M4 Improved – Upcoming Tier 5 US Premium

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another tier 5 medium tank appeared on the supertest – this time an American one, the M4 Improved. While we wait for the leaked photos and statistics, let’s have a look at the history of this vehicle (I sure hope it is the right one, but I think so).


At this point, some of the old FTR readers might remember that they saw this tank before. That’s right – it was actually amongst the huge batch of vehicles, whose descriptions and icons were leaked a year and a half or so ago. Naturally, that is no longer valid – this is the the HD version.

The initial request for an improved version of the Sherman was made as early as December 1941. A day after the infamous Pearl Harbor attack, Aberdeen was instructed to propose an improved Sherman version with better armor and mobility. Aberdeen complied and the proposal was submitted on 13.3.1942. The vehicle proposal had following characteristics:

- frontal armor remained the same except for the lower part, which was sharply angled instead of rounded, providing better protection equivalent to 63,5mm of armor, frontal armor is sloped 60 degrees from horizontal
- thickness of rear armor increased to 50,8mm
- turret was welded from rolled plates due to expect shortage in foundry capacity
- armament was standard 75mm M3 gun
- to improve mobility, new Wright G200 engine, producing 640 horsepower was proposed
- in order to keep the ground pressure the same (since the powerplant and the armor weighed more), Aberdeen proposed to utilize a modified M6 heavy tank suspension (HVSS type)
- the vehicle was weigh 37,92 tons and maximum speed of 56 km/h

This vehicle was never put into production, as further development of several components was required. Detroit Arsenal then produced another proposal of the modified Sherman of different properties, but that’s a story for another time. Unless it’s the Detroit version in WoT, but that would be too strong for tier 6.

Basically, what we have here is a mobile Sherman with better armor, but stock gun.

Source: R.P.Hunnicutt – History of the American medium tank (vol.1 – Sherman)

World of Tanks vs Armored Warfare (Round 2)

Hello everyone,

you probably heard of the upcoming Armored Warfare game. For those, who have not – well, it’s basically World of Tanks, but with modern tanks. Currently, it’s in the alpha stage of development, with some footage released (looking at you, World of Warships) and with developer updates coming out now and then. The developers recently released a new video, where they describe the way AW is moving – let’s have a look at it and compare it with World of Tanks.


Okay, here are the basics. No point in sugarcoating it. It’s a WoT clone. But before you go all “fuck that” – the mechanics are the same (WoT was taken as development baseline), but the declared aim of the developers is to actually build a game without the issues, that currently plague WoT – specifically high RNG, disappearing tanks, current model of artillery and matchmaking. Whether they will succeed, well, that is a real question, isn’t it.

Unlike WoT, AW actually has a narrative. Basically, it’s some sort of cyberpunk backstory, where you play as a PMC (mercenary armored company), getting hired by various people. The developers are actually American (Obsidian Entertainment) and they have previous experience with RPG’s, so this might actually turn out really nicely. There’s also the goal of releasing the game with a PvE story mode, something WoT is lacking for obvious reasons (and, seeing the “historical battles” fiasco, probably will for a while more). As a bonus, in this sense, battles of T-55′s versus Abrams tanks are completely possible to fit into a narrative (unlike WoT’s Maus vs STB-1).

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“Let’s Battle” Web Magazine Returns… on RU Portal

Hello everyone,

remember the “Let’s Battle” web magazine, that we had on EU server? Last issue came about a year ago and after that, it was thought discontinued (let’s face it, it was not exactly the best thing WG ever produced), but now, a new issue appeared… in Russian. Given the content, it’s specifically a Russian edition and it’s unlikely there will be a translated version.


- Mad Jack Churchill’s story (a guy using a longbow in WW2)
- “intrigues” – the fight for contracts in German tank industry
- the future of Strongholds with their developer
- Olga Sergeevna photosession

and some other crap. It’s still in mobile-only format (ohgodwhy) tho. From the stronghold article (courtesy of maiorboltach), some statistics:

- on RU server, there are 100+ thousand strongholds with 300+ thousand buildings
- the most popular building is “finance department” (SS: how is it in English? Not sure)
- it took a year to develop the mode
- the game mode is bassed on a board game for 3-6 players with dices
- at first, it was planned to give strongholds only to the largest clans
- there were several variants of the visualisation and UI considered

I haven’t seen the magazine myself (apparently it’s not possible to install it on PC), but if you know how to do that or are running a mobile device, you can get it via GooglePlay, App Store or Amazon.


I don’t do this in general, but a small favour, that might be liked by people. Want to win one of three tier 8 premium tanks, just “like” the Wothungary.eu FB page. Basically, they’ll pick three winners out of those people and give them tier 8 premium tanks.

Oh and did you know which real life locations is Himmelsdorf based on?

Otherwise, not much today. The only piece of info is that the individual missions in 9.5 will be disabled, they will be enabled only after the New Year marathon. It’s possible they might change yet between 9.5 relase and their enabling.

Also, a WG employee confirms that regarding the 50 percent discounts on gold and premium account, it in effect means that because of the falling Russian currency, it means that the players can buy their premium account and gold for the same prices as they were a few months back WITHOUT discount (SS: it got really expensive for the Russians because WG shop prices are tied to USD). Another developer however adds that there might be something like a “double discount”, when you buy the gold with discount now, later on you can buy stuff for it, that is also on discount (SS: this is valid for RU server only).

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WG RU Removes Premium Tanks from the Premium Shop

Hello everyone,

if you are looking for another WG screwup – sorry, this time, WG actually did a really nice thing. Remember how I posted yesterday that between 18.12. and 22.12., Wargaming RU made ALL the gold and ALL the premium account bundles in their premium shop 50 percent cheaper?

Well, it has a followup. In order for the players to actually buy gold on discount and use it to buy premium tanks in the game instead of being confused and buying premium tanks in the shop for full price, Good Guy Wargaming actually temporarily removed a whole bunch of premium tanks from the premium shop. In other words, if you want a – say – T34, you can’t buy it as a vehicle in the premium magazine, you have to buy gold (50 percent off) and then buy it in the game for the gold you purchased.

Actually, I think this is pretty cool. Damn, I wish we had this kind of stuff on WG EU. But no, someone has to make it up to WG after all. The milk must flow!

Invite Codes

A couple of invite codes for EU server (from Polish CD Action magazine) by Tomek C., Cvedran, Sadomasticator (I think the MK codes are for US server) and Calebthecrusher :)