Hello everyone, have a look at an interesting article about the studio behind BigWorld.

Also, the Winter Mode is here, so just to refresh your memory, here’s a guide based on RU server experience.

- Wargaming is preparing a unified launcher for WoT, WoWs and WoWp apparently
- there will be a special (portal/forum) post about the accuracy changes in 9.6
- Firefly viewrange will be buffed to be comparable to other tanks of its class and tier
- spotting system will be reworked to eliminate the “tanks disappearing in the middle of the field” issue, ETA is “when it’s done it’s done”
- IM reward StuG IV will be useable in historical battles (when they return)
- small visual errors in models (like too shallow barrels and such) will be fixed until 9.6 release
- it would seem logical to introduce a feature where – if standing behind two bushes – you wouldn’t see the silhouette of enemy tank, but Storm confirms this was not done because a mod enabling the silhouettes back again would appear very soon
- T57 Heavy will not be buffed

- ramming system will be reworked to be simplier and more understandeable
- it’s possible T92 Light Tank will appear in the game
- it’s possible that apart from viewrange, TD camouflage factor will be nerfed as well
- no plans to ban noobmeter (XVM part showing player skill)
- only shell distribution within aim circle will be nerfed, the damage distribution and penetration distribution within the -25/+25 RNG will not change
- ST-I will not become tier 10… for now
- if the shell distribution nerf causes problems for some tanks with long aimtime (T-34-3), they will be buffed
- Q: “Storm, do you think that new branches in 2015 will bring something new to the gameplay?” A: “Multiturret mechanism and variable clearance could for example expand gameplay a bit.”
- EU nation trees will most likely be preceded by a premium tank of that respective nation (SS: the way it was with Chi-Nu Kai and the Japanese tree for example)
- some guns have a different alpha than the rest of the guns of their caliber. These guns will however not be rebalanced to correspond to the usual alpha.
- there will be further changes (buffs and nerfs) to more midtier tanks
- hitpoints of tanks issue (specifically low differences between classes on high tiers) will be reviewed
- there will be no TD hardcap in battles
- the new Bigworld version will not affect player experience, a player should not notice anything
- it’s possible separate settings of vertical stabilization and dynamic shooting effects will come with the new motion physics, but no guarantees (SS: not quite sure what this means, my guess is that the players want manual horizontal aiming while ignoring the effects from rocking of the tank)
- historical battles will return, but not anytime soon. The reason for that is that the game mode will be so different it’s gonna be almost an entirely new type of gameplay
- IS-3 is being worked on. The model was taken from the Stalin Line IS-3 – there are several pieces there in various states of (dis)repair
- it’s completely possible various IS-3 pieces were different when it comes to hull angles and thicknesses

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  1. >if the shell distribution nerf causes problems for some tanks with long aimtime (T-34-3), they will be buffed

    yes please

    >ome guns have a different alpha than the rest of the guns of their caliber. These guns will however not be rebalanced to correspond to the usual alpha.

    105mm guns have 320 and 390 alpha on different tiers, it’s a balance thing, I’m totally fine with it.

    • Don’t forget the 105mm derp guns that do 350 damage with AP and/or HEAT.

      We also have 100mm guns that do 250, 300, and 320 and 85mm guns that do 160, 180, and 200 damage.

      As you say, balance. I have no problem with that.

      • Actually 100 mm guns could be buffed again to 270 – 280 damage (keeping current DPM) to keep those midtier guns competitive. For me 185 pen 280 dmg D-10T / LB-1 would be perfect…
        And you could choose if you want D-25T or D-10T on IS/KV-3/SU-100 etc., both guns having pros and cons, currently there is no reason to use 100 mm if you have access to 122 mm (maybe except KV-85 due to huge DPM difference).

        Oh, and super long (L/100) jerryguns could be more damaging – 150 for 75 mm and 280 for 88 mm – again, balance purpose (and realism to some point – higher the muzzle velocity, the more energy the shell has so it’s more damaging – if there was a 3 cm railgun in the game, giving it 30 damage would be way to low).

        • More velocity does not necessarily mean more damage. You can fire a bullet at a piece of paper, but all you get is a neat little hole.

          What you want is for the round to either barely penetrate the armour (for spalling) or have the shell go slow enough for the fuse to go off inside of the target tank.

          The Russian 57mm ZiS-2 is an example of too much penetration gone wrong. The shots went right through Panzer II/III/IV without doing much damage along the way.

        • Yeah 280 dmg for the 88mm and what 390-450 for the long 105mm? Stop with this BS dmg is fine as it is there is no point to convert all tanks to have TD-like alpha just because TDs are getting nerfed. Im so fucking tired about all “oh I wanna buff, buff and puff mi pls because I am little”.

    • Even in a historical respect some shells of the same caliber have different lenghts or charges, probably causing more damage to a target because of more velocity/power/fragmentation/…?

      • And that reason might be?…

        Remember they already pay the price for a big gun with their non-existent gun depression

          • IIRC there was no T-34-3 in 8.5, tho I might be mistaken.

            “there is no need to buff tanks just because a broken patch 8.6″ – says you.

          • 8.5 and before saw the same goofy play style we see now, it was just less successful. People still tried to snipe in the old KV-1S/IS/etc. on the ridge on El Haluf, they were just less successful. Since 8.6 the tactic is still stupid, but it was a lot more likely to result in hits than before.

            Perhaps I’m in the minority, but I welcome this change. Might it increase gold spam? Perhaps, but there is plenty of gold spam already, and spamming gold is not a sure way to ensure a penetration, it just increases the chances. Generally, one still needs to aim gold to be sure, and less accuracy means that even gold will bounce more often. I’m fine with that. It is pretty frustrating to have someone driving say, an IS-3, pop out and snap shot a weak spot on my tank without taking time to aim, and still hit it most of the time. I’m hopeful this change will promote more aiming and fewer miracle snap shots.

            • ( I’m hopeful this change will promote more aiming and fewer miracle snap shots.)

              • I hope so too, there is no reason inaccurate tenks with high aim time should snipe or snap shot. All this russian bias is just because it the broken 8.6 patch, hopeully in 9.6 it will be more balanced where superior positiioning and aiming will be more important.

                • “where superior positiioning and aiming will be more important”

                  Will never, EVER happen in World of Tanks.
                  There is no such thing as “superior positioning”, there is only peek-a-boom gameplay.

            • i welcome the changes. It should increase the difference between accurate tanks and not accurate tanks.

  2. “- ST-I will not become tier 10… for now”

    What the hell does that supposed to mean? I’m waiting for ST-II to become tier 10. Plus where would you put IS-4?

      • the is-4 at tier 9 again? i doubt that will happen because the old is-4 tier 9 was ridiculous im pretty sure i saw a replay (back when it was tier 9 before prem ammo for credits and when tiers 5s as far as i remember could meet it) of the is-4 driving at a 45 degree angle across the open field on malinovka with shots bouncing off it the whole way. (i cant seem to find it but theres a chance i could be remembering it wrong and i could have been watching it in the game and not on youtube)

      • Are you serious? Tier 9 Heavy tank with 175 penetration? You must be joking. Look at other tier 9 heavies and compare it to 175 penetration. It would have to have ridiculously fast reload and accuracy to compensate that lack of penetration.

          • You realize 175 pen isn’t able to pen anything save for paper tanks at tier 9? Good luck going up against an E-75 with 175 pen, who has arguably better frontal armor and a much better gun.

            • The incoming T8 prem heavy, the IS-5 received a penetration buff already. Even though it has the D25-T, if I’m not mistaken, its penetration got buffed from 175mm to 217mm.
              Maybe the IS-4 would be treated this way as well, then it would be an okayish T9 with the D25-T

  3. No don touch my ST-1 wargaming you will only ruin it besides theres no other tier 9 that can stand against the e 75 armour wise so why change its only competitor?

    but i do agree with tds losing some camo rating because their guns are so dominant on every tier.

    • Because IS-4 is completely lackluster. I’d rather have the IS-4 on tier IX and the ST-I at Tier X, since it’s got actual reliable armor.

      “but i do agree with tds losing some camo rating because their guns are so dominant on every tier.”

      And I agree that you’re a complete retard that hasn’t got clue no.1 on how to play.
      It’s already 90% impossible for TDs to remain invisible, thanks to bush removing and forcing fights in less than 200m distances.
      After 9.6 they’ll also be blind as a fucking bat, rendering them completely incapable of carrying and essentially a “Comatose” class.

      Nerfing their camo AGAIN will basically just bury the whole goddamn class.

      All for the tomato siemkas that want their idiotic Heavy Tanks to rule supreme.

        • And all of that is compensated by a godlike turret which is only vulnerable to arty.

          I have enough faith in that turret to jam it straight in the gun of a Jag E-100 and come away unscathed.
          I doubt the IS-4 can say the same with its craptastic turret auto-penned by 90mm guns (or 100mm, can’t remember exactly the turret roof thickness)

          • yeah the ST-1 has one of the top 5 turrets in the game also if the is-4 lost that stupid roof weak spot it would be pretty good too but with worse gun dep.

          • This honestly depends on how the two tanks are face-hugging each other. If they’re pushing against each other and essentially motionless, the Jpz will rofl-pen straight through the cupola, while the ST-1 would have to HEAT spam through the superstructure. IS-4, on the other hand, will probably just get the top of its turret penned by the Jpz.

            • Good luck hitting the cupola of an ST-I.

              It can easily bounce fully aimed shots almost point-blank range due to its extremely rounded shape. It’s almost (of course, not the same) as troll as the T110E3 cupola.

      • your opinion may differ from mine on both of these matters but i think tds out spotting light tanks then 1 hitting them while remaining unspotted is stupid. this happened to me when i was in my lttb scouting at the end of the match at full hp with coated optics looking for the arty then boom death by an ammo rack hit an by object 268 was he spotted? nope. were there any bushes were he could have shot me from? nope. he was in the spot that just wrecks everybody attacking when on the assault game mode on sand river but this was a standard battle and i was within 400ms of that position with an effective view range of 438m. (with vents and optics)

        • So a TD punished your mistake of driving out in the open.

          Basically what TDs are meant to do.

          Learn to use more cover when trying to scout with your precious little LTs. ESPECIALLY considering how fucking hard it is already to hit ANYTHING on the move with the 268 potato-thrower.

          Oh, what’s that?!? You have no idea how the 268 performs and that it’s already nerfed to shit?!?

          Fucking shitlord…

          • thats the thing i was duking from side to side just to be safe but nope td says screw you so im pretty happy the accuracy nerf is coming too.

            • 268 is inaccurate as fucking hell already, misses the broad side of a Maus point-blank range unless fully aimed which takes forever.
              Add to that the gun arc which is a complete handicap on the 268 and you might start to have an idea how much you actually exposed yourself.

              • You seem to have big issues with accuracy I think you have packet loss or something fedaykin or very bad crews. Yo ualeays complain about tanks because you are a blue players never gonna be unicum, so just cum instead.

          • you may consider it a weak tier 10 td but a tier 10 td is still a tier 10 td and they all have big cannons that will trrip you apart so just because it isnt op doesnt mean its bad. also i had a 704 but never got the 268 because i have no interest in the 268s playstyle because i played the 704 as an assault gun not the traditional sit in one position and wait for your team to die td which is no fun to do.

            • “so just because it isnt op doesnt mean its bad”

              Have you played it? No. Then shut the hell up.

              “not the traditional sit in one position and wait for your team to die td which is no fun to do” – do you actually believe 268 drivers are happy about driving a overnerfed paper tank that can ONLY do bush sniping, because otherwise it dies instantly to anything?!?

              • an easy solution if you dont like the tank is to sell it and move on to another. i hear the t110e4 is the same playstyle but with a way better gun arc so why not get one of those?

                • E4 is more or less a poor man’s E-100.

                  You don’t play the T30 as a sniper, you don’t play the E4 as a sniper. Should be basic knowledge.

            • I really doubt your story tbh, I see no way a 268 hit you on the move. Also you knew he was still alive and you still rushed in and died, sounds like a typical reason whiners want things nerf, “mommy that (arty,TD,light,med,hvy,rock or tree) hurted me, pwease nerf”
              So annoying.

              • he was last spotted in the north about a minute before his team crumbled but i underestimated its speed.

        • Because TDs loose 10-20m view range? Ahaha stop beeing stupid. They still out spot meds and heavys if they use binos and net + some other bullshit skills. Dont allow yourself to be ignorant.

        • didn’t know the arty class was nerfed into oblivion, still have a blast playing my arties as long as its not on map like ensk (I can constantly out-damage most of my teammates even though spg class has less MM weight). only reason I still have few arty battles are they aren’t team-carrying-material, and there is only a few arty that I like and bothered to grind for.

          as for TDs, I haven’t played any non-turreted TD ever since I got a good amount of battles with meds/heavies except those strong ones like the S35 CA and T40. meds/heavies can do way more than TDs despite TDs having same MM weight as the meds and also less health (heavies got more HP so they deserve to have higher MM weight). heck, meds/heavies can do almost everything TDs can – haven’t you ever wondered why lots of med/heavy player play like TDs?

    • So am I the only one, who hates that tank? It’s painfully slow and sluggish, about T34 level so yeah, it just phisically hurts, especially if you like to play meds. Need more than a handful of luck to get anywhere in time to catch the action. And its gun is a pile of disgusting shit, practically unplayable without a vert stab and EGLD, but terribly unreliable and inaccurate with them too. I haven’t had more epic misses/tracking shots/excavators with the KV-2s troll gun. Yeah, it’s hull is okay (no, not even close to E 75), and the turret is great (if the enemy can’t manage to hit the hatch), but it’s not enough for me to make this tank enjoyable.

  4. - it’s possible that apart from viewrange, TD camouflage factor will be nerfed as well

    WTF?? They nerfed the cammo allready on TDs

    • Doesn’t matter, it looks like TDs are still twitching!

      We gotta beat the living fuck out of them!

      inb4 the TDs with the biggest punch never relied on stealth anyway (FV 183, Jg E-100)

      • exactly…
        yet they will nerf paper thin-low-alpha TDs …

        I have an idea… lets give every TD a turret and convert them to other class.
        World of heavy&medium tanks… because you know,.. every other class smells.

          • Fuck your retarded notion of “enhanced gameplay”. Fuck it with a cactus.

            All you idiots want is a full-blow COD copy, running & gunning all the time.

            Fucking cretins!

            • You mean to say that Gigantic, Heavily armored, slow tanks wheren’t totally replaced as soon as a mobile, well-armed mediums came around? Think about it, how limited is a TD’s abilites, I think the game should reflect that, these AFV’s wheren’t made to be frontline mobile vehicles, they where made to carry a gun that could easily kill another AFV until a medium/heavy could be made to do it. They should take some fucking skill to play, they where made in haste, not over years to arm an entire military.

  5. I don’t understand the direction of this game anymore. The devs spew the most double-talk or renege on past promises I’ve ever heard. Every nerf/buff pass is over the top, there is no slight adjustment or step-adjustment to get it right. Despite the glaring bugs we just get daka.

    • I think that is exactly what they are trying to do. I mean keeping the game in constant fluctuation. Flavour of the month Tank/Class/Line/Mode whatever.
      As an incentive for players to keep grinding and of course paying.

    • Arty says hi we stopped the rage and you complain about arty now your paying the price.

      if you just shush about arty and keep playing you wouldent have the issue of tds being nerfed to shit.

  6. So if winter Mode is Working on the RU and EU servers any idea the eta for the NA server

  7. ”it’s possible that apart from viewrange, TD camouflage factor will be nerfed as well”

    jesus! what’s next? mobility nerf?

    • Of course!

      Idiotic playerbase is complaining about “bush kemping” TDs?
      Nerf TDs so that they’ll camp even more!

      Fucking retarded, drunken inbred Belorussian mentality!

    • Look what they done to the FV215b 183 already.You can count yourself lucky, if you manage to get to the front, aim your gun and fire a single shot before dying.

      • Yes but if you hit you can 1 shot tier 8 heavys and tier 9 meds, how is that balanced? No tanks will be more balanced than heavys, and I speak of heavys that dont have retarded armor or alpha. I speak of tanks most can dmg by aiming for weakspots and tanks that you can take dmg from without loosing 80% of your health. We all know how utter shit the game becomes when there are many TDs. Some times I wonder if TD players likes beeing shot by other TDs, does it feel good fown there? You TD players only think its fun to play TDs as long as there is lower tiers and mediums and heavys which you pen easily.

        • Well, with WoT basically neutering two classes while continuing keeping a third one down, I’d say that WoT has lost a lot of it’s appeal. Less diversity, more homogenous gameplay, punishing anyone who does not use one of the three approved play styles…. I just don’t like being forced.

        • No you can’t, because since the pen nerd the gun can’t oneshot anything (except some AMX maybe). The 183 is just extremely bad. Armor is still bad, speed got even worse, pen got nerfed, and aim time is still 15 seconds. If you can catch someone pants down who’s not moving you can do some 700 dmg (with gold), or 1000 dmg with ap, then you are dead.

          By FAR the worst Tier10 TD around

  8. “- it’s possible that apart from viewrange, TD camouflage factor will be nerfed as well”

    Oh FFS, just remove them from the game already rather than making them more useless than fucking clickers!

    Only Tier 10 TDs would be worth any grind – and even from those, only a few are actually of any good (T110E3, Jg E-100, Obj. 263 & maybe FV 183)

    Remove camo, remove view range, nerf alpha, they never had HP or armor… what’s left?
    Oh, I know! Remove their engines! Make them completely incapable of moving!
    That way all the goddamn fucking retarded whines from idiots will stop.

    • Uhhhh, most of the tier 10 TD’s are still more than usable. Abusing camo to get off even one shot from ~100m without getting spotted til after you fire is still plenty powerful. And you need to keep in my every tank is getting its viewrange nerfed. The only things that will reliably spot you from long distances anymore are lights. Plenty of them are still well armored, and they have about the HP of lower end tier 10 heavies, which is a hefty amount.

      • “Abusing camo to get off even one shot from ~100m without getting spotted”

        Too bad that doesn’t happen. Not to mention that the only Tier X TDs with some actual camo are the 268 and the Foch 155 (maybe the 263 as well).

        Maybe you should stop playing with 50% crew at Tier X?!

          • “because game is all about meds and heavys”

            Just because your tomato-retarded brain likes to believe that it doesn’t make it true.

            So I guess that the hardest class to master, LTs, have no place in this game either, he?

            Typical shitlord

            • Fedaykin please, you cannot think out of the box. Unfortunately, this time the tomato is right, let me explain why.
              WoT’s main audience consists of russian patriots. What will those patriots grind first? Either the T62/140/430 lines or the IS7/4 lines. (Counting with average players not with those who farm lines on purpose) The same can be said about the average EU/NA/ASIA players, they will grind MTs or HTs first. The main source of income of WG originates from these casual players. Let’s say //Stalinrocks004 and Putinizlife// players pay monthly quite a sum of money for prem account. When they brainlessly rush forward and die 5times in a row due to “camping” TDs they rage. They might even whine on forum and most importantly they will reconsider whether its worth paying for prem account anymore if the game is like this. And THIS is what WG wants to avoid/prevent. (By nerfing the shit out of TDs and SPGs) You are the minority (both for not being russian and for loving a tomato killer class) so WG is not interested in your opinion at all :/ all you can do is to do all effort with the nerfed TDs and keep raping tomatoes…

      • By ~100m you mean ~200m. Between map flattening and bush removal, anything closer than that is only possible against a tomato running a 50% crew.

  9. - IM reward StuG IV will be useable in historical battles (when they return)

    That is, if you can even get the tank to begin with. =P

    • Stug IV isn’t that hard if you have the right tanks in your garage. I got mine yesterday.

      I will note that the HT-15 mission is best undertaken in a tier 10 heavy like the Maus, E100, or IS-7. The IS-7 is probably the least likely of the three simply because it has the lowest HP and people generally don’t shoot at the turret at all if you can get it hull down, so it loses its best chance to block damage with armor. I did it in the E100 instead of the IS-7. I don’t have the Maus. I’m sure a really good (or one game lucky) player could do it in a 50B or T57 Heavy doing most of the damage directly and not counting on armor. I have both of those tanks, but rather than waiting for the perfect storm game in one of them, I just played the E100. It took 3 games to complete it with honors.

      The real problem, for me, is the LT-15 mission. I’m still stuck on it. I’ll get it eventually because I want the 5th female crew member. I only got the Stug because I completed the other four classes with honors.

      • I completed the HT-15 without a hitch in my VK45.02B
        Was very simple actually… I was in the game, lagged out then the game crashed
        Came back, the battle was a loss, and the mission was completed. No idea how that worked, since I only got one shot off before it all went to the pooper.
        Yay me \._./

      • That’s right, but only if they have the right tanks for the task, which many don’t. Imagine how they must feel. =)

  10. - T57 Heavy will not be buffed

    Somebody actually asked bullcrap like that?!

    - ramming system will be reworked to be simplier and more understandeable

    Isn’t it already very simplified?

    - it’s possible that apart from viewrange, TD camouflage factor will be nerfed as well

    Yeah, nerf TDs to the ground. First alpha and DPM, then camo after shooting, then the oncoming viewrange and penetration nerf, and you still want more??? They should simply delete all classes except meds, like they aren’t owning everything on high tiers.

    - ST-I will not become tier 10… for now


    - Q: “Storm, do you think that new branches in 2015 will bring something new to the gameplay?” A: “Multiturret mechanism and variable clearance could for example expand gameplay a bit.”

    Jap heavies and FCM F1 confirmed!!!!11! :P

    - hitpoints of tanks issue (specifically low differences between classes on high tiers) will be reviewed

    Very little didderence between TDs and meds…yeah….another TD nerf idea. If anything, meds’ and TDs’ HP on lower tiers should get buffed a bit.

    • I Lol’ed at that T57 buff comment. That shit’s still strong, doesn’t need a fucking buff. Anyone who thinks that is shit at the T57.

    • “Jap heavies and FCM F1 confirmed!!!!11! :P”

      as was E 10, btw… :D
      (and no, it wasn’t confirmed yet… ;) maybe a hint, but no confirmation ;) )

  11. - T57 Heavy will not be buffed

    After all the nerfs it’s already received the only weak thing about it is its reverse speed – why don’t we just ask for a Pz1C buff while we’re at it.

    • Yeah, the T57 Heavy is just fine. I’m not very good with it, but that is me, not the tank. I got the 50B long before I got the 57 Heavy, and the 50B is my most played tier 10. Whenever I drive the 57 I always feel like I’m playing the 50B with bad lag.

      It is not in need of a buff for sure, but those Russian players always seem to be asking for buffs to tanks that are just fine as is.

    • there replacing the awfulpanther with a Pz1c at t7 with a 90mm gun and the size of the old t-50-2 with an eginepowwer to match >> so yeah theres that. and it weighs 6 to 3 tons lol and its freaken tiny

  12. Ironically, a topic about 1k dmg TDs just popped on the forum. And I couldn’t help but notice THIS fucking brainfart:

    “Comparing stance on TDs and SPGs really uncovers stupidity an hypocrisy in this “community”.
    Basecamping TDs deal more damage per shot then SPGs and reload several times faster.
    Aimtime and accuracy means that TDs can snapshot you as soon as you appear whereas artillery needs to spend up to 15 seconds aiming, not to mention that TDs barely need to lead the target while SPG needs to factor in 2-3 second flight time.
    Hardcamping TDs are either completely invisible so you cant return fire, or so far away and so heavily armoured that there’s no reason to bother as you will not pen anyway.
    JPZ E 100, WTF E 100, Death Star, Borsig, ISU… all of those BS TDs will plop you as soon as you try any aggressive flanking without being absolutely sure they are somewhere else. It’s easy to evade arty when you need to expose yourself but there’s no way to expose yourself and evade basecamping TDs.

    But everyone and their grandmother claims it’s SPGs that promote camping.:facepalm:

    TDs promote camping and should be removed, game would be much better without that class”

    Honestly, 90% of this fucking playerbase should be fucking neutered and not allowed to fucking breed.


    Yes, indeed, THIS idiot is a clear representative of the playerbase – remove ANYTHING that can endanger the siemka E-100 44% WR 200 WN8 red barons.

    God, I feel the need to beat the everlasting fuck out of someone!

    • I clicked a T30 in my S-51 over the weekend for 1650 damage. Yes, I was scumbaging it up playing arty for the missions. Name me one tier 7 TD, or a tier 8 for that matter, or how about a tier 9, that can do 1650 damage in one shot, no fire, no ammo rack, just a regular penetration.

      I’m actually sort of glad I am playing arty for the missions, it is giving me a better understanding of it. I think the solution to arty is an alpha nerf and ROF buff because, quite frankly, clicking a TD two tiers higher than me for 1650 damage from across the map, it stupid.

  13. “the new Bigworld version will not affect player experience, a player should not notice anything”
    Hehehe, what are the chances the bugs get to cockroach infestation proportions.

  14. Just remove arty and TDs rather than hammering them repeatedly. Then all the crybaby kids will have to find something to whine about and they’ll have the moronic yolo style game they want wot to become.

        • Ferdi you never did answer my question the other day, what’s your in game name? I want to check out these stats that make you such an expert on all things. Unless you answer I will continue to consider you an absolute moron not worthy of a reply.

            • I would like to see what your knowledge is based on. Are you a unicum or are you the typical red 13 year old who thinks he knows everything and doesn’t know shit? My guess is the latter and since nothing that I have ever read that you posted was worth one pint of piss I will continue to believe you are the typical yolo’ing moron.

              • im on the us server and im a green spinich im a light and arty player so i have more brains then mr Freddy cruger and his tomato red katchup stane. if im a scrub idc only scrubs call people scrubs and hide in a e100 lol

                my names the same as in ftr so i have nothing to hide here :p

        • Please tell me more how Rusky guns give 2 shits about aim time or accuracy when they’re the masters of peek-a-boom at point blank range anyhow.

          • Nope they arent. Russians are only king and peek a boom due to this stupid 8.6 buff that guided all shell to the middle. Stop complain kid, wg will nerf accuracy and also pen and also view range for all tanks like it or not.

          • Since you brought this argument up several times now let me say this: At the moment russian low acc high alpha tanks can brawl and snipe, but dedicated low alpha snipers can not brawl but only snipe.

            After the acc nerf hits, russian tanks can not snipe anymore and are relegated to their intended role like they were before 8.6, but snipers stay fairly accurate.

            How you can turn this into a buff for ruskies and a relative nerf for accurate tanks is beyond me.

            Please explain the logic behind your reasoning.

            • Fedaykind has no logic, the only logic he sees is his own views. He thinks that the way he plays, the game should be balanced around that. He is a try hard blue player trying to be unicum by exploting broken accuracy buffs and whoring in TDs. Look on the official forums he constantly complain about tanks beein UP despite most people say otherwise. He is the joke that thinks t62a and tiger II are “shit” tanks…maybe that will explain the genetic error he has. Look at all his comments, no tanks are “good” to him barely and he complain as hell on this 9.6 accuracy despiote me and many others have said many times that you can still snipe with 0.4acc guns.

  15. I think the 8 bit “fun mode” is what the game-play meta will be in 1 years time. No camo, no spotting, no armor, just 3 roles, just shooting.

  16. I believe TD should also reload longer. And have lesser HP. Coz why even try heavy tanks if TDs are better in every accord?

    • How in the exact fuck are TDs better than Heavy Tanks?!?

      It’s goddamn near impossible to carry a idiotic team in a TD, especially a casemate one, unless you have very good view range & camo (and a map that allows you to use both)

        • Well high pen, heavies and meds fire gold like noobs all the time, so this point isnt true

        • Their alpha & pen are on-par with same tiered or +1 tiered Heavy Tanks. And they pay for that with no turret, no armor and no HP.

          So stop eating so much shit and stop driving out in the open like a moron.

          Furthermore, you can easily BOUNCE shots from TDs if you have enough brains to use your Heavy Tank armor.
          OR you can just evade their fire by using cover in Mediums.

          TDs are so easily outplayed these days it’s ridiculous, especially since they’ve got nowhere to hide anymore.

            • 299 pen, yeah, JPE-100.

              299 pen BUT terrible aim-time, slow as your grandma, no gun-arc, easily trolled by rng, and so easy to turn around and kill…

              Do you know how to play or are you one of these heavies camping behind their arties I just killed from above ?

              • I am a former TD player dude, I just played heavys recent year because I dont feel like making dmg in a unfair way. As I see it TDs dont addy anything to the game other than frustration just like artys and gold ammo.

                • The day gold ammo is removed/nerfed, we’ll start talking about nerfing arties and TDs even more.

                  But as long as you give FV183, E-100, T-54 and tanks like this to carry 50% of their ammo load gold, the fact that TDs get 280+ pen as standart is actualy balanced. If they didnt, just no point at playing them as it would just be turretless heavies.

            • If there was a Tier 11 HT, it would have had a gun with 300 AP pen.

              Not my fault WG decided to fuck themselves over and introduce Tier X TDs.

      • Ok let’s try to get this through once and for all: TD’s are SUPPORT TANKS! They’re not meant to fking carry. I understand in your never ending quest to stay blue you need to sit behind a truckload of shrubberies and dish out 3k damage after your team already lost, BUT that’s not how things should work. You should support your heavies and meds and if you can’t do that and want a fkin OP monster cannon that can obliterate 3 tanks in one clip and push a flank on your own….well then fk you, just fk you.

    • Also please nerf mobility,aim time and penetration.I still can’t go full brainless YOLO mode and win the battle!

  17. “- it’s possible that apart from viewrange, TD camouflage factor will be nerfed as well”
    I sense further German WT line nerf.

    “- if the shell distribution nerf causes problems for some tanks with long aimtime (T-34-3), they will be buffed”
    I sense Soviet tanks buff

    I am looking forward to it. Already learned that if I want to buff my stats, I need to play Soviet tanks, which I do and play Germans when I feel masochistic and want some melancholic joy (as WW2 history buff).

    • It is stupid to buff low acc guns. For once my tiger II can really take the role as a sniper since many 0.4-0.46acc guns will bounce and miss me at 350-400 meters and that is really good. Like it was in the old days where accuracy did matter. People need to leanr that if you have a low acc gun but better mobilty you job is to flank not trying to outsnipe accurate tanks.

      • I’m still worried about Leopard 1.

        Accuracy nerf will really hurt IMHO. It’s one of it’s selling points. What is it good for if I cant snipe tank from 400-450m away ?

        Less accurate enemy tanks don’t matter since any tank tier 3+ can do full damage to leopard anywhere. So who cares they wont hit my weak spot ? As long as they hit the tank they will do full damage…

        Well I guess I’d have to wait and see, but I love the gun as it is now, it’s a fucking laser.

  18. IS-4 tier 9? that shows that WG has been infiltrated by unholy western cancer elements, as the IS-4 is the most powerful tank ever build and it should be the precious tank of the Russian tree. this is a shame that those Belorussian devs are insulting the great Soviet Union by degrading this most powerful tank.

  19. spotting system will be reworked to eliminate the “tanks disappearing in the middle of the field” issue, ETA is “when it’s done it’s done”

    lol.. we’ve only been banging on about since beta…

    • My favorite is when they disappear when they are just about to roll into your line of sight then reappear just as they pull back from shooting.

  20. - ST-I will not become tier 10… for now

    Simple, buff ufp/lfp to 160mm, sides to 160mm, engine to 860 hp, and gun stats a bit.

  21. - it’s possible that apart from viewrange, TD camouflage factor will be nerfed as well

    Yep make paper td’s more useless.

  22. “- it’s possible that apart from viewrange, TD camouflage factor will be nerfed as well”

    Finally, its stupid that you can’t spot a TD from 200 m with 390 m viewrange + active binocs…

    • I call major bullshit on this one.

      Otherwise do please explain how my 268 is lit up whenever I fire at less than 410 meters.

      • Because you fire.

        In all my light tanks (I have optics and camo on my crew), TDs usually outspot me unless they fire

        • And it’s completely fucking logical that a TD with 100% camo skill, camo net & camo paint (AND behind a bush!) to remain invisible unless firing?!?

          Now what the fuck do you fucking idiots want?!? For TDs to not have any camo factor whatsoever?!?

          Seriously, are you THAT fucking retarded?!?

    • To use your own logic: it’s stupid you are not spotted from 200m by that TD with 400m view range + bino.
      But what do you think should be pros for playing a TD? No cammo, no armor, no VR? You know how is that gonna end? Yep they’ll camp even more because they are as good as dead anywhere near front line.

  23. “- only shell distribution within aim circle will be nerfed,”

    time to give our Leopard 1 what is it’s best feature… we need 0,25 accuracy!

      • well WTF100 has 0.29 …on autoloader…

        If I have to get closer to reliably pen, what’s the point, I could as well drive soviet t62a… that thing has at least some armor…
        tier III can penetrate leopard from any side any angle.

        yes, 0.25 is too much, I wasnt serious.. it’s just, the accuracy is a selling point of that tank. I dont care if enemy has 0.3 accuracy or 0.6.. as long as he hits me anywhere he’s gonna do full damage. So this just seems like a nerf to that particular tank. While at the same time it’s a buff to heavy tanks…

        • I’m actually with you on your argument, especially if the accuracy on fully aimed shots will also be nerfed. Additional to that:

          “hitpoints of tanks issue (specifically low differences between classes on high tiers) will be reviewed”

          This specifically refers to higher hp on mediums compared to heavies and might result in:
          1) a hp nerf for high tier medium,
          2) a buff on high tier heavy or
          3) a buff of mid tier medium tanks’ hp.

          In the first case, the less armoured high tier medium tanks will simply take one shot less before they get destroyed, whereas those with armour will have (and always had) a chance to bounce this one shot and balance the nerf this way at least a bit. So it’s a nerf in comparison, which in return would justify the demand for compensation of some sort… ;-P Accuracy buff HYPE!

  24. —–”some guns have a different alpha than the rest of the guns of their caliber. These guns will however not be rebalanced to correspond to the usual alpha”

    it’s only normal and we are lucky that some have the same alpha damage because in reality even if they had the same caliber the ammo they used made the whole difference, the way heavier ammo does more “damage” in war thunder

    —–”there will be no TD hardcap in battles”

    if you consider that TDs, AT guns and infantry where the major threats for tanks then it’s only normal if there’s no hardcap for TDs

  25. I dont understand why people want the T57 Heavy buffed? isnt it OP already? i see people wanting buffs for the IS-7 as well, isnt that one good enough too? am i missing something? :p

  26. “Multiturret mechanism and variable clearance could for example expand gameplay a bit.”

    So the Japs heavies will come with multiturret but what’s the variable clearance, captain?

  27. “- if the shell distribution nerf causes problems for some tanks with long aimtime (T-34-3), they will be buffed”

    That’s cute, talking about a non-soviet tank. Good idea, they successfully managed to evade saying something like :

    “Only high-accuracy tanks must be nerfed. We don’t want our soviet heavies not to be able to snipe like they do now.” God I’m sick of it.

    And to the point, your long aimtime tank will miss only if you’re an idiot and fire before completely aiming, and you do deserve to miss.

  28. “it’s possible that apart from viewrange, TD camouflage factor will be nerfed as well”

    Arty gets nerfed, td gets nerfed, everybody gets nerfed :D (excepting lights, better buff lights, because they are not good enough, see walker bulldog)

  29. i don’t think that just t34-3 will be affected with this(unnecessary) accuracy nerf..lot of tanks will fell this change even the most accurate ones i simply don’t understand why do it now..if it was bad all along why not change it sooner i’m wondering what is the feedback from people that tried it on test server is it noticable too much and if it is does WG still going with proced with this acc nerf cuz i think that this will mostly affect gameplay of some people..more hiding in bushess and other shit..we will see

    • Because 8.6 was a misstake where too many shots went dead center no matter dispersion i.e people could snapshot and snipe with unaccurate guns. Devs explain it in the video, also to make weak spots stronger at distance.

      • i get that kv-2 with derp gun snapshooting is something that changes but that is handfull of tanks not all of them and in this way..and were my shoot should go if i’m aiming in the middle of lower plate..far left far right or in the center if i’m aiming there..i’m not against this but as i said we will have to wait and see what they rly did won’t we??

  30. +25/-25% RNG is a lot higher at the moment I’ve been in games where I’ve had 8-10 bounces, no pens and crits in a row for me it’s getting beyond a joke.

  31. “IS-3 is being worked on. The model was taken from the Stalin Line IS-3 – there are several pieces there in various states of (dis)repair”

    I think it will be the (visually) complete one – IS-3M No.239 – IS-3 side skirts incoming :)

    Also, the current IS-3 model never felt “quite right” to me – i’ve seen real IS-3 and the ingame model just looks little disfigured to me – slightly longer hull, slightly forward shifted turret etc. Might be just different perspective or trick of the eye, but still…

  32. - Firefly viewrange will be buffed to be comparable to other tanks of its class and tier

    What about Panther / M10 view range buff?

  33. PSA: If you wish to use a repair shell on an ally and use SafeShot, hold ALT while shooting!

  34. I don’t even understand why were people complaining about t10 meds’ 105s doing 390 while the t8 heavys’ 105 (or 107s) were doing only 320, but the difference is the same with the 100mms ,+ 70, and if looking at it percentage-wise 100mms gain more dmg compared to their “base” value, but noone was complaining about that.

    • They complain because they want their tiger II, vk45a, löwe to make 390 dmg because they are so “weak”. I call it BS, the dmg is good as it is. And/or they want their russian meds t9-t10 to make 390 dmg.

  35. Wow, this is a long thread….SO- what’s the REAL reason for the accuracy and view range nerf?

    If people bounce all their gold shells, Serb makes more?

    Does the upcoming havok engine figure in? Too much for potato-powered computers to handle?

    • Make armor more valuable by making accuracy worse as well as nerf pen on tanks having outstanding pen on their tier and thus making armor less worth. Also to make parameters like aim time, accuracy more important.

  36. no sympathy for td drivers. easily the most noob friendly class partially bar arty.camo doesnt matter because you can come in to the battlefield at an angle and stay out of max view anyway.

    • Not most friendly to perform good in (get blue or purple) but the most annoying. TDs totally break the balance in terms of alpha, pen and camo. Something that heavys and mediums generaly dont do.

  37. There’s a hell of a lot of hate for TDs and their drivers in this comment section (looking at you Porsche) and while I get the angst (no-one likes being slapped for dmg by an unseen enemy) I don’t think they’re nearly as bad as they’re being made out to be.

    Given all these recent blanket nerfs, and these potential and planned ones, TD have really suffered. Less viewrange, the accuracy changes, the removal of their better camo-ratio while firing compared to other vehicle types, perhaps even the removal of their superior camo entirely. All these changes seem to be doing two things, dragging TDs closer to the enemy AND/OR making them WAY more reliant on their teams to spot for them and support their flanks.

    The German TD line was the first line I ever went down in the game, the JgdE100 was my first Tier X, and it was all because I wanted the StuGIII so yeah I’m always going to be sympathetic to the TD plight. At the same time none of these changes are going to stop me. If I have to take my paper-mache tank and drive it right up to the enemy because my heavy, med and light teammates aren’t spotting and are instead camping behind me (we’ve all seen it, don’t lie) then so be it.

      • People are afraid to move because people are fucking retarded. Like you, for instance.

        • No you are wrong I always move. But TDs dont enhance gameplay why do you think so many people complained when there suddenly was 5-10TDs in every team?

          Why dont you understand that most people hate arty and tds due to their high alpha and cowardly gameplay?

  38. “spotting system will be reworked to eliminate the “tanks disappearing in the middle of the field” issue, ETA is “when it’s done it’s done””
    wasn’t that fixed in 0.6.8??

  39. Ah, the tears and whining of those TD drivers feel good. Sorry that you now have to take active part in a battle instead of stronk kemping.

  40. “For what it’s worth, I’ve never truly found “camping” to be a problem except for one example, and that was Erlenberg Assault, and then I turned off Assault after having it three times in a row.

    Otherwise, I’ve never seen it being too much of a problem. More often than not, artillery doesn’t seem to play a massive role when it comes to removing the campers. What artillery really kills for me is when you’re trying to actively play a part in the game, you could be alone on a flank against five enemies but are abusing your advantages entirely and making a mockery of the enemy in front of you. You’re doing everything right, and bam, you’re suddenly hit for something like 1000 Damage to your full health (really depends on the tier to be honest).

    You weren’t doing everything right in truth; to do that, you’d have to have been hugging a rock in the furthest corner of the map, making sure you weren’t spotted at all. You were actively trying to play your part in the game and got punished because of it. And the funny part? You were alone against 5 Enemies, playing to your advantages and terms. The enemy you are facing are simply being idiots, they could simply use their numbers and swarm you, but instead they play to your terms and yet artillery caters to them being so stupid. Hell, God forbid we even start talking about it when you’re say a bottom tier tank and every artillery piece on the enemy team is targeting you because logic?”


    But noooo, TDs are far worse than arty!!!!

  41. I just posted this on the official newsgroup `http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/468983-96-vehicle-rebalance-and-adjustments/page__pid__10012241__st__60#entry10012241`

    Look at http://ftr.wot-news.com/2015/01/26/26-1-2015/#more-21661, the line “it’s possible that apart from viewrange, TD camouflage factor will be nerfed as well”

    WTF! Waregaming.

    Besides the nerf in accuruacy for all tanks, the nerf in viewrange for TD’s?, you also propose too nerf the camo rating of all TD’s at the same time. What sick game are you playing? I might as well deinstall the game right now, as the half of my garage is filled with good working TD’s. TD’s that do there job because they depend on the camo, viewrange and accuracy.

    I won’t start to play a dumb game of brawling heavy’s. I like strategic game play. But this game seems to be more and more a game for noobs with no tactical inside or knowlegde about the game and the tanks they playing. So thanks WG. I think this game is going down hill very fast, along with the decline of members who want to pay for this game. What is left is a group of non-payable young noob players. I wonder if that is gonna pay your salary.

    So please, reconsider your proposed nerfs and keep the game playable and your players happy.

    • Who say you cant play strategic with heavys and mediums and in close to medum range? If you think its all about going up close and point and click you are wrong. Try to play heavys and you will see it is harder than u think to make dmg and stay alive. No longer can you point and click from safety.

  42. - ST-I will not become tier 10… for now
    please dont fuck up more enjoyable tanks wg, i know you really love ruining every single tank which is a bit better in good hands, but its getting boring

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