Neubaufahrzeug Model

Hello everyone,

ever heard about Neubaufahrzeug? Well, in case you haven’t, it’s a pre-war German medium/heavy tank, that was actually used during the invasion of Norway by the Germans. In case you are interested in its detailed history, I wrote about it here (just scroll down a bit).

Neubaufahrzeug (Nbfz) was also at one point intended to be a tier 3 German premium heavy tank. The first mention of this vehicle (in the game) came in October 2013 with the 8.9 ASAP video, where it was “accidentally” shown as having a place in the tree:


Ever since, players have been asking, what happened to it – well, for some time at least, after some months, it was forgotten. It was never apparently implemented due to the fact it carried more than one gun and became the victim of “no multigun mechanism” issue. An interesting thing though: apart from the mention in the tree, a model seems to have existed as well.


This is actually a Krupp version of the Nbfz, the Rheinmetall one was kinda different. Unfortunately, the chance of seeing this tank before the multigun mechanism is implemented is quite low.

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  1. why would you need to wait for multigun to implement it? it only has a 7.5cm low velocity gun and mg’s

  2. And yet again WG will constantly say “We don’t need multi-gun.”

    It’s PAINFULLY obvious they’re avoiding it just to try and not look like they’re scrambling after Gaijin beat them to it. They got pipped at the post now they wanna act like “Oh it doesn’t even matter really!” to try and save face.

    There’s tons that would be helped by this, both in game and potentially to come.

    • You don’t really know much do you? Multi-turret mechanism is not hard at all to implement, it’s just that not many tanks would benefit from it thus not worth the work hours to do it. Get It? Of course they would benefit from that mechanism but if they use them somewhere else the benefit will be greater. Not many people like you whine about this shit and still most of these people play the game so if you want to make a point – stop playing.

    • ^This.

      The ratio of benefit gained to work done is really, really low. I can understand why WG is dragging their feet on this issue since 1) Not many tanks have a secondary gun 2) Those secondary guns don’t really add much 3) How do you make it easy for the players to use.

      IIRC, they have tested multi-turret mechanism, but really, it’s difficult to make it work within the game. Do you switch between guns? Do you make an AI fire the 2nd gun? Do you create a second set of buttons? A lot of issues exist and there’s no straight answer to any of them.

      The technology exists, WoWS already has it, but how do you carry it over to WoT?

      • Multiplayer Tank!

        You invite your friend to be your second turret! Everyone gets credit and XP (secondary player gets too for this tank, even if he doesnt researched it).

  3. They keep saying how many of the additional guns would be of no use. The number of thin skinned tanks that have come out since and the fact that there will be more. The M56 Scorpion Tank Destroyer that has been mentioned as the American premium TD, has “None” listed for its armor in “The Illustrated Guide To Tanks of The World”. So ya a Tier 4 with a 37mm cannon may not be of use against most opponents, but there are still a good number it can run into that the 37mm can go thru.

  4. you know what really rubs me the wrong way?

    War Tsundere is implementing multiturret mechanisms for only a select few vehicles, one of them being the T-35, they are doing this despite how maybe only three vehicles are able to use it.
    Yet WG over here is not doing it specifically BECAUSE there are only a few tanks that could use it.

    Hopefully this whole “competition” shebang will move the multiturret development up in queue for WG, yeah?

    • And…where exactly is the T-35? It’s been months and they still haven’t implemented it because they just realised the problems with it. How do you make it useful yet not make it OP? Give it an AI and that takes player skill out of the equation. Allow the player to control it, and how do you make it easy enough for them to use it that they would find it useful?

  5. It’s funny how WG goes “well, not many tanks would benefit from it, so we don’t care”. Yes, maybe now there aren’t as many vehicles in the game that would need it but at there’s at least twice the amount of vehicles waiting to be implemented, but won’t be because WG is full of lazy f*cks that are only hoping to cash on releasing OP BS vehicles instead of doing something productive for once.

  6. Well, crap. So few interesting tanks will end up on a virtual scrap yard. Farewell T-35, Neubaufahrzeug, improved M3 Lee (along with incoming Grant), all those ludicrous French superheavies and possibly other lesser known moments of armour designers’ madness. I will remain quietly hopeful, that a moment will come when I will see a clash of Royal (Land) Navy with the French (Land) Armada on the fields of WoT…

  7. I REALLY wish they’d just put this tank in the game , then if they EVER got around to multi-turret mechanism just rebalance it along with the others that would have it. Historically it had a 6 man crew layout so we could finally have a proper crew trainer to use for the Maus and E-100. Also it’d be awesome to use this in low tier tournaments.