Hungarian Branch in WoT – Part 5: Tier 2-4 tank destroyers

Author: Karika

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Part III: Turán medium tanks
Part IV: Tas medium tank


In this part, we’ll take a look at how could the low tier Hungarian tank destroyers, such as the Nimród, the Toldi tank destroyer and the Zrínyi be implemented into WoT. Everything is the same as in previous articles: I will try not to predict game parameters (health points or alpha damage) and the balance parameters (radiorange, RoF, etc.) would not necessarely be implemented as I listed them below.

Please note that these are only the historical characteristics, the would be implemented tanks could get unhistorical stuff as a last resort, if the game balance requires it.

Nimród – Tier II


Possible vehicle description:
Self-propelled anti-air and anti-tank autocannon, based on the Swedish Landsverk L-62. In total, 135 36/40M. Nimród vehicles were manufactured between 1940-1941 by the MÁVAG factory. At the early stage of the Second World War, these vehicles were used in anti-tank role as well, not just as mobile anti-air support units. However, after 1942, because of their insufficient firepower against the newer Soviet medium tanks, the Nimróds were moved from the Armored Corps to the Anti-Air Battalion and rarely fought against ground targets from that point onward.

You can read about the history of the Nimród here: … estroyers/ Note that the “In World of Tanks” paragraph of that article is obsolete.


Crew (with the L-62 turret): 5, Commander/Gunner, Gunner, Driver, Loader, Loader
Crew (with the Nimród turret): 6, Commander, Gunner, Gunner, Driver, Loader, Loader

Gun: 40mm 36 M. DIMÁVAG-Bofors L/63 autocannon
Ammo types: AP and HE
Ammo capacity: 160
Shells in autoloader: 4
Penetration with AP: approx. 72mm
Historical ROF: 120 shots/min
Gun depression, elevation: -5° +90°

Armor: 10-13/10/7

Stock turret: L-62
Turret armor: 10-13/10/10

Elite turret: Nimród
Turret armor: 10-13/10/10

Weight: 11 t
- Büssing NAG type L8 V/36 TR, petrol, 155 hp
- Ganz VIII. VGT 107, petrol, 155 hp
Power-to-weight ratio: 14 hp/t
Maximum speed: 46,5 km/h

Radio: R/5a

Notes and predictable in-game performance:

Could be researched from the L-62, Swedish tier 2 tank destroyer candidate too. Could participate in the upcoming Historical Battle mode.

The first experimental L-62 arrived from Sweden with a modified hull (same as the later Nimród hull), but with the original, smaller L-62 turret. Later this turret was enlarged to give enough space and protection for the desired extra crew member. However, I assume this difference between the capacity of the two turrets probably will not be modelled in the game and the stock Nimród will have 6 crew members too.


The 40mm DIMÁVAG-Bofors gun on this TD is very similar to the top gun of the in-game tier 3 British Cruiser Mk. IV and the tier 4 Covenanter, the QF 40 mm Mk. VI Bofors. Therefore, its performance in the game would be very similar to it too. In my opinion, even though the Nimród would get a tier 4 autocannon and a fully rotating turret at tier 2, it would be not overpowered. Its technically nonexistent armor – a tier 1 tank could penetrate 13mm armor, even with HE ammo! – and mediocre mobility, plus the probably below-average camo rating would compensate for the outstanding armament.

The Ganz VIII. VGT 107 is practically the unmodified, license-built version of the Büssing engine, that’s why they have the same power output.

In the real life, thanks to the unique steering system of the original Swedish L-62 – the vehicle was controlled through a steering wheel instead of levers – the Nimród was unable to turn on the spot, “on its heels”, like most of the tanks, because it was unable to completely stop the track of one side while turning. The narrowest turning radius was 5 meters, but I doubt that this will be modelled in the game, it would make the driving of the Nimród very difficult for an inexperienced player.

- Fully rotating turret
- Tier 4 gun with decent penetration
- Autoloader with 4 round clip
- With luck, it could destroy even a tier 3 tank with one clip (if we assume 50-ish alpha damage x 4 rounds)
- High historical RoF
- +90° gun elevation

- Useless armor
- Relatively tall silhouette, therefore not too good camo value
- Open top
- Average mobility
- Only -5° gun depression
- Second loader is not needed after this TD
- Frontal transmission
- Odd historical steering system, can not turn in one place IRL

Toldi páncélvadász / Toldi tank destroyer – Tier III


Possible vehicle description
In August 1943, the Ganz factory assembled this tank destroyer on the chassis of a Toldi I light tank, based on the experiments with German Marder II. Only one prototype was made and the design never entered mass production.

You can read about the history of the Toldi tank destroyer here: … z-project/


Crew: probably 3, Commander, Gunner, Driver

Gun: 75mm Pak 40/2 L/46
Ammo types: AP, APCR and HE
Ammo capacity: 21
In-game penetration with AP: 108mm
Gun depression, elevation: ?
Horizontal gun arc: ?

Armor: 13-23/13/7
Gun shield: 6mm

Weight: 10,5 t
Engine: Büssing NAG type L8 V/36 TR, petrol, 155 hp
Power-to-weight ratio: 14,8 hp/t
Maximum speed: 45-50 km/h

Radio: ?, probably R/5a

Notes and predictable in-game performance:

Not much to say. It’ll be a faster and more mobile Marder II on different suspension with a little bit less ammo. It’ll probably get the same vertical and horizontal gun arc as the Marder II. If you like to play with the in-game Marder II, you’ll probably like the Toldi TD too.

Could be researched from the tier 2 Toldi I light tank as well.

Same problem with the turning as on the Toldi I light tank and the Nimród tank destroyer.

- Decent gun, same as on the Marder II
- Probably it’ll have the same, good gun traverse and gun elevation as the Marder II
- Good mobility, even better than on the Marder II

- Poor armor
- Open top and back
- Very low historical ammo capacity (probably will be buffed)
- Frontal transmission
- Odd historical steering system, can not turn in one place IRL

Zrínyi – Tier IV


Possible vehicle description:
The 40/43M. Zrínyi II assault howitzer entered service in 1943 and became one of the most successful Hungarian armor designs during the World War II. Approximately 71 Zrínyi IIs were manufactured.  Along with the assault howitzer, an anti-tank assault gun version was designed as well. The original plan was to build the Zrínyi I and II in 2:1 ratio, but because of the slow development of the required 75mm gun, only one prototype 44M. Zrínyi I assault gun was made before the end of the war.

You can read about the history of the Zrínyi II assault howitzer and Zrínyi I tank destroyer here: … ault-guns/ Note that the “In World of Tanks” paragraph of that article is obsolete.


Crew: 4, Commander, Gunner, Driver, Loader

Gun: 105mm 40 M. L/20 howitzer
Ammo types: HE and HEAT (+ possible but unhistorical AP)
Ammo capacity: theoretically 52, in-practice 90-95
Historical ROF: 6 shots/min
Penetration with HEAT in 60°: 80mm
Gun depression, elevation: -8°, +25°
Horizontal gun arc: 22°

Gun: 75mm 43 M. L/43 anti-tank gun
Ammo types: AP, APCR, HEAT and HE
Ammo capacity: ?
Historical ROF: 12 shots/min
Penetration with AP: 113mm
Gun depression, elevation: -8°, +25°
Horizontal gun arc: 22°

Armor: 75/25/25
Gun shield: 25mm
Side-skirts: 5mm

Weight: 21,5 t (22,5 t with side-skirts)
Engine: WM V-8H, petrol, 260 hp
Power-to-weight ratio: 12,1 hp/t (11,5 hp/t)
Maximum speed: 43 km/h (40 km/h)

Radio: R/5a

Notes and predictable in-game performance:


Above: The only ever built Zrínyi I assault gun with a Zrínyi II on the background

The only difference between the two Zrínyi variants were their weight, the guns, and the shape of their gun mantlets. Everything else were the same.

The vehicle was named after the famous Hungarian-Croatian nobleman and general, Miklós Zrínyi (Nikola Šubić Zrinski), who died a hero’s death during the Battle of Szigetvár in 1566 against the Ottoman Turks.

Could be researched from the tier 4 Turán medium tank too.

Some sources incorrectly states that the Zrínyi I had 100mm frontal armor. That is not true, it had the same 75mm thick armor as the Zrínyi II. This wrong data could come from misreading, because with the 25mm thick gun shield, both Zrínyi variants had 100mm (25+75mm) thick armor around the gun. Zrínyi II recieved side-skirts in the war, so these additional side armor plates could be added to the in-game tank too.

This TD would probably have similar play style as the in-game StuG III Ausf. B and the Hetzer, the tier 4 German tank destroyers, because the gun selection (short 105mm and 75mm gun) is fairly similar. To compare: presumably better camo, thicker, but unsloped armor, similar gun selection, with worse mobility than on the above mentioned German TDs.

Could participate in the upcoming Historical Battle mode with the 105mm howitzer.

This TD lacks the necessary strong but historical armament, to put it to tier 5.

- Low profile, even lower than on the Hetzer or the StuG III, thus excellent camo
- Choice between 105mm “derp” and a decent 75mm gun
- Above average front armor (75mm unsloped and 75+25mm spaced armor around the gun)
- Decent gun depression

- Below average mobility and sluggish acceleration
- The well sloped, middle part of the front armor is only 13mm thick (50mm EFF)
- Mediocre gun traverse angle

The rest, little bit more problematic vehicles of the Hungarian tank destroyer branch will be described in the next part.

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      • Cuz it’s World of T54 clones :D
        “Look, here is a Finnish and a Hungarian version of the T54! And a French one. It’s historical, drunk Stalin talked about invading the world and giving T54 to every nation……”
        “Great man! Let’s implement it!”

  1. Are you sure that the Nimrod really will be balance? One thing I don’t view as a disadvantage is an open turret – open turrets give much higher view ranges. It having a long view range at tier 2, combined with the powerful armament, and fully rotating turret systems like a recipe for disaster given how many other tier 2 tanks are so lacking in the view range department. The only thing that it does worse than other vehicles of the tier in the TD class is that it is a bit tall, while it has that auto cannon. The FT AC has an autocannon too, but that is 25mm, and it has a very poor gun arc as compared to a fully rotating turret.

    • I think its solveable. Even though I agree with you about the probably good viewrange, it’s a balance parameter, so WG can give as high/low value as they want, to balance the vehicle. But on one hand, even if the Nimród would be the first one who spot the enemy, on the other hand it would be the first one to be spotted too, because it would be nearly the tallest tank amongst any tier 2 vehicles, only a tiny bit lower than the Medium II. And once its get spotted, it’s doomed, because anything hits it will penetrate.
      Or they could balance it with just adding bad soft stats elsewhere, such as they could give the gun really bad aim circle spread while rotating the turret, or average accuracy, or nerfed mobility soft stats, low HP, or else. I could not predict this, we’ll have to see it first on the test server to judge.

  2. Ft AC gun is basically an anti-tank machinecannon, has short range so it can’t be used to snipe.

    Nimmy’s gun is different. The article did said that it has the feel like those Bofors autocannon…