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Panzer Answers: Round 1

I’ve already received quite a few questions, so now I will try my best to reply to all of them.
Some of your questions (like for example one regarding the AMX30) were quite a bit away from my field of expertise so I’m afraid I couldn’t cover all of them.

Here’s an excerpt of the most interesting questions:

Q: Why did Ferdinand have two loaders?

A: This was done mostly because they could afford the space in the big case-mate. Two loaders could be also faster in accessing ammo stored further away from the gun and this was probably done also because there were some plans to install a 22cm captured french howitzer, which meant some very heavy ammunition.

Spielberger’s “Special Panzer Variants”, “Tiger & its variants” and “Heavy jagdpanzer” covers the subject on different aspects pretty well.

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Panzer Questions

As my usual style of technical article sometimes turns too time consuming to read for some, I’ve decided to try a new format.
This time, I will collect any kind of technical question about german tanks and answer in the next article in order to provide proper feedback.

Some simple pointers:

- All questions should be sent to zarax999@gmail.com
- I will answer only on technical data abut german tank projects as battlefield performance and reports are not my field and tends to cause controversy
- I will try my best to provide an accurate source to all my answers so if you’re interested you can get books yourself
- I have a job and my free time is not unlimited, I will try my best to answer everything but some material requires a lot more searching than it appears.

Looking forward to your questions!

E-Series according to Fritz Hahn

After having talked about the Sturmpanzer E-75, we will now take a further look to the E-Series using data from “Waffend und Geheimwaffen des deutschen Heeres 1933-1945″ by Fritz Hahn.

The translation has been done mostly by Google Translator with later adjustment by hand so please bear with me any mistakes.

While the author did not participate in tank development, he worked on the V2 project and claims to have had access to the original papers of tank designs during WW2.
Some stuff has likely to be taken with a grain of salt and I will try to compare passages with Spielberger where possible.

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