No Free FV4202 For You!

Hello everyone,

Russian channel WoT Fan brought a video with the upcoming tier 8 premium British MT, FV4202 (that will in the future be replaced by Centurion Action X, but don’t expect this to happen anytime soon).



The most important piece of news is… there will be no free FV4202 for current tier 10 FV4202 owners. Those, who have the FV4202 currently, will simply get it replaced with its successor. This channel is officially supported by Wargaming (it’s a sort of video outlet for WG RU), so yes, this is most likely legit. Well, shit.

The vehicle according to video has following characteristics:

Weight: 44,75 tons
Engine: 510 hp
Power-to-weight: 11,39 hp/t
Hull traverse: 40 deg/s
Maximum speed: 35 km/h

Hitpoints: 1400
Hull armor: 50/50/31
Turret frontal armor: 170mm
Viewrange: 390m

Gun: 20pdr
Penetration: 226/258/102
Damage: 230/230/?
Aimtime: 2,6s
Accuracy: 0,35
Elevation: -10/+20
Turret traverse: 36 deg/s

178 thoughts on “No Free FV4202 For You!

      • Yup looks like Crap.. look at that top speed and Hp/t they might aswell call it a Caernarvon and make it a heavy tank.
        or is it gonna be 7000ish gold price ?! humhum ;-)

        • Oh God this has to be the worst premium stats i’ve seen lol!!

          Power-to-weight: 11,39 hp/t
          Maximum speed: 35 km/h
          Hull armor: 50/50/31
          Aimtime: 2,6s

          LOLZ!! personally i would bother playing this shit even if i get it for free.

  1. Well, it makes perfect sense. As there are leaks, if people found out that they get it free, many would go crazy to grind it fast before the change happens. And profit? No profit :D. So like this people who have the current tier 10 will get new one without losing anything and neither loses WG :)

    • Yes, that’s how it should always happen. Old T34 heavy owners will strongly agree, and all FV owners will find it completely fair.

    • we do lose, a tank we gotta earn back, or worse even buy it back.
      second WG has allot to gain, oh we will just replace your product, if you want it back you will have to buy it from us.
      so yeah they got everything to gain and we only get to lose the product we own!

      • Better read the ToS again. You don’t own any of the tanks in the game, you don’t even own your account.

        • so you are saying they can take your gold tank back and not give any reward too? that sounds like fraud

          • Obviously they can’t just take away gold you bought and not compensate you for it in the form of a refund. But they do have the right to do just that (refund your gold and other stuff and take away your account) if their terms of service give them the right to do so.

      • You don’t lose a product you own. First, because you do not actually own it and second because you get another tier 10 tank instead. If you lost a tank without getting a new one instead, that would suck indeed, but that is not the case, is it?

    • WG doesn’t lose by giving you a few extra pixels and if you are a collector type of person you most definitely lose when they take that in particular tank away then charge you to get it back as a premium. And we can’t have everyone in the game going crazy to grind it out quickly right? that would be nuts and unprecedented like every on track like the is4 and 7 deal and the kv deal and the t34 deal and all the rest.

  2. Well fuck you too WG…

    Next time, do your stupid research and balance things PROPERLY before you pull of such stupid stunts.
    If you had done your job well… this would NOT have EVER been an issue. Top tank experts my ass…

    Yes, WG can do whatever they want, yes we may be a bit entitled, but FFS we can bitch and complain as much as we want :P

    *goes back to counting days till Witcher 3 and playing Survarium. AK-12 requires more sacrifices*

      • “Yes, WG can do whatever they want, yes we may be a!!! bit entitled,!!! but FFS we can bitch and complain as much as we want :P”

        Languages are treasure mate. Learn English :)

        Seriously now, they did not. We got leaks and translated RU Q&A sessions. As I said, I will still bitch and moan.

        Whatever, already got the M60, WZ-111 and several tanks on sale :P… I dont need more right now. Other games are calling.

        • And those tranlsated leaks and Q&A sessions all said that either it’s a possibility or they are thinking about it.
          But do go on, bitch and moan more. Surely someone will care.

          • Seems like at least you do care.

            Q&A sessions are usually good sources of info.

            Still, what else are we to do? Bitch, moan, wait Armored Warfare, play a bit of WT… and other games. I see no other option that is within the realms of a normal functioning society.

            And yeah, WG did the UK tree lazily. Incompetence deserves berating.

            • Well, why should we get a T8 Premium Tank for free? Why? I have currently a T10 British Medium, and i will keep a T10 British Medium in the Future… It’s no longer called “FV4202″ but “Centurion ActionX” – as long this Successor is as good or better, i am ok with it.

              Why you guys await that you get a T8 Premium Tank for free? Is it because T9 and T10 Heavies were replaced years ago? And you got a T34 as a gift.. now you constantly think this is now normal behaviour?

              I am myself thinking “Bummer..” but the way some Kiddos behave in here is just pathetic as usual among most WoT Player-Gamer-Whiner-Brats – or how one should call it. How the fuck you think it is your fucking “Right” to claim a T8 Premium tank for free? Honestly…. -.-

              • Never mind I got a free IS-4, a Free T-34, and I dont remember the other three I received Free in the 1st year, when they changed the trees.

                They started it by giving them away free…it would be their own fault.

              • It actually isn’t their right, but WG really did bring this upon themselves. It’s like reducing taxes. The moment you do it(and if you do it a couple of times especially), it will be political suicide to stop doing it. It may have been a shortsighted mistake on their part when they first did it since it was the first attempt they had at doing tank replacements and the like, but this is the result. People nowadays feel it’s expected when tank replacements happen, and they mistake that expectation as rights.

              • it’s called customer service. IF they got free premiums years ago and they are bitching about not getting one now that means a couple things. 1 they have been stupid loyal in playing a video game for YEARS. 2 they have come to expect a certain level of SERVICE for their patronage over those years. And Furthermore people that support this and say well maybe WG is right and why do you moan blah blah only serve to weaken OUR power as consumers. Stop being a fucking scab and join the union

      • The problem with free tier 8′s is WG let the info out and take a year plus to implement it. T34 took over a year to happen and the FV was meant to be done by Christmas , the longer they take to sort there stuff out the more people have time to get one, if they don’t want to flood the game with free tanks once the info is out there make it a priority to get the job done simple.
        When they said Christmas , I said Easter and its looking better for my prediction with no info on development, than theirs with all the facts.

  3. F*** WG ! I’m not really care, but that is quite a dick move from a big company.
    Oh well, since I got tired of this game already, this could be a reason to take some rest.

    • Two things to know about WG:
      - their basic philosophy is “give us your money, also fuck you we do what we want”
      - they couldn’t do PR properly to save their lives

      So hey, I’m not surprised at all. “Oh there’s all this buzz about giving out premium FVs, that we’ve been feeding for months? Ha, ha, ha, let’s shit all over that. Oh what good jokers we are!”

      • they never said anything about it being free…infact they said, it will not be free, there will be a mission to get it “for free”. and theyre giving you something better anyway…remember thats why theyre replacing it?

        • Why do you keep saying this bullshit? They are replacing it because its stats are way adrift from the real thing in Bovington. There is absolutely no guarantee that the replacement will be any better, and knowing WG I am expecting a nerf.

      • What do you mean? He already passed the cromwell. As for the Cent 7/1…lol…the conqueror is a better medium tank than the 7/1 and it’s not even trying.

    • Strongly disagree. Cromwell is best of the line by far, followed by the Comet. I found the tier 8 & 9 awful. Don’t mind the FV4202 though.

      • I personally rate Comet higher than Cromwell, mostly because it can actually shoot on the move(verstab on tier7) and has troll turret armor. :) Although yeah, Cromwell is one of 2 best meds on its tier :P

        • idk i really dont like the cent 7/1:P just feels like a worse conquer in almost every way. at least with the 105.

      • Amen. Only thing that would have made the Cromwell better would have been the vert stab. But cents kinda blow, which is weird given their real counterparts..:D

        • Centurion 7/1 is by far the best tank of the line , fantastic gun , troll ufp and turret , excellent pen unlike the comet which is a terrible tier 7 , dont want to spam prem? You are fucked in anything other than top tier mm.

  4. Still chance to receive it in easy missions? Or did too many people get the current FV4202 from their “maybe”-propaganda?

    • That was the point of the whole thing. They kept leaking false information, and kept up the lies saying “maybe get it for free”, “maybe get it with a mission”, people knew this already happened once with the T-34, so hoping that WG isn’t just being a dick for once, a lot of players did grind that line, and did get the FV4202. It was an obvious trick to get the playerbase to be interested in the tank that’s considered to be one of the worst t10 by many players.

      • its not a trick its being replaced by something better, youre getting something better than what you have. why complain about that.its your fault if you think a company should do something just because it benefits you

  5. Oh, well. Still I will have fond memories from the last switch when I had T34 (T9 heavy) and T30 (T10 heavy) before the patch, and after the patch I wound up with T34-premium heavy, T30-T9 TD, M103 and T110E4, good times:)

    • Haha, those times are long gone. It’s too bad. I took a break once, had the KV (T5) and KV-3 (then T6) in garage, came back to KV-1, KV-2, KV-3 and T-150, as well as 100% crew for all of them. ^^

      • I managed to gain extra tanks when the USA heavy line was changed around (my T-34 became a premium and T-30 became a T9 TD), also the USSR line (where my T9 IS-4 became a TX and I gained a IS-8), also the KV split and the KV-3 change from a T6 heavy to a T7 Heavy.

        I also had the Panther II and Panther in my garage when they were changed.

        I haven;t ground much further than the Black Prince and Comet in the UK line-up though.

  6. Not enough uni’s played the tank so there not worried about making the core elite audience angry with this decision. I think its a horrid move for those of us who went through the grind for the tank and even more so given that they handed the much better T34 out like candy when its times came [note - people got a shiny new tank with the premium in that switch out]. Goes to show if the tanks not popular with CW / SH it won’t get the love it should from WG.

    • That’s why they *DID* hand out the T34 – because the replacement was WORSE. Which is not the case this time.

      • The M103 worse then the T34?
        What the hell are you smoking? Nostalgia is a real bitch, true, but damn…

        M103 is one of the finest Tier 9 Heavy Tanks. T34 was decent (after 180k xp) due to a good gun.

        • the old t34s stats was 3x better then the m103 is what hes saying.. it had a rof of i think it was 8 rounds a min?

          • Yes it had better gun soft stats and awesome DPM + 10 degrees depression.

            It was also slower, had WAAAY less hull armor and worse turret armor overall with less penetration.

  7. I guess that after this video the question of what exactly happens with current FV4202 owners will sooner or later appear in one of Q/A’s and we will finally get a definite answer – after all there was some talk about the “special mission”.

  8. Wheeeeee – a whopping 35 km/h top speed for a medium tank? That’s the machine I have always been looking for.


    Like for a weak tier 8 premium medium with unlimited match making (Panther 8.8).

  9. lul, WG.

    So the sequence of events:
    WG releases FV4202 with unhistorically buffed stats (and in a feat of balancing incompetence still manages to make it mediocre at best)
    Players complain that the end of line is mediocre
    Players complain more that the end of line is mediocre
    Players continue complaining that the end of line is mediocre
    WG finally grants a small, but significant buff to the RoF of the gun
    Suddenly, tank is decent
    Around the same time, news of the Action X switch and downgrade of 4202 to more historical stats drops
    Players ask if they’ll get a free premium for already having the tank, a la T34
    WG declines, stating “lol no, you get nothing for putting up with your crappy tank for so long”
    Players ask more, again pointing out the precedence that the T34 situation set
    WG “caves”, hints repeatedly that players who own the current 4202 may complete a mission of some sort to obtain the “new” tier 8 for “free”
    Players pay out money for premium account and free experience to unlock/buy current 4202, probably in the end making WG more money than sales of the actual tank will
    “lol nope sorry we changed our minds again”

    Well played, WG, well played. It was a “fuck you, Brit med players” that could be seen from a mile off, but I’m sure enough people actually believed you would come through for them to make up for any minor resulting loss of profits.

    • You Sir are absolutely right.
      Before rumors about “free tier VIII” I didn’t pay much attention to Brit medium line. When I started THE grind I kinda got in love with them, especially with Cent 7/1. When I got FV 4202 two months ago I just couldn’t figure out why people are bitching about that tank (It was after WG made last buff to it)…It has laser gun which penetrates Stalinium like a hot knife penetrates butter with no need to aim much, stronk turret, nice mobility (- top speed), good HP pool…

      AND now we will get who knows what (no one has any idea about look/stats of Action X) ?!
      F**K YOU WG !!!
      Can’t wait for AW beta to finally say good bye to you WG…

      P.S. Anyone interested in buying WN8 1760 acc, 55%, with 15K games, 7 tier Xs, 3 prem VIII (T32, JT, SP), Type 62, E-25, and shit load (cca 40) of other tanks (tier VI-IX)? :)

  10. Really a dick move from WG, first hyping this up and then “lol no fu”. Well, I’m kinda not surprised cause, you know, E-25 removed before discount. Seeing that the new Death Star is really short of utter crap I wouldn’t be surprised if they made the Action X Centurion and Chieftain equally as crappy.

    • deathstar II in the starwarz movie was more crap then the deathstar I lol what you expect?

  11. Panther 88 does not have turret armor though. This looks like it could hull down very well. Also has double the depression of the Panther, and more pen.

    • the more pen is almost meaningless as you will have shit rof, the turret is 170 and flat, so 170 effective, and a t69 has 173 pen, so even that shitty gun has basically 50% chance of penning you, and that’s the thickest part, and as with the curent fv, although it says, that the turret is 196 only the middle part is 196, so in this case only the middle part will be 170 and the rest is even shittier

    • This doesn’t have turret armor either, the 170mm is just a small strap. Everywhere else it’s paper on the turret.

  12. Corridor maps, imba tanks, personal missions bullshit and now this. Well, FUCK YOU WG. I’m not going to buy any more premtanks (was thinking about it) or prem acc (was going to buy another month of prem time). Maybe I’ll buy garage slots when they’re on a discount, but that’s it.

  13. Just how impartial this preview is can be judged by the summary at the end “in my opinion it will be one of the coolest vehicles at tier 8″. Cheap shot.

    According to video “new” FV4202 will get weaker engine and thinner hull armour. And yet it will be 2 tonns heavier. I guess all this air inside is pretty damn heavy.
    Compared to Centurion Mk.I it will have +4 deg/s overall turn rate, thinner hull armour, weaker engine, lower power to ton ratio, slower top speed (it will be lagging behind most heavies with those 35km/h), less hit points, probably comparable turret armour (mentioned 170mm is most likely just the thin strip that is 196 mm now), slightly worse gun handling, slightly shorter view range. To sum it all up it will be worse than regular tier 8 medium in all departments. Which kinda ruins the concept of premiums having “a superior feature balanced out by several inferior ones”. As shown in this video this tank has nothing. Unless it farts credits just by sitting in the garage.

    On the other hand the characteristics will be final only when it’s in the premium shop. Not that i have any hopes about it. It’s getting increasingly obvious that British line is not intended to have decent premiums.

  14. Pingback: Výměna FV4202 za prémiák zdarma? Nebude!

  15. Why would you get a free FV4202 when you get a free Action X to replace it?

    SS one can see the salt in your writings, so stop, WG isn’t doing anything wrong with this yet.

    • Yep, time to reroll accounts of all the guys who got premium t34 for free. Because REASONS!

      • Who gives a fuck about the free T34 anymore? That has a little to do with this, that was like two years ago. WG can’t just give out free stuff like that.

        • Wg can and wg did – t34. Little to do? Really? It’s the same story, but this time wg decided to screw everyone who wanted prem fv4202 and possibly spent some money during the grind (oh, hi!). Dick move is a dick move.

        • They cannot? O o
          They don’t make enough cash you re right! serb need more moon base cashola!
          Either way, video is entirely unofficial , it doesn’t engage wg to anything at all, unlike QAs which are from official wg staff.

            • Yeah, dont trust him. Remember the December missions fiasco?
              He was miserably wrong on every single one. I say we still have a small chance for free prem tank (even a shitty one).

  16. WTF?!?
    T34 was given out for free and that was tier 9…….
    We grind up all the way to the FV4202, only to get cock blocked by WG.

    Alright, see ya back to warthunder it is then…………

    • I’m @ cent mk7, type a barrel and missing the top engine, but I’ll still make it before the switch I guess. I’ll still grind the top tier, but seriously, greedgaming just went full dick mode.

      I’d rather wait for AW.

  17. I somehow dont believe it, had some official straight say no sometime, then yes, then for mission ,then back to no, then back to mission, etc.

    Fact is WG will earn too many angry customer from not doing it, so my bet is it will happen regardless .

    This is an unofficial video anyway, doesn’t engage WG to anything, even less then the QA.

    People are idiots for panicking on something unofficial like this.

    • You don’t believe that WG would heavily imply they’re going to do something to get people to spend more money, then “change their minds” and do something completely different?

      You must be new here.

      • Or You are, they keep changing their mind since they decided to change the T10 brit medium.
        If you chose to believe unofficial amateur video over official QAs, be my guest.

        • Tell you what.

          You keep believing that they’ll hand out free tanks. It’s possible, modern WG does occasionally have bouts of decency.

          I’ll keep believing that they played it to make as much money as possible, and are going to turn around and NOT hand out free tanks in an attempt to make even more money.

          If I turn out to be wrong, then people will get free tanks, I’ll have egg all over my face and you can have a good laugh. Everyone’s happy, except my face.

          If I’m right, you’ll be quite disappointed, I’ll have expected it and be indifferent, and I get to say “I told you so”.

  18. WG don’t usually pisses me often, but hey WG fu*k you srsly, like you haven’t got many new premium tanks to suck money from us….

      • It’s OFFICIAL wg channel, where videos are pre-approved by WG staff and are paid for (gold or money).

        • Still doesn’t mean they pay attention to everything said there as it has little importance, and the people validating are different from people actually taking the decision.
          The video is still unofficial.

          • The polite way to say is “you are completely wrong” and “please, don’t talk with me anymore”.

  19. Well this will be worst selling premium tank in game…I would drive this in t6 let alone in t9 or t10 if it doesnt get pref matchmaking. 35 km/h with paper armor…sure.

  20. soo there will be a Fantasy FV4202 ala tier 10 and a FV4202 original as tier8 premium?I dont understand WG…..

    • Fv moved down 2 tier as a premium and either give for free, for mission, or not at all, have to wait official WG decision.

      Tier 10 replaced by entirely new tank.

      • Yes i know but in patch 9,6 there will be no Centurion X there will be still FV 4202 as tier 10 and new premium FV4202 as tier 8.Or have i miss somethink?

        • If you take a closer look at the leaked 9.6 vehicles post (where the vehicles are in the garage) you can see a (P) sign next to its name, thus i would say we will have to face with not 1 but 2 FV4202s in 9.6 or in 9.7 more likely!

  21. Funny, I unlocked Cent. 7/1 ages ago, but have never bought it.

    When FV4202 swap was announced, and some sounds and precedent indicated it might be a way to get a ‘free’ premium, I considered grinding up to it, but I made sure to wait until WG had made a definitive statement.

    Good call, me.

    (On the other hand, the only premium I have ever bought was the FCM 50t. While I managed to get Ace Tanker in the very first game (!), it really turned out to be a pile of shit for me. Very stronk 43% WR before I sold it. As a poor guy who doesn’t even have premium time these days, it’s a massive regret that I don’t have a premium tank, particularly tier 8, because I wasted the purchase on the 50t.)

    • bad call because this 1) unofficial and worth crap compared to QAs
      2) cent 7 is a fun tank

      • I hate slow fat mediums. I think the concept of the Centurion is cool, and I really tried to like the Cent. I, but it just isn’t what I want in WoT.

  22. They say this every time and then give it to everyone anyway. It’s just to prevent everyone grinding the FV4202 to get it for free so they get more potential sales later.

    • I don’t think they need to worry about sales, they’re killing any chance of any of those happening by giving it stats like this :P

  23. During August last year, I wanted to grind the entire line just so I could receive a free T8 premium. I’m so glad I quit at Cromwell.

  24. I’m 135k away from unlocking the FV4202.

    This news just made me stop completely no point anymore. Did not spend any real money but used around 5 thousand gold that i had in my account since 7 months ago to get the L7A1 gun on the Centurion 7/1.

    I’m going to save that 100 euro that i never spent on World of Tanks and instead look to purchase a Pre Order pack with AW.

    • Me 2 laughingly. Wanted to keep the Cent 7/1 but I needed the credits as I may be busy this weekend and might not be able to play. Oh well, if I can grind some 4m more I can buy the BatChat

      • I had 4mln creds to grind today, so i started to play Super pershing with medium tanks “personal missions” turned on, and after seeing that finishing first 5-6 missions of each type(lt/mt/ht/td/arty) i gives me 75k creds, i started doing said missions(having tier5+ premium tanks for every type of tanks, aside from SPG helped). It gave me 700k in no time.

        After that, after my friend advised me to do so, i went to my “depot” and started selling every gun, engine, track, radio or turret, that wasn’t loaded on a tank or i knew i wouldn’t need in any close future/at a time, and as such i got like 3-4mln creds in 5 minutes.

        So if you didn’t do it yet, i advise this approach.

    • It’s a Centurion chassis with a unique (superficially like the 4202′s, only better-armored) turret, an L7 variant, and probably a variant of the 7/1′s top engine (not the same engine, to avoid a “free” unlock when the tank is unlocked) to drive it.

      It’ll basically be a 7/1 with higher RoF and (mostly) better turret for hulldown. If you like the 7/1, then no, it shouldn’t be garbage.

      • Well i love my 7/1 but afaik Action X had some pretty bad hull armor, think it was mentioned on FTR earlier :S

        • Same as T-54 to T-62A: higher tier, worse armour. -_- I really wish they’d get rid of either the T-54′s prototype armour or fantasy mobility.

    • I was going to say that uses AP/APCR/HE ammo like the normal 20pdrs, but that 102mm of penetration sure does sound like credit HESH.

      Could be a decent light tank killer if they don’t go with the mediocre 7.5r/m rate of fire that they were originally planning on.

  25. The reply’s in this thread actually made me create an account just so I could respond. I find all the complaining to be unfounded. WG never once promised anything. WG never lied about anything. WG will not be taking anything from you or making you grind anything else. They are swapping an existing tank for a new tank and knowing them they will retrain your existing crew to the new tank.

    If you took their claims of “we are considering” or “we may make a mission” or worse of assumed that because of what they did with the T34 meant you were getting a free tank then your assumption was poorly made. WG does not owe you a tank. They do not even owe you an apology. What they do owe the player base is a tank to replace the tank they are removing, hence the ActionX for the 4202.

    I do not feel bad for people that spent money to grind the 4202 because they took that chance based on the assumption that they themselves made. It was players and fan sites that made all the free tank hype, not WG. Blame yourselves and no one else.

    • I can even imagine that WG decided not to give free FV4202s because of the amount of recently unlocked/bought FVs.
      It’s one thing that WG hinted the possibility of free FVs but it’s the blogs/fansites “fault” that the echo of the decision reached a bunch of players. Seeing the statistics WG might changed its mind thus.
      IMO if the whole thing would not been hyped, (thus the # of FVs wouldnt increase significantly) we would have gotten a free premium.
      Anyways I’m okay with the decision but I’m quite worried about the ActionCentu’s performance. Hell it might turn out to be a better fitting tank for my playsytle

      P.s.: I feel bad for you! Seeing all the whiney bastards drive me mad as well. I know that feel…

    • +1, feel your pain.

      I commented on one of the articles here on FTR (bottom comment) back in mid-August, giving my thoughts on what was basically becoming a hype based on completely unconfirmed rumours.

      I was wrong about one thing though. Hyping this shit doesn’t seem to have backfired on FTR at all. It’s Wargaming that’s being lynched for it, despite never promising anything. And SS puts this up on the front page as it’s own news item, written in a way that makes it feel as if he doing his very best to scapegoat Wargaming for the failed expectations he has been a huge part of creating.
      In the end, it ends up justifying some Wargaming employees’ attitude to “leaks and news” blogs pretty well.

      Only comment I’ve seen from SS so far in the comment section is “If you don’t like what I write, don’t read it.”
      Well, if you see this, I do like most of what you write. I just don’t like that you take such an irresponsible attitude to what you report and how. Blogging is not necessarily professional journalism, but when your audience is as large as it is now, I’d recommend starting to think of it more as if it was.
      (Or think of yourself as a sheep herder. A lot of sheep read your blog. You report, they lead. If you report irresponsibly, they follow suit.)

  26. I just came here to say one sentence.


    That’s all. Have a nice day.

  27. Normally I’d say fuck you wg but since I haven’t played the game in months and have no intention of starting again I no longer care about getting that free premium. Still, the last time I played the game in August last year was only to get the FV4202…

  28. I was in the middle of grinding the UK medium line when all these rumors started. At that point I was almost done with the Comet (which I hated, not the tank, just wasn’t for me). So, I didn’t decide to play UK mediums for a free tier 8 premium. I did, however, bump that particular grind higher up in priority, just in case. I’m glad I did, I love the Centurion I and 7/1, and I really enjoy the FV4202 as well.

    I understand the 4202 isn’t a “Clan Wars Tank”, but I don’t play clan wars, and it is a solid pub tank. It has a great gun, great mobility (not top speed), great UFP, and good gun depression. Unless the Centurion X is something really special I expect I will miss the current FV4202 when it is gone.

    I’d like to have a UK medium premium that isn’t a snore fest (like the Matilda BP), but I’m not sure I want to ruin my memories of the 4202 with what it will become as a tier eight. While I’d happily take it for free, or as the result of completing a mission, I’m not sure missing out would be a bad thing either.

    • I never liked the Brit meds, having stopped around tier 5. But I’ll admit, I got greedy when I heard I might be getting a free premium Tier 8. As I rolled through the tiers I came to like the tanks, and when I got to the Cent 1 I was pleasantly surprised at what a fun tank it is. The 7/1 is even more of the same.

      At this point, I have about 50K exp towards the FV4202 on the 7/1, and more than enough experience on other tanks to convert into free XP to get the Tier 10. I hadn’t pulled the trigger on buying gold because I have been having so much fun with the 7/1. Now it seems like I wont be getting a free premium. But I am not really bothered with that as otherwise I never would’ve discovered what a great tank the 7/1 is.

  29. Never trust a Russian.


    They might declare that they’re multinational, but in core, they’re simply Russian. And you know what? They’re -I mean those nationalist fucktard baldy retarded Neo-Stalinist Slav’s- full of shit. I believe and support the decision of their extermination. (Eye for an eye, bitches, Nazi against Anti-Nazi, deal with it.)

  30. It would be cool if we could decide to get a free prem or new t10 replacement. But you would have to grind that new t10 again if you decide for pree prem. That imo. would be a prety fair exchange.
    Most of the people would probably take the new t10 tank… so not so many prem FV’s driving around.
    Or they could give curent owners some kind of discount on the new premium FV4002 (like 50% or something like that) that would last for about a month or two…. that would make many owners buy it (because why the hell not if its 50% off) —> quick WG money.
    Or at least something to keep both.

  31. Abominably retarded of WG to do this.

    Will never buy WG gold again, even though I ground out Cent 7 normally and got 4202 15% off on last Thanksgiving. Obviously they aren’t interested in actually selling and thus testing the damned tank, because this is WORSE THAN PANTHER 88 and only LANDTARDS will buy it.

  32. So at 1:54 in the video they fire the gun three times in a row. Using my stop watch I get 7.7s-8s reload time. Is that accurate? 1700dpm if it has a 7.8s reload… LOL!! no thanks.

  33. I see a super slow version of the Centurion MK1 at the same tiers. It would also have to make mad bucks to be worth using as a money grinder as British rounds are fairly expensive. But even the Cent. Mk1 had its money making improved after it came out, so I can promise this tank will have SOME money making potential. That is totally not considering how good this thing actually would be.

    I just hope we get SOMETHING, either it be a discount (like 50% off) for previous owners or an individual mission to get it and less to do (we got to tier 10, that is already an intense grind!) Cuse come on, some people actually grinding to get this tank, and WG removes it from them lol?

  34. Wow, so they’ve taken an FV4202, taken away its only decent bit of armour (the front upper glacis) made up a new 20pdr with worse stats in every way than the 20pdr on the Centurion mk.1 (also tier 8). Made it have one of the worse power/weight ratio of any medium tank, hell, even if I do get this thing for free I seriously doubt I’d be masochistic enough to actually play it! are Wargaming trying to outdo themselves on making a tier 8 premium that sells even worse than the Panther 8.8? I bet they still will charge 635 credits per AP round at 230 alpha in this thing as well so it will be terrible at making credits!

  35. I wanted to get the Centurion 7 anyway, but rushed at the end to unlock fv4202, only to know half a year later that it Really won’t be given for free.. whatever, i have not bought it yet, so nothing is lost.. just got to wait for some final action x stat&screenshots

  36. Though it maybe true that Wargaming had stated the fact that they “Might” let you keep the FV4202 when they do a replacement, but they do reserve the right to do so because its a business. The main problem that probably is afflicted here is the T34, IS4, and several other tank trade offs that have happened in the past.

    The IS4 Event made owners of the Heavy Tank tier IX that once lead to the IS7, get the well known IS8 for free, and some players still own their IS8′s up to this date. This is very similar to the current event because they didn’t say “well you only own a tier 9, so you are going to get a tier 9″.

    Then the T34 Event happened, where the whole heavy line for the Americans changed, the T34 and the T30 were moved, and the T34 was made into a premium heavy. Everyone who had owned the T34 at that time got it for free once again just like the IS8, and also received the equivalent tier 9 heavy known as the M103 as T30 owners also received the T110E5.

    So let Wargaming shoot themselves in the foot for poor market practice, I certainly wont buy anything from them for a Very long time if they do.

    • Most people generally dislike the IS-8 at tier 9. The ST-I is pretty much what the tier 9 IS-4 was except with the M62 and the ability to hull down more effectively than any other tier 9.

      • yea but since WG screwed over Pz4 owners I have lost faith in them doing the right thing, WE nerf your tank , take your turret and your gun and give you crap, if you want you old tank we now sell it to you as tier 6 Premium, since then WG have said stuff you at every turn I think.
        OLD WG- Take KV-1/2 split you got 2 tanks a slot and a crew
        NEW WG – Take KV-1S split you get 1 tank and a researched 1
        its all going down hill and pissing off the old player base a lot.
        Free FV I am not holding my breath,

  37. if you had the tank before the news for the replacement-dont complain your getting an upgrade.
    if you just happened to go down the line- dont complain its an upgrade.
    if you tried to beat the system in hopes for a free tank.-dont complain you tried to screw this system before it screwed you

    • Problem is that the system changed, but meh I don’t mind keeping my money in my wallet, and watch Wargaming crash in a burning wreck as other people may also do the same.

      I like my FV4202, but wouldn’t mind an upgrade, ill miss it.

  38. FTR and other unofficial sites hyped free FV4202 tier 8 premium. WG never confirmed. Now people are all mad after grinding towards it because of unconfirmed rumours? Got just yourselves to blame for that assumption.

    Either way, wouldnt mind getting that t8 prem for free (or with discount as mentioned in other comments), looks pretty solid, 6,75s reload according to timer in that vid, so around 2024 dpm or so if i counted right. For comparison FCM 50t has 1920 and Type 59 has 1725 and T34 that was given free couple years ago only 1600. It looks like has decent soft stats since it seems to have okayish mobility/agility even if its quite slow for medium when it comes to top speed. -10 gun depression is also very nice, hopefully turret can bounce something too.

    Anyways its too early to doom it as useless tank, WG might have actually learned something from Panther 88 failure, which was so catastrophical they even had to lower its price and refund buyers with some of the gold. Lot will depend on if it has spec mm or not, but 20pdr can definately hold its own even against tier 10 targets with its high penetration.

    Special matchmaking would justify weaker armor and gun handling than Centurion Mk I and make this tank wanted and good alternative to FCM 50t. We dont need another Panther 88 failure that doesnt sell and is just lot weaker than other earlier similar kind of options (FCM 50t).

  39. No free stuff anymore serb wants to go to the moon…and to infinity and beyond.
    Anyway i didnt expect to get it free but for some mission maybe nvm i like the fv4202 probably the change will be better.

  40. at the comment section of the video where WoT Fan left a comment asking everyone what was their first impression of it.
    some random guy basically said *Кусок говна* which I believe means a piece of shit.

  41. You guys keep b-tching about how wrong is what WG is going to do.

    Here’s a thing: devs/WG employees in their Q&A didn’t have the same answer for the question: “will people get free tier8 premium with the switch”.

    I remember reading on this blog about 3 options:
    1- Yes, it will be a switch.
    2- You will have to do a specific mission(s) on a tier10 brit med to get tier8 premium.
    3- Just no.

    What i got from all those previous topics on FTR was: WG still don’t know what they are going to do with a thing, the end.

    I did grind out the brit mediums like many of you, but i’m not a child and i knew it was on the same note as playing lottery- maybe perhaps it possibly might eventually pay off, if you get what i mean. ;) And if it doesn’t- oh well, comet and cent7 will stay in the garage since they have proven themselves, and it gave me an incentive to get my 3rd tierX(after 18.2k battles, with previous two which i got after 16.5k and 17.5k battles respectively, hurrr hurr hurr)

    And you people decided to stick with the ones that suited YOU, but not the ones that WG will give out as a “100% our decided statement”(which in reality still isn’t a solid statement, like that SerB video at the ending of 2013 ;D but its still better than rumors on random blog). Come on, you don’t buy a lottery ticket and then call the guys bad names when you don’t get a first prize, do you?

    I’ll say(write :P ) something what i say(write) on WoT forums whenever the topic of premium content and game itself comes up: grow up and be reasonable, as a customer/consumer of this product. Remember, that WoT and all things connected to it are there to serve WG and give them profit, your fun comes second. If something won’t give WG profit, they don’t have to do it. You don’t like the game, you stop playing the game. :P

    And yet, you guys still hang out with WoT, so my guess is you won’t ditch it anytime soon.

  42. Didn’t want that crappy tier 8 premium tank anyway, I just feel bad for the time I wasted…

  43. > Blog spreads rumor that a company will give freebies
    > Company said that they are still deciding it, people still believe the rumor anyway
    > Rumor turns out to be not true. Ppl blame the company rather than the rumor for not giving free stuffs

    Please just move to AW or WTGF already, thank you.

    • Blog spreads rumors? Hmmm, wasn’t evilly saying something like “yep, free prem fv4202 when the switch occurs”? You know, wg person? On some live wg radio show?

      Poor damage control is poor.

  44. WG employees notorious whores, they never promise anything only hinting something then denying. scum company dont touch their games with a stick…. don’t paythem it goes to terrorism.

  45. fuck wg cocksuckers
    thats, when retards thinks, they are something special