Just a quick announcement first: the “Hellcat” bug where the game randomly crashes is not limited to Hellcat – that piece of information was WG EU’s mistake. It can happen with any tank, really. The original WG EU post was already altered with an edit, explaining that it applies to other vehicles as well.

- 25 percent RNG was implemented, because according to Storm, “this number optimally simulates real life”
- ammo explosion ripping off the turret of tanks depends on the remaining amount of ammunition in the rack – if there is none, there is nothing to explode
- it’s too early to discuss next year’s April Fools (SS: yes, people ask such stuff)
- Storm states that the situation where one tank of one tier goes into another tank of the same tier (SS: in this case 38T into StuG III B) might appear again with the introduction of new tanks
- no work on specifically 64bit client is conducted
- can a tank “catch” a shell (as in, tank moving faster than the shell catching it from behind)? “If the movement trajectory of the shell intersects with the tank collision model, there will be an armor penetration check”
- Q: “Between the opponents and proponents of the Confrontation mode, who won?” A: “Wargaming”

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European Tree part II – Tanks of the EU Nations

Hello everyone,

in part I, we talked about the theoretical concept of the European tree. Now, let’s have a look at some of the stuff, that could come with it and the various nations contained within.

Please note one thing though – okay, three things in fact.

One – the research on possible EU branches is far from complete
Second – some branches do have a problematic situation when it comes to gaps in them
Three – Wargaming is not officially conducting any EU tree research yet.

As I wrote earlier, the final decision whether to implement the EU tree or not should came in Autumn 2014. Until then, it’s up to the fans of this tree to find as much info as possible.

Putting together a qualified EU tree branch proposal is also NOT easy, as you can imagine and quite frankly, for people not of that respective nation, it’s pretty much impossible. That’s why this post will be based on work of other people, who are probably the best at this sort of thing. I will credit them as I go.

While the decision on EU tree is not yet taken, I will be going with the likely variant of each nation having its own branches within the tree (eg. no mixing of nations in one branch) – mixing the branches would create pointless friction (“why do I have to play Polish tanks in order to get to hightier Czechoslovaks” and stuff like that) and (using Occam’s Razor rule) is the most likely. The last variant of crews’ nationality, that was openly discussed, was the option to (when you recruit the crew) select the crew nationality (eg. you could have Czech crews in Italian tanks for example, but ONLY if you specifically choose to do so). In such a case, national voiceover is not a problem (for example, Czech voiceover exists).


Italy is… complicated. Of all the potential EU tree nations, it has a special place (along with Hungary), because its vehicles actually fought and played an important role in WW2. Despite some of them being terribly, terribly obsolete by the time they got into the fight, contrary to popular belief, their deployment was not entirely unsuccessful and cases, where the Italians kicked British ass in Africa are actually not as rare as people think. Italian vehicles would also fit well in historical battles – specifically the African ones versus the British.

Earlier on, there were some rumors about Italy appearing as an independent tree – some info also emerged that WG EU office is pushing for this option, but as of now, unless the rules for new trees (which is “tier 10 of all classes”) change significantly, there is a very little chance of seeing an Italian independent tree. In order to have a look at the Italians, I will be drawing from Vollketten’s and Zarax’s posts on EU/US forums and also some work from Raptor_Fulcrum, a WG EU Italian employee, who works directly with Yuri Pasholok on this.

Anyway, back to Italy. The way I see it, the Italians can build (with difficulties) a full medium branch. Italian light tanks are usually just pre-war/wartime crap and tank destroyers and artillery are very problematic, with the most poweful potential candidate being the mid-war Semovente with a 149mm gun, which was an artillery piece anyway. There is an entire thread about them on US forums, probably the most detailed info on Italian tanks.

Light tanks – well, here it’s pretty straightforward. The L3 tankettes are most likely too weak, but as tier 1 would do. Then there is the 5 ton Ansaldo and the L6 light tanks, both solid tier 1-2 tanks. Little else above that though, no hightier scouts I know of.


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Crashing M18 Hellcat bug – Beware

Hello everyone,

for those, who didn’t notice this yet. Patch 9.0 came with a very nasty bug – when playing (specifically) M18 Hellcat, the game crashes in battle from time to time. The existence of this bug was confirmed by numerous WG staff posts, for example here. Developers are aware of this issue and according to Wargaming info, they are working on a hotfix (for this issue only, not for FPS drops).

Update on the Performance Issues of mine in 9.0

Hello everyone,

you know what I hate? When you have something you get used to and it takes you a while, but then someone comes and screws it up and you have to undergo the entire “debugging” process once again. That was probably one of the reasons for my ragepost from yesterday, because something that worked for over a year suddenly got screwed. Personally, I was perfectly happy with WoT graphics before 9.0 and I think any upgrades in this department should be purely optional. Either way, the FPS dropped for me heavily.

Basically, I did want the graphics to be at least the same as they were before 9.0. Settings I used before 9.0:

- improved render, 1440*900, anti-aliasing on
- tank texture quality: high
- terrain quality: high or medium (can’t remember)
- lighting, post-processing: medium
- shadows: off
- things like trees, vegetation and other such effects turned off or low

From last night, I made following changes:

- tank texture quality: from high to medium
- terrain quality: medium
- lighting, post-processing: low

The rest remained the same (either low or off).

In the last post, I wrote that on 8.11 settings, my FPS was 30-50, while in 9.0, using the settings same settings, it dropped to 10-15 FPS, for no reason. At this point, I would like to thank you for the feedback and all the helpful advice you wrote me, there were tons of e-mails with various tips.

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Ansaldo 5 tonne Light Tank

Authors: Vollketten and Zarax


We previously discussed was the CV.3 Series Italian Light Tank as a potential Tier 1 for Italy here and while that vehicle is really interesting, it’s not the only option for Tier 1. The Fiat 3000 is probably the most commonly suggested (because it’s a simple fit as another FT-17 clone) and usually considered a superior choice to the CV.3, as it has a turret. But, is there a Tier 1 turretted option which is not just a copy/paste tank?

The answer is ‘Yes’; the Ansaldo 5 tonne tank project.

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Closed the comments on the “feedback” post to be actually able to follow them – you can continue under this post here. As I wrote before, I am known for getting angry really quick, so after I cool down (and defragment my drive), I’ll just fiddle with the settings (got some nice tips), clean up the PC and all the usual stuff. Hopefully I will make the game playable with some decent FPS. I am not quitting FTR either, don’t worry about that.

- the game will not stop working on Dx9 anytime soon
- the Schurzen on new Panzer IV Ausf.G are part of the armor model, they work
- Storm confirms: 12 tanks will be buffed in 9.1, 8 tanks will be nerfed
- the sound of the tank destroyed in 9.0 – Storm doesn’t know whether it’s “realistic” – the feedback is that half of the people think it’s fine, other half think it’s like a “pop” and not an explosion. The sound itself was recorded based on a 152mm shell explosion
- there will be only one client, but it will be possible to select via the launcher, whether you want to download HD models or not, at least that’s how the work in progress looks like, it’s possible that it might change still
- updated (HD) tanks on standard render appear without shaders and look “flat”, because the old tanks had the shadows drawn directly into the textures, while they are calculated in real time now, but that goes only for improved render, on the old one, it looked ugly. Developers will make some feature to work around this.
- the algorithm for automatic graphic selection is “complicated”, details cannot be disclosed

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