EFE Swears Vengeance – FTR About to Get Spammed!

Warning – this post contains stronk klanu drama, if you are not interested in such things and came here only for the news, this is not a good post for you.

Normally I am above such stuff, but this is just too funny not to post.

Still here?

Okay, you’ve been warned.

You will probably remember the Bad Apples post where I exposed an asshole from the clan EFE. So, what do you think happened as a followup? What I expected was something like the case of the Absolut Pansar clan, where the leadership apologized publicly for their misbehaving member and that member was punished (kicked even I think).

But you know how EFE is.

What I got was an angry rant and backslash about me being “not objective” (because, you know, getting teamdamaged or teamkilled or whatever totally justifies wishing someone cancer, Hitler killing your nation or Gestapo raping your family). EFE was angry because it’s like totally clear there are no more bad people in the EFE clan, right?



Anyway, as I said, EFE didn’t take any criticism well and instead of apologizing for their rude member, they produced some fantastic insults and comments, that kept me laughing for the most of the evening. I hereby apologize to the R1SE clan for fuelling the EFE rage in their recruit thread, but this lolcow was just too tempting not to milk. Yea, I know, I am a terrible person.

Either way, today, EFE swore a mighty oath of vengeance to punish the clan R1SE I am a member of! Behold the unyielding fury of their wrath!


Very mature (let alone the fact that I barely play nowadays at all, I don’t play CW and the clan has practically nothing to do with me). And this guy is not just a random nobody like the Matt1 idiot from the last post, this is a deputy commander of the clan. All potential recruits should probably consider, whether they REALLY want to serve under such a guy. He’s just epic, I must admit that ever since the great rages of Stauffen, I haven’t seen anything like it.

Internet tough guy mode:


He also called me racist, communist, Hitler, dictator etc etc etc. – standard stuff (which unfortunately/fortunately got moderated already). And all that, instead of just saying “sorry, Matt1 is an idiot, we’ll take away his DKP or something”. In the end, he issued a large statement – gonna repost it here:


I don’t even know where to start with starting describing what is wrong with that message. For some reason, SOME people think that it’s just fine to invoke Hitler, cancer and rape just because you are an unicum. That your stats make you privileged. They do not – all that purple number proves is that you are a good in a videogame, while such insults can have very real consequences, both emotional to some people (not me, but I can very well imagine how someone who for example lost someone to real cancer would react), or – in worst case – even legal (there was a case when threats on Russian WoT forum did not only lead to that person being IP-banned, but Russian police was also notified and they started an investigation).

Furthermore, this guy wants me to judge his clan not by actions of its members, but he holds the clan I am in, R1SE, accountable for my actions? What a clown. That part with innocent people being banned because of me is obviously a nonsense as well (I have a bit of insight into the report system, this is not how it works – reports don’t get anyone banned automatically, they only raise flags – either it’s a lie, or these people were not as innocent as he claims).

I am saying this openly, so there is absolutely no misunderstanding: for me, clan EFE represents the absolute worst of the EU server. Entitlement, antisemitism, racism, extremely rude comments, everything in one package. Make no mistake – they are not the only clan with such attitude, but in my personal opinion, EFE is one of the worst. With that being said, yes – raging/vulgar EFE clan members will be/were banned from FTR.

With this post the EFE topic is closed for me. I did let you know what I think about them – you might disagree, you might agree, up to you.

PS: EFE recruiting thread is a source of hilarity as well, a very good insight into the EFE mindset

PPS: thanks to JPL for a very fitting picture – I gotta share that!


PPPS: Comments closed. I think it was enough fun for one day… :)

357 thoughts on “EFE Swears Vengeance – FTR About to Get Spammed!

  1. HAHA this is awsome how funny is this
    But i do have to say that argument (large statement thing) is kinda right…
    maybe not all of that players is racist, nazi words using players

    • Well their leaders don’t do anything against it, so I think it is completely justified. If you don’t want to get called racist don’t allow shitloads of racist people into your clan.

      • Well, leader EFE-X wrote under Bad Apples post that players attacked verbally by EFE during battles are just “useless”.

        Why should EFE leadership care about useless players that got told off by EFE members.

        That one thing is for me enough to be rather sure that SS is right in that case. They just feel it is ok to wish someone death/cancer/rape/ cause he is useless player in their eyes…

        • And as I said before, clans like EFE/EFE-X are a product of the skill of their members and that is how people are recruited. If they get banned for long durations of time because they broke the rules of the game they get kicked. It’s not our job to ban/chatban people, it’s WG’s job. It’s EFE leaderships job to keep the clan successful in CW, not to punish those who break rules.

          I’ve got some posts further down if you’d like to continue that conversation.

          I am indifferent to what is said on the internet because it’s something I have no problem distancing myself from, I can just flick a switch and I’m out.

          • So basically on one hand you don’t care on the other hand some of leaders do care about what SS posted. So you care or do not care cause i lost the track :D

            • We care when someone says we agree with what Matt1 said, because we don’t, it’s pathetic that he reverts to caveman insults. But we don’t care about him saying it as far as keeping him in the clan goes because it’s simply not our job to deal with people who break the rules of the game.

              But like I said, most of this conversation is happening further down.

              • Dammit Cipher..

                For you, the individual skill matters more than the general behaivor. As long as the player is good, you just dont care if he is an asshole, scumbag, nazi, mass-murderer and he is treating other peoples like shit, with rasism, full of hate, do you?

                “Its wargaming job to ban people who break the game rules. after they are banned and no use for the clan, we kick them” – I think this is why a lot of peoples hates your comunity. This is more than “rule breaking”, THIS IS FUCKING IMORALE AND BAD, RUDE, EVEN IN A VIDEO GAME!! what, if there were no rules in RL, you would kill/rape/stab everyone who doesnt like you? How can you wish someone cancer? Well, sometimes, when a people murdered your family, rape your mom and sister in RL, you have all the right to hate that man, wish him to die, get cancer, etc. (yeah, im exagerating) But this is a video game!!! This kind of behaivor shows how bad and rude your comunity is. Then, NextToYou is crying “OMG LEAVE US ALONE WE ARE NOT ALL THAT BAD”. No, you probably arent ALL that bad. but when you dont do anything to improve your comunity…This shows what kind of peoples you are. Tell to NextToYou to stop crying. If you dont want a wall of rage and hate in your recruitment forums, etc, then stop producing it.

                Anyway, good luck in RL., sorry for my bad english, hope you understand what i mean. And personally, when ill see a EFE guy wich i dont know, i wont start the argue, let him do the first mistake. but i hope not all of your comunity are like NextToYou, Matt and you Cipher.

                Also, im not trolling. *Grabs the popcorn anyway*

                • We already know Cipher’s opinion. That nazi appologist is the worst of the bunch.

                  I for one is glad the community rebelled and getting this pathetic clan members banned.

                  We need to start a post that shows everyone that has been banned.

                • Forgot to mention: Althrough Matt1 reaction was waaaaaay too unbecoming (yes, google translate), it was expected. Not by the fact he is from EFE, but he is a human…IF Mr.Butthurt (like they call poziomek90 now) really team damaged him, i understand the fact Matt lost his shit. He started raging, to let all that angry (probably from previous games too) to flow. Poziomek90 is as bad as him. what did he think? “Oh look, an EFE guy. It will be a shame if somebody…tk him…and he will rage like hell…..I will post this on FTR, i dont like scumbag unicums like that EFE guy, tho i didnt met him before, MWHUAHAHAHAH!”

                  So yeah, both should get punished in one way or another. Btw, anyone has popcorn? I ate mine… :’(

                • One thing is sure, when I’ ll see an EFE guy in my team, the first shell is for him :]

                  And you see, I can do this cause the game allows it. If i do it too much (3rd shot is a ban if I recall) I’ll get baned. Simple. but wishing my family to be raped, killed, gased, and that the entire nation should have been killed by Hitler, and compared that to a ***Font Size 40**** 1 team damaging shot *** is just simply inconceivable for me.

              • Well it’s not anyone’s problem what other people in their clan do, but if I had a guy like Matt1 in mine, I’d start the biggest internal flamewar to get him punished in the hardest way possible. I wouldn’t care if he is the best unicum in my team, if he’s the one making all of our CW success possible or anything like that. If the rest of the clan were ignorant to his actions and decided to go the “it’s not our job” way, I’d leave. Nothing gives that man right to wish someone cancer (amongst other things he “wished”), as a guy who lost someone (class teacher, totally awesome person) to cancer, if he’d said that to me/someone nearby in person, I’d punch him.

                This is my honest opinion and I don’t give a damn normally, but this level of “not my job” carelesness is insane.

                Feel free to ignore what I just wrote, I needed to vent off some steam about these kinds of idiots (Matt1 type).
                Cheers ^^

                • OK, I RETREAT MY LAST POST, WHERE I BLAME poziomek90- He didnt do nothing wrong. As from Matt1…he is a retarded kid who should have his account perma-banned, or in best case, account-wipe and a perma-ban from chat. HERE IS WHY I SAY THAT, i found the replay:


                  Enjoy. whenever ill find Matt1 in the game ill make him regret pressing battle button.

    • All the members of EFE are members of this clan because they want to, not because somebody forces them. That means, that they are happy also with these nazi, fascist, racist attitude represented by it’s members and especially commanders. They approve it. Even, if some of them do not express it in chat, they are all the same.

    • There are ways provided by WG in the game to deal with insults written by other players in chat. Not one of those ways is contacting that insulters clan commander. That said, I wonder what is going on here? Are people so illogical that they cant see this? If a player contacts a clan leader and whines about another player, the only advice that clan leader can give is to use in-game reporting system. Why should that clan leader get involved? People are just too stupid to understand this.

    • I should have taken the warning seriously at the beginning of this post :( BUT can someone explain me HOW do they think their actions are reasonable and what are they thinking while doing this? But on the other hand I laugh at them ;)

    • I think this is gonna be dirty. Quote from efe recruit topic: Saegi wrote
      “Ok guys, here is the truth:

      That all was an experiment!

      Silentstalker is a covert member of Efe! Few weeks ago, we made a plan, how we can get more visitors in our thread, because we always need stronk playerers from all over the world!

      So we decided to make a big plan! SS should made a flame stroy about the bad Efe-Community, and confirm all the accusations with well prepared or cutted screenshots! Well…the first round didn’t worked really well and so we decided to get a step forward. SS should make another Post, an this time even bigger, including the Link to our Thread here. And now we can tell you: IT WORKED! HOLY F*** SH****! We GOT YA!

      Of course you are asking how the story goes on, but i wont reveal to much at this point, just so far: SS will quit his stronk clanu soon and absolve a lot of practicing. he will get support of the whole efe community and i’m convinced from matt1 especially, that he will break the 2000+ rating! And from this on, its just a short step to join efe!

      So: All’s well, that ends well!”

      • It is and undeniable proof that the only guilty here is Matt1. They had a good matchmaking, good players (poziomek90 is green there that suggests he is a very good player) and he just randomly started to blame polish players (how the fuck he can know who is which nationality? I mean its not like the majority placing their flags on tanks). He is just a pure xenophobe and his clan leaders reactions shows that they are PROBABLY too. The all “half-truth” shit is a LIE as did Matt1 started the whole xenophobia shit long before poziomek90 unleashed his anger on him for that. I really dont blame him for that….

        I am really curious where is he from?

  2. SS, are you complaining about EFE’s lack of maturity, when you are the one who actually made a big fuss about this thing?

    Seriously, this is the internet, people troll, people throw racist slur at one another without even thinking, let alone believing what they say, and yet you’re blowing this way out of proportion.
    You’ve been on a personal crusade against EFE for some time, and now you’re surprised that they’re angry at you?

    • Being mature means speaking about problems and dealing with them in a mature way.
      EFE guys just spam random insults and their leadership is, obviously, so experienced in that that they publish unscrupulous lies and threaten random people.
      Also, please mind, I don’t think everyone in EFE are like that, but I’m sure most of them are like that, curious enough why didn’t WG react to this kind of behaviour…

      • Who are you to write about it? Have you ever been in the EFE community? Firstable, I’m in the EFE community since late november 2013, so i know what i’m talking about. I’m playing randoms with some of them and with others goods players from renamed clan, the “level” of insults in game is quite the same. There are some guys which are making some bad/retarded jokes about Hitler and co, but it’s a minority, every clan has his quota of trolls. And i never seen anyone from our leadership publishing unscrupulous lies or threatening random people. This last point may have happened but everyone makes mistakes, we’re humans after all.
        Insulting is intolerable, and like that it’s even worse we’re agree. But this crusade is, in a different level, stupid too.
        I do believe what SS write about in game changes, but when it comes to his personal thinkings, i don’t take it for granted.
        This particular case make me thinking about his behaviour during the past dramas he has published.
        I would ask the same to SS, who are you to talk about this case? -> You know nothing Jon Snow….

        • I completely agree with your part about making mistakes and being human….


          To be forgiven for your mistakes requires a genuine sense of remorse followed by apologies to the people you hurt/insulted.

          Afterwards you should show that you have learned from your experiences and never repeat your mistakes again!

          If you cant do these basic things forgiving people for their mistakes does not come into my mind (and those of most people I assume) because you have obviously learned nothing from your mistakes.

          I think this basicly sums up why people dont like EFE, you keep making the same mistakes over and over again and in stead of apologizing for them, showing remorse and bettering yourselves you even defend your actions…

      • It’s the bloody internet, nobody mean whatever they say most of the time. They’re angry, they are protected by anonimity, so they’ll say whatever will get the other person angry. Do you honestly believe that EFE guy genuinely wishes cancer on anybody’s family? And as a result, do you believe it’s the job of the EFE leadership to police the angry rants of their members, when EFE is clearly only meant for good players to *play* together?

        • He’s replying to virtual anger with virtual naming and shaming.
          What’s wrong about it? Don’t take it seriously.

          • I’m not involved in either sides of the matter, I have no grounds for taking any of this seriously. Just sharing my amusement about that whole thing where SS is trying to play the morale high ground card while at the same time resorting to the same despicable behavious as those he claims are the worst part of the community.

            • My Grandmother lost her brother to Cancer at the age of 60 I don’t know if you have been unfortunate enough to experience something like that to a see a person you know in constant pain its not a nice disease. it most certainly not be used as an insult. Yes the offending party shouldn’t have team damaged the EFE guy but that is no reason to wish Cancer on someone and the recruiter should know better aswell. I know people in EFE-X not EFE which as far as I am aware is just a branch of EFE and they would never act this way.

              • Don’t you ever get angry when playing with terribads? Don’t you call your teammates retards, if only just in your head? Wouldn’t that be offensive to anybody who actually has some mentally retarded relatives? Should you therefore start using some other term to let the steam out? Idiots maybe? But then wouldn’t that be offensive to people who actually have stupid relatives?
                OH NOES! any disparaging word used to vent your anger can be offensive to somebody! Well guess what, it’s bloody meant to be offensive! That’s the entire point behind being mad on the internet and throwing a fit. But these are bloody words. Words are harmless unless you take them seriously. Did your Grandma’s brother get cancer because some EFE dude wished cancer on your family?
                I’m French, you can guess I got my fair share of ‘surrender monkey’ thrown at me. Does that make me a coward? Does it have any bad influence on my life? Of course not, cause I just take it for what it is: temporary stupidity, either from some young kid trying to act tough or somebody else being frustrated and needing a way to let that out. Just let it go, don’t respond, they’ll be punished soon enough when they cool down and realize how stupid that was. I know I feel pretty stupid whenever I try to troll them poles in the chat and they don’t even deign answering.
                Stupidity only hurts when it’s turned into actions. Like, you know, somebody using their fame and exposure to try and stirr up hate against another group. And then said group trying to take action against that somebody’s blog.

                • What is fame and exposure is for in your addled mind if not for using it to open community eyes to an evil being done?

                  Your argument is worthless, this is internet sure, and we are on internet fighting back. If you don’t want to take Nazi scum seriously, don’t take out fight against them seriously as well. Go sniff some glue that we interrupted for you.

                  Someone has to take a stance and say it’s not ok. Silentstalker did it and we (the unfamed and unexposed) rally behind him because we ALL think it is wrong.

                  And I am glad you pointed out that you are French. Letting go and not worrying about Nazi’s has been pretty much entire MO of the French. Oh wait, how about French resistance that didn’t let it go, and didn’t stand idle? Clearly, you are surrender monkey and not one of those brave people.

                  Words is how it starts. Nazi’s started as nothing more than idea, words… and once it festered it turned into action and it was too late, because words corrupt.

                  So GTFO.

                  Joke to lighten the mood: Advertisement in the paper “Selling French rifle, World War 2. Never shot, twice dropped”

          • Because it is anonymous and on the net makes it ok to rage like many do – you can rant without being specific – wishing death on familys, calling on Hitler and the Nazis to wipe out or finish the job of killing a whole nation.

            You really think that is ok?

        • I lost my dad to cancer recently. Even if they don’t take it seriously, I will and I will report them for that. If you don’t mean some insult seriously, why even use it? For lulz? That’s the worst reason to use it, actually.

        • Yes its the leaders job. If you don’t want to be considered an immature crowd of kids don’t act like those.Internet is not a shield or something if not done anonymously. If you give your name and clantag you should face the consequences.

        • It’s the bloody internet, nobody mean whatever they say most of the time.

          Because nobody cares of that. If we all start caring, we may change it. If morons shouting Nazi slogans will be reported and punished, there is a chance they will understand what they did wrong. Or at least they will shut their mouth. But if we all don’t care, they will rise, they will shout more such slogans and one day all players of WoT will be considered Nazis.

          Impossible? Look at EFE. I’m quite sure that only part of this clan members are Nazis but their commander and other members did nothing and now whole EFE is considered as clan full of Nazis.

          They’re angry, they are protected by anonimity, so they’ll say whatever will get the other person angry.

          So they should look for professional help to temper their anger and to understand what they are doing.

          Do you honestly believe that EFE guy genuinely wishes cancer on anybody’s family?

          Yes. I’m quite sure that if it only was possible to them to physically destroy all who make them angry, they would do it. It’s really pretty far from calling someone “noob fucking game and wasting time of 14 other people” to calling for murdering whole nations.

          And as a result, do you believe it’s the job of the EFE leadership to police the angry rants of their members?

          As I said earlier – yes, this is their job. They should care about PR of their clan and Nazi slogans are not the best PR slogans available.

          EFE is clearly only meant for good players to *play* together?

          So why the hell they are playing on random battles? They should play Clan Wars or Company battles where they can play together and where they will not get any bad player.

          I’m sorry, but if someone plays on random and demands being in teams of good players only, then such person is heavy idiot.

          • Nope. Just someone who is able to differentiate. You should try it, it’s very liberating.
            I’ve seen plenty of rude EFE members in battle, but I’ve also seen many very nice teamplayers. You should always be aware of the fact that negative memories tend to be more sticky, and the guy deliberately catching a shot that would have killed you will be forgotten after the next battle.

      • i agree with you SS, but you’re taking this too far because of your own personal feelings to them. if they don’t ask for forgiveness, just leave them be. until they finally realized they’re wrong, and hope they’ll finally ask for forgiveness.
        if you keep this up, instead they’ll hate you for the rest of their life instead of asking for forgiveness

        • If you haven’t noticed they aren’t ever going to ask for forgiveness.
          No point leaving them be now. Best way is to shame them and force them to understand that they are wrong.
          They know they are wrong but they just don’t care. They need to care.

    • This guy is hilarious. Now post those kind of stuff at ASIA, you will get instant ban.

      • SEA is a lot more mature than EU then, since all this crap seems to go unopposed…

        also EFE members do your worst, FTR can take it XD

    • Are you for real? People like you are responsible for everything that is wrong on the Internet.
      Do you really think it is appropriate to be total dicks on the Internet just because it is anonymous? You know that the insulted people are genuine people, who may care about the garbage which is thrown at them. And we are talking here about insults, that in reality would be worthy to be dealt with in front of court.
      And nope. I am genuinely convinced that most of the insulting guys are such hopeless haters, they totally mean what they say. They use the anonymity not as cover for trolling, they need it since they are lacking the courage to speak their mind in real life.

      • Well I do believe that going to court over insults is a stupid idea IRL too. If I offend you, stop being a pussy and just punch me in the face, I’ll learn the lesson pretty quick and it will save both of us and the society a lot of trouble.

        • You are a caveman…

          Eye for and eye…

          Where does it stop?

          You insult, he punches, you punch back, he kicks you, you stab him…

          Go live in a cave or go back to the middle ages, people should be judged for their actions by a fair and neutral group taking in consideration all the facts. You promote anarchy, fascism and a dictatorship of fear. Go read 1984 by George Orwell maybe then you will understand…

  3. A good clan doesn’t need to build up its own self-esteem on insulting the others. My clan consists of players with skill varying from orange to blue in XVM, but nobody cares as we all are aware that some people will never be so skilled but it’s only a game and we’re playing for fun. I believe such people are simply kids and nolifes aggressive only in the net.
    For God’s sake, fun is what this game was made for.

  4. A big part of FTR readers are homophobic, nazi-loving, poland-hating, jew-gasing sons of bitches so if someone dedicated personal time to bash that piece of crap clan – they had it coming anyway.

  5. Everytime i meet one of this retarded EFE statpadders i think they should stop playing WoT and get an internet ban until this noobs get finaly a brain…

    • It is funny to constat he is not a noob in game, but noob in human relationships ^^
      Because he sucks at communicating with humans without insulting and don’t try to improve his human stats. (Or his brain) ^^

      • You have to make your choices… I guess to some people it is worse to be a noob in WOT then to be a noob in interpersonal communications…

        Their choice…

        My choice to disagree with their priorities though ;)

    • How exactly can you “pad stats” in WoT?

      Do you even know what that is?

      You are just angry on better players because you suck ass thats all.

      Nothing prevents to turn your empty words to action, get another 14 Dariuszes and land on EFE on global map. You will see fast who is noob here. This way its only jealus rubbish.

      Every tomato noob has the chance to prove himself, get a clan and kick ass of purple clans in CW´s.

      • Fucking noob. If you don’t know (or likely faking it) what stat padding is in Wot, houmer56, you are dumbest Nazi EFE scum yet.

        • OFC I know what stat padding is I quess you are too braindead to get the irony.
          EFE are no stat padders. They play really well. I played against them many times in different clans to respect them and not to call them stat padder. You easily recognize stat padder from detailed stats, EFE players are just good and tomato skilless trash like you wont never understand that and will stay jealous of better players sending screens about your own incompetence and lack of brain usage to Judge Dredd here.

          By the way I dont see the mister high moral ground GrassStalker here to ban you for your racist comment. Where are you SS? This guy just called me nazi. You need to ban him to fullfill your standards.

          And no. I am not EFE memberand I never was in EFE. I only respect them for their play and behaviour. I wont judge anyone from one silly screen which is making polish kids martyrs that they are not. Everybody of every nation rages in this game. Polish players have the bad luck to have largest number of tomatoes and bad history events. But if the history went the other side SS would be now baning some polish guys for butthurting germans. This is a result of rage about incompetent tomato, not a racism and therefore this madness about one screen is just bit much and SS just ruined all his work with this action in my eyes. Unbookmarked. Bye

          • You do realize that there is a life outside of games right?
            I guess not.
            Good to know we have another lifeless retard out of FTR. Makes the community a bit better.

  6. Well, NextToYou has got a point with the generalizations. It’s immature an not fair to generalize, and it actively fuels escalation. Admittedly, many people have trouble understanding differentiated opinions, which often leads to them confusing them with approval – IMO you should not drift from the moral high road, nonetheless, like you did by taking whole EFE into kin liability.
    To be clear: I do not approve of Matt1s behavior, and I’m pleased to see you take a stand against that kind of s!ht. But adding the clan drama doesn’t help the good cause.

    • Probably the only.comment that’s pro-EFE that isn’t flammable easily.+1

  7. You can point at everything efe does wrong as much as you want, but you do single out one clan based on a few people, and you dont do the same against other clans which have a few morons.

    “For some reason, SOME people think that it’s just fine to invoke Hitler, cancer and rape just because you are an unicum. That your stats make you privileged. They do not – all that purple number proves is that you are a good in a videogame, ”

    Why do you make it about stats? How is that even remotely relevant? I also saw you post in the forum that a unicum talking shit is ‘even worse’. Really gives me the impression that you just dont like good clans or players for some reason.

    Disclaimer: i dont give a single fuck what anyone says in chat, nor do i want to even try to defend that raging retard.

    • And once again… This moral radiator just generalize whole community because one post from one person. Way to go on your crusade…

    • Yep, sadly mixing up so many unrelated topics to make his case makes it look more like a crusade than what (I still believe) it’s intended to be.

  8. This is going to be turning into a more retarded situation from both sides the more you keep dragging this out.

    EFE doesn’t like you because you tell half of the story to make us look worse than we are by generalizing the entire clan (as AngryBanana above me said/etc.). You don’t like EFE because you think we should be the ones dealing with our members rulebreaking (even though that is obviously something WG should be doing, this is why you can send support tickets). Or maybe you don’t like us because we have good stats or whatever, because you keep bringing it up even though it is completely irrelevant.

    Like I said before I’m not fond of the hitler/cancer/oven insults, but man… We’re on the internet, that’s what you get when people are angry. Report it, send in a ticket, and move on. It’s not like people who have worse stats and aren’t in EFE (ergo; people who have 1K wn8 and are in PATO) never say shit like that. It’s just because everybody knows EFE that we get more exposure when we do it. I’ve seen plenty unknown clan members with shitty stats say the kurwa juden gas oven nonsense, but do you don’t see me getting butthurt over it. I just report and move on.

    • You are completely wrong. A society HAS to punish misbehaving members. This is how a society works. AP is really a nice example. And really if your leaders don’t support this why don’t make it stop? This is like when you drive like a jerk in a company vehicle with ads on it. It’s not a good image for the company, and should they find out they will punish you. You are responsible for the image your members build. This is how life works, and internet is still part of life.

      • Because it’s not the clan leadership that is supposed to deal with rulebreaking in a game, it’s the people who run the game. Hence that I keep saying, you should report them/send in a ticket.

        The only reason EFE is being singled out here for what one guy did is because EFE is famous. Nobody gives a shit when some PATO asshat says stuff like this.

        • Because it’s not the clan leadership that is supposed to deal with rulebreaking in a game, it’s the people who run the game.

          Wrong. We have two independent levels here:
          • Nazi-lover can be reported by other players and Wargaming can remove him from the game.
          • Clan leadership should inform such player that such behaviour is not accepted and next time he will be removed from the clan.

          That way clan can be free of Nazi-lovers, people will know that clan leadership is taking care about their PR and they are accepting not only good players but also players with working brains.

            • Ok, but then please explain why you spend so much time replying to others about this issue. Or raise such a stink in the first place?. If PR wasn’t really your thing, all you had to do is to leave the bad apple alone to face the crowd and no one would have talked about it.

              But that ain’t the case, you come forward and use your clan name. So you care about PR after all. Pretending to say otherwise is hypocrisy plain and simple.

            • If PR is not your thing, why do you (as a clan) bother your reputation, articles on FTR and why do you post all this ‘revenge” stuff on WoT forum then? If EFE don’t care about PR, it shouldn’t care about all those rants on FTR, members should not comment etc.

              • Ashmodiel, good job.

                That fucking nazi troll is oblivious to the irony. They are ok with reputation their members have, but don’t like when that reputation translates to the clan? Well, guess what, if your members are Nazi’s entire clan is Nazi. Ban them all… Anyone who doesn’t feel like being affiliated would have left. The rest get what they deserve.

        • It IS a clan leadership duty cause action of each member affect whole clan reputation. It’s also a matter of responisbility. If clan commander is not able to deal with bad apples in his clan then he is bad commander no matter how good his clan play.
          Being good in a game is something more than just tactical/microskill talents.
          Responsibility for your own actions as well as for actions of people you lead is something bit harder to learn than clicking LMB.

        • You reap what you sow, if the clan has rulebreakers and the leadership of the clan refuses to do nothing about it, don’t act surprised if suddenly the reputation of the clan is bad.

            • it’s the result of having no interest in PR

              I’m sorry but this is kind of bullshit. Angry comments made by clan commander mean that clan leadership have interest in PR.

    • There is a bit of a difference in what you say and what happened. Two important things:

      1) “because you tell half of the story”
      In my opinion, such raging is justifiable only by personal stuff (someone steals your things, kills your family, rapes your GF, etc). It’s not justifiable by anything you can do in a PC game. So no matter the story before, there is simply no reason for behaving like that.

      2) “You don’t like EFE because you think we should be the ones dealing with our members rulebreaking”
      If that’s the case, then the clan representative should say something like: “In our clan we don’t care about this and let WG solve it” instead of adding fuel to it. Clan leaders and deputies (especially from big clans) are VERY exposed players and their behaviour represents the whole clan more than the ordinary members’s. If the representative members attack others, then you shouldn’t be surprised that the clan as a WHOLE has a bad reputation.

      We have way smaller (as in a skill) clan, but I still won’t hesitate to throw a member out if such thing would happen in it. I considered throwing out members for way less than this, exactly because I don’t want the clan have bad name. Some people don’t care about what name their clan has in the eyes of public. I do.

      • So besides putting in all the time it takes to run a successful clan that is essentially been a top clan for years (and probably will continue to be so), you want the people that run this clan to put in even more time to do something against people who are breaking the rules of the game. Which is something WG pays people money for ?

        Because essentially what that means is that people in top clans should be putting in EVEN more time on top of the time they are already putting in to stop people from breaking the game rules. But when you’re in a clan like PATO (or any other clan that is less famous) the leader of this clan does not have to put in more time because then suddenly nobody cares.

        • Yes, if they want to have a good reputation~

          If they don’t care about it, well, it’s their thing. But then they shouldn’t be surprised by being featured in an article like this or swear a revenge for it.

          It’s like saying that you shouldn’t report an accepted bribe for a big politician as a newspaper, because that’s what the police is for. It’s exactly why you should, so people know that someone this big is still not to be trusted.

        • So besides putting in all the time it takes to run a successful clan that is essentially been a top clan for years (and probably will continue to be so), you want the people that run this clan to put in even more time to do something against people who are breaking the rules of the game.

          If you want to run high quality clan, you have to take care about different things, PR including. You are talking about this like it will take several hours of hard physical work daily. This is pretty far from being true and you know exactly that clan of mature members will get such reports no more that few times a month.

          How it should work and what clan leadership should do?
          • Make strict clear rules about behaviour of clan members and make sure that all members read and understood all the rules.
          • Make one mature person responsible for taking care about “tickets” and keeping account of reports.
          • Each member can be warned once or twice but no more.
          • If member doesn’t care about rules of clan and makes the name of clan infamous, remove such player from the clan.

          If this is good clan, you can easily replace good playing morons and Nazis with good playing mature people.

          Which is something WG pays people money for?

          TBH, such clan gets gold from WG, so from certain point of view WG is paying for many things, including taking care about game rules.

          • We get money from WG because we perform in CW, our performance in CW, as far as I know, is not linked to whether we kick people for breaking rules.

            • You have to follow the rules so part of this money is paid for that task too. But it seems you will deny any clan responsibility for its members.

        • You are denyier, arent you? How much time does it cost to just slap your clanmate on TS when someone come to you with complaint and hard evidence?

    • It’s one thing to not ban them from the clan, it’s another to simply openly condone people using racist slurs and worse. The leadership in their posts make it seem more like the later which is the real issue. Is it that hard to just write a message to the member and tell them to please not use them? Is it that hard to apologize for the behaviour of you clanmember even if you yourself can do nothing about it? Apologies cost nothing but openly stating in a round-about way that it’s ”okay” is what is the largest problem here. You say you report them, that’s fine but would it kill you to just tell them ”I think you’re going a bit too far with the racist slurs and such.” once in a while when it get’s reported on.

      You’re a group of players that are in a clan together, whatever they do still hurt the reputation of you clan but one member hardly matter, however when your leadership just stated that in their eyes it’s ”okay” and ”deal with it” then you whole clan get’s stigmatized and you can’t blame the outside players for when that happens because it’s just bad taste to condone with in most peoples opinions.

      • The clan exists on people who are good players, what they do besides that is not our business. What they say is not a product of the clan, it’s a product of themselves. So why should the leadership or any other member of the clan apologize for something that is not something they said themselves.

        You’re acting like it’s our fault that he said these things. It’s not, you’re acting like it’s our fault he is not banned for saying these things, it’s not. He is in the clan because he knows how to play well, that’s it.

        • Nope, but when you openly condone with such actions it’s actually supporting the notion that you are all like that. Your leadership could simply have reacted with. “We don’t condone with this and don’t support this behaviour.” and all would be over already. Now the leadership basically smacked everyone in the face with the equivalent of:

          ”lulz it’s the internet f*g *d*ck* n*gg*r c*nt deal with it we will say what we want lololololol”

          • Which is pretty much the level of conversation is from both instigators of this article. Because there is no objective reporting going on here whatsoever.

            I’ve had plenty of my say now, it’s becoming repetitive.

            tl;dr – Player says something bad, clan must be bad and punished even though they don’t agree with what player said. But only if it’s a famous clan, otherwise you won’t attract enough readers. This type of “Journalism” is an exact equivalent of a tabloid because it instigates lynch-mob mentality rather than open minded thinking about a real issue within WoT.

              • That is what I am arguing against, the reason everyone is being held accountable for one persons rule breaking is the problem. Not our unwillingness to do WG’s job for them and ban/chatban him.

            • That’s just an excuse. The fact that nobody else gets mentioned (they did in previous “hall of shame”s, though) doesn’t excuse your clan at all. You’re a bigger clan, therefore more exposed and THEREFORE you have to be even stricter with your rules if you want to have a good rep as a clan. Then the eye of public would move to the next one in line, it’s the only way to avoid this.

              • “If that’s the case, then the clan representative should say something like: “In our clan we don’t care about this and let WG solve it” instead of adding fuel to it.”

                Nya-Chan Production:
                This is just what happened there… but some butthurt moral radiator left those words out of screenshots. You can go and try find original topic from polish community section where our Commander told that mr.butthurt to report Matt1 to WG. Also I did say to him that “We are not parents of our players and they are responsible of themselves in random games”. After that mr.butthurt told that he will post this thing on forums. It just happen that mr.butthurt left that out of screenshot as you can see that private message chat is SCROLLED UP. Thats why we call these things “half truths”

            • Nope, a clan is considered bad when the leadership of a clan openly states that they support being an racist bigotted asshole to other people to such an extent instead of saying that they don’t like such behaviour themselves and don’t support it.

              It’s not like they are even taking any action with that statement, they don’t need to. But it sends a signal to other members that they aren’t for this behaviour. Nobody loses anything here

              The problem arose when your leadership basically acted in support of such behaviour, even remaining silent would have been better. Even saying ”Such things sadly happen” would have been better.

              • The first thing any leadership said to the guy that got insulted by Matt1 is that he should go to WG and report it.

                That is literally the first thing that was said about this from our leadership. After that this guy of course went to every other member of leadership in EFE so he could gather something worthy of a tabloid article, and then he sent it to Silentstalker who happily obliged because he apparently hates the entirety of EFE.

                • And apparently EFE leadership happily gave him something worthy of a tabloid article.
                  Most probably because EFE leadership is EFE leadership – both words are key words – and that pumps their egos and dicks to such level that cant go from ego to IQ because they would hurt themselves falling.

                  Plain and competent reply.
                  Did anyone asked for replay to watch even after the shit hit the fan?
                  I bet not, because why to bother, I’m an – you know what.

              • Telling people to report it to WG (who can actually do something worthwhile to Matt1) is apparently agreeing with what Matt1 said. And supporting it…

                • Fuck you, word twister. We ALL saw the response from leadership. They are as much Nazi lovers as he is.

                  Fucking asshole just trying to weasel out of it with words. Not going to work.

        • So basically by that logic you would let a mass murderor into the Clan purely on the basis that he can play Tanks well?. A Clan is a community if someone in the community is doing something he shouldn’t even if he is the commander it should be dealt with. Wargaming don’t necessarily have the time to check all the automated reports and support tickets so this issue may want not ever be resolved. Hes in your clan, he has your clan tag he is therefore your responsibility as much as Wargamings to at least tell him that he shouldn’t insult people the way he did.

          I have been team damaged / killed many times in the past for a multitude of reasons but you will never see me responding to it with the sort of insults that Matt1 did and For the record I am not generalizing all EFE members under one basket.

    • “You don’t like EFE because you think we should be the ones dealing with our members rulebreaking (even though that is obviously something WG should be doing, this is why you can send support tickets).”

      Well, in my clan (in other game) we remove people instantly just for writing “idiot” to other players (we do not want such people in clan and we do not want to be seen as a clan with such people). It is not difficult. You do not even care about truly terrible rages (death/cancer wishes, racist opinions). If you treat others like shit do not hope to be treated in different way.

      By the way, I have seen EFE members claim that SS banned all EFE members, oh well …

      • So now I’m being held accountable for things I haven’t said as well? Because I never said SS banned all EFE members (not to mention, I am EFE-X member :D )

        So you run your clan, and you expect every clan to run it like you do.

        There is really nothing I can add to what you quoted from me. We are expected to deal with rulebreaking players, even though we are not working for WG. We are not interested in doing WG’s job, and that is apparently hard to swallow for everyone else.

        • I do not mean any offense in any way, but you seem to lack the understanding of social life and how a community (as in group of people not a group of gaming accounts) works. You seem troubled about how people see EFE, but you don’t see anything wrong with EFE leadership not doing anything to people with EFE tag doing bad advertisement. It is like thinking that it is ok to take something from your neighbors yard because it was laying there for weeks and he didn’t need it, but it would be stealing if he would do the exact same thing to you.

          Clan is a closed community. If you don’t care about what the members of that community do and how they behave you should not care what people think about the community, if you do care and you think that this closed community is not being treated fairly by others also care how to take care of people who do spoil the image of that community in the eyes of others.

          It has nothing to do with WG doing or not doing their job or because it is a game it is WG responsibility, it is a common social interactions, it is your responsibility (as in leadership of this closed community).

          • Yup, it’s been made clear that everybody thinks that EFE should be doing WG’s job. And I have no problem believing that we’d be much better at it as well.

    • Sorry, no can do. The ‘Report it, send in a ticket AND MOVE ON’ part. There is a limit that one should be able to say, even on the internet, and the whole hitler/cancer/oven stuff is waaaaaay over that limit. So I will not accept it, not now, not ever.

      And no, I am not a nut who thinks he can control what goes on on the internet. But I can control a little piece: a clan of 100 guys that I happen to be chief of. I can and will control that. And I can’t and won’t be wearing the same clan tag as a person who uses the hitler/cancer/over stuff. And if all clans live by this routine, the place WILL be a bit cleaner.

      I am not saying Matt1 (I think his name is) should be crucified or even kicked from the game or EFE. It’s not my game and not my clan. But someone in EFE should tell him that his actions were uncalled for instead of hiding behind ‘not our job’.. And under the given circumstances, good PR would be for the clan to let the WoT community know the had a herat to heart about it.

      • So not only do we have to deal with Matt1 internally (regardless of it not being our job to deal with those who break the rules), but we also have to hold a press conference with the entire WoT community.

        I’m looking forward to the next installment of a similar article only then about some unknown clan from the SEA server, I bet that will get even more interest than this :D

        • Yeah, because making a statement that you don’t condone with such bevaviour in a single forum post is totally a ”press conference”

          Not your job? Of course not, it’s normal conduct to tell somebody who is being an asshole all the time to please stop being an asshole all the time especially when you are grouped with that person or at least pretend you do. Because it’s proper conduct which the most simple minds should understand.

          I’ve kicked people out of clans before just for being awful as a person, but I’ve more often asked them to not be so vulgar and more than not it actually makes them stop being vulgar assholes openly to some extent even if it’s only them stopping with calling everyone one of the less charming things.

          You aren’t responsible for matt1 but you clearly realize that he went to far with his insults and instead of agreeing with that notion openly you point at WG and say ”their problem” while it certainly is also ”your problem” otherwise this entire bloody conversation wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

          If your leader just state they don’t condone with such vulgarity without doing >anything else< this page would have not happened. They didn't even need to speak to matt1. The leadership escalated this problem and SS was more than happy to post something sensationalistic on it because it stipulates one of the major problems of the wot community.

          A clan is represented by it's members, the clan represents the members as well. If one member is being an asshole it's a non-issue as long as other members of that clan simply agree with him being an asshole and not appreciating it. However when a clan says ''not our problem'' and ''it's his right to be an asshole'' then we have a problem and then you get these kind of ''news'' posts.

          It's not your job, hell no it isn't. It's normal human reasoning to not support someone who is writing sentences that are simply ''not done'' no matter what circumstances. You act like it's an almighty act of god that is required for this to be resolved within the clan. But in essence the only thing required is a bloody post on a bloody forum stating that such vulgarity is not condoned nor supported by EFE.

          One member of your clan can bloody send a message to matt1 noting ''dude, what you wrote was not cool'' and simply by that you can state that ''you've talked to him.'' So in the end it REQUIRES a WHOLE TWO SENTENCES for this situation to never have occured.

          Two fucking mindblowing sentences.

          • Yeah, leadership escalated it by telling the guy that got insulted to go to WG and report it. That is what leaderships first move was. That was before this all got posted on FTR.

            So don’t say we escalated it, because we said the same thing we say to everyone who comes to leadership with members breaking game rules. Go to WG and report it.

            We never said “We agree with what Matt1 said”. We said that when Matt1 breaks WoT rules, that he should be reported to WG.

            • Saying ”complain to WG” translated as ”fuck off, we don’t care.” in many cases.

              So yes, that would escalate things more as it does seem to hint at supporting that kind of behaviour. It’s not WOT specific rules he broke, it’s social rules that he broke. If your leaders didn’t tell him that they didn’t agree with matt1′s vulgarity then it;s very much careless and to most people unacceptable which I repeatedly stated over and over again at this point.

        • *So not only do we have to deal with Matt1 internally (regardless of it not being our job to deal with those who break the rules), but we also have to hold a press conference with the entire WoT community*

          You are exaggerating, simple acknowledge of guy that it is something wrong what he did and appologies would be enough. Bad PR for the clan is the result of you DON’T CONDEMN such actions. It let everyone think that every EFE member is the same. EFE command seems not get this. I dont know if it is now too late to fix this.

            • Yet it isn’t openly stated and most replies seem to blatantly be defending Matt1.
              This is why you always apologize for members behaviours since it sends a clear message that you understand that what they did was wrong no matter the fact that the actual apology is worthless and unmeant.

              Just saying ”report to WG” sends the opposite message.

              • So you’re still holding people accountable for something they didn’t do, accountable for something they don’t agree with.

                Matt1 is the problem here, not the rest of EFE. But apparently it’s our fault he said what he said.

                • No, but your leadership makes it seem like they are on Matt1′s side and the leadership are your clans main representatives so it makes you all seem like a bunch of self entitled assholes or at least make it seem like your leaders are such cases which puts the whole clan in bad weather understandably until they openly state that they don’t agree with vulgar immoral expressions.

                  Which I’ve repeatedly stated before over and over again at this point in time an open statement of disagreement is all that is needed. One bloody sentence of ”we don’t condone with immoral vulgarities” instead of the defensive ”It’s not our fault report to WG and fuck off”’attitude.

                • Our leadership said to report Matt1 to WG.

                  We went defensive because it is apparently necessary for the leadership to express something we assumed was obvious, that we are not nazi loving jew gassing morons despite the fact maybe one of our members said something along those lines.

                  We went defensive because apparently it’s the whole worlds business to call us to arms about one players actions. And to post tabloid like articles with halftruths and slander :)

      • What you call a ‘press conference’ I call a simple statement to avoid the bullcrap EFE landed itself in. Simple damage control. Would have saved you a lot of grief and a tarnished clan rep. But suit yourself.

    • You see, if you play with retard, you play with retard, not with his family nor with his nation.
      If someone wishes to random person such things, he has serious problems with his ego, and IMO should go to the therapist instead of playing video games.

      Guy from EFE managed to present to wide audience his retardness, and here are consequences.
      He didn’t behave like mature human being then, after that his special friends from clan also didn’t behave like mature human beings, and aren’t behaving now.

      If you see retard, insult retard personally, not his family nor folks. Nobody would give a fuck if any of your members would insult a retard for retarded play. He could even become a trendsetter if would develop some neat insults. But wishing someone death for bad play? Pathetic.

      In this particular case showing probably retarded play of retard should be enough.

      Instead of that there is a pathetic childish spam pissing contests – EFE already lost that one.
      EFE neophytes managed to get bans on FTR, which is perfectly understandable, and if they are really going to spam WoT forum, they will get bans there as well.

  9. “How do you distinguish between an EFE member and a monkey? Give them a banana – the monkey will eat it, the EFE member will stick it up his arse”.
    On the more serious note – I’d love too see how they would worship Hitler if they were given a week of Concentration Camp treatment (you know – forced labour, guard violence, malnutriton).

    • Lol love the joke. Here is another one (oldie but goldie):

      If you saw EFE clan commander and EFE clan deputy drowning and you had only time to save one of them, what kind of sandwich would you make?

      Oh oh one more:

      If I was in the room with Stalin, Joffrey and EFE member and I only had two bullets, I would shoot EFE member twice.

  10. All of you eastern europeans are should be locked to russian servers where you belong to. Seriously. Polish, Czechs, Turkish, Romanians, all of you are just same shit.

    Think about it – Do you see rest of the europe cursing French? Germans? Brits? Swedish? Why is that? You claim that “every country has their share of retards” – Well how the fuck are they not being cursed upon?! All what you can see in channels now is “fuck poland” and “fuck eastern europe.” Never swedish etc.

    But no, I dont expect you to understand, you just fall back to your genocide -thingy and throw retardness from there.

    Heres a tip! Who the fuck cares how many of you died like 60 years ago. NO ONE. And even if someone cares, you guys walked into oven like lambs to the slaughter. You didnt even try to fight it. So fuck off.

    My experience from eastern europeans is that you cannot be trusted, you are illiterate, mostly dishonest, and in the end – Complete retards. You demand respect, while you disrespect all and any customs of others. Now you reap what you have sawn.

    And again, Fuck off from the european servers, no one will miss you when you go.

    • Wow mate, such trolling…….. say that in real life and see what it gets you

    • “Heres a tip! Who the fuck cares how many of you died like 60 years ago. NO ONE. And even if someone cares, you guys walked into oven like lambs to the slaughter. You didnt even try to fight it. So fuck off.”

      People must remember history. Otherwise:
      “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”
      - Edmund Burke
      Are you seriously retarded enough to think holocaust and russian mass murdering was a good thing? Or just minor thing that does not matter?

      ” you guys walked into oven like lambs to the slaughter. You didnt even try to fight it.”
      When it comes to Poland its quite the other way. If you would posess at least slight sign of brain activity and knowledge about history youd probably know. Even after losing their own country Poles did everything they could to help British and other nationalities. There was this little town in France where France and Britain agreed to not help Poland even though alliance obligated them to. Fun fact? The city was liberated by Polish troops from Nazi control some time after.

      “My experience from eastern europeans is that you cannot be trusted, you are illiterate, mostly dishonest, and in the end – Complete retards. You demand respect, while you disrespect all and any customs of others. Now you reap what you have sawn.”
      I assume you are from Glorious Western Masterrace. You should understand that Eastern Europeans are not your enemies. Hopefully in 20+ years, after black/muslim/turkish generations replace you they will like us more. Basically all the negatives you mentioned are present in them yet you accept it. Just a matter of time before Germany has shariah.
      For sure we wont let them to swarm us here, our countries are not infested with “progressive thinking” and “tolerance”.

      • “I assume you are from Glorious Western Masterrace. You should understand that Eastern Europeans are not your enemies. Hopefully in 20+ years, after black/muslim/turkish generations replace you they will like us more. For sure we wont let them to swarm us here, our countries are not infested with “progressive thinking” and “tolerance”.”

        Random pole complains about racism, refers to muslim immigration as an infestation. That’s comedy gold.

        • I am not saying every muslim is evil or leech. There are people who work and are fine folks, even here.
          Thought you cannot disagree that most of them come to rich countries just seeking free money and pushing their laws down your throats. People demanding shariah for London, banning Christmas in small Danish town. Look at Sweden now.

    • Said by some guy from a cowardly Western European country overflooded by deviants and muslims who’ll kill you off in some 50 years on your own request.

      Don’t make me facepalm in the morning.

    • They’re just being insultet and hated because they have PL at the end of their names or writing siemka PL in the chaz every game. If they would have never began that crap noone would insult them on the base of nationality. If I would, for example, write “Schönen Tag meine Kameraden” and then rush and die or do something stupid and die (what I often do), everyone would think that germans are stupid aswell and would type stuff like “Fuck germany” or “germans are all retarded”. So the main reason for the easteuropean hate is that, everywhere they are they scream out from where they come and many people will judge their countries based on stuff like that.

    • “My experience from eastern europeans is that you cannot be trusted, you are ILLITERATE”

      “Now you reap what you have sawn.” – mate? Think you just shot your own argument down.

    • @Retard2_PL
      No one will miss you either you sick fuck.
      Now piss off and change your nappy or man up and post with your real game nick, you yellow bellied coward.
      You just have to love these stonk posters too afraid to say who they are.

  11. No surprise there, every EFE member i ever met in battles ( well, the ones who were using chat… can’t complain about the quiet ones ) were annoying, stuck up full of themselves, selfish, insulting people.

  12. lol I like how in one of the posts that NextToYou guy says that Czechs and Polish people beat people with baseball bats in real life so they have no right to say EFE should be banned for “virtual” insults…

  13. + 1 for the post SS.
    Entertaining to see the rage from racist, bigoted, and revolting players, wether they are from EFE or elsewhwere.
    I just wish WG would immediately permaban ANYONE who makes ANY death threat or similar type of comment just cos they got all upset over a computer game.
    Anyone who even remotely thinks those types of comments are “harmless” or excusable cos its only the “internetz” needs to grow up, get out from under their mummies apron and live in the real world.
    You know, the one where you can get arrested for crap like that. Try it on say Facebook and see what happens.
    In the UK at least you would have the police tapping on your door if you make death threats or similar because it is not just harmless fun when you aim crap like that at REAL people.
    So you sad bastards who some how think its alright or justifed need to grow out of your nappies.
    ps The same goes for the cowards who post replies under anon nicks. Post with your real nick you ball-less pricks.

  14. He is right about the value of these blog posts which are below the zero, though so is the whole HoS concept.

  15. Please do not fight against each other, I like EFE and ftr is also. Both made ​​mistakes, but only who does not make a mistake, who does nothing. The pros are always a bit more hysterical, and more sensitive for criticism. Violations of this kind happen every day on our experience, only a rage, what he forgets ten minutes after.

  16. EFE are the kind of people that go beg other clans to attack their enemies / not attack them because they dont have what it takes to stay on the global map anymore.

  17. All the clans have own rules, it seems efe doesn`t have… at least no rules for insulting. But anyway, efe is one of the best clans, at least by skill, but it`s a shame that they do nothing in these cases. I remember, when such a thing happened in our clan, we`ve edited the clan rules -we already had rules for insulting before that, but had to chage its punishment system. not only the efe has these kind of players…I always say that keep the rage on TS. I also rage sometimes, but i think it`s acceptable to tell someone that he`s braindead, idiot…

  18. I don’t think it’s actually worth it to pay attention to someone’s insults on the internet, I bet that in real life they wouldn’t have the balls to say those things. Just ignore them and move on, it’s not like they could affect you in any way.

    • Think im gona customize xvm to highlight EFE clan in every battle just for some random taunts and laugh ofc. But generaly i agree with you.

  19. Let the keyboard warriors pick up their banners and strengthen their WPM.

  20. I can’t believe people trivialise behaviour those EFE guys showed. It is just a game…. true… but what does that have to do with this behaviour? I agree with some people that every word on this subject is a waste of words but I DO think this kind of crap should be out in the open.

    It only shows how brainless some people are. Behaviour like this isn’t limited to the WWW but I guess these people have issues irl also. Too bad they think they are gods or something like that because they are good at some freaking game! lol How pathetic is that! ;-)

    To the EFE guys….. maybe you should crawl out of your holes and take a look around…WORLD of Tanks doesn’t mean it is a real world ^^. I guess if you had any knowledge about what happend during second WW or maybe got someone around you who had a awfull disease like cancer, you might not flame like this. I say might… cause something tells me you are missing some chromo’s.

    • If WoT doesn’t relate to a real world why do you relate to actions on WoT to actions in WW2……..?

      I guess your missing some “chromo’s”

  21. I did realize in the hall of shame there were players just raging and insulting anyway possible!

    how ever anyone can provoke you to write insults and then print screen it just for make you look like the BAD GUY! so those print screens might come from assholes themselves, they are no better than the one insulting! in fact they might be the reason team loses or even team mates dying without support!

    EFE might have a point but the approach is immature i presume!

    • I know it´s not worth it… BUT watch the replay that was posted here by Swen Rudobrody. Now watch for the first thing Matt says. Do you realize that he himself started this shit?
      I don´t say it’s right to teamattack but Matt is NOT the victim, he started the rage himself!

  22. “With great power, comes great responsibility”
    Just to be clear I’m not on any side, but, SS, sorry, that’s a dick move by you..
    You have many readers here from all over the world and you didn’t investigate this matter like a true journalist and just wrote from one side of view. Now you just turned majority of your community against all EFE clan(s) and all because of some bad apples as you said.
    That’s why I don’t like “Hall of shame”. It’s useless because you can cut/edit and make it like you’re bad guy, when you were provoked.
    P.S. I never been on Hall of shame. Yet.

    • Tell me how SS should investigate this issue? Insulted guy showed some screenshots and EFE… nothing but words. Sure, replay would be the best solution but for now screenshots > words.

  23. I send my kisses to our stronk klanu terrorista moderator, JustBe.

    He, and his clan can go to hell, but not before I shoot that bastard son of a bitch with a fucking GM6 Lynx.

  24. Some people have a total lack of self awareness and when it is a whole bunch of people like a clan acting like an echo chamber for racism, bad behaviour and a stunning inability to act responsibility and show proper mature leadership you got to wonder if they can ever grow up, grow some and be able to take responsibility for their own actions and words.

  25. well every time i saw an efe player last night i said welcome from all readers of FTR!! it was literally too funny to read what went into chat after that

  26. After these posts and because of these clan members EFE is on the top of Hall of Shame for me. GG for them.

    • Yep, they just can’t seem to get it into their teeny tiny brain cell that they are just making themselves and their clan look even more like a bunch of retards every time they post their “stronk” justifications or threats.

  27. I… wait… so far I’ve seen non like this in Asia, maybe the clan BALLZ, maybe… just, maybe…
    players from there always complains like the fucktards SOME EFE players are.

  28. Don’t feed the trolls. Just ignore him, hate has never brought anything good.

  29. also SS you once said i’ll stop with the bulling of clan stuff and posting shit from randoms where guys rage..
    For a blogger you just have to be neutral and not bully a clan cuz someone said stuff like this..
    In fact every day i read stuff on the chat. Do I care ? Hell no, i wipe my ass with the tears of my enemies and haters…

    and btw my ingame name is Paris_Hilton, every day i see tomatoes trying to make jokes, like you swallow cum, retard cunt, can i fuck you.. obviously i picked that name to troll but jesus if i had to create a topic/ticket every time a bob insults my…

    GG you just gained fame from the tomatoes..

    • “For a blogger you just have to be neutral …”
      Its his blog, he post whatever the fuck he wants to.

      • lel dude.. he supposed to give us info and to discuss about tanks.. not bully some clans..

        yet he joined Rise which is former Exn0m… guess who was bullied here all the time ???

        • Bully clans? Silent wouldnt give a fuck Iam sure, but even if the main clan representative said in the pm that he should learn new shit and that it was even weak then my dear sir there is something very wrong going on in EFE. Iam sure each clan has its own retards in, but if the leadership would react appropiate like A_P did then Silent wouldnt go more into it.

    • Its his blog son. You dont like it, You dont visit it.

      As JPK said he posts the fuck he wants to post. You might disagree with him, but Iam sure the amount of fucks he gives are equal to 0.

  30. Yeah. EFE´s response is not cool and calling Hitler + wishing cancer is bad and beyond the line. But what you do SS is way worse.
    You post screenshots out of context. You throw filth on innocent people (most of the EFE right now) and you misuse the power you have built with this blog for wrong things.
    You never know what led to screenshots you post here blindly and it could have been way worse stuff from the guy who sent them to you and now he is playing martyr.

    I am fully behind EFE in this because what you do here is wrong and has nothing to do with FTR and the pile of work you have done so far for WOT players. Using this blog for such stuff makes you worse than people on your stupid screenshots telling half of the truth.

    Only the fact that somebody will send these to you tells about his character and these people should get banned in the first place. I got insulted in-game milion times, called racist stuff etc. but I have some balls, pride and self-esteem not to go tell on somebody to some blog. Its even worse then to go and tell on mummy. Mummy they called me gipsy, I dont like that. Please mummy call the principal, they were mean to me.

    Learn to deal with your issues alone telltales.

    • I agree with your points. But i still think its great SS keeps this going since the drama is amazing, im pretty sure im not the only one entertained well by all this sillynness.

      So keep up the good work SS, this WoT Soap Opera certainly has audience considering the massive amount of comment section posts constantly flowing. Well played, GG.

    • tl:dr – SS u bad, u not know that internet pixel tonkz srs bzns? if nab shots ur tonk, u can tell nab he dies of ass cancer and his mum gets raped by a donkey!

  31. Wait! Automated system actually bans people?! Now I regret not using all 10 reports per day…

    • You actually need to recieve a shitload of reports in a certain time span. And if you send 10 reports to one retard then it doesnt count. The reports need to be submited by different ppl.

      • I know that, but there is still enought bots in every game to report.
        Automated system have one problem, nonexistent feedback. For example, when you report someone in Dota 2 and he gets banned or punished in some way, Valve notices you about it. I would love to see the same in WoT…

      • lonigus last time i read a statement from EU support, it’s 10complaints needed to take a report in consideration.

  32. Some merciful soul has uploaded a replay for the battle in question. Here it is:
    You can all judge it itself. I guess this pours oil on troubled waters. Well, it does not. But perhaps EFE commanders will finally understand what kind of person Matt1 is. And there will be no accusations of half-truths, etc.

    I went to wotreplays and looked for replays featuring Matt1. I watched 4 of them (randomly chosen from the first page of results). Three begin with Matt1 typing “I hate Poland” into chat. I think this hate speech provoked that team damage that in EFE’s opinion justifies the subsequent rage. Also, it looks like Matt1 loses his temper quite often and wishes cancer and death regularly. This one is pretty hilarious:
    Check this out, guys. I would say EFE players are easily provoked but it is you, EFE, who provoke. Props to F15 clan members who remained calm and polite to the very end. Acting like a princess after someone kills you is one thing and wishing cancer and death is an entirely different matter. In my opinion 7 days of chat ban is a joke – there should be no place for behaviour like this in the game.

    • Oh lmao there we go… *grabs popcorn*

      And btw stronk 0 dmg with the most OP arty in game Matt :D

  33. I hope the white knight internet moral police people here never accidentally go to punk music gig or black metal concert, the amount of controversial morally ambiguous stuff would make your heads explode.

    • Not the same thing, bud.
      You’re the reason our country sucks so bad.

  34. Calling people idiots, noobs etc is one thing, and that is perfectly understandable, but what these EFE asshats have done has crossed the line and revealed them for the racist scumbag kids they really are. This should be an issue for WG now to show that such pro-Nazi and real-life death wishes (hope you get cancer etc) will not be tolerated in their game.

    Its time to step up WG EU and show us that you actually give a shit. Temporary bans are not enough, they should have their accounts wiped/banned permanently.

    • Is it forbidden to WISH death on soembody? There were no threats in those words, there was no incitation to violence, it was just a WISH. Granted it was a stupid wish, but what happened to freedom of opinion?

      • Freedom of opinion (speech?) has it’s limits. What if someone wished you death? Not just via internet? It’s all fun and games when it’s not you who’s on the receiving end, right?


        • No, freedom of opinion has no limit. There is a limit to freedom of speech unforunately, at least where I live, but it only goes so far as to forbid you from threatening somebody or directly inciting others to conduct violence for you. WISHING for anything bad to happen to anyone or any ethnicity isn’t hate speech.

          • Bollocks. If you voice your wish it’s a hate speech, since it (wishing someone death and stuff) is insulting and can be discriminating towards nationality/ethnicity/etc, like for example: “I WISH ALL POLACKS DIE IN GAS CHAMBERS!!!1111111″

          • All things have limits including rights and freedoms (and no, rights =/=freedoms), because humans will be humans and will abuse things at the first opportunity they get, especially if they feel they will not be punished for it. That’s why laws exist in the first place. These EFE guys have clerly shown how much of assholes humans can be if given absolute freedom (which is only an imaginary thing to begin with).

  35. I think EFE don’t fully understand what happened and why. Guys, you are a great players and created one of the best clan in WOT. One of the most recognizable clan in community. Tag EFE means something. A lot of players want to play like you and even play with you. I’ve heard a lot of times on random, EFE guys are on our team so we’ll win for sure. But with those admiration comes responsibility. You are example for a lot of players so you should behave like one. Thats why unimportant noob can swear and write Nazi shit and no one cares. You, guys, can’t, because you’re EFE. Everyone read, notice, see, whatever you do, and will discuss on this or other forum. This is burden of fame. So stop this butthurt and behave like best players on WOT should. Or start play like noobs then again nobody will care about you

  36. As a female warrior princess I can personally testify that I have been harassed by Datamursu and especially Jyrmo. They have been very mean to me :(((

    • Don’t believe that guy, he’s german and therefore he’s a bloodsucking nazi.

  37. EFE should just stand their ground. Don’t know if it’s still true, but i remember they have in recruitment requirements: we are trolls, some bans are welcomed if you wanna join us (not exact quotation)
    They should say, we play for stats, fuck off, we don’t give a shit, this spam rage is just hilarious.
    I’m not advocating Hitler/cancer assholes, just pointing weak responses of EFE commanders.

    • PS: what unicums of this kind overlook is, that on server filled only by todays unicums 99% of them will be blue and worse… Its those red newbs/noobs who fuel their dpg

  38. Also never forget, EFE were the ones that got morgotz banned by rallying people to report him for something he never did.

  39. Yesterday I got battle when some german immature pr0 “kill every polacks retarded monkey in hitler’s camp”…. until he get overplayed and killed like a child, by me … Shooted by polack monkey… hmmm who is he if he lose with retarded monkeys? :D He didnt want to answer me that question, but i know now that I will got cancer soon.

  40. I know why this is going in particular WG needs to be done by ranking the MM because good players angry why they have to play with the red Nubs in you team this is fact.And starting post shit post ather site i mean enemy site……..

  41. I belong to the clan ioc and we are not the best clan in the game and not the worst, but we have order, structure, rules and regulations that we must abide by in order so that we don’t become like this. yes obviously we get very annoyed at guys not doing common shit in the game(eg. rushing one side of the map) but it is certainly no reason to be and absolute colossal assholes.

  42. How does one “think the unthinkable”?

    SS, please leave the mentally handicapped kids alone. Their WoT WR is all they’ve got; it’s obvious that outside of the game their WR is close to 0.

  43. Meanwhile intelligent Wargaming admins/moderators give these EFE noobs a shitty pathetic 14day temporary ban.

    Do they actually think these guys are going to change their mentality? JUST FUCKING BAN THEM FOR GOOD YOU GREEDY SCUMBAGS!

    Probably their clan is buying alot of in-game stuff from WG so they cant have them banned just like that.

    • Or maybe they are invading another country? :S
      Or maybe they are Putin’s friends? :O

  44. SS post more news, less uninteresting internet drama pls. Leave that to WoT forums. I support you on Patreon, I know you can write higher quality stuff than this petty drama, which nobody will remember in a year’s time :)

    Disclaimer: I’m one of the original 31 EFE-X players. I do think that if anybody bothered to check statistics, average PL player would indeed be … not so good, let’s put it this way. For the longest time I have wondered why they don’t get their own server, separate from us. However, that does not justify epic rage fits in my opinion.

    • You are the type of person that complains about television programming being inappropriate for broadcast instead of changing the channel.

      Please stop trying to influence the content of FTR; instead learn how to navigate the site in order to only read what -you- deem appropriate for -you- to read.

      • The average western gamer, having access to a better education and a free-thinking society not entirely brainwashed by religious bulcrap, is probably more likely to be smarter and thus not be a tomatoe.


        • LOL, especially since your average western gamer is going to school in diapers because he doesn’t know how to use a toilet. Some education you have there. :D

        • I know a bunch of french people and they are as dumb as my polish friends… So you are just generalizing.

  45. Just think about it for a moment:
    Don’t you think that EFE leadership protected that guy from all community insults, but was actually told not to anything like this again? Maybe they didn’t want their player to become victim of community bully, but has got punished?

    And the guy on the 1st picture: well, that’s 2 from 400 ppl. its 0,5%, why bully the other 99,5%?

    • Somebody above watched a few of Matt1′s replays and found he is a consistent racist asshole. Would you be willing to bet that the replays of other members would show same? Especially after seeing the attitude and behaviour of the clan leadership, I’d put real money down :)

  46. I see onyl one thing..i have purple numbers and i am god,u r noob… Still remember when one EFE god was killed by me (me 2k WN8? avg player/ he +/- 3,5) and what i saw? Everything in this topic:D Btw. still wondering,how much they are successfully in real life? In game gods cos of puprple numbers,but in real life?

    • Not very succesful since I think I have actually met some of these guys irl.

    • Hi im ex- Efe-x member.

      Im Senior- Tehnical operator/engineer in one of the largest surgical products companies in world. Im earning around 50-60k € year. (yeah im quite lazy with the overtime works so im not really earning much as i could but im fairing well with my current salary) Driving Audi allroad. (which is really really nice car in Finlands winter conditions) Own house 2km from city center. Next month im going on vacation to Croatia with my wife and after that probably going to visit 4-5 music festivals here in Finland. (Im really waiting to see King Diamond and Metallica live!)

      I might say i have been quite successful in my life so far :p

      But yeah Efe community is great! Too bad i don’t really have much time to play so cant take part of CW anymore. Im just casual weekend warrior now.

        • Wanna have pictures from last years festivals (System of Down gig was super awesome!) or pictures of my car maybe? Too bad SOAD probably wont do anymore live shows :S

          We got free education (universities and everything is free for anyone) here in Finland and avg. Salary is around 3200€ month. Im just average worker here :p

        • Oh and if your interested to coming here in Finland to study something: http://www.studyinfinland.fi/

          I presume your from Poland right? When i was studying (like 8 years ago maybe?) we had couple of nice girls from Poland. I think one of them is actually working in Norway. Shes working with oil platforms or something.

  47. I do not mind most of rude words but as you says … nazi, jews, nationality, and other stuff do belong to this.
    You can freely say that someone is an asshole or worse, but insulting someone with his nationality is rubbish .. first they should look at their nationality ..

  48. This is getting ridiculous. I am an EFE player and i’m getting in game massages because i’m part of EFE, because of your posts. I’ve never told any racist jokes, and I believe that most of our players(like 80 of 100) haven’t either. That’s right, we have some troll in the clan, but why do you have to blame the whole community ? Like some of us already told, it isn’t(and never was) the leadership’s task to babysit all the 100 players, what they are doing/saying in random games. If WG wants to ban/chatban them, thats the players’ fault. But now you and the followers of the site will just report all the players from EFE for being in the clan. GJ !

    • your leadership knows you have this scum in clan and does nothing ?
      than its bad leadership and bad clan.

      mad about getting these posts ? leave efe. its stupid clan anyway, full of retards and nazis.
      By staying there you just admit you are one of them.

      Its your decision if your reputation is less important than being part of nazi clan.

      • Hey beb you’re a retard. You cant open your fucking eyes and see the true meaning of your clan. Hope your clan dies.

        ~NA Player

        • fuck the clan if the numbers means more than personality and brain.
          My clan is not the best, but we are friends, we enjoy the game, and we are not nazis.

          If you dont understand that, then I suppose your mother and father are brother and sister, right ?

      • I’m sure you have never played with anyone or talked to anyone of us. I’m in the clan for almost a year, because I like them. It’s right, they don’t like polish players, because most of them play really bad and sometimes they tell some racist JOKES. Do you really think they mean it seriously ? We have some polish players too, what do you think why don’t they leave the clan if we all hate polish players? Every time we tell them jokes about polish players, they laugh with us.

    • Yes, it may not be the task of the clan leadership to babysit players, however, had they just come out and said that “we don’t condone what they are saying”, or even something shorter than that, they make it clear that the player(s) in question are measured by their own merit. However, that was not the route they initially took. It was pinned as wargamming’s responsibilty, nothing to do with the clan, and nothing more was said. Coupled with other occurrences, and comments which make it seem that the clan command is indifferent to what is being said, as if anything other than that was being said, the clan is seen in a negative light.

      The clan command messed, and now the consequences are appearing, because, like it or not, that is what is happening.

  49. to be honest, I feel sad for them..
    They have purple numbers… in a video game. Its the same success as me beating highest score in a pinball in our local pub.

    Their lives are empty, they have probably no job, no friends, and apparently no brain.
    Their purple number is the only thing that make them feel good about themselves.

    • Spoken like a true tomato. It’s okay that you are bad in tankgame, we understand, you have my shoulder, let tears flow if it feels comfortable, just let it all come out.

        • stats are not luck.. depends on the amount of battles played…
          80% win ratio on churchill means nothing when I got 40 battles played on it.
          60-70% win ratio on 10k battles means nothing when 9k of them is on T18 or kv1s

          i play for fun … lol its a game, why else would you play?
          To be PRO ? :D dont be silly :D be pro in something real, not a video game …
          games are for entertainment… oh well Im PRO in watching serials then. ^^

  50. A thousand gold to every player who team knocks out mats ammo rack and sends me screen shot,let the rage begin hahaha

    • really? i’m gonna invite matt now in trainings room ammorack him, beg him to treat me like a scum and send to you the pic… excellent heuheuheu

  51. I call people fucking retards everyday
    but nah I never targets people’s families or saying any racism stuff
    because people are fine with being called fucking retards (if I make insanely stupid mistake during a game, I accept to be called that way too), but not the nazi/rape/family stuff…
    we have this in chinese : 己所不欲勿施於人
    it means that do not do to others what you don’t want to be done to you

    the things that some of the EFE members did is unacceptable for most people, and they show no signs of regret, the EFE leadership should also look into the problem instead of showing the attitude we saw in this post

    btw, I dont understand why SS generalize the whole EFE clan like that, personally I think thats quite immature/subjective…

    • I think SS is generalizing whole clan because many members of EFE already hit wall of shame and players in leading positions act like total idiots + they wont punish bad behaving members.

    • “we have this in chinese : 己所不欲勿施於人
      it means that do not do to others what you don’t want to be done to you”

      Chinese copy -everything- :D

  52. Well the fourth picture sums it up quite well.
    SS you didn’t even remove the post after the truth came out. :/

    Also very stronk double standarts when talking shit ingame is really really fucking bad, but wishing revenge on you and your clan is just hilarious.

    Also also raising such a big noise out of this proves that you are no better than them.

  53. Alright, SS, I do not agree with you this time. I’m not saying that I’m defending the EFE leadership either. Here are a few points I’d like to make:

    1. I used to be in the leadership of a good romanian clan. We were dealing with reports from other players about the bad behavior of our clan members. We never kicked or even scold our players for bad words in chat (I don’t think we ever had to deal with nazi remarks). It’s not the clan that has to deal with such problems. Our answer has always been similar to EFE’s: “Please go make a ticket to support and have him sanctioned.” A clan is only interested in player’s skills and as long as he maintains a good attitude with the members of our clan, he’s alright. If he starts swearing at his own clan members, then he will be kicked.

    2. It’s not cool that you’re bashing the whole clan for the actions of a few. They are bad apples like you said. It doesn’t have to be a bad tree. You don’t know that.

    3. EFE’s leadership had a very bad reaction. Very childish, unprofessional and certainly not what people expect from a top clan/community. Ignoring your comments and the whole issue would have been way better for them. Dragging R1SE in this is consequence of you tagging the whole EFE community as bad apples.

    Truth and the “right way” is somewhere in the middle…

    • I also have been a member of a well known Romanian clan. If someone would say something similar like this would fly away in 1second. There is no excuse…

    • I am Deputy in ~98 players clan, skilled players (1600+ WN8) platooning, no CW. Its quite a loose bunch yet we take reports against our members seriously. If someone was to use insults as in bad apples post he would be kicked straight away.

      “A clan is only interested in player’s skills and as long as he maintains a good attitude with the members of our clan, he’s alright. If he starts swearing at his own clan members, then he will be kicked.”

      That is not true for most of the clans IMO. Member of the clan, especially someone whos there from a long time and/or has higher rank is representing clan and should not make anything that would make his battle brothers look bad. Something like “we only care about our members, every other player is trash and subhuman” is a very bad ideology and it only leads to decay of game community.

  54. It is quite simple: real leadership means beneath giving orders to set a standard of values and take care that the people stick to them. So the current way of acting of the EFE commanders show mostly one thing: they are commanders but by no means leaders.

    As we in our country say: the fish starts stinking from the head ;)

    • Wargamings EULA is designed & created to legally do that…… A clan individual members action are governed by this, by default it is the Job of WoT & not EFE to resolve this matter……

  55. Hhahaha very funny stuff.
    Don’ t know if you read this SS (300 replys already) but that part :

    “…For some reason, SOME people think that it’s just fine to invoke Hitler, cancer and rape just because you are an unicum. That your stats make you privileged. They do not….”

    You should write that with a much bigger font.

    • Since when has it been socially acceptable for people to slander another because of another individuals actions? In my country that behavior is illegal….. And FTR half-truth is a statement that conveys only part of the truth, especially one used deliberately in order to mislead someone, do you like SS misleading you?

  56. So noone should react against R1SE based on actions of ~1% of their memberbase? Now thats ironic

  57. Saegi #388
    Posted Today, 04:06 PM


    27393 battles
    [EFE] EFE
    Member since:

    Ok guys, here is the truth:

    That all was an experiment!

    Silentstalker is a covert member of Efe! Few weeks ago, we made a plan, how we can get more visitors in our thread, because we always need stronk playerers from all over the world!

    So we decided to make a big plan! SS should made a flame stroy about the bad Efe-Community, and confirm all the accusations with well prepared or cutted screenshots! Well…the first round didn’t worked really well and so we decided to get a step forward. SS should make another Post, an this time even bigger, including the Link to our Thread here. And now we can tell you: IT WORKED! HOLY F*** SH****! We GOT YA!

    Of course you are asking how the story goes on, but i wont reveal to much at this point, just so far: SS will quit his stronk clanu soon and absolve a lot of practicing. he will get support of the whole efe community and i’m convinced from matt1 especially, that he will break the 2000+ rating! And from this on, its just a short step to join efe!

    So: All’s well, that ends well!

    PS: You can also win some gold! In these 20 pages in irregular gaps, we hide some goldcodes! So read the pags carefully :) (The prices are between 100g and a code for the Typ59! )

    I totally believe you. really I do. ~Kauris.

    P.S. I was being sarcastic. I DO NOT Believe that junk.

  58. SS totally wrong in this case, and he knows it, and we know it, he just wont admit it to himself, too big ego for that

    • Well…

      I read the first thread about “efe-gate” in the Polish wot forum section, both SS articles and now just finished reading the efe recruitment thread.


      SS 1 : 0 efe

      Teamkilling/team dmg is bad. Being a nazi wannabe and wishing death is unacceptable. If any clan ignores such things it’s natural it will start a shitstorm, especially if it’s a known clan. You can’t just let wg deal with the guy since you’re partially responsible – you let him spew this crap while he’s wearing your colours.

      And efe commanders make piss poor excuses and attack everyone who actually gives a damn instead. Guess why some people complain about wot community being a cesspit? Partially because wg is slow on the banhammer, sure – but partially because some stronk clanu don’t give a wooden nickel about their members being scum.


  59. Only time I said Hitler = in Noobshire, when I said “Hitler-fucking-dammit noobshire” because a random teammate said “don’t take it out on God (something like that)

    • oh gosh here we go again…. let’s start the ukraine – russian bs..

  60. So many EFE idiots and 14 years old ragers in this thread it makes my eyes bleed.

    No, there aren’t rape/cancer/curare retarded wishers in every clan, even in above average stats ones.

    No, it’s not okay that people can be dicks on internet because they are anonymous and hidding behind a screen. It’s gonna happen anyway – saddly -, but it doesn’t mean none should do anything about it.

    Yes, EFE leadership should obviously punish their own douchebags. That’s how clans have been working since internet gaming developped. Either you do it, or you look like an ass and embrasse your douchebag attitude. This whole “It’s not our fault, stop blaming the entire clan” attitude when they refuse to do anything about it just shows how retarded those people are.

  61. Clearly SS has a personal agenda & issue with EFE he has pre selected with clan to target & this is evidently motivated. For this reason I don’t take the pre selected screen shots as said it easy to doctor a chain of screen shots to make them appear in a more severe or disproportionate way.

    The Clan are right to say it a WoT’s responsibility to punish them involved EFE never condoned their Indy actions nor did they support them, it is WoT’s EULA it is there responsibility to determine the punishment.

    It appears that SS, his clan, white knights have all taken offense to EFE not directly “punishing” them involved which results in the continued & prolonged multiple posts, spam and direct attacks.

    I said that the old way of doing this was stupid, the new way is far worse, yes it’s SS blog & he can do as he pleases but his actions are far worse than the EFE leadership.

    Individuals made the statements not the entire clan or their entire community yet you tar all with the same brush and have now seen then persecuted because of your posts…….

    SS is extremely naïve at best, if he truly believes the automated banning system doesn’t see players getting banned ……..

    I love it how SS blogs about a game that allows advertisement of one mass murdering warmongering dictator but then takes offense at another……. Is he on WG payroll??

    Stick to informative blogs posts and not this bs

    • this ^^
      im working 10-12 hours a day, when i come home i want to relax and play, not getting annoyed in every second battle ‘cos a monkey TK me in the beginning. the lemmings and basecamper noobs are bad enough. And if somebody TK me i have every right to send hitlers ghost to rape his mom if i want and burn every one of his relatives back to adam and eve. EFE guys didnt do anything wrong. period. and if SS takes it personal and start a war with them then swallow what you get

      • And if “SS minions” are starting a crusade because they want to get rid of – nomen omen – cancer of wot community, then please – don’t get butthurt and “swallow what you get”.

      • with WN8 of only 1521 and a company clan leader of a differing clan you are very much mistaken . You see Wargaming through its EULA give players its terms & conditions it also give players 3 ways to report behaviours that a player may dislike or wish to report, non of the 3 involve contacting EFE, spamming forums or writing blogs.

        It’s not EFE’s duty to punish/reprimand any player that falls to wargaming who have already taken action against all individuals involved yet this ins’t enough for SS and his minions instead they are flaming which is resulting in player bans for individuals guilty of nothing, how is this acceptable, that behaviour is equally as bad as the original behaviour.

        What SS is doing is right it isn’t correct he is in the wrong, it really is pathetic to assume because I agree with the leadership of EFE’s stance I am a EFE clan member…….

        There is a report facility for a reason it should be used this persecution of the wider clan is wrong and immoral!

  62. How about a new competition??

    Who can TK a member of EFE and get the most rage in return…

    You get points for them mentioning cancer/nazi/hitler/jew/gas/mother/sister/father/brother/horse/cock (horsecock = bonus) / polaks/pigs/goats

    Bonus multiplier if you troll them into saying something “inventive”…. for once…

  63. Very interesting quote from their diplomat:

    “There seems to be a fundamental difference in morale between the guys who are hurt about this current debacle and those who don’t. Namely: Can words ever be worse than an action?

    The view of EFE, and also how WG applies sanctions (words give you chatban, actions give you ban), is that words are NEVER worse than an action. There is nothing you can say (unless it orders an action, naturally) that can be worse than any act. I personally agree with this completely. I sincerely do not understand those commenters who said that Matt1 should’ve just shot back. In what kind of world is violence better than just angry words? There is a poem for kids that encompasses this sentiment extremely well:

    “Sticks and stones may break my bones / But names will never hurt me”, so while words can be bad they will never reach the level of any actual action.

    EFE has traditionally been rather heavy handed in dishing out verbal insults. And that will not change. Verbal insults are always those that produce the maximum amount of rage on the opposing party, they are defined by the target of the insults and not of the opinions of the one dishing them out. They’d hardly be insults otherwise. The whole point of them is to make someone angry. And as can be seen right now Matt1 succeeded beyond any expectations.

    I do say that the “We’re going to spam you” thread from us is frankly stupid. There is no need to move words into actions. Let’s just keep this in the verbal level, at least from our side. Our communication has also been rather too b*tthurt about that FTR post. It’s not a big deal. Because verbal punishment is also fitting for an offence that is purely verbal.”

    ——End of quote

    Lol, lets keep verbal insults all over the place because it will not hurt people like sticks and stones. Such logic, much rhetoric, very insult, wow, EFE 4 lyfe.


    • His reasoning and argumentation was atleast way better than your doge meme answer to it..

      • Lol, I am not even reasoning, just enjoying. I don’t think I actually need to “try” in order to show the fallacy of their logic. I am gotta here!

    • “Pen is mightier than a sword.”

      Also notice that before putting them into practice, Hitler compiled his ideas in a book. While book in itself can be harmful only if it someone gets hit with it hard, what’s written in it might be even more harmful. It’s the same with “words” and “actions” – both of them can be good or outright evil, vile words can do as much harm as actions (especially since the former can lead into the latter).

  64. Can someone tell me what was in EFE recruiting thread on the forum? Looks like they deleted the topic or something.