Warsaw Uprising Project

Thanks to Gappa for this one.

Source: http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/ct24/kultura/281713-filmove-rozpoznani-polaci-hledaji-ucastniky-varsavskeho-povstani/ (and various others)

Hello everyone,

the Polish Museum of Warsaw Uprising started an unique movie project. Check this out:


You think this was a new movie trailer? No. These were digitally reconstructed and colorized authentic document shots from the real Warsaw Uprising of 1944. The Museum decided to show one of the most tragic stories of the war from a different perspective. At the same time, the Museum is looking for the people from those movie reels – already dozens of people, who remember the uprising, have been found based on these previously unreleased movie reels, shot by Polish cameramen during the event.

Polish historians combined this material into a one-hour movie, introducing the audience to actual lives and actual people and their fates during and after the war. This movie was introduced to various cinemas and a search for people in it began, with success. For example today, Aleksander Zubek is a 87 year old man, but he recognized himself on these pictures. As a 15 year old, he took part in Polish training, that was caught on a camera. Historian Katarzyna Utracka added that according to the estimates, roughly 30 percent of people in the movie died during the uprising and the movie is showing the last days or hours of their lives.

The uprising started on 1.8.1944 and 200 thousand Polish people lost their lives during the brutal nazi suppression.

Straight Outta Supertest: Tier 5 KV-1S

Source: VK Wotleaks community

New tier 5 KV-1S. It won’t have the D-25 anymore, only a HE howitzer (like the KV-1). Characteristics:

Top gun: 85mm S-31
Penetration: 119
Damage: 160
DPM: 2002
Reload time: 4,795 seconds
Accuracy: 0,4
Aim time: 2,6
Depression: -3,5

Engine: 600hp
Power to weight: 13,62
Weight: 44,045 tons
Hull turnrate: 30
Hitpoints: 660
Viewrange: 320


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- during the 9.2 test, there was a limit on creating the Strongholds: your clan had to have at least 20 people. This limit was removed in the live version
- it’s possible that HESH mechanics will be changed along with the FV4202 switch according to Storm (SS: there was an idea to simulate the HESH effectivity against sloped surfaces by massively increasing HESH round normalization)
- apparently according to Storm, the FV4202 switch is planned after New Year
- there is not enough material for a second full British medium Vickers branch
- it’s possible that Chieftain prototypes will have a place in the game as well
- Evilly confirms that the “free FV4202 for those who have the tier 10″ is the version the developers are working with
- according to Evilly, some individual premium tanks are so bad that they will either be buffed, or removed from the shops completely

WG EU Events in August

Hello everyone,

from the same source as the last post. It’s not 100 percent confirmed (first time I got something from the guy), but it looks… quite legit. So, here goes.

Top of the tree (tier 10 discounts, both planned with 30 percent discount and 15 percent credit income increase):

First half of August: FV215b (120)
Second half of August: GW E

4.8. to 9.8. (Weekly mission)

- achieve 100k XP from 4.8. to 9.8., tier 4+, top 10 in XP – get a free day of premium and 1x coated optics

9.8. to 12.8. (Weekend event)

“Guadalcanal landing weekend”

- x3 first victory
- 50 percent discount on Japanese, British, US tier 2-5
- 30 percent discount on Japanese, British, US tier 6-7
- 50 percent discount on premiums: Ram II, T14, Chi Nu Kai
- 30 percent discount on premium AT-15A
- Mission: destroy 5 Japanese tanks (in tier 4+ US or UK tank), get 2 small repair kits (once per day)
- Mission: destroy 5 British or US tanks (in tier 4+ Japanese tank), get 2 small repair kits (once per day)
- Mission: earn 50k XP on any Japanese, British, US tier 4+ tank, get 10 gold repair kits, 10 gold medkits, 10 gold fire extinguishers (once per account)

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Anniversary Free Stuff

Hello everyone,

an insider in the EU (not sure if I am to mention his nickname) confirms: the “anniversary” gift tank will be the Type 97 Te-Ke, Japanese tier 2 light tank. It will be apparently first obtainable this Friday morning.

Furthermore, during this weekend’s event, discounts will include:

- double XP for every victory
- 15 percent discount on all tier 9 and 10 tanks
- 50 percent equipment discount
- 50 percent discount on crew skill resets
- 75 percent discounts on changing crew names
- 50 percent discount on barrack slots
- 50 percent discount on camo and inscriptions

Next EU top of the tree will also according to the same source be the British FV215b heavy by the way.

British Tanks – Final Decision

Source: http://world-of-ru.livejournal.com/3411051.html

Well, okay, this is a twist. This decision was taken yesterday.

Final solution for British tanks changes (this overrides any previous info, including the earlier Evilly post):

Tier 10 medium tank will be Action X Centurion (read about it more here) with 105mm L7A1 (it had a 20pdr in real life, but both weapons were interchangeable in its mounts). Its features will be very strong turret (220mm to sloped 150mm) plus very good depression. It is not yet decided how the FV4202 to Action X change will look.


FV4202 will be changed to tier 8 premium tank and brought to its historical parameters (upper frontal plate 50mm, lower frontal plate 75mm, turret from 200mm to 60mm (the sloped part), 20pdr gun). It is not decided yet whether it will be given for free.

Tier 10 British heavy tank will be the Chieftain Mk.2

Interview with Evilly Q&A

Hello everyone,

recently (27.7.2014), there has been an interview with Anton “Evilly” Pankov, “main operative producer of Wargaming”. Here’s what he said (keep in mind that on one hand, this guy was wrong before, on the other hand, he got promoted from the community department, so his info should be solid)

- Wargaming is working on yet unannounced projects, Evilly can’t talk about that
- Firefly branch will come this year

- FV4202 will be replaced along with the Firefly branch, close to the end of the year, either with Vickers MBT or Chieftain prototype, FV4202 will be changed because it’s the worst tank of its tier
- the Firefly branch will with high probability include TD’s
- it’s not decided yet whether the FV215b will be replaced by something else
- FV4202 will be turned into tier 8 premium tank, owners of the tier 10 FV4202 will most likely get the premium tank for free (!!!) the way it happened before with the T34

Crossed info is obsolete, see newer post.

- there are no plans to buff the VK4202P Ausf.B further
- KV-1S will be split as announced earlier in 9.3

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On the Hungarian 35M. Ansaldo and WoT

Author: Karika

The mass produced 35M. Ansaldo tankette, the slightly modified, Hungarian version of the Italian CV. 35 or L3/35, will be too weak for WoT, it’s not even good enough for tier 1. This vehicle did see combat in the WWII on the eastern front, but originally, it was not designed against enemy armoured vehicles. In theory, its purpose was just scouting, ambushing and to deal with enemy infantry. Because of this, it’s main armament was just a 34/37A M. 8mm (7,92mm to be exact) Gebauer twin-machine gun in a “tiltable-turret” (“bukótorony” in Hungarian, can not be translated properly) machine gun mount, as you can see here:



However, there were some Hungarian experiments to up-arm the Ansaldo to make it capable of dealing with enemy armoured fighting vehicles.

35M. Ansaldo experiment with rotating turret

In 1936, soon after the first Ansaldos arrived from Italy, the Hungarian troops suggested to create a turreted version of it to increase its very limited view range and it’s self-defence capability. The Ministry of Defence ordered a prototype, which would be able to mount a (yet unfinished) 12,7mm heavy machine gun and a single 8mm machine gun in a turret. The 8mm machine gun was a little problematic because of its relatively large magazine, as the turret would have been 12cm higher than without it. This issue was solved with a tiny cupola on the top of the turret just for the magazine. But the 12,7mm machine gun was not yet available at that time – it was still under construction – so the prototype vehicle was armed only with the original dual 8mm machine gun.

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Patch 9.2 Meltdown

Hello everyone,

you might or you might not have heard, but after yesterday’s 9.2 introduction, Russian servers melted down (lags, crashes) and the Stronghold mode had to be temporarily disabled (compensations will be issued to RU players). As far as I know, currently, they are working on a hotfix. This however means that I have no idea when exactly will patch 9.2 come, could be today, tomorrow or after the issue is completely fixed.