9.3 – Chaffee, T92 and T57 Changes

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in 9.3 supertest (that is running now, public test likely next Thursday), the parameters of the abovementioned vehicles were changed as such:


This tank was reworked to the standard tier 5 light tank (original value in brackets, values for 100 percent crew)

Health: 440 (580)
Viewrange: 390 (400)
Radio: 776,9 m (same)

Armor was reworked of course (resembles current stock Chaffee now, can be seen here)

Weight: 18,392 tons (19,701)
Engine: 460hp (500hp)
Power-to-weight: 25,01 (25,38)
Hull traverse: 42 (46)
Maximum speed: 77,2/21 km/h (56/21)
Ground resistance: 0,767/0,959/1,63 (0,863/0,959/1,63)

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Storm on Multi-Core Support

Source: Wotleaks RU community

Hello everyone,

the following has been apparently posted on RU supertester forums. Storm mentions here the multicore support and its effect and… well, I’ll just translate it.


Storm: “Multicore support – that’s wishful thinking and a myth about great ingame performance, spread by players. God willing, we’ll get 20-30 percent increase out of it. It was not done earlier because it requires an overhaul of practically the entire engine.

Wargaming Bots in World of Tanks?

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you might have seen the video with RU251 yesterday. There is one interesting part in it however, apart from the tank itself. Check this out:


The text below says “Module (right track) damaged by the shot of Bot 06″

Apparently, this is the first glimpse of Wargaming testing bots in the game. These could be useful for some things like tutorials or PvE mode, let’s just hope we won’t see them in the game instead of real players, we have enough of our own bots already…

Interesting though.

Saumur Pictures (Part 1), Repost

This post had to be taken down yesterday to alleviate for excessive traffic on FTR. Reposting it today, with part 2 to follow later on.

Hello everyone,

about a month ago, a great tank presentation took place at Saumur and Rastaknight was kind enough to provide us with pictures. There are MANY pictures – too many to fit in one article, so I’ll split it into parts. First is the dynamic presentation – I am sure that I don’t have to introduce most of these vehicles.


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It Was Just a Little Bump, Sir!

Source: http://www.112brabant.nl/news/10719-vijf-pantservoertuigen-belgisch-leger-botsen-op-n69-bij-valkenswaard/

Thanks to Chippaa and Cabo for this one!

Hello everyone,

while accidents of armored vehicles are usually not something to be laughing at (when a vehicle of dozens of tons is involved, the damage usually tends to be extensive), sometimes they are just plain silly. For example, take yesterday – Netherlands, near Valkenswaard.


Five Belgian MOWAG Piranha wheeled AFV’s were travelling to Oirschot firing excercises quite fast, when a tractor, belonging to a local farmer, drove on the road without warning from a small side road. The leading Piranha slammed the breaks not to smash it and the entire convoy of Piranhas bumped into each other, causing some minor damage, but damaging the fuel tanks of several vehicles – the fuel started leaking and had to be disposed of by local fire department. The Belgian army had to tow the Piranha’s away on trailers. Luckily, noone was hurt in the accident.


Oh well :) I am sure that being almost crushed by an armored vehicle will teach the farmer to look carefully when driving next time.

Invite Codes

Hello everyone,

a bunch of invite codes – this time by MoRpHmAuL, Joonas S., Aleksander P., Lauri-Mikael P.

Invite Codes (EU server only):
(T2 LT, FW 56, 2 slots, 7days of prem, 2.5k gold)


Xbox 360 Codes:
(T-15, slot, 400 gold, 3 days of prem)



- Cannoneer explains the current situation with British and Japanese light tanks: “For the Japanese, there is nothing above the current Ke-Ho light tank. For the British, it’s better.”
- Cannoneer, regarding hightier British light tanks: “There is a general problem with data – for example there is very little data or no pictures whatsoever. There were ideas, but it’s not me deciding what gets implemented and when.”
- regarding Tetrarch CS with 3 inch howitzer: “It’s already in the game but it has one huge flaw – the muzzle velocity is 182 m/s, which means you can even dodge the shell. It would be much more playable on tier 3 than on tier 4, yes.”
- regarding the Contentious with 17pdr gun as a high tier British LT (as was presented on FTR): “Yes, that’s an option, but it has two problems: little data and frontal armor (upper frontal plate, there is a fuel tank behind it and then there is another internal plate of armor).” (both plates are 40mm thick)
- Q: “Storm, and wasn’t there an idea to implement bonus for light tanks for the total amount of targets scouted within the battle (not just for the first detection) and/or for the total amount of time the tank keeps scouting (even without damage done by allies)? ….. It could become a speciality of light tanks… ” A (Storm): “Interesting”

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T-54 Light and M41 Gameplay Video

Hello everyone,

one of the Russian players published two gameplay videos – of the light T-54 tier 8 tank and of the M41 Walker Bulldog (with autoloaded gun). He’s not saying anything that’s not totally obvious from the vehicle characteristics, so just have a look (you can even switch the sound off). He apparently likes both vehicles.