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Errata: “Assault on Berlin” – Fake

Hello everyone,

a quick update. The piece of news, published roughly an hour ago about the special mode “assault on Berlin” was a fake. The medal itself was real, but it was a part of the last year’s historical battles mode, that was cancelled (at one point, they planned one HB to be the siege of Berlin).

The “Berlin” vehicles are real though, as well as the news that a new city map is being developed, which leads me to speculate that there will indeed be a very special mode where you will participate in the 1945 victory parade.

The Development of AMX 38


Hello everyone,

Yuri Pasholok wrote an interesting post about the AMX 38, so sit down, have a cup of coffee or lunch and let’s have a look at it :)

Apart from the companies Hotchkiss, Renault and FCM, AMX too participated in the program to create the next generation light tank for the French army. Atelier de Construction d’Issy-les-Moulineaux (AMX for short) was located south of Paris – it consisted of the former Renault tank plant, nationalized in 1936 and was the last company to enter the competition. Their tank project, later recieving the designation of AMX 38, was introduced in July 1937.

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How IS-6 “Terrible” Could Look Like

Helo everyone,

if you’ve read the Insider reports, you know that Wargaming is preparing (for Xbox and possibly PC) a new premium vehicle, an IS-6 called “Terrible”. More like “how terrible”…

Anyway, if you are wondering how it could look like – this vehicle actually already exists, in WoT Blitz! Here’s a picture.


In Blitz, it even counts towards the Lion of Sinai medal.


Not much today.

SerB apparently played all of a sudden in a training room on physics test with a bunch of players and answered some questions (some unfortunately only by voice, which wasn’t recorded).

- Type 59 will not return to the shop according to SerB
- SerB: “Waffentr├Ąger auf E-100 is for retards. It will be removed.”

And regular:

- the “arcade” physics mode (simplified physics) is different from the one currently tested by “the presence of some “space” (fantasy) forces, helping you to turn around and to accelerate.”
- it’s not yet clear whether the second physics test (simplified) will be soon
- physics tests will run for a long time
- LT7 for T28C is bugged (sometimes assistance doesn’t count)

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WG Now Selling Bonus XP for Cash


Hello everyone,

if you read FTR closely, you might have noticed one thing. The producer part of the entire Wargaming is now headed by the chief of WG EU production.

Yea. My first reaction was “well, that explains a lot”. WG EU makes Wargaming a lot of money after all.

Anyway, Wargaming is going all out these days, when it comes to inventing new things to sell – the first one being the already announced conversion of free XP to crew XP. The latest one appeared just yesterday on RU server.

For 1 USD, you can buy one hour of extra XP. If you buy that 1 USD “bundle”, you will get two things:

- 1 day of premium or 250 gold
- 15 percent of extra XP for the next hour, counting from the next time you log on to World of Tanks

This 15 percent bonus is cumulative with all the other bonuses (event bonuses, double XP, premium account bonus and all that).

Doesn’t sound that bad, does it – only, if you plan to play let’s say 12 hours with this “event” over the entire weekend, that’s already 12 USD, that’s not total chump change anymore (not for Russians anyway), if you want to use this for hardcore grind 12 hours per day for two days, it’s already 24 USD – and for 24 USD, you can get a lot of nice stuff already.

This sure is a pretty well calculated thing. Not that there’s anything bad on making money, guys. But keep in mind the costs and what you are getting. Personally, I wouldn’t take the deal I think. Make it 30 and it’s worth considering though.

Of Tier 10 Discounts in March

Hello everyone,

as you probably know, the tier 10 discount for early March 2015 for EU is the T110E4. What you might not know however is that starting from last month, the tier 10 discounts on EU server were unified with RU server. As far as I know, this change was never officially announced anywhere, but last two tanks were the same. I thought at first it might be a coincidence, but now that the Russians have a T110E4 on discount as well, it’s very likely that the discounts are unified indeed.

With that being said, the next tier 10 discount (second half of March) will likely be the Maus, as the Russians usually announce the tier 10 discounts for the whole month instead of just the next one.

ARL 2C Top Turret for Somua S35


Hello everyone,

when the Somua S35 upcoming tier 3 French tank was leaked, some guys were wondering, what the hell is that top turret and why doesn’t it look like a Somua S35 one. Here’s the deal (the drawings were published by Yuri Pasholok).

The top turret is called ARL 2C and was developed as an upgrade to the Somua S35 tank. According to the French plans, in July 1940, starting with the produced vehicle No.451, the vehicle was to be replaced by a modified version, called “S40″. The first prototype of the turret was produced in the spring of 1940.

First 80 Somua S40 tanks (No.451 to No.530) were supposed to be equipped with the APX 1 CE turrets, the very same the Somua S35 tanks used. But at the same time, on the first prototype a mock-up turret (that was supposed to be the main turret in the future) was already tried out. This turret was called ARL 2C.

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The French Are Coming: How G1R Started


Hello everyone,

this is the stock configuration of the French tier 5 tank G1R, coming up in 9.7. It’s a part of the G1 program – at this point (in 1936). It was also called Char de 20 t Renault, but the G1R designation was better known. A wooden mockup was made (as you can see) – at this point, the vehicle was supposed to be armed with a 47mm Schneider gun with the muzzle velocity of 800 m/s

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Insider On Wargaming Meeting: Random Stuff

Hello everyone,

welcome to the third part of the “Wargaming Meeting” posts, where the Insider tells us what happens behind closed doors. The greetings of the day go to French community manager, who not so long ago ranted about FTR on some stream.

- getting back to the “survey” part from last time: Wargaming indeed wants to find out, what is the minimum viable configuration, below which the owners don’t pay for premium and other ingame goods (eg. the game is no longer enjoyable for such weak computers).

The Insider also confirms the upcoming “lunar mode”, with the “lunar Chaffee” having following description:

A lunar combat tank designed to fight in the vacuum of space with 1/6 Earth normal gravity! Equipped with a specially modified chassis that can survive large drops with little damage and armor designed to reflect incoming laser blasts.

Yep, the Chaffee will apparently have a laser gun, the map name is for Moon River. This mode was approved for Xbox, it’s possible it will appear on PC as well (would be strange not to).

Just a few tidbits about World of Warplanes too:

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