Panzer IV Sold for 213k EUR

Thanks to everyone, who sent me a link to this story!

Hello everyone,

in early October, I posted a piece of news about certain Panzer IV being sold in Finland in a bidding.


When the original article was written, the vehicle bid was 5500 Euro. Well, it got sold for a lot, lot more – the final bid was 213.150 Euro. Quite an expensive tank – I hope the new buyer will restore it (if it’s possible anyway).


Hello everyone, please note that the 122mm HE Soviet shell alpha buff is unintentional and will likely be cancelled.

- according to Storm, the statement that limited MM is one of the premium vehicle characteristics is incorrect, as large part of the premium vehicles have normal MM
- Storm states that nerfing limited MM to regular MM happened only once for a premium tank – with Type 59. The tendency for premium tanks is more like the opposite, as it was recently with the AT-15A and M6A2E1
- WoT is using Scaleform for UI ever since beta test
- Archer will likely play the same way as the Crusader SP (SS: going faster backwards than forwards)
- Storm confirms that more than half of Waffentragers E-100 don’t even finish shooting their first clip before they are destroyed
- for now, there are no plans to buff M48 Patton
- the best ETA available for the Sixth Sense rework is “next year”, it will most likely come with the complete perk overhaul
- Storm states that the importance of perks will most likely not be improved, because it would make old players with many perk crews overpowered
- Storm states that the HD model experiments were conducted on IS-4
- the Havok got delayed, because developers “were ashamed” to introduce only small object destruction in first round and went to work on building destruction instead and now they are “stuck on the issue of performance”
- Storm states that if artillery gets “normal accuracy” (SS: as in, pre-nerf one), it would have to be compensated by alpha reduction, aimtime and shell flight velocity, which is something the developers really don’t want to do
- developers considered the variant, where HE shells would be split into normal HE shells and artillery HE shells (with reduced damage), but they considered that unrealistic
- according to Storm, there is no guarantee that patch 0.9.9 will be followed by 1.0.0, it’s completely possible to have 0.9.20 for example
- there are no plan for complete tier 6-8 rebalance in connection with new vehicle introduction

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Wargaming-sponsored 3D Competition

Hello everyone,

Wargaming (in cooperation with started a new competition – for Russian-speaking players only, of course (no competitions for you, capitalists!).


Basically, if I understand correctly, players are tasked with creating a 3D scene from your own map (as seen on the picture above). The map should feature environment from the 40′s-50′s and should be original and all that. The winner will be rewarded with 100k rubles (cca 1850 EUR), second place with 60k rubles and third place with 40k rubles.

The interesting part about the competition is not really the prizes, it’s the fact that this way, Wargaming is buying map and art ideas pretty much “for free”. They will just have to sort out the submissions. A pretty good idea on their side.

Meanwhile in Russia…


Hello everyone,

something lighter today – these are the results of the Russian Wargaming competition to create a “tank costume” (it was tied to 2013 Igromir). Some are nice (I guess), but some are weird or downright creepy. Enjoy!


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9.4 Undocumented Changes (Test 3)

Hello everyone,

a couple of undocumented vehicle changes for the 9.4 patch.

- Soviet 122mm HE shell damage got buffed from 465 to 530 (concers pretty much all 122mm D-25 clones, but not the KV-1S 122mm howitzer for example)

It concerns the following vehicles (and the D-25/D-2-5/A-19/other 122mm mounted on them): SU-100, SU-122-44, SU-152, SU-101, ISU-152, SU-122-54, KV-85, IS, KV-3, IS-3, IS-6, KV-4, ST-I, IS-8, IS-4, SU-8

- on Centurion 7/1, the 105mm L7A1 gun depression when facing the gun to the back of the vehicle was nerfed from -1 to -0,1
- T37 LT top turret had its ammo capacity for all guns increased by two (from 48 to 50 shells)

About the 9.5 Branch

Hello everyone,

since there is a lot of confusion about the 9.5 Firefly branch from what I’ve seen on forums, here is the branch setup, as it will appear in 9.5. Archer will be unlocked from tier 4 Valentine, M2A4 normally from tier 1.


Tier Vehicle Alternative
2 M2A4
3 Stuart
4 Grant
5 Sherman III Archer
6 Firefly IC Achilles
7 Challenger
8 Charioteer
9 FV4004 Conway
10 FV4005 Stage 2


Quick summary: M2A4, Stuart (Honey), Grant and Sherman are for most part just copies of existing tanks with some British upgrades (like 6pdrs), but essentially the same playstyle. Archer is unique (gun facing “backwards”), low-armored TD, while Achilles is simply the M10 with a 17pdr. Firefly is well known (17pdr Sherman – poor depression and likely nerfed mobility), while top tier tank destroyers are relative unarmored, but pack quite a punch. Tier 10 has very thin armor, but a 183mm gun and will likely have limited traverse the way FV215b (183) does.

9.4 Test 3 Patchnotes

Hello everyone,

yesterday, test 3 of 9.4 was started. Since I didn’t see the test 3 patchnotes on EU portal, well, here they are:

- in connection with performance issues on weaker computers, the sounds from 9.3 were returned (9.4 sounds disabled)
- improved the performance and memory use on map Kharkov
- fixed some interface and mechanics issues in Stronghold mode
- fixed the display of tracks of Object 260
- fixed the visual models of some environmental objects

Straight Outta Supertest: PvE and Huge Map


Hello everyone,

Wargaming is currently testing a huge (2x2km) version of the Ensk map. There are three bases on it. It is used for a special “defense of the palace” PvE mode – players are in the middle (in the city) and the other side (bots) are arriving in waves from various sides, trying to capture the three bases. The main goal is to kill all the bots. The bases are not equal, one of them allows players to respawn.

Here’s a minimap of the mode:


Apart from the waves, there is also a “convoy” of bots, heading from point A to B (upper left corner). If it is not destroyed and arrives successfully, a wave of boss tanks spawns. The mode is played on tier 8 tanks with practically unlimited ammo. The arrows on the minimap represent the waves of bots and their directions. There is also apparently a special “wave” of artillery, moving in from points 6 to the ares not far from it.

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Tiger #250001 Found

Some Russian archaeologists were digging around Leningrad looking for bodies of soldiers that went missing during the war, to re-bury with proper military honours. As it happens in this sort of expeditions, they came across a bunch of odd bits and bobs that set off the metal detector. However, once a part that could be identified was found, the tank was identified as a Tiger. That part also carried a rather special serial number.


Tiger #250001, the first serial production Tiger. The history of this vehicle is well known. This first Tiger was made in May of 1942, drove around for thousands of kilometers (not without numerous parts replacements, of course) at Kummersdorf, and was then sent to Leningrad with three other Tigers. All four were knocked out. The Germans managed to recover three, but the last one remained in No Man’s Land for months, without any interest from the Soviets. Eventually, the Germans blew up the abandoned tank, “sparing no expense on explosives” according to the archaeologists. This is what they’ve managed to find so far:

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