Hall of Shame Returns

Warning, this post contains stronk drama, if you are here for news/serious info, you might want to skip it.

You’ve been warned.

Hello everyone,

you asked for it, you waited for it and here it is. Today’s Hall of Shame will be a bit more “structured” than it was before. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of random retardness, but I do feel there are two very special cases I have to point out.

For those new people, who do not know what Hall of Shame is – it’s a special place for very “special” people, based on the fact that no matter how angry you get in the game, no matter how terribly your teammates are playing, no matter if they get you killed – some things you don’t simply say, regardless of circumstances. It’s actually quite difficult to get into Hall of Shame (I refuse roughly 75 percent of posts sent to me as “usual rage”) – very roughly, there are three main categories that appear here:

- cancer wishers (nope, that’s not funny, as anyone with this issue in family can tell you)
- anti-semites, nazis and racists (I don’t care what the player did to you, “die you cancer jew” is never acceptable)
- death threats and other miscellaneous very offensive/retarded stuff

Let’s get on with it then.

First very special case – yes, you got it, EFE

Honestly, in my time playing World of Tanks, I have never seen any other clan (not even the old Exnom) get anywhere close to the amount of reports these guys been having. Those of you, who follow stronk drama might remember the Bad Apples and its aftermath. The Best of EFE is here:

Matt1, the “hero” who started it



EFE members are always very friendly


Stronk EFE teamkiller platoon (at that point, FOKKER was chatbanned, otherwise we’d probably have heard some choice words)


Awww the hate….


This guy is a deputy commander of EFE…


Here, the very same guy rewards EFE players for vile behavior:



And this guy has the “whole package” – cancer, holocaust, you name it.


And here is some fine choice of decoration of EFE teamspeak, screenies courtesy of an EFE ex-member

Sans titre
Sans titre2
Sans titre4
Sans titre5

I am not the only person, who does not consider the above as unacceptable. EFE is infamous for their behavior, as well as the fact that they don’t care (for guys that don’t care, they sure ran the “Bad apples” post rage long enough). EFE clan is also very “popular”, even amongst other unicum players. A player, who did not want to be named, contacted me with a request that he is actually willing to sponsor an EFE teamkilling competition. We are hammering the details out, but the basic idea is that if you teamkill an EFE member in random battles, you might be rewarded. The exact conditions are unknown still, but if such a thing happens and you have a replay, you better save it from now on. I am still not 100 percent sure I will proceed with this, but at this point I am very inclined to.

On more personal note… you know, this all could have been avoided, including the “Bad apples” rage. Matt1 could have just apologized – but no, instead, some EFE members decided it would be better to show the “I don’t give a fuck” attitude – well, okay, I can work with that too. As I said, I have never seen this level of arrogance before, even the previously problematic Exnom clan reformed.

Oh and to address the old “we have freedom of speech and there are WG rules so you can chatban us, we don’t care” argument – well, this is me using my freedom of speech.

Second major Hall of Shame nominee – Oldskool and his platoonmate, Haetzer

Oldschool is known mod maker, but he is also a former Hall of Shame member:


This time however, he did outdo himself in his platoon with Haetzer:



For this vile outburst (and by FAR not the only one, he seems to routinely start his battle with FUCK POLAKS, from what could be seen on his streams), both deserve their place in Hall of Shame. But wait – it gets better. See that threat above with a ban? That’s not just a very random outburst, because our dear Oldskool here is very friendly with a certain German moderator (his name starts with “N” – and I forgot it).

How do I know? Because Oldskool is a convicted cheater as well. During one of his streams, he was using a “bush remover” mod (as illegal as it gets). Unfortunately, he is not stupid enough to keep the footage online, but Stormshadow managed to capture a screenie of the stream of a place where there are supposed to be bushes in the view – but there are none:


This incident is confirmed by Xensation from EU server, who explains it thus, speaking in Oldskool’s defence (source – chat under another FTR post):


Well… 1 hour for an illegal mod? Didn’t that other streamer get banned for a week or so? And a mod maker not knowing he is using illegal mod? It all sounds pretty weird to me, but I will let you make your own mind about that. If he doesn’t know what is legal and what is not, I also wonder if his modpack is “kosher”… Either way, I got some nice greetings from him, thank you :) (that SUPPORT ME!!!! in connection with the above made me smile as well).


Anyway, let’s finish with various assortment of idiots, ragers and other scum, as usual :)

chat 6
chat 7
chat 9

Some of the nastiest Czech rage I have ever seen (wishing cancer to your mother, threats etc.)


S3AL clan appears to have some rotten apples as well. Especially this lipt0n guy is totally mental… such vile rage deserves a honorary spot in Hall of Shame!


Death threats…


And this “Kommandant” doesn’t like being reported by “jews”


And this is how Czech players go greet the WG Polish community Facebook pages…


And this guy is apparently “above the law”:


Oooo, someone’s angry…



Do I even want to know what “homobukkake” is?


Random idiots…

Sans titre

Nothing like when a guy starts raging at you and you have no idea what he’s saying…


Moving on to miscellaneous again…


Regarding the above, it kinda made me giggle… dunno why.


And this is from my personal collection…


To finish with something lighter… this is what happens when you name your account “THIS_IS_SIEMKAAAA…..” :)


228 thoughts on “Hall of Shame Returns

  1. Hello, Silentstalker,

    Eventhough I do feel that EFE members are ‘special’ (for lack of a better word), I do not feel holding a contest where people get rewarded for teamkilling them is a suitable measure for you to deal with these kinds of ‘special’ people. For one, you are allowing yourself to go down to their level, this is something that I personally do not condone. These guys are teamkillers, doesn’t mean you have to make everyone else a teamkiller. If say they turn blue and then you teamkill them, then that’s fine, because they have proven themselves ingame that they deserve what’s coming to them, but randomly teamkilling them, no, just no. It just makes them the victim, or at least lends credit to their story that they are the victim. I support your persecution of quite a lot of them, they do deserve it, and they need to be shown their actions do have consequences, but please, just don’t go down this route.

      • I agree with the guys above.
        One (or more) wrongdoing does not justify another, others breaking the rules do not permit you to do the same. Plus, don’t start a ‘war’, would be a shame.
        A Hungarian writer said .’Above a certain level we don’t go under a certain level.’ Starting such an ‘event’ would be just at the same level they are on. Just don’t. It is not even a funny idea, just plain stupid.

        My 2 cents.


    • Agreed.

      What is more, there is a better alternative: report. If everybody who sees those jokers report them for unsportsmanlike conduct – bad language only leads to chat bans, we might hurt them. A lot.

    • I also Agree.

      i does not matter how low players go. Team killing just makes you go to their level.

      SS!! Please rectify your statement. You are not really applauding Team killing, are you?

      BTW: the hall of shame is back, joy!!

    • I agree with your point 100%….however, and this is a big however. Imagine if they got into a game and EVERY game they got teamkilled. Would they even want to play anymore? I get the whole dont go to their level thing, but if we can make the game impossible for them to play maybe it would be better. Just a thought.

      • In which case, hold a competition where when you see EFE on your team just convince the entire team to go AFK XD…. but that’s not the point.

        The point is, today if he’s willing to have the bad guys, teamkilled, what’s next? Yes they MIGHT go away because they can’t play the game, but that just makes SS the bad guy. And the cycle continues on and on, with one bad guy being replaced over and over again. Now, I know that might sound farfetched and I am stretching the truth a bit, but if you’re willing to be the bad guy, to kill the bad guy, what does that make you?

    • I hope that EFE hunt just was some sort of provocation to see if they take the bait (again).

      If not…and you seriously plans going through with something like that… you shoot yourself in the foot and end up promoting EFE while downgrading yourself.

    • This!
      And that would be totally unfair and stupid against those probably most of them – normal members in rows of EFE, who do not rage in chat and play like usual people.
      I wouldn’t want to get several teamkills just because some idiot in my clan said some stupid things..

    • As there are no simple +1 or likes, I just add my voice to many others: SS dont do it.
      1) don’t encourage players to brake rules.
      2) don’t make them victims.
      3) some of them may kill their teammates sometimes, but they are not doing it all the time, like you want it from your followers.
      4) getting them killed in almost every game for some time (this “mission” couldn’t last long and it won’t be 100% effective) won’t make them stop being what they are.
      5) ss you mentioned, thay have contacts in WG, so bans for killing them can be bad.
      6) you have to admit – they are mostly good players, so if someone not as good tries to kill them, they will probably kill him. No gain in that.
      7) If someone kill EFE guys and afterward got banned from game or get killed by remaining teammates, the team will be significantly weaker from start and will inevitably lose (which is really not fun for both teams). So this mission won’t hurt only EFE guys, but also everyone who gets in such battle. Who do you think will be blamed for ruining game for everybody? And rightfully so?

      There are surely better options to make some fun on EFE account if shaming them is not enough.

      • Agreed again.

        Please don’t go through with that SS, it would just drag you down to their level, in my eyes at least.

    • I agree, starting a competition promoting teamkilling would be retarded as it would only hurt the person that is doing the actual team shooting(to the point of getting the person banned).

      Not worth it.

      If the competition would be to the people that throw the game and just leave them to die alone in a corner of a map with no support…that’s a bit of another story. It also conveys the message that well…nobody wants to play with you due to your behavior. Enjoy.

    • Then lets make it more “softly”. No teamkilling EFE pussies. But at least damage them once in a game. One shot won’t make you blue or banned and If they are retarded enough ,they will most likely be banned for killing you. = Profit.

    • Same here, I would not promote such rewards, in fact, I would go further. If you do so, I would question whether the blog influences players to do the right or wrong thing. Please dont follow that route.

    • Shame them on their pride instead: I would suggest to WG to have a mechanism similar to the canon stars where other players can see if a player has been reported many times or banned multiple times for team killing.

    • I think having an arty platoon focus them would be punishment enough, or have all the enemies load heat when they see them

  2. Hey SS, thanks for giving us the MO for getting into the hall of shame. Will share.
    I apologize in advance to all the poles who are going to be unfortunate collateral victims.

      • For throwing slur at people, all you get is chat bans. Why would you ban someone from the game if silencing them is just as effective ?
        On the other hand, anybody TKing somebody else does deserve a ban from the actual game.

        But I guess the notion that justice != revenge is too involved a concept for people taking part in witch hunts.

    • If it is Silentstalker you refer to, click the “FTR Contact” link at the top of this site.

  3. This is a lot of idiocy for just one post. I can feel my brain cells dying from reading this stuff. :D

    Edit: SS I have a much better idea. The point of the contest should be not to team kill EFE members, but to make them kill you and get a ban. This would hurt them much more. :)

    • I would agree to that. I don’t think teamkilling them helps in hurting them, but getting them banned, now that’s something.

      • That is exactly the point. :) It is like The Mighty Jingles showed in one of his videos, where he talked about how to deal with assholes. You don’t shoot them. You annoy them until they start shooting you and get banned. :)

    • I like that idea better. Report at every opportunity and provoke them into TKing you to get them banned

      • Provoke, no, just say something innocuous to them like “Hi EFE 07″, if the reaction of the guys on top are any measure of their hatred towards the pubbies, then you will get TK’ed immediately XD

    • Agree.

      This is better than lowering your self’s to team killing. just let them have bad games by annoying them in game. Like driving in to them of blocking there shots.

    • pushing them out when they try to peek a boo or sidescrape does wonders….

  4. but sometimes i just “explode” and say everything about noobs in wot :/ anyway not like these efe kids

    • I think we all have those moments when we lose our tempers but no need for racist stuff those EFE guys just take the piss.

    • If this would be sarcasm, it would be acceptable.
      But I fear, it was meant seriously.

    • Amazing that i didnt seen a single EFE member which would say, that he don’t support anti semitism of his co-players but lot of which support it.
      There is something very wrong over EFE clan.

      • what you want us to do..to come here and defend ourselfs everytime SS posting the same pictures again and again?we are here only for trolling..and laugh with people reactions.yeap,thats funny.i ll take my popcorn now.

  5. “Nothing like when a guy starts raging at you and you have no idea what he’s saying…”

    It’s 60% hungarian 30% klingon and 10% gypsy.

    • Yep.
      Fortunately not many speak Hungarian.
      I always tell my fellow countrymen they shouldn’t be the worst idiots in game, but this still happens.
      The best is when the think I don’t understand and rage at me. :)

      • In case you are wondering it has the basic (10 IQ) insults, including “jew”, “gay” etc tec. To be said I encountered far worse hungarians than polish or anyone. Maybe its because they can see I’m hungarian too so they feel the urge to rage at me? I even considered changing my name so its not recognizable…

        • I personally very like Hungarian and Polish players, because they are targets of insults but they dont give up and play this game how they want and thats very good, and also because of great food from Hungary :)

          No, this is not sarcasm!

      • It is funny as hell, when after a battle I get raged at in hungarian, and after the person is done, I ask them back in hungarian … and for a strange reason, they forget how to type after that :P :D

        But the 30% Klingon was a good one xD

    • Don’t hate yourself just because you were born in a country some idiot hates. I visited Poland on a couple of occasions, the country is beautiful, people are friendly and helpful … I still actually wonder why so many butthurt assholes think polish people are the cause of all their problems.
      Enjoy the game and take it easy, it’s just a game!
      Cheers ^^

      • The poles make up the majority of the playerbase. If you want to create drama, you target the poles.

      • “+”, “+” and once a “+”. I sometimes wish people could just log in, play games, have fun and log out. Be happy! You have a genius and fun game to play! No nations are responsible for anything. Keep this in mind, smile – and the world smiles back.
        Greetings, McPJ

  6. I don’t believe that all EFE members are like that, but don’t be surprised when the majority of them are butthurt, crying fgts.

    • Nobody says that everyone in EFE is like that, it would be foolish to assume so. But it is a fact, that EFE does nothing to punish retards in their ranks, so we can assume that this clan is not for good people.

      • And yet SS is ready to hold a TK competition against the entire EFE clan. Even against the players who he has no proof ever said anything wrong. You can’t assume somebody is a bad person just because they are part of a clan which doesn’t care about the behaviour of their members during random battles.

  7. Does anyone know whether this “Dirlewanger1939″ has been banned already? I generally find HoS funny, but this piece of walking manure should get his dumb head kicked in and I volunteer to do it.

  8. SO if I see guy says siemka and I wrote ” Loland detected ” , is it bad ?

    • Actually I would find this funny. As long as you don’t say bad things afterwards.
      Anyway most of the time It’s better to keep your feelings for yourself. Chat should be a place of greetings and teamwork material and not all that spam and garbage.

    • There is a thick line between a harmless joke and wishing someones family to go to a Auschwitz…

  9. Damn it, now i know why i don’t want to play WoT again… WoT playerbase is starting to be veeery similar to LoL playerbase..

    • Played LoL for a very very long time and I have never EVER seen even the slight use of Jew/poles/polish/aushwitz/cancer/hitler reference to insult someone.

  10. Not exactly sure what the wall of shame is supposed to bring.

    It amuses most readers, but I guess that is not what you intended.

    For example the lipt0n rage I reported to their clan commsander only and they reacted in a good way. Sending everything to FTR as if that would help in any way is a mistake.

    Alsi I dont see why wishing cancer on somebody is in any way less painful or offending than wishing for them to burn in hell (eternally) or die in their tank painfully (virtually).

    Its all bullshit and venting… unless someone keep repeating it over and over again etc. there should be conecern for their mental health…

    • Lipt0ns arty rage is real! he was only raging against arty players lol, also thats REALLY old stuff. Somehow i dont like the “has some rotten apples” thing – 100 guys in klenu – one guy rages 1,5months ago- look all the rotten apples! :D i actually dont give a shit anymore if thats the kind of attitude here…you wont find really offensive stuff from 99% of our players…
      P.S.: Windy is a fgt Kappa

      • I agree with you. I do not like this whole wall of shame thing, even less that people draw conclusions on whole clans. Sending stuff like that to FTR is exactly what shouldn’t be done, even less so if you have hopes of changing someones behaviour.

        I could open a blog and make my own wall of shame on some principles I set myself, then call hundrets of clans horrible for acting against my own standards… doesn’t make the offenders any better.

    • We all know that WG employees read FTR, and I hope they are writing down those nicknames from the screenshots and preparing the bans

  11. I should start “insulting” players on SEA.
    We haven’t got any entries this time again, that makes me sad. :/

    Maybe I could tell them something like this:
    “Sehr gutes Spiel, macht weiter so.”
    “Ich hoffe ihr lebt lange und in frieden.”
    “Waffendisziplin die seinesgleichen sucht, sehr schönes Gefechtsbild.”

    And of course my personal favourite:
    “Hagel und Granaten!”

    • Well…I guess that’s the best thing being on the ASIA server, no one cares about us, and half the time, not enough people know english well enough to report us when we do go douchebag mode XD

        • I just assumed you are canadian because you wanted to insult people with this: “Sehr gutes Spiel, macht weiter so.”…
          Or was it sarcasm? :S

          • Let’s be honest, when have people on the internet ever been sarcastic?
            It’s something that only really “flies” in real life, so using sarcasm on the internet
            just can’t work.
            I.e. I certainly wouldn’t use sarcasm on the internet, since it usually is misunderstood.

    • If the ping wouldn’t be that bad I would prefer the SEA server over EU really.

  12. I seem to remember having fun with Windhunter somewhere… he’s easy as fuck to wind up..

    And I also have a few EFE and EXCEED ragers in my screenie pile…
    ….one was spectacular but unfortunately it went in my “cleaning the shit off my tiny SSD” event…

    …. you need to only publish the particularly good ones.. there’s too much of the usual stuff now…

  13. I am really surprised that you would go low enough to host a “teamkilling competition”. You would make your readers attack a single clan just because you personally don’t like them? Surely, the kind of comments that some of the EFE members are spreading should not be allowed but I doubt every one of EFE are cancer wishers and I, for one will certainly not be supporting this TK competition.

    • maybe SS want something from efe…so much bitching is not for nothing…8=====>

  14. “Dabogda te majka prepoznala u ćevapu”… :D :D
    Ok that one was actually funny.

    On the serious note, I find this “call to arms” on EFE by SS totally childish and melodramatic. What the hell are you thinking you will achieve with that? Most of those EFE dickwads are obviously malignant 13 year old children (or 20 year old no-lifers), why do you even succumb to this obnoxious level?

  15. people are starting to run out of insults it seems…nothing new here, move along ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  16. Keep going comrades!
    The Wolfeinstein nazi utopia wont build himself!
    I hope we will join soon to the Hall of Heroes with the Zwack.
    (Yeah we are wearing a name of a jew guy but tis is the part of our masterplan.)

  17. Meh, I would still preferably play with EFE guys than with Silentstalker for example.

  18. “Nothing like when a guy starts raging at you and you have no idea what he’s saying…”

    Translation for those who are interested :D

    “- zsoltiakegyetlen (literally zsolti the ruthless): your sl*t wh*re mother you jewish peasant f*g
    - raystanz: well said, I quite agree
    - zsoltiakegyetlen: f*ck your mother
    - zsoltiakegyetlen: peasant c*m
    - zsoltiakegyetlen: …that part means nothing…
    - zsoltiakegyetlen: more”

    • “more” is a gypsy word Karika… means “dude” in “modern hungarian”.

      • actually, yeah, my bad, it’s more likely being the hungaro-gypsy “more” than the english “more” :D

  19. Hehe… those guys must be pretty entertaining on TS.

    At least I know one of the “featured ones” in person and know how entertaining it can be :D

    I for one love the HoS… always a bit of schadenfreude… all this rage and hate :D

  20. You know, if all pub stats were hidden I reckon most rage would disappear. The obsession with winning combined with having to work with randoms is very toxic. If you don’t know your WR (unless you tally it personally), and nobody else can see it, then the balance swings heavily in the ‘have fun’ direction, and all the genitally inadequate types that need an e-penis will move to some other game (which really aren’t that many; a vocal minority).

  21. Lipt0n, lol he already got kicked from IDEAL within a day or so after joining for something like this, happy to see that was a good thing to do.


      Special message for EFE players

  22. The EFE-teamkilling event idea is just plainly retarded. Don’t even think about it.

    I’m wearing the same insignia as you.

    • Shut the fuck up you fucking EFE militant. I SWEAR, THEY ARE ALL GOING TO DIE IN MY HANDS, EVEN IF IT MEANS THE BAN OF MY ACCOUNT >:)

      • ^^Pubbie went full retard. But on the other hand when they didn’t.


        TKing EFE guys would probably be your biggest achievement in your pubbie career. #StatsAreLuck #UnicumsAreDouchebags #Dunning-Kruger

        Also banning your account would be only a positive thing.

  23. I am ashamed to share the same planet with people who can hate others so much. If it were some rivalry between two countries at war I would understand but this is bad. Why is nothing done against this by WG??

    I will start reporting every EFE guy I see and I am in in that EFE-Teamkilling event. At least something to be done.

  24. What does “Siemka” mean? I play on the NA server so I’m not familiar with it.

    • holy crap, I didn’t even notice that :D One of the lower pictures, where there’s an image of the chat window .. he is hungarian xD xD I would have never thought that :D

    • So now we all know the truth. The Hungarians started the “Siemka WAR”. !!!!!!! Damm you!

  25. I like the last post xD, but other than that it’s still the same. I think it’s a waste of your time to read a lot of mails and then just publish random insults from players that don’t care and don’t lose anything anyway. And EFE actually like the attention they get, they’re doing it on purpose now…And what you see here is just a small portion of such stuff, it’s just how the playerbase is..random rage, I doubt any of these guys is a nazi or wants someone to die or have cancer, they’re just stupid and angry.

  26. Lol Lipt0n was in IDEAL before, but I kicked him for telling someone to “cut his wrists and bleed to death”. He thought it’s a good idea to go and insult someone who previously reported a friend of his and fellow IDEAL ex-member for insulting in random battles.

  27. One time I was with my stock E-75, and I tried my best for dealing with the enemy.
    And the moment when I was last one alive in my team, I got very harsh feedback from two players (the two players were on the same platoon together).
    I got something like “you F**ing noob idiot”, “Learn to play twat”, “I bet you are polish player, total noob and idiot” (I’m actually from Finland, just like most of the EFE clan members, sadly)

    I was able to held the entire surviving enemy team away for very long time, getting 4 kills too. Untill I got surrounded by enemy T28 prototype platoon.
    But during all this time I got harrassed by the harsh feedback from the two players.

    After the battle results, I made over 6k damage, and was clearly the best player on my team.
    Only then I realized, that the two players who was very rude to me, was from EFE -clan.

    That explained the whole behaviour.

  28. yay FOKKER finally made it to Hall of Shame…took him long enough =)….i like that guy back in old days…little extreme sometimes, but funny anyway….long live [FTW] !! .)

  29. I support the teamkilling initiative because I am tired of waiting for WG to cleanup their game.
    and I am tired of seeing this abuse and hate from kids sitting at their keyboards, who would probably shit their pants if you would knock on their door, being ignored and tolerated. History taught us that sitting idle while bad things happen around us is never a good idea (I dramatize a bit, it’s still a virtual world only but one where we spend a substantial time in). It will only spread if other “bad apples” see that there are no consequences or that it’s even promoted by certain clans and you get notoriety for it too.
    As I see it there is little difference between these clans and real life hate groups, or at least one is a perfect precursor to the other.
    In conclusion, count me in.

  30. I must apologize for the lipt0n, he’s got some deep seated attention issues. E.g. He used to post trolling achevements on his school fb wall. Overall a cool guy, as long as he stay on the pills.

  31. This Hall of Shame makes me want to quit my break and get back to WoT, just so I could laugh, and laugh, and laugh… :D

  32. bounty on random-efe-members heads. Are u serious?
    And why owes Matt u an apology? Is he a a retard? Yes, but has he to apologize to you? Fuck no!
    Btw classic lipt0n…

  33. When somebody says something nasty to me, I usually reply “hugs and kisses, sweetie” or something like that. Since they’re usually homophobes, it makes their brains explode.

  34. hapettaja “call for cancer”? well i know him very well so Im suprised (after first EFE hall of shame he even want to solve problems (if i understand correctly)

  35. what really amaze me is that people are so mindblowing stupid that believe what SS is writing here….and they want to teamkill efe members to clear the game….mindblowing stupid…

    • so what you mean is all the in game chat pictures shown above are fake?
      (not saying SS is doing the “right thing” here, just kinda unable to understand your message)

      and they really do tk people just because they are EFE? that’s quite stupid indeed

  36. EFE is a real Stronk good Klanu first they use rasict insults, then they insult u as nazi, because u are German…
    I just wonder that i actually never saw DEU in here, the commander starts to insult racial when u blew up his cover about your ability not to hit him…

  37. What wold be really funny would be if someone were able to contact Anonymous to hack EFE. Crash their websites and anything and anyone associated with them, track down the real life losers behind all the racist crap and hack their life. LOL

  38. Always need a few LOLs to wake up to in the morning. Also can’t believe that some people take hating to a whole new world. At least if they hate against you SS you are doing something right. If you weren’t they wouldn’t be paying attention to you at all.

  39. FIRE (also part of EFE community) is even worse… finnish players SaunaSeppo, KylpyKalle, PoreallasPorvari, BARBITURAATTIPAAVO and so on (all in ASEFC clan), second accounts of FIRE players, are trolling ingame. they block, push, teamkill, insult other players (especially from ASEET community) without any reason. they don’t do any other things on these accounts but they are still not banned! SaunaSeppo has even got an M60….

  40. Nothing better to write about on blog? (overall quality seems to be decreasing with increasing donations and post count). So you create more EFE drama (which will in turn attract even more “trolling” which gets you offended)… You post more shame blog entries increasing EFE’s popularity, higher percentage of their flames get reported, more material for posting on blog…repeat…

    The_crucifixator’s “watch your fire” automated message is actually quite creative (even if it offends random clickers).

    And writing/having ts avatars also doesn’t mean they all mean it dead seriously (maybe very small percentage of all those entries do), I guess its getting more/was/is into EFE culture (tribal mentality, fitting in a group etc.). How it started is just their way of dealing with random battle teammate zombies which are plenty.

    • Kiss my ass, then fuck off. *whacks your hands* SS, along with some other bloggers, unveiled much more information about tanks and WoT than anybody else around. So, if you don’t like it, then don’t read it.

      • He did but as a hub from other sources mostly. I didn’t say I don’t like reading his blog just that he’s the one fueling more drama this time on some pretense of higher moral ground (bounty for killing EFE members and rest of the shit?), while it should be left to WG (but as we know they won’t do shit about it as they don’t care enough, while he provokes retards which in turn get more ppl offended keeping up shame blog). Posting won’t change anything (if you want to attempt to change anything talk to wg or use report system or report incidents to authorities), players will still be retards and insults will happen as they do in other games. But I guess he and some fanboys (you) enjoy attempting to play higher moral card, while doing so changes nothing and might even be counterproductive to reducing amount of whatever people get offended by.

  41. Holy Sh*t…. dramas….

    However, SS I think TK EFE’s member is not a good idea since nowadays people WILL be banned for teamkilling and team damaging; encouraging people to TK others, even they are assholes, is not solving the problems.

    But to be honest, if WG is not banning people for TK, shooting those arrogant idiots’ ass is a perfect idea

    • WG doesn’t directly ban the accounts. Their automated TK detector does, but it doesn’t work properly in most combat situations. So, let me give you a hint, if you stay behind an EFE guy, and if you take aim at the same guy, AND if you shoot the EFE guy instead of the target, the system would take this as a “accidental shot”. It happened to me, but nothing was done.

  42. World of tanks will only enforce its own EULA in areas that supports the company’s competitive advantage. So World of tanks would be likely to support their regulation only when it supports their business strategy.

    You must propose solutions which fit within a market-centered worldview. A market-based ‘solutions’ or approach to tackling this problem is to enable WOT to profit from their resolution, then the very intention of solving this problem is subsumed to the interest of profit.

    How can one force WOT to be ethical and apply its EULA? Since few users closely scrutinize WOT’s EULA’s ethical claims, WOT is able to get away with misleading messages even when they are refuted by independent sources (FTR).

    WOT Claims they are responding directly to the concerns of the user’s, seem to be untrue. If the users were concerned then they wouldn’t buy the product, right? How many millions of users do WOT claim to have? But if WOT uses the language of responsibility (EULA), then there must be an associated obligation, with or without consumer demand. WOT uses EULA as a corporate choice rather then a corporate standard.

    We must make WOT understand that upholding its own EULA rule that any user content that is unlawful, harmful, rude, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, that may be invasive of another’s right of privacy or publicity, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable is punished and in WOT’s best interest (profit).

    I assume WOT has spent millions on advertising. Keep a watchful eye on where WOT advertises and who else advertises on the same market. Send those companies copies of the wall of shame, tell them how WOT refuses to act. I bet that they would not wish to be associated with a company that allow such behavior, especially if you add that guilt by association would prompt you not to spend money on their products or the products of other advertisers in their venue. To profit WOT must advertise, to make it harder to advertise will force WOT to comply with its own EULA rules. WOT can even advertise that it supports a safe/clean environment for it’s……………..

  43. So much butthurt. And I did even make it to the Hall of Shame list. :(
    God damn puplic fags, where are all your reports? You promised me to get banned or at least get on this HoS list, but nothing :(

    But come on. Start this witch-hunt. I will love to see all the Forum posts of Tomatoes got banned just because they killed an EFE guy. :D
    Or all the lost rounds because noone could carry the public scum. Let´s face it. You noobs need someone who carry the round for you. Otherwise you spam the forum with stuff like “rigged MM let me lose all my rounds”

    And btw. GJ l1ght for leaking our TS. But you noob totaly failed with your screenshots. Why isn´t Yanzes Avatar here?

    • “You noobs need someone who carry the round for you”
      nope, personally I like challenges, and noob teammates bring challenges :D
      if I can just team up with unicums everyday and annihilate every enemy team with ease, whats the fun then?

  44. A thought: WG can obviously code for chat filters to block out offensive words, if you turn on the chat filter.

    Why can’t they code an automated reporting system, so that if you use the words “juden, nazi, auschwitz” etc. you automatically get an email warning. “Don’t use offensive language in chat”.

    You can create a blacklist with all the offensive words and possible re-spellings. “j u d e n, j_u_d_e_n, jud3n” etc. Very easy.

    Repeated offenses eventually get you a 1 hr ban, increasing as per the usual ban system.

  45. A hint: if you want to put a bounty on EFE-members, then make people hunt them as opponents in the enemy team, but no teamkilling, that ruins the game for the non-participants. The most spectacular EFE-kills get a reward.

    At least this would be interesting.

  46. Seems SS has some decline in visitors, now he brings back sensationalism.

    …the hordes of immature clickers will follow..

  47. unicums are cheating for sure. thats not suprising me.
    why? because to be good in wot is the most important thing in thair lifes.

  48. Whats so funny is these EFE guys aren’t even any good; they just play OP tanks and spam gold ammo and when a better player kills them then the rage begins LOL

    Biggest fail clan ever.

      • if you think just by playing those so-called op tanks and spam gold can make you a player with higher than 60% winrate, you must be new in world of tanks :D (you have to consider the fact that those “op tanks” and gold ammo is accessible to all players, so yea)

        not saying EFE members are good people, but their high skill level in game is quite undeniable (you could check noobmeter)

  49. Wow… You guys on the EU server have to put up with some really awful stuff… It might just be that I’m really lucky, but I hardly ever see anything quite so bad on the NA servers. True, we get the occasional rant, some swearing and some name-calling, MAYBE the occasional death threat on the worst of days… But this makes the worst NA players I’ve seen look like mild-mannered amateurs! Kudos to you all for putting up with that BS. And by the was, SS, its been stated before in the comments, but I’ll reiterate… Fighting fire with fire hardly ever works the way you want it. Rather than having a reward for Team Killing EFE players, I liked the idea someone earlier posted about rewarding players who drop out of games with EFE players in them. Or something like that, anyways. Just don’t sink to their level. i have too much respect for you to believe you’d really do that.

  50. God damn it,

    I have been stuck on the US Server since the split occured and used to want to join the EU server. But man, it is polluted with some of the most vile people I have ever seen.

    I have never seen hatred at this vitriolic level on the US server… it really is demoralising to see anti-semitism so alive and well in the european WoT community and gives the impression that it is a popular view point in younger people on the continent.

    As a Brit, and as a Jew it really puts me off visiting central and eastern europe, places until I started reading FTR that I was looking forward to seeing.
    Congrats to WG NA for keeping a lid on this sort of shit, WG EU, what a fucking mess.

    P.S. I disagree with the team killing event, it is not the right way of dealing with this, the community shouldnt have to deal with it at all. WG Eu should.

  51. Lol at the non-human trash. They be jelly of the Poles and Jewish people. I guess having a minority that is generally more successful than yours, really upsets some people to no end.

    Ty SS for the informative post. Maybe one day WG will get off their lazy butts.

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