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Hello everyone,

recently there was a stream with Alexei Kuznetsov, leader of the WG cybersports department and he was answering the player question regarding cybersports and Wargaming.net league. Maiorboltach from the WoT LJ community made a summary of what was said, I am not sure how much this is related to non-RU servers, but here’s a translation:

- in the Golden Series of the following season (RU cluster) there will be 12 teams, not 16. LAN finals will be attended by only 4 teams. This change was made to increase the competitiveness of the teams and the attractivity of the matches in general, WG hopes there will be more interesting and good fights
- EU cluster will only have 2 WG League seasons
- also, based on EU cluster, there will be an All-Stars tournament of all regions (for now RU, EU and NA are confirmed). This tournament will appear between the seasons and will be a regular event.

- in near future, there will be test tournaments with the teams Gold Series, Silver Series and Bronze Series. There will be mandatory contracts with top teams to participate in these test tournaments and these top teams will be paid, because they will be basically testing for Wargaming
- the main focus of the new WGL webpage lies in media page, because it’s made especially for the teams and their promotion
- the final of season 1 will be on 26-28.6. in the President Hotel in Minsk. In September, there will be Ural Steel in Moscow and a week after that, there will be the season 2 finals at Igromir expo. In February 2015, there will be a final of the third season and by the end of February, there will be a Grand Final.
- the internal ladder, extended player and team statistics and the selection of maps for team battles will appear closer to New Year
- the Grand Finals and previous season of WG League were watched by 1,7 million of people
- damage statistics, season statistics and other extended statistics on the WGL site will appear in the middle of the current season. It will be implemented fully by the beginning of the new season.
- the most important thing in the cybersports development this year will be the automatized tournament process (Weekly Cup, Bronze & Silver Series, national cups) to popularize e-sports more amongst the players. Another important aspect of the automatization is as low as possible appearance of moderators in battles, the obvious things will be handled by an automated system
- general development guidlines for the tournaments: entertainment, “rock-paper-scissors” principle (creating various setups and tactics), testing of the regimes 7/70 and 7/56. For WG, the proffesional team feedback is important
- there will be no server in England
- national cups are created to popularize cybersports amongst the small “teams of friends” and to push them to train. Soon, more national cups (Moldova, Baltic countries) will be added. WG considers the national cups to be a WCG replacement. The concept is working, its development depends on the capacity of cybersport teams of various cantries, WG expects to start it in Europe as well
- WG is working on a special map for cybersports with its own features, such as promoting of teams directly in combat. It is also tested by professional teams.
- it’s possible WG League will appear for WoWp and WoWs as well, there are many tests running atm

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    • Depends on what kind of player you are: are you playing for your own entertainment, or you play it just so you could say you’re better than someone else, and than dedicate yourself to that goal.

  1. If only WG cyber sports weren’t corrupt as fuck then they d have more legitimacy as a real cybersport. Plus all the bullshit with RU teams fighting RU teams when EU fights RU .

  2. I’m missing a team in the EU League Season 4: What happened to Roonie’s GGWP Team? They were always 3. or 4. in the league. Another Pro Russian Team but not quite as good as the others – they even brought really good Russian Players to the european League.

    And they had a lot of scandal involved: Fined some money and gold because they wanted to loose against SPALE so that they meet them again in the offline final (shooting only HE on Himmelsdorf) – had to play the match again … . Then they contested the result of the offline final because enemy Players could see the “Big Screen” with all the positions on Minimap and people from the audience could “coach” and tell them the tactics in case of matches that were played twice because of draw or technical problems.