Restarting FTR

Here’s the good news (well, for me anyway) – FTR is coming back. I like writing. And there are still interesting stories left to tell, articles to write and such. But most importantly, I am working on an interesting private project of mine, one that you will hopefully be able to see next month and it will fit in nicely.

Here’s the bad news – FTR will not be a World of Tanks blog, but as a nearly purely historical blog. The reasons are obvious – I am still the Armored Warfare content manager. Not that I am in any way happy how Rita is running things (by the way, I am not in any way connected to her blog, so there is no need to send me “tell her to *insert your feedback*” e-mails), but… it is what it is.

So why transform it to a historical blog? Well, that’s because:

- I still get several thousands visitors a day despite not working on FTR for months anymore
- I realized I don’t really have to limit myself. Yuri Pasholok’s recent post inspired me to write a bit more

So… I hope you’ll enjoy it :)

20 thoughts on “Restarting FTR

  1. I’m happy you decide to get back with historical stuff : games are nice but History is nice too…. and “understanding the Past will help for the Future….”

    So I’ll be waiting to read your first historical post !! :-) :-)

  2. I’ve missed you SS. Rita’s doing a good job with her blog, but the history and cool facts you dig up are really interesting. Plus I’ve missed your pointed sarcasm xD. Glad to have you back on board.

    P.S. Did you mean “Not that I am in any way UNhappy with how Rita is running things?”

      • I am telling you here and now: It’s going to come up. Guaranteed. Please just stay away from that topic. Don’t touch it.

        Also nice to have you back. I am locking forward to see some interesting posts about tank history.

        Question: Will you also touch the topic of modern warfare / modern tanks or will you keep such content to the AW website?

    • I got news about free 1 week premium from the small and shitty WoT subreddit but she didn’t post anything about it. It was 6 days ago. Do you think nobody cares about 1 free week of premium? She just doesn’t care enough to find that information

  3. so, it will be like overlords blog…
    first fking awesome with news and stuff, then dead for a while and then only some historical info what only few people reads…

    but its good to see you back

  4. Great to have you back! Time to resubscribe to the RSS feed :)
    Also, if you can I would be very very glad if you could have a bit more general historical articles (not only about tanks) but also about planes, general weaponry, maybe some confrontation, historical context and one of the most important, economical context.

    Most of the stuff I saw on the internet talks about some aspects of the war, but way to few touch the economic part

  5. Since you stopped working on FTR there was no more comparable person to run a blog anymore. Rita did/still does a poor job running a blog. But i guess instead of working hard to achieve something she rather enjoys the “fame” you gave here as your “successor”.
    Also she seems to stick to Wargaming a lot hardly mentioning all the fuck-ups of the last months and especially the sandbox server ….

    Whatever glad you’re back and looking forward to read historical articles.
    In Terms of WoT News I’d love to have you back as well but to ease my mind I can read thearmoredpatrol which is still a lot better than what rita does but nowhere near FTR in my opinion.

    best wishes for the future SS.

  6. I think you should put FTR under a new URL then, the wot-news shouldn’t be there anymore.

    Also you get shit for not liking Rita’s work but you would’ve gotten more shit if you had liked it.

    Welcome back SS