On American Armour

After my articles on Soviet and German armour, I think it’s only fair to sail across the AtlanticĀ and turn our eyes at the manufacturing juggernaut that was the United States. A lot of people know that the US was good at casting armour, and that their armour was softer than that of their European counterparts, but that’s about it. While this is true, it’s far from the whole story.

To begin, let’s go far far back to the 1920s. There are no Shermans, Tigers, or T-34s. The greatest war mankind has ever known has just ended, and everyone is busy developing the latest and greatest killing machine. Huge and slow monsters did not seem interesting to the US Army, and development was focused on vehicles that were quick and agile, but paid for that agility with thickness of armour. For instance, here is an attempt to produce 6-12 mm armour plates that protect against .30 and .50 caliber bullets in 1922.

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T-34-85M Mission in December

As per the Insider’s info, I bring you… the grand WG EU surprise.

Mission starts: 24.12.2014
Mission ends: 15.1.2015

Condition: grind 50k XP for each nation (350k XP total, premium XP and doubles count AFAIK), using a tier 6+ tank
Reward: T-34-85M tier 6 premium Soviet medium tank.

Each nation (each 50k) is handled by a separate mission. For fulfilling each nation mission, you get 3 days of premium account. After they all are completed, you get the tank.

Edit: According to Evilly, RU server will have another tank and with different dates, so it’s completely possible this mission is EU-specific.


Nothing really going on with testing these days. Internally, WG is still “on track”, the patch 9.5 is scheduled for late December, which means that the common 9.5 will start somewhere around early december and the supertest should start in late November. It’s all very, very tight.

- Q: “WTF devs I live in Volgograd (Stalingrad) why did you not put the house I live in on the map and deleted it to make room for one of the bases?” A (SerB): *sobbing*
- Q: “Developers, currently I am grinding with T-34-3 and I am doing a lot of damage with someone else spotting. If you are going to nerf viewrange, will you give premium tanks some profit compensation for the loss of damage done when someone else was spotting?” A (SerB): “Let’s say we reduce the viewrange. If we reduce the viewrange, damage with someone else spotting will make a larger share from the total damage done. Are you proposing to reduce the rates in order to keep the situation as it is now? Okay, we’ll think about it!”
- Q: “Why are you making unfair missions/events?” A (SerB): “So greedy kids like you suffer”
- Storm states, that if you have a sharp FPS drop when you “light up” (scout) several enemies at once, it might mean your HDD is slow and takes a long time to load the models. Defragmentation sometimes helps somewhat.
- Individual Missions (the ones in 0.9.5 with Object 260, T55A and T28 Concept) will not be time-limited (SS: as in, there will not be a specific time limit in which you have to achieve the objective), but Storm at the same time is warning that you shouldn’t be too happy about that just yet, because the conditions will be difficult.

Premium Tank XP Modifier Not Used in Crew Training

Hello everyone,

the following information is based on the investigation into this matter, that appeared in the German section of EU forums, specifically the data by Schrottkiste and General_Jack_D_Ripper (thanks for letting me know, General :) )

The outcome of the abovelinked thread is:

Premium tank XP bonus modifier (that was introduced not so long ago) does NOT count towards the crew XP, used in that tank.

That also means the “graphs”, used in the abovelinked WG post are useless, because they do not represent the real training curve. General_Jack_D_Ripper explains:

Before battle crew XP status (right-click and “view image” for full size):

After battle crew XP status (right-click and “view image” for full size):

Crew XP actually gained: 2820XP (or twice for “Accelerate Crew Training”).
Tank XP gained: 940XP * 2(daily) + 657XP for using premium vehicle) = 2537XP -> Crew received 940XP * 2(daily) *1,5(crew-XP modifier for premium vehicle) = 2820XP
Crew should actually have received: [940XP * 2(daily) + 940XP * 0,7(Tier II premium vehicle XP modifier)] * 1,5(Premium vehicle crew XP modifier) = 3807XP

The original WG post advertises, that players need * 2,55 less battles(1,5 * 1,7) in Tier II, while in reality it is 1,5 less battles for ever Tier. As a “bonus”, if a player uses Accelerated Crew Training, 100% of XP “for use of a premium vehicle” is lost.


This bug was confirmed by WG support staff (Mr. Luke Vos) and passed on to WG developers for fixing.

Best of World of Papoj

Hello everyone,

here’s a compilation of the “best” bits from World of Papoj series (it already has like 18 parts, it started long before I linked it on FTR). Some are a bit hard to follow what’s going on, but some are genuinely funny and since it’s shitty weather outside anyway, anything that brings positive mood is a valuable commodity!

Enjoy :)


More on Referral Program on the US Server

Hello everyone,

an official portal post appeared on the recruitment program on the US server. It’s quite likely the same system will be implemented to the EU and RU server as well, so if I were you, I’d have a look. World of Alts ho!


The interesting parts are the numbers:

What bonuses are available?

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