re called “0oxxxwittmanxxxo04204lyfe” or something similar.

    • If you feel offended by others insulting you because you are in EFE and you not agree with your “clanmates”… LEAVE THE CLAN.

      Don’t come here crying and defending yourself or your clan..

      • I’m not crying nor am I offended. Most of the insults that come my way are frankly terrible. Noob was old in 2002, why people still use it now I don’t understand. I’m just giving a different view. If you can’t understand that then that’s not my problem.

        • “why people still use it now I don’t understand.” – cause it sends the message while isn’t horribly offensive?

          Stop being an apologist to racists and assholes.

      • What, you mean people shouldn’t generalize about poles, but it’s okay to generalize about EFE?

        • Oh the Irony. EFE members get attacked because they attack others. Who could have seen this coming? Oh noes! Will somebody please think of the children.

          Fuck EFE clan. Fuck every single one of their members in their stupid Nazi ass.

          • I am EFE player and all i have to say is you know to much and we have to deal with it.

            • I didn’t mean I will literally fuck every one of you in the ass, no need to line up over here or anything. It was a figure of speech, indicating that I hope someone fucks you in the stupid Nazi ass and that you don’t enjoy it.

              Please don’t enjoy it.

          • Because an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth has worked throughout history then? Do you know that was a catalyst for the last war?

    • As the guy above me said, if you don’t like the reputation clan has, why not leave? The comments those ass-hats made can’t be defended…

      • I didn’t defend – I stated that quite clearly. Please go back and re-read what I wrote, comprehend and realise I’m just giving you a view point.

        • Saying that you poor guys also get offended because of your shitty reputation isn’t defending yourselves? Ok, then I will consider it whining.

          • You’d look less of an ass if you read my statement as it was written and then engaged in a discussion. Right now you’re just making shit up to make yourself sound clever on the internet. I guess reading is ~hard~.

            • There is no discussion. EFE gets a reputation it deserves. You are in EFE clan. You deserved the reputation by association. Nothing to discuss.

              You can’t be the fucking stupid guy who says: Hey I am in Nazi party, and they are bad guys, sure, everyone hates them, but I am with them only because it’s beneficial to me. What they do is their problem, I am really a good guy, I just want to be a Nazi, and I wish people would stop seeing me as a bad guy.

              Fucking Nazi.

              • Another guy with reading comprehension problems.

                All I see when I read your posts – every post here is non-constructive hate. If you’re tarring everyone in EFE/EFE-X with the same brush because of a few chat messages with a poor choice of words, where the ramifications of such were not thought through, then you’re no better than the Nazis you claim to hate.

                • Really? Non-constructive hate really bothers you? How amazing, seeing it doesn’t bother other EFE clan members at all. The irony of that post is blowing my circuits.

                  Yes, I am saying everyone in the EFE is the same. And so far we have seen enough comments to prove that, both in pics and here. Don’t like what you clan members do? Don’t be in the fucking clan.

                  When I unwisely used an insult against someone, my clan commander had a chat with me, about how it looks for the clan when I behave that way. I learned my lesson, and my commander was right to reprimand me.

                  You fucks learned nothing and deserve the hate you get.

    • The Problem most have with your post is that you’re clearly stating: I’m in EFE-X, there are nazis in it, I’m not ok with it but I don’t do anything about it. Then you try to defend their behaviour or your indifference with all the haters and jealous idiots out there who insult you.
      This isn’t a contest! You don’t weigh one to the other. If you don’t accept the behaviour of your asshole-clanmates do something about it. Go to your leader and tell them that YOU care about the clan image. That you won’t play with nazi scum in your team. Maybe you will have to leave. Maybe he will one day realize that the critics are not all jealous idiots from the outside and actually does something about it.
      It’s the same as with politics, just that you have to get 10 more and your leader will HAVE to listen to you in this case! And if you realize that nobody else cares you at least showed that your not spineless. And nobody will insult you as a nazi elitist because frankly, your not in with this lot any more!

      • Is reading really that hard? You realize that a couple of guys saying stupid shit over a period of a year – they may not even be in the clan anymore – doesn’t magically mean we’re Nazis or they are Nazis. The turn over of the three clans is in the hundreds. But hey, let’s not apply common sense here, sensationalism is far more effective. Tarring brushes, ignorance and rhetoric seems to be preferable to an open mind and objective discussion.

        People say stupid stuff on the internet, the comments on this blog are testament to that. If you can’t tell the difference between a smug git who said something stupid and a real Nazi then frankly I worry about you.

        • Yeah, we get that by telepathy. We see: He is writing the most disgusting nazi BS possible but in his mind he is an angel. He is just mad. And he has the right to be mad! Because he is PURPLE! AND HE GOT SHOT BY AN IDIOT!!! YESSS!!!!!!!
          Sorry guy, you are the one with the “reading deficit”: Guy fucks up. Doesn’t apologize. Doesn’t get reprimanded by superiors. Is part of a community who defends him and won’t take a stand. People get bad image of community. Of their leaders. Of the other posters here. Without anything remotely positive people get a bad image of all others in the clan. Only natural.

          • It seems rational, objective debate just isn’t possible here. If you’re going to tar us all with the same brush then I feel sorry for you.

  12. I’ve got chat turned off, I must say it’s quite a blessing =D
    I’m also not bad a player so I’ve never actually gotten messaged saying I sucked.
    In fact, the contrary has happened a few times =)

    • I think that option to disable chat shouldn’t be in game options – it’s just too easy to turn it on during battle. Maybe WoT page is better place for this?

  13. As long as there is nothing done with communism/bolshevism/Stalin invoking “hunting down” Nazis/”Nazis”/fascists or even “Hitler’s youth” is sort of pointless and hypocritical. Since both ideologies are at least equally rotten and harmful. Sorry, not participating.
    (yes, I’m aware that WG won’t do anything about commie scum, if it does, I’m donating 3 t8 premiums to everybody on the EU cluster)

  14. Worst thing about Eastern European players is that most of them refuse to use/don’t know the international european language, i.e. english. The only thing I learned is the meaning of “kurwa”, and when I read it I know someone is insulting one another in that strange language, but the rest remains a mistery to me.

    EU servers are some sort of Babel Tower in which most of the people are Polish or something like that; actually kinda annoying for that part of European players that comes from a totally different language family.

    • I think you need to run a grammar check…. Otherwise your international English vocabulary is not perfect either.
      kinda > kind of / somewhat
      strange language > foreign language
      english > English
      european > European

    • I assure you that any nationality siemkas are annoyed when someone chats on chat in a language they don’t understand.
      It’s their problem, if they want to be understood, but don’t know the language.

      • I’m actually getting quite good in Polish “kitchen latin” (as long as you don’t want me to pronounce the words), there’s always a silver lining

    • ” international european language, i.e. english”
      its minority in Europe, english is (?) world (?) international language, cause USA …. (in future – chinese )
      really international languages are – latin, esperanto

    • EU has no single, “European” language. And German has actually the highest number of native speakers of all EU languages.

    • Game was released in multiple languages with complete translation.

      As a result of that EU servers are a Babel Tower. Cause you know…. that’s basically what Europe is – cluster of many different languages.

      Get a grasp on reality before you post BS like that.

    • Oh thats funny. Some people claim that chat is useless and they remove it and are happy. In the same time others claim that biggest problem in game is that people do not know English (of course only Eastern Europeans, cause in other countries all are fluent in English… oh lol…)

    • cause the civilized western europe speaks english right???Right
      it’s soooo easy to blame East-South Europe for everything really
      ooooo West Europe So civilized such good players
      Just fuck off if you dont accept diffrences in a union of multitalking Languages like the EU

      • Actually it’s annoying and sometimes insulting to babble your own dialect or only greet players of your nationality. English is THE international language. It is also the accepted chat language on the EU server. Most admin posts in the chat are “write in english or go to your channel”. And the “I don’t write in english ever” guys are mostly from other countries. France for example. If you write something in the team chat you should write in a language that most understand. That may be russian on RU Server, 2nd best option on EU may be polish or german but french or finnish will just be mocked. And rightfully so!

    • I communicate with my platoon members in my own language, and frankly, the chat is STUPID.
      It happens way too often, especially if you are in a hurry, that you write something and it goes to team instead of platoon.
      Some time ago it used to remember the last channel, now its just fucking annoying.

      And when that happens, everyone is going crazy and bashing me “english you moron”
      Well fuck you! it wasnt meant to be sent to teamchat,.
      And yes, it is hard for me to press RShift+enter.. its on the opposite side of the keyboard.

      So next time you somebody saying something you dont understand, maybe it just wasnt meant for you.

    • Worst thing about Eastern European players is that most of them refuse to use/don’t know the international european language, i.e. english.

      Seriously? I’ve seen players from probably every European country speaking in their own languages. Not only Eastern European, but also Dutch, Scandinavian, German, French, Italian, Spanish etc. All shouting that they fuck English, fuck such requests and they will speak in their native language. Some of them will even fuck whole game doing nothing because they will chat in their own language instead of fighting.

      EU servers are some sort of Babel Tower in which most of the people are Polish or something like that

      Something like that means they are randomly choosed from few dozens of European countries.

      actually kinda annoying for that part of European players that comes from a totally different language family

      To be honest — with your logic if most players are Poles then minority from other countries should learn Polish.

      Fortunately English was choosen for EU servers and all players should use that language in chat. Not Polish, German, Hungarian, Finnish, Turkish, French, Romanian, Dutch, Russian, Danish, Czech, Spanish etc. used by siemkas from all European countries. Siemka is state of mind, not nationality.

  15. Chatban doesn’t hurt since chat in this game is mostly useless.
    You can greet someone you know on chat and besides that what? Give commands? Advices?

    So one vents off steam from having to play with retards (seeing whole battle could be kind of interesting), and then can’t write on chat. Oh my, what a punishment.

    For such nazi/cancer/rape things should be harder punishment.

  16. pretty one sided, only saw his replies, what did the other guy say in between ??

    also, activate the censor filter if you get upset by some insults, u get ***** you ****** **** did not **** **** ***

  17. Tbh it’s pretty unfair that the poles get so much hate and the czechs get none.

    • Bigger the community, bigger the hate for them because the bigger the number of them, easier to get them in your team and to notice them in the battle. I find it hilarious that i got called stupid polak or something like that here on FTR bcs pubbie assumed i’m siemka :D Probably bcs of my nickname, eventhough i’m nowhere near Polish :D

      • Pff you aren’t near Poland, but you definetly are in one of the countries that has the most problem with homosexuals in the Balcan region… it’s even worse than if you would be Polish :/

        • Balcan such a peacefull region ready to go boom without a reason :P

  18. You know that leadership of any clan just laughs at comedy material thrown at them by butthurt people. They should complain to WG not the other members of that specific clan.

    • Nope. When a member of the community fucks up you check: Is it policy or just a single guy. Afterwards you know what to expect from that community. That’s exactly what happend here.

      • and you obviously you are an idiot if you think what SS writing here is truth

  19. SS – what you still dont get and dont want to understand:

    “What happens in randoms stays in randoms”

    Thats how most big clans (at least leadership) always handled it, because they have more important things to do, than dealing with whining scrubs who barely know which end of the tank to turn toward the red guys.

    The scrubs have their support and report system for that.

    Handling a real CW clan that moves things around on the map and isnt fighting landings in africa, is “a little bit” more demanding for the leadership. Often enough its a 2nd job.
    Dealing with butthurt pubbies is just a waste of time.

    Do I personally like that Hitler stuff? No!
    Do I like EFE? No, many idiots in my opinion, the clan name/motto alone (“everything for eff” when they started the clan) … .

    • Handling a real CW clan that moves things around on the map and isnt fighting landings in africa, is “a little bit” more demanding for the leadership. Often enough its a 2nd job.
      Dealing with butthurt pubbies is just a waste of time.

      Well thank god you can appoint more than one person to help the commander :) But what do you do when one of those people is said insulting person?

      • Sure you can make everyone in YOUR clan deputy …

        crawl back under your rock – you certainly have no clue how a successful CW is working in the long run.

        • Succesfull as EFE apparently? Haha, looking very nice :)

          PS: it seems you don’t even have a normal answer for my comment :) Replying like a child shows that ;)

    • “what happens in randoms stays in randoms?” sounds like BS to me… if youre a commander of a famouse clan like EFE you deserve bad press (and this post is nonthing else) when you dont make rules for the behavior of your players.
      All he had to do is telling his clanmates that who ever gets into hall of shame or wot forum with nazi stuff or cancer/deatch wishes gets kicked ot of EFE instantly, and he should do so when it happens, it takes less time to kick matt1 that writing excuses like “you dont tell the full truth” BS
      so dont tell me the commander has not enough time to watch his players. he just dont cares so this shitstorm is exacly what he deserves.

  20. Oh, SS trying to act like a policeman or a vigilante…. Kinda funny how he moaned and bitched when WG did a little vigilante/policing stuff on him…. So can we get an account wipe for SS first?

    • You must be knew here :) There is a speshol corner for people like you.. it is right next to the bathroom stall with the nice hole through the wall :)

        • Flaming? Not flaming :) Every SS basher needs to get throught the induction ceremony :) Not go in the corner and wait untill SS comes to moderate your comments ;) And prepare to get perma banned from his blog :D :D

              • Do you really have that big of an urge to reply to every post here that doesn’t agree with SS issuing threats how SS will ban them and what not when most of that won’t happen and you are just showing off your butthurt.?! Conchita faggot.

              • Ah Medjed :) Never fails to amuse me with homophobic insults :) And here I thought you were gone for good xD
                I don’t reply to every post. Basically just to a couple that seem…amuzing to comment on ;)

                • Being homophobic would imply that i’m afraid of gay people. Well i’m not so wtf are you talking about? Only reason you got called faggot because i remembered the day after eurosong competition how you flamed on purpose in one of the comments where you congratulated that sick bearded human being for his victory. Also calling someone a faggot if he is one isn’t really an insult. More like a fact. And you didn’t thought, but hoped i was gone. You know when you practically begged SS to ban me and yet here i am. Now stop sucking up to him, because it looks disgusting and pathetic and stop acting like a whiteknight.

  21. Oh so much LOL in this thread :D

    I betSS don’t have no idea where this EFE bashing started about. I’m pretty sure those PL players didn’t tell him the truth how this shit got started and now he and others are bashing EFE.

    Let me tell you short and sweet. Matt1 got attacked by a PL tomato right at the start of the match. This PL tomato shot Matt1s ammorack to yellow twice and acted like a typical PL tomato teamdamage/teamkiller will do. Matt1 did nothing wrong when he insulted this PL tomato. Insults were harsh but if you start something be ready to handle whats coming to you.

    Only one who should be insulted is that PL tomato who ruined Matt1s match right from the start. But instead PL forum in wot site was full of EFE bashing although that tomato was the only asshole in that match.

    And I’m not EFE player. Just a bystander who have been victimised by same kind of PL tomatoes.


      • I guess its either Matt1 or that PL tomato (I bet he won’t do shit :D ) who will post replays or screenshots because its between them.

        • Look what they send him after battle. Even commander aprove that type of behaviour.

            • Why you call him tomato, can you explain that??? We don`t have any replays to prove that theory.

              • It don’t matter if he is green or what. Typical PL tomato. Period. And like i said before I’m not going to paste replay here. Replay comes if either one of the players who this concerns decides to paste it here. But I bet it won’t be coming from the great land of Poland ;)

                • You are ignorant call someone Typical PL tomato. You have no reason to call someone like that, and u have no prove for your version of this story. Propably you are the only tomato in that conversation. All countries have bad players, so caling someone typical pl tomato is wrong. Do a research and tell me how many PL players achieve top 5 in WOT.

    • Replay please, and why u call someone with green WN8 tomato?? You don`t know any other words than tomato? You call someone `typical pl tomato`, this show us how backward you really are.

    • So someone shot your boy. The idiot may have been Polish. And your boy the reveals himself to be a Nazi arse.

      You’re cool hanging out on the internet with Nazis are you? Perhaps your boy will invite you along to spay a few swastikas on nearest graveyard while he’s serving his ban.

      Cool times at EFE.

    • Lol another Nazi.

      Perhaps that players shot Matt1 because he knew that piece of shit was a Nazi and was willing to suffer potential temp ban/pay the fine just to show that piece of worthless Nazi shit what he thinks of him?

      If I was on that server I would fuck every EFE player I would see on my team. There are ways to make their lives miserable other than shooting :)

  22. Why you give a fuck ?
    When dog barks at you behind fence you will try talking to his owner about it?
    Will you try to understand dog ,and try to make him apologize ?

    Every one of this “people” after writing such stuff goes to my “lower than animal” shelf in mind.
    And he can bark all day. Best he can achieve is getting on ignore list -.-

    So… tell me SS why do you give a fuck ?

    • Attention whores like SS feed and live on attention, literally… And sometimes a little begging for money helps him too. He has to give a fuck to earn a living. :-))

      • I wonder if we can use this comment section to clean up this blog from Nazi’s? Ban every fucking one of them. Freedom of speech doesn’t extend to Nazi scum.

          • Nazi’s aren’t the ones inventing censorship, every dictatorship does it. And the blog is not a democracy.

            Nazi’s don’t get a debate. There is no their side. They do not get to form parties. They do not get to convince people they were right. Ultimate evil exists and it has been quite well stomped into the ground. And I sure hope EFE clan will be too.

            • Dude, look in the mirror. Intolerance, rhetoric, hate, censorship – all these things are coming from you, not me. You wouldn’t know a real Nazi if it walked up to you in Brown shirt, Jack boots and a red arm band. Your hypocrisy is palpable.

            • /signed. Inhuman ideology needs to be reprimanded. Insulting people isn’t “freedom of speach” stuff either.

  23. Oh boy, here we go again. 14 years old getting butthurt when other 14 years old calling them by names. Yawn.

  24. EFE is the clan with players who have griefer/troll accounts like SaunaSeppo and KylpyKalle right?

  25. Now hold on a second SS wrote “Obviously, the entire clan is filled with such filth.” (about EFE) and I think about whole EFE community, so tell me one thing why there is no disrespectful comments here from EFE members ?
    I do only see here same shit as we see in randoms and i mean like “Let’s face it, EFE’s guys are fucked. So are you, isojorma.” only I see that EFE gets offended.
    And now its nice to put some cool looking screen shots where only EFE offend ppl but no back story behind it. GJ SS

    • P.S.
      “I believe it’s no secret that I am not a fan of the EFE clan, that, in my opinion, carries the torch of the “rudest clan out there” after EXNOM was disbanded.”

      SS I hope you know you are in EXNOM right now?

    • “only I see that EFE gets offended.” – nope, you dont. And they should be offended cause for behaviour like that – they don’t deserve for anything better.

      “And now its nice to put some cool looking screen shots where only EFE offend ppl but no back story behind it.” – back story is perfectly clear – guy went completely out of the line, regardless what the other dude did (there’s absolutely NO excuse for posting stuff like that), and the other folks from his clan only supported the action.

      Unless you’re one of these racist apologists that try to find an excuse for something no normal player would ever said to another.

      • I’m not excusing! But I would like to see what actually happened there. I did not said any where that I approve this kind of language.
        “and the other folks from his clan only supported the action.”
        That happens in randoms stay in randoms. This is no kinder garden, I bet if he would say something like that in CW proper actions would be made.

    • Would it be OK if I swore after your parents and relatives, just because you missed a shot?

      If so, then…

  26. Although SS had some good intentions when posting this thread things seem to have spiraled out of control. Like some of you guys acknowledged, there are bad apples in every community, yet there is no need to take player bashing to an entirely new level by invoking one of the worst genocides in human history. Bash all you want, write them hate letters, just do it in private if you must behave as such. These may be empty threats but remember, there are people who take offense in these matters, more so if they’ve been part of a society that was heavily affected by the ripple of WWII.
    Oh yeah, SS discriminating against an entire community by bashing them without individualizing the responsible members is still discrimination.

    • You mean like discriminating against Nazi’s without individualizing the responsible members? Sounds ok in my book. This is not the first time where belonging to organization condemns you.

  27. I’m polish and I was in EFE for 6 months and those were the best months in my WoT ‘carrer’ (left because I’m not interested in CW anymore, joined FAME)

    And let let me tell you – we don’t give a fuck about what you think of us or about EFE. And there is more to that. If you play like shit, then you’re shit and you belong to an oven. Doesn’t matter if you are from Poland, Germany, France or any other god damned shithole. Retards are equal in the eyes of kurwa genocide. This is the approach of EFE, this is the approach of FAME, this was the approach of EXNOM. You don’t like it? Then l2p. Or die like the trash you are.

      • i dont think he got many friends except of some individuals like him, whos probably are strong only in their rooms in front of their computers they got from parents. Normall and adult, sane people just dont act like that (if u are medicore, u are not a person but a trash, a garbage and u along with your family and your cat and dog u all just dont deserve to live and should be killed). They are the Breivik kind of people.

    • `If you play like shit, then you’re shit` Really u r lower than shit right now, i really feel bad for your friends and family for these words. So basically if u are not good in game u r shit?

    • @Nutzz – if i play like shit it means i have a bad day, or i’ve had one beer too many, or, simply, i am not as good at clicking on keyboard as are other players. but if you judge people by their “skill” in some virtual world you have some serious issues, mate, and you should get your head checked. too many fat teenagers with pimples are trying to be heroes on the internet these days. “die like the trash you are”, or “you’re shit and you belong to an oven”, wow, i guess you feel big and bad now..

    • I don’t know man. Get a life, a girlfriend, real life friends, chill out? That surely would make you feel better than making empty death threats at people because they’re playing a video games.

      I guess when your life is utter shit, WoT becomes some really serious shit, right?

  28. So when did FTR become your own personal “bash blog” SS? It seems lately, its much less WoT news, and more of your “Opinions on new tanks that should be in the game, because I said so and did all this pointless research”. Or its “Let me tell you why I hate these fucking clans on my server, and let me rant to you pointlessly, while nothing gets done, and no1 cares”.

    How about more about the game, and info. Less about your personal opinions / clans / people you hate. No one cares. Really, we don’t give a shit. People read this site daily for Q/A and WoT news, not your personal news and opinions of tanks you want in the game for your own gain.

  29. so what if the guy gets banned, here comes another, wishing death on the tomato team. im sure no sane person would start bashing somebody like this without a reason, and we only see matt’s comments..but a proper replay might show more.
    and judging a clan for having some loose tongued members is as stupid as saying that czech doesnt like efe, because from there.

    • Just read the comments on this blog post – half of the comments are bashing for no reason, certainly half have no constructive comments or are of value, they do it because they can and hide behind a wall of anonymity. Welcome to the internet, it was much nicer place in 1995, even if we had to use dial-up modems.

  30. The internet is a wonderful thing. It has brought most of humanity together. Collectively we look into the abyss, and we have stared long and hard. Do you all not like what you see? I care for those that care enough to rise above the putrid mix of vile degenerative muck and keep themselves from it. I hope the muck burns though :D

  31. I think what the players have to learn, is to be calm.
    Everyone get terrible teams, everyone gets screwed over by RNG, what gives you the right to wish death, cancer, rape, and other nasty things on others? Sure they’re bad and you’re a good player, does being good at a video game give you the right to be rude to others? Saying such nasty things doesn’t help them improve. Pointing out weakpoints, giving advice, etc, that’s how you can help, sure they might not listen, but you tried, or maybe they might take your advice and win the match.
    The greatest thing I got from WoT is being calm at whatever bullshit the game throws at me, I think people need to learn that as well.

    • Good job. Cleaning the trash is helpfull alot :) Keep it up :) You are just showing this is the right action since so many people got butthurt.

        • Calm down, both of you. I seriously try to keep censoring here to minimum, but don’t start pointless arguments.

          Also, specifically to the two of you:

          Medjed, I got like a dozen of complaint mails from commenters about you. I won’t limit what you write here, but please, try taking it easy. Thanks.

          EmperorSafirius, you don’t have to agree to everything I say or do, that’s fine if you disagree with me :) Just keep your mind critical.

          • Yes pappa :P :P
            And I only agree with something I am 100% sure of. Don’t worry, if i don’t disagree, I simply don’t comment xD I don’t have any need to suck up to you :P It’s not like you’ll buy me a T34 or something….. or will you? O.o hahaha

            • Well thank you for the compliment. If you did get emails about me it means i’m doing something right :D I will try my best to reduce the insults as much as i can, but i can’t make any promises :D I got banned from official forums, i hope i won’t get here.

          • And me? I guess many players, like Kellomies, loves me very much ;D

            • Ah, Kellomies. My old friend. Yes, i had argues like this with him too :D Seems like a nice guy :D

  32. The problem isn’t really the player base, so much as it is a negative side effect of placing too much focus on competition.

    I mean, there aren’t any incentives for people to actually be nice to others and work together, even on the same team, because you are still competing to beat out everyone else for damage done and tanks killed.

    Basically, your credits and XP earned come from your individual performance and is not impacted by the rest of your team’s performance, even though it’s a team game. Making the losing team earn less also doesn’t help (actually, that’s where most of the rage comes from, since losing negatively impacts your rewards, so a lot of players will start to get nasty if they start losing).

    I used to play WoW, and I never saw any kind of chat that was as bad as this, but the worst chat in the game was always PvP.

    I mean, if you were in a dungeon and didn’t really know what you were doing, the rest of the group would try to help you out and show you the ropes, but in PvP they just yelled at you for being another stupid nub.

    Tempers always run high in highly competitive situations, when people are made to work against each other, so unless WG does something to try and bring the players together and cooperate with each other more, well, the nasty comments probably won’t be going away anytime soon.

    • “I used to play WoW, and I never saw any kind of chat that was as bad as this, but the worst chat in the game was always PvP. I mean, if you were in a dungeon and didn’t really know what you were doing, the rest of the group would try to help you out and show you the ropes, but in PvP they just yelled at you for being another stupid nub.”

      Exactly. I played WoW and even in PVP or arena, where the rivalry was ultra-high, I have never seen this kind of shit. Sure, people raged, called each other fucking noob, but I have never seen anyone wish cancer, rape or invoke Hitler.

      • Same thing in Guild Wars!! In all 4-5 years of playing it, I haven’t seen ANY racist or insulting comments at all. Maybe because the servers were language based but still, NO insults at all :)
        Ah the good times of MMO games… <3

      • Well, I have never seen in any game such comments, nationalistic prejudice and hatred as in WoT. I know MMO game with only international servers, People use in general channels all possible languages (most often English, French, German, Polish, Russian and Spanish) and I have never seen anyone attacking other nations for using they own languages or for being anyhow worse…

        • That’s why I really don’t like F2P. It draws these people out. I don’t mind paying 10 bucks a month for a subscription, because Elder Scrolls Online actually don’t have this shit.

          • That game – Age of Conan – is free to play. Still multilingual chat is peaceful :) I think that in WoT military-historical theme causes big part of problem. It attracts many people who still wage that old war…

            Secondly PvP, stats, daily doubles, XP and creds premium for victory – all these cause that people rage much more and search for victims. I also rage here more then anywhere else cause after many stupidly lost battles or lemming trains anyone can get angry :) But there is huge difference between being angry and these things that you publish.

          • Well, it isn’t just F2P, it’s also the whole battle arena thing, in WoW and other MMO’s you have a lot of incentive to work together with other people, and to not work against them.

            basically, if the tank dies, then everybody dies, if the DPS is too low the fight gets drawn out the priest runs out of mana, and everybody dies, right? If everybody works together then you can pretty much just smash your way through whatever dungeon, but if even one person in the group doesn’t cooperate (mostly in the more difficult things like raids) or you have a group that just doesn’t work well together, then the entire group as a whole will collapse and die.

            There’s also the whole “if you won’t cooperate we’ll just kick you and get a new guy” thing that helps to keep people in check.

            WoT doesn’t really have anything that makes your best interest the best interest of everybody else, the way MMO’s do. Even within your team people are fighting each other, pushing other people out of the way so that they can get all the shots, do all the damage, and take all the kills.

            In any given match most people will do whatever is in their best interest and will ignore everybody else because of the whole “Imma be better than everybody and carry these bums” mentality. And that mentality is such a huge presence in WoT because?

            Well, stats of course, in an arena game you want to be better than everybody else, how good you are is reflected in your stats, and since your stats don’t go up by helping other people out, everyone behaves in a self serving manner, the rage comes out as a result, and everything just falls apart from there.

        • this is because WoT has reach so many people in Europe that never played anything, they don’t come from a gamer background so they don’t know how to behave in the net, they accurately represent their local culture & socioeconomic background. so it basically reflect the society we live in. WG should police and enforce mechanism to diminish this is very bad for their business also as the toxicity level gets too high, more people will not use premium/gold services (mob only game)

          • “they don’t come from a gamer background so they don’t know how to behave in the net”
            I played SM RPG, every N4S, every ES, every C&C, every Warhammer, all the Ultimas and M&Ms (and HoM&M), all the CoDs and BFs and so on… SO F*CK YOU YOU P*LISH PIECE OF SH*T!

            They are cursing because it doesn’t matter if they are young or old or rich or poor… just on the thing that they did not LEARN how to behave.

            Aaaaand the “police and enforce” statement is pretty wierd when you think about it. We saw how WG treats well-known cheaters and “pro” players. We see how they treat tanks. They would give even more power to Bigbadvuk and his kin. This is what we want?

      • Its because World of Tanks brings in nationalism, from an era which expunged patriotism mixed with propaganda like no other. Sadly kids still buy into that. Other WW2 games have the same problems.

          • I think I’ve been one of the most civilised and reasonable posters here. If I hadn’t said I was in EFE-x I think people would agree with me and most of what I’ve said. That says more about everyone else than me or efe-x. People are easily manipulated.

  33. Some of people here just dont get one simple thing. Thing is, u can find racists in more clans than efe. Problem starts when u are going to ceo, director, someone whos in command of such clan, shows them proofs that one of their members is a racist, and in return u hear “fuck u”. From this very moment, everybody whos in a clan with such people bears the consequence of such behaviour.

  34. i have a cool solution to this problem, from the soccer world.

    clan negative report point system,

    if some player from a clan gets reported (rightly) the clan he belongs to will get some points according to the offence.

    once certain points has reach the clan itself (all members of clan) will get punished, chat ban etc…
    that will enforce them to self police, behave more responsibly and force their clan management to also warn,punish etc…

      • So I wanna see how many negative would purple clans get only by being good.
        SS can You answer my question
        Do You know that you are in EXNOM at the moment ?

        • Yep, sure, I know that some of the folks are ex-EXNOM, the rest went to FAME IIRC. As far as I can tell, there have been no complaints about R1SE – actually, there was one and it got solved by the CL after I told him about it.

          • LOL than You know very little.
            I was in EXN0M(the 2nd one) when someone hacked to EXNOM commander account stole around 70k gold and disbaned the clan. After that R1SE was created and most of “ex-EXNOM” joined R1SE and EXN0M changed name to R1S3. Than R1S3 got empty because of different problems(I left during that time).
            Check or ask who was Commander of EXNOM.
            Maybe next time do more background before You insult your own clan.

            And as far as I see it, and I would like to state that this is my personal opinion. I think they took You to R1SE because they had member problems, people leaving etc. and you would make good PR for them and I think it worked very well.

            • “And as far as I see it, and I would like to state that this is my personal opinion. I think they took You to R1SE because they had member problems, people leaving etc. and you would make good PR for them and I think it worked very well.”

              Yep, and? I don’t have a problem with that, as long as they don’t live up to the “old exnom” stereotype. Do you really think I believe they took me for my game stats? :)

  35. I really dont see what makes you the police on this matter mr silentstalker.

    by posting shit like this you are just reinforcing people in the prejudice thats going on about efe and efe-x………. we only shoot gold shells, we are all bad persons and shit like that….
    when I play randoms I get efe sucks and shit like that and people even team damage me on purpose because of shit like this you are posting.
    I dont retaliate however when they use racial slurs about us I go along and confirms that we are infact a bunch of turks and polacks…. even though we dont really have any turks and only a few polacks in the clan….
    when they tell me i cant win without using gold shells and hackzors I agree with them.
    see I dont give a shit about being trolled cause I am a grown man and if a guy on the interwebz calls me bad names I dont lose any sleep over that.

    let wg police their own game and do what you do best make interesting articles about wot.

    • “I really dont see what makes you the police on this matter mr silentstalker.”

      Nobody, since I am not a WG employee or anything. Just a guy posting his opinion, that’s all.

      • well you are by doing so actually reinforcing people in their prejudice about efe and efe-x.

        and by not posting the entire truth you are not to be taken serious.

        you do have a kind of responsibility here the same as a journalist…..

        • You do realize you have EFE people writing shit in the very same comments section you are trying to tell me how EFE stereotype shouldn’t be reinforced?

        • Well you could start with submitting replays of not so famous players ambushing famous players
          Whether it creates the same effect or not, who knows…

        • Actually EFE members reinforced people in their prejudice about efe and efe-x. SS brought it up for everybody to see and gave EFE the possibility to make things right … but in fact they didn’t. At all. They made things even worse by their “bystander”-attitude towards nazis and assholes.

  36. Adi sends his regards

  37. WG ban rules

    - antisemitic and nazi comments : 14day ban
    - blatantly using illegal mods and also streaming them : 14day ban.

    No permanent ban for potential wealthy players who throws lotta cash at WG.

    Way to go you piece of shits! we should make a petition and tell these fucking vodka drinker to introduce REAL sanctions and delete their existing pathetic ones.

    • “No permanent ban for potential wealthy players who throws lotta cash at WG. ”

      And you don’t know the best of it. According to Stormshadow’s statistics, premium account users and owners of many premium tanks are FAR less likely to be banned for botting.

  38. I find it sad how all you 500 wn8 yolo’ers group together when your feelings are hurt and actually think that people care about this.
    SS is only making a big deal out of this because these people are from one of the better clans. We all know the vast majority of people playing this game is, sadly, retarded at it. So good players are the minority and SS knows that, so he’s doing what all the other eastern european politicians do; brain washing the stupid part of the population because he gets more clicks.

    Yes, he has featured people with bad skills on “Hall of Shame” before, but as soon as someone from a good clan does it the entire community of retards band together and whine.
    Stop your silly whine and get on with your lives.

    SS or any other “up front figure” in this community never mentions the kind of shit we deal with in every battle.
    In every battle we have 27 enemies (if we platoon) because we always have to deal with your kind, the 500 wn8 yolo’ers that suicide and immediately blames us, even if you joined the lemming train with 10 other tanks. That is, of course, our fault.
    The amount of battle where we end up being the last ones alive against 10 enemies are staggering.

    So in conclusion:
    Learn to play the game and stop being a silly whiner.

    • wn8 – overall: 1402; most recent: 1900. Not good, but not bot-like either. And guess what? I still found this disgusting.

      U mad nao?

    • And you really wonder why elitist “purples” are hated by some? Even a pretty good player gets insulted and is downgraded to a 500 wn8 yoloer (what an insult! omg!!! Somebody is actually bad and allows you to kill 3 guys in one game!!! OMG!!!!!!!)
      … so much fun actually. I wonder if you shouldn’t archive this and read it when your grown up. And done with WOT. Best both.

      If you wouldn’t regard all other players as your enemies (thats called “siege mentality” – go google it!) you would probably realize why nearly all normal persons are disgusted by remarks like these. Rating others by their wIn8 score is just another elitist way of feeling superior to others, thereby condoning inhuman acts, (in this case the worst insults imaginable) and everything else. It gives you this feeling of belonging together, fighting against all the noobs out there. Your the righteous, they are the enemy. They must die! … Haven’t we heard that one?

      • “Hated by some”? Really? Every single game we play are filled with “you guys” that have absolutely no clue about what is going on. Sometimes I don’t even think you know what game you are playing. But as soon as we mention anything all you idiots group together and blame us for everything in the game, including your own yolo’ing.

        If you were actually good at the game, don’t you think that you, yourself, would be tired of having to carry every single game and you constantly see people. But as wit heverything else in society, the majority of below-average or average people like you are dragging down.. and you whine as soon as anybody above you mentions anything.

    • Well, I always wondered why they didn’t get rid of you, but thanks for giving me a very good example of WG leniency towards such behavior :)

      • no problem SS! :) perhaps I could go into a one-off special entitled “wespe’s wicked words” sounds good to me and I’d happily spam all chat’s with heiling, gassing etc etc

        @wolves, not something I can really say on here….:)

        • WG should employ you.
          Player A insults Player B. B and many others report A. WG sends a ticket for you with the name of Player A with a time period of how long you have to punish A. You flame the shit out of Player A.

  39. Ages (?) ago, I used to play wolf et, soldier of fortune 2, mechwarrior 4, lineage 2 and plenty of other games in multi.

    Never saw this much horsecrap.

    Flaming, because someone fucked up, acted like a noob or a prick? Happened every now and then, but it was not as vile and vicious as it is in wot.

    Well… Siemka PL! :3

    • But in those games you could respawn.
      In WoT you get a free loss when you have idiots on your team.

      And for the good players that means we have to carry you over mountains. Deal with it, nabi.

      • Tip: escape -> exit battle -> choose another tanks -> click battle. There, another battle, which you can win! Magic!

        Also: fun times when NOONE played engineer in wolf et for most of the round :D

        Also: implying that noobteam didn’t mean loss in those games -> lol, u funny.

        • It’s not that I can’t win it, the “problem” is that whatever battle we joins are filled with low statted noobs and will never learn anything in this game. You can see it on how they play and from their numbers.. but stats doesn’t matter, right?

          With your solution, which is even worse being that just makes one more tank AFK, would jsut get me in another battle where people are just as bad.
          The solution would be for you guys with 999k battles and 45% to actually learn something.
          How can you play this game for so long without ever learning the very basics about it and tactics? This is what baffles me. I am not asking for people to all be pros, but when you are at 45% etc. you are so far from the average that you are just doing something wrong.

  40. wow, ive never seen anything so ridiculous, the whole racism this is so 1940′s! nazi comments will NEVER win you favour anywhere everyone knows this so why do people insist on even going there, they probably dont even know the politics behind nazism and they just think its ‘cool’ to spout this sort of diatribe!

    really people should just grow up and realise THIS. IS . A. GAME.!!!!!!!!! its meant to give entertainment to people who play in exchange for the game inventors making money from their hardwork (im not sucking up to WG here it just the way it is!)

  41. So, instead of ignoring/reporting some random/”never seen again” teamdamager, some people cannot stop doing things WORSE than that teamdamager did.
    There is saying: “give a way for stupid” (i.e. do not be involved with him = leave him be).

    • Well, that’s what kids do, right?

      “-Jim! Why did you call Ben a 2$ whore?
      -Because he shot my pixel tank!”

      Hm, makes sense…

  42. I don’t see what the issue is. If a person doesn’t believe they have said anything wrong or shameful, why would they care if SS republishes it for all to see?

    Cockroaches hate the light…

  43. Write “Stalin will here about this” and noone bats an eye…
    Well there is a lot less butthurt when that massmurdering retard is mentioned than when you use the other massmurdering retards name.

    But Wargaming acting against facist and communist behavior alike is never gonna happen…
    Still anyone doing either should be banned.

    You can rage as much as you want as long as you don’t post nazi or racist or similar s***.
    Call people noobs all you want.

    The only circumstance i personally start posting anything in battle chat is when i can provide helpful information to my teammates or greet someone.

    I personally think rage-chatting is never worth it. There is no possible positive effect of anyone raging in chat. The player you rage about won’t magically start to be a better player or you won’t magically jump back to life in your tank. You cannot achieve anything by raging so just don’t waste the energy. Use it to press ESC and leave to garage.

  44. Few days ago, there was there was “gas the polacks” drama in our R1SE clan (pleyerererererer NightKnight_CZ). He got kicked for this shit out of clan.

    But I don’t think it’s the same situation as here.

    In my point of view this is only settling accounts from Poziomek90, who’s playing his snitchy 15 minutes of fame. I’m pretty sure there was also some “argument” from his side but it’s “surprisingly” not on the screens. We just see only one part of the true – replay could be better source to form opinion.

    Also FTR shouldn’t be someones personal army…

  45. I can’t understand how after all those decades, the whole Nazi stuff still receives that much attention. Most of the people who spam that don’t even know much about Nazi, they just try to seem tough, why should anyone feel offended? Personally, I’m a hater of communism, but I don’t care if some random guy in a game hails it, why should people be sensitive at something they see in chat in a game?

    • “Character is what you are in the dark.”

      And it seems like internet is a very dark place.

    • I think it is because if somebody insulted me in such a manner in person I would risk jail to make them suffer. Lest we forget the millions of lives lost in order to prevent a world order that placed most people at the bottom with animals. May we never again allow such evil to threaten our freedom and cause such widespread destruction and misery. There is nothing amusing about Nazis or Hitler, and the cowards that invoke the memory of that war in order to cause misery for their own enjoyment, all from their keyboards, are terrible human beings.

      That’s what I think. Idk, everybody else I know feels the same way…maybe I’m lucky not to live where these cretins live? Maybe I have managed to avoid the cretins?

      Some people think that it is shameful to be racist and wish death upon whole races of people. Some people think that nobody should be upset by insults on the internet that are racist or threats of violence. I believe in equality, so if somebody gets to decide what I can and cannot object to, then likewise I don’t expect them to complain while I force them to bite the curb.

      • Now the question is whether it was worth it to sacrifice those millions of lives to bring down an evil and replace it with another. Only that the other evil was limited in Eastern Europe, but the amount of lives lost because of that is still bigger…

  46. Matt1 and Datamursu,
    If neither one of you can understand and acknowledge how sick those so called “insults” are then you are BOTH very disturbed people who should seek treatment before you next comment.

    Seriously, how old are you both? Because your comments seem to indicate you are both still acne ridden teenagers with no sense of right or wrong.

    I am british btw, not polish, and I can see how disgusting the pair of you are in your despicable hatred and racism.
    EFE = Every Fucking Excuse

    And there is NEVER any excuse for such comments.

    • BUt but but, that nasty polish player team damaged him two times :O Honor of his clan demanded he must insult every single polish person who had nothing to do with it. :O :O

      I couldn’t agree more with your comment, +1.

    • Sense of right or wrong? Like team damage? Raging in chat doens’t do anything, unlike team damage. So who did the most harm, concidering the battle? And what right does some east european rat have to fuck up battles by team damage? After it happens to you 10 or 100 or 1000 times, you start to get really mad. But hey it’s only a game, so chill and ban all polaks.

    • Grimdorf: Did you ever read what was written? Oh… you read only half of truth, I am so sorry. I will once again repeat what I said after that last sentence in screenshot:

      “We are not parents of our players and they are responsible of their own actions in randoms”

      So… where is the problem? Is it that some fucktards just want to tell half of truth? I don’t hate anyone based of their race, nation, religion etc. but if they are fucking idiots I will tell it and I will make it really clear. If you can’t handle hard reality… then go out of internet, you don’t have to be here if you can’t handle it.

      I bet I have read far more about WW2 than most of guys here, I have made my own opinion based on that and I behave according to that. I know what is going to make people butthurt etc.

      There are difference between those things which are said here….

      • If your policy is not to police the actions of your members and in a way “treat them like adults”, then this kind of crapstorm is what you’re going to have to deal with. It’s really as simple as that. Whether you like it or not, if that is the policy of the clan, then people are not entirely wrong when they say that EFE is OK with such sentiments. You can argue all you want about how each person’s actions is his own, but he is part of the group and its image.

        If this is something that you can’t stand, “then go out of internet, you don’t have to be here if you can’t handle it”.

        • Yeee….? We sure can deal with this. There is not single problem of this IF those who start spreading this would just tell WHOLE story…. but they don’t and that is the problem. As the clan we don’t have any real life agenda nor do we support any of them, we just tolerate ideas of our players as “Good people” should tolerate things.. right? We don’t give a fuck what happens in randoms, CW/TC is place where you are representive of your clan and thats it.

          Conclusion is that we can and we will stand for it as long as it is FULL truth.

          • I wouldn’t really say that good people should tolerate things as there are many different ways to define a good person. If that’s your opinion of what a good person does, then that’s fine, and you should expect people to react accordingly. If all you care about is CW/TC, then that’s your choice.

            However, you’re not the sole entity whose opinion matters. WG pretty much has a trend of not liking this kind of behavior, so if this is the policy you wish to adopt, then you should expect the associated risk of doing so. Just because SS writes this doesn’t mean something’s going to happen, but if this is a habitual occurrence with your players, then WG will become interested. As a “good person”, I believe exposing such behavior is something that ought to be done even if it is somewhat biased. Let WG handle the even-handedness while SS reveals the potential dirt.

  47. Sad to see that there is such scum among finnish wot players (both Matti & Datamursu are finns) , and as a fellow countryman I really don’t approve this kind of nazi & trash talk.

    Here is my greetings to them in our native language: haistakaapa vittu idiootit. EFE:ssä taitaapi olla vajaamielistä porukkaa, jatkakaa vain samaan malliin niin maine kasvaa! Harmi vaan tosin, että fiksummatkin suomalaiset saa teidän takia paskaa mainetta.

    • Oh… I have to be really sorry for you as even you my countrymen couldn’t read whole truth here. As I have said several times…. most of you have only read half truth here.

      Ja sitten suomeksi vähän terveisiä takaisin: Meeppä sie palikka hetkeksi miettimään asioita. Täällä polakit levittää puolitotuuksia ja sie lankeet siihen kuin ryssä mottiin. Se on tosiaan sääli, että jokku polakit ei viitti kertoo koko totuutta asiasta. Eli ko. polakki ampu kaksi kertaa Matt1 ammo racking rikki, vaikka oli samalla puolella ja tämän jälkeen sai paskaan niskaansa ja sitten tuli itkemään commanderien privaan asiasta ja otti kuvat joista mm. minun kohdallani puuttuu puolet keskustelusta jossa mie kerron totuuden siitä ,että meitä ei kiinnosta jos joku aukoo randomissa päätään, se on hänen omalla vastuullaan. Tuon jälkeen ko. polakki mm. myöntää, että hän aikoo pistaa postin foorumeille aka name&shaming. Tämän jälkeen hän jakelee puoli totuutta pitkin nettiä.

      Sinun onneksesi tämä klaani on kansainvälinen eikä siten vaikuta teidän huonomman tason suomalaisten maineeseen.

  48. So, you are saying EFE or Matt1 or anyone should jugde the whole nation because of what one player said or did? Doesn’t the same apply to EFE clan? You should jugde the whole clan because one player said something bad about something. But you do, because you don’t like EFE. Welcome into our world, I don’t like polish/czech/hungarian players and I always think the whole nation sucks when one of them fails.

    WoT is my first online game and before WoT I had no problem with any nation, I didn’t think ill of anyone. Since I started playing, I noticed pretty fast it’s always the players from certain nations who always fail. Siema, kto pl? cz/sl? etc. Someone doing team damage? Someone camping with top tier heavy tank? Someone playing like a retard? 80% of cases it’s someone from these countries. So yeah, I’m sick and tired also playing with these baboons and I tell them and I’m constantly chat banned. And I think world and WoT would be better without them, because they just never learn, they always fail.

    Of course there are great players from Poland, Chech and Hungary, but it’s always the noobs who make a big deal that they are from certain countries, and that’s why we remember them. Good players STFU and play well and we forget them.

    • I have a friend who played the game and often started the battle with “siema”, “kto pl” or “kurwa” an stuff like that. He was a good player, but he wasn’t polish and said those things just for trolling purposes and I’d be surprised if he was the only one in this game

  49. Slind,
    Just take your biased racism and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

    If a clan LEADER defends the type of evil shit talk as we have seen then that DOES REFLECT ON THE WHOLE CLAN.

    Personally, that player would have been kicked the minute I read those comments if I had been his clan leader. (and yes I have had experience of running a 60+ player clan in another online game a few years back, we did not tolerate any kind of shit behaviour like that, from ANYONE)

    • good for you.what books did you read? ”Mein Kampf” or ”my political statement”??

  50. Some retards out there just don’t learn it when you’re being easy on them.

    That being sad, it was even stated that dicks are welcome. They have a proud history of rude trolling in their members and as a whole clan. FFS, I was diplomat in there for a considerable amount of time.

    Thanks for the laugh

  51. Not sure if the readers of this blog are damn mature ppl who have never played multiplayer games or just dumb white knights. Now I’ll go find my balls and after that you are free to call me by horrible names or threaten to violate my tiny butthole while killing all my pet animals. Im pretty sure I will be able to sleep tonight though I might have to write an angry rant somewhere over the internet.

    • FYI: some people here played multiplayer games for more than a decade, and are disgusted by wannabe-nazis, which are very vocal in wot. It’s you who must be (relatively) new to the multiplayer gaming, because it wasn’t that bad years ago.

      • May I ask your honest opinion about how many of these 14 years old jolly good fellows in wot who shout that genocide, hitler etc. stuff have decorated their room w/ third reich memorial stuff or participate in local kkk meetings? As a part-time internet troll I have find out that attacking on someones nationality usually works, dont know why but hey people are silly. Cancer wishes are quite retarded but I doubt you will get it just because someone said so.
        And yeah internet was so much better place back in the days when there were only few guys sending ascii porn to each other.
        Keywords: Balls get, quality trolling, shitty trolling, stop getting angy over video games

      • Oh and after spending 5seconds to google your nick and seeing 1st page of results Id say you might be even worse to multiplayer games than these “wannabe nazis” GeeeGeee

        • Me? Never bothered to google my nick. What have you found? 2girls1cup? :D Or worse (worse!? that would be a preferable result!) – hentai anime with lots of tentacles?

          Well, the standard “gtfo n00b l2p” doesn’t have nasty real life implications, doesn’t it? Even though it’s internet, pixel tanks, games – the word are real and there’s a person behind each keyboard, yes? It’s sort of like some random person you haven’t saw ever before walking up to you and wishing you ass cancer and saying that he would love to see your mama’s pussy ripped apart by a donkey high on viagra and then taken to a gas chamber. Not pleasant, right? But no reason to be upset, right? Just a random troll? Keep calm and carry on?

          Or is it all fun and games until it’s YOU who is getting “trolled”?

      • It was in some games, just not as visible. Wot is different because it’s one of the biggest games right now. Nationalism dies hard but since the global recession extreme right wing parties have made a comeback. It’s a repeat of the 1930′s. Same conditions, same reaction. Sadly the world doesn’t learn.

  52. The whole problem comes down to the following issues:

    1. Most importantly, use common sense, if you dont like what a person does, blame him, not an entire race or nationality. And when you are offended by what a person says, dont get angry immediately, count to ten and just think something in stead of swearing all the time.

    2. If you play a game you should abide by the user terms that are imposed by that game.

    3. If you write user terms as a game developer you should enforce them.

    4. Last but not least, I think it is great a lot of people denounce negative behaviour like this on the FTR blog, but there is no use discussing with people who cant bring up the most basic decent behaviour stated under 1. Especially since many people are usually polite in person but turn into complete different people by the protection of the annonymity offered by the internet.

  53. It’s not exactly rocket science. If you wear the tag of a clan, guild, alliance, employer, soccer club or whatever you’re representing said organization and your actions reflect on it. If someone misbehaves it’s up to the clan leadership to discipline. If they don’t, then the clan and all its members will get a reputation. The claim that the clan leader is too busy with more important stuff doesn’t hold any water. If you can’t do it designate someone to do it for you. If you don’t want to discipline your members – then live with the reputation that follows. Either way, members and leadership are equally responsible for the image an organization has, whether it’s online or in real life.

    • pretty much this..
      even if he was the only one, nobody will say “that guy from efe is nazi” .. they will say “people from efe are nazis”
      This is how it is even in real life, we generalize everything. One of the reasons why they should want to take actions… well if they dont, EFE is nazi scum.

  54. Hahaha.
    This reminds me of one of the situations happened in game.
    One EFE -clanmember teamkilled me in my AMX 13 90, just because I wasn’t “scouting”.
    Actually I was passive scouting, and protecting the flank (I have binocs for a reason).
    And he was yelling all sorts of “Go spot you fucking noob!” “L2P idiot AMX!” And more rude ones too.

    The teamkiller, alongside his 2 platoon members from the same clan (I presume), reported me for afk/unfair play. or at least that what they said.

    Only now I realize what kind of players the EFE -clan has. =D

  55. This is pretty sad and shocking that this is allowed and even cheered upon by the leadership in EFE.

    Also being purple or unicum has nothing to do with anything. I play for fun, i am purple but every now and then i get insulted for “having no life” without provoking anything. Red, yellow, orange, black, purple or pink retards are everywhere in every online game or service.

  56. SS you re targeting EFE.i get tomatoes writing i know efe from ftr and shoting me at start of battle because we are ”bad” guys.I guess you are buthurt and i dont know the reason.Is your boyfriend a polak?

    • No the thing is, most people dont give a fuck about your clan or how “good” you are in a stupid videogame…so you got purple numbers or what ? That will look great in your CV when looking for a job. I just feel sorry for players like that.
      The fact you are good in a videogame doesnt make you better person. Its just a videogame. Like Supermario. I’m good in solving puzzle, does that give me right to insult anyone and go full nazi?
      Comments like these are against law in many countries and you can end up in prison.

      Go ahead, call me a noob and tomato, I dont give a single fuck about your opinion.
      I enjoy the game, and I dont care I have 50% WR. In fact, it just makes me feel even better when I can scrw up whole match for “pros” :D :D
      Most of them are 15year old kids without any real life, so WOT is the only way how they can feel good about themselves.

      IMHO these nazi comments should be punished with full account wipe. No exceptions.
      Wipe everything, all tanks, all stats, everything.
      Next time they will remember. Plus they will need to buy premium tanks again, so more money for WG.
      Its a win-win situation.

  57. Hey SS, aren’t you a member of R1SE? Guess what, R1SE is reunited EXNOM :-D
    Heard some stories about EXNOM and why it was disbanded (internal clan problems), ask your clanmates.

  58. SS, good luck. Hope WG does the right thing against them and doesn’t target you. I am amazed at the amount of people who are justifying that behavior.

  59. let WG eu decide this affaire.

    sure invoking Hitler is bad but let them do a work.

    I once being troll clan with my friends (I was the only normal person)

    but Commander has no power to stop them. just ask to WG

  60. i can see you very surprised what he said to polish players MR. SS !!!! i guess thats racist huh ?? so what would you do when americans insults to mexicans or everyone think they all latinos are mexicans talking spanish in the chat game come on thats the same shit dude and no one said shit about that huh !!! just because they are Latinos talking spanish ?? and they are not polish people ?? i know its only english in the game but if you doesnt speak english and try to do it ….americans there talking shit…. but they just are learning english for a better comunication……so you think thats better to see in the chat. i am one of those players who does say anything in chat by this problem.. but i am learning more english for this game !!!

    I HOPE YOU CAN READ THIS MR. SS !!! and sorry if you doesnt understand everything i said !!! but you know what im talking about, i know everyone saw this before in the chat game ITS ALL ABOUT HUMANITY NOT THE IDIOM… everyone want to play this game !! and not get insults !

  61. @Anon234,
    How about YOU have the balls to post with your WoT nick, instead of hiding.
    Otherwise just fuck off, coward.

  62. SS I don’t know if you are reading this but if you are good I really like this player shaming Thing for players who are douche bags but too much it will have bad effect on the community so I suggest you also create more post about so nice players as well this will make us think that there are some really good players out there.

  63. I’d take an efe player in my team over any 45% window licker no matter how rude the efe player is. At least the efe player is playing for win and not just to teamkill and then use SS’s blog for his agenda…

    This blog is starting to remind more and more about some yellow press magazines. Personal opinions presented as news, biased polls to get desired results and flat out useless reporting about issues that simply give totally one sided and flawed picture of what actually happened. Unless you know both sides of the story there should be no story. Personal opinions are just opinions, not facts and not even news.

    Focus on setting the bar higher and lower. This blog is still a gold mine but shit like this makes even wargaming look fair and balanced.

  64. Got tired of reading the comment crap-storm on this one…..

    To Matt1:
    1) Post the replay if u can, it will give you some advantage and will rest ur part of the case.
    2) Comments about poles, Happen on all servers……. Players from one community are bad at this (not all, but a very very high proportion) its poles on the EU, Thai in the ASIA, US server folks blame each other. But then again rape and mass murder (even in a fit of rage) are unacceptable.

    Also, I’ve seen unicums that suicide in the first minute of the match typing in chat (OMG Tomato team!!!) and the team still wins.
    So good or bad players matter, but sometimes RNG may be on ur side and even noobs can pull it off. Happens every now and then.

    I rage in my matches, but that doesn’t change anything, my words are far less intense :) and rightly placed most of the time, team supports me most of the time as well.

    From the comments above, u may be a unicum, then act like one; don’t rage, maintain ur calm and keep moving. In online games this sort of shit always happens……

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