Somua S35 Development In Occupied France


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today, we’re going to have a look at the development that the Somua S35 tank underwent during the wartime years, in secret of course. Yuri Pasholok wrote an interesting article about it, let’s have a look at it.

The partial occupation of France did not spell doom for the entire French tank development, it didn’t freeze solid. According to the agreement with the Germans, Vichy France did not have the right to develop and produce new armored vehicles on its territory. Nevertheless, companies in southern France continued in secret their work on promising projects, the priority being put on improving and modernizing the existing vehicles. It was for example in those years that the company CDM developed and produced in small numbers a turret for Panhard 178 armored cars, equipped with the 47mm SA35 gun. Another example would be the company Lorraine, producing under the guise of tracked tractors a 4 wheel version of the Lorraine 37L APC, known as Lorraine 37/44.

In other words, the French armor development survived even during those complicated years, although just barely. It was this wartime development that became later on the basis of the revival of the French tank industry, that begun right after the key French territories were liberated from German occupation.

One of the “secret development” centers was a part of Toulon, where the company Forges et Chantiers de la Méditerranée (FCM) was located. At the point of the French surrender, the main task of the company was the production of Char B1 bis, although there were plans to produce the superheavy FCM F1 and the company was also one of the producers of the turrets, that were used on other tanks. It was here that a new concept to develop the French Somua S35 cavalry tank was developed. In the end, it could have looked like this:

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Warpack Stream

You know, when I remove a post, I remove it for a reason, because I just didn’t feel like being that negative today. Not to spam comments with it.

But whatever. We all know WG EU doesnt give a fuck about Warpack.

Check this out. A Warpack team (bush remover, broken object detector on minimap etc.) playing Team Battles and streaming it, because noone gives a flying fuck.

Edit: the broadcast ended, but they left the recording on, so you can check their past games (here for example)



On Russian forums, there was a “scandal” about WG RU allegedly forcing youtubers not to talk about artillery or to say bad things about Wargaming in their videos with a screenshot of a signed contract for an existing youtuber. It’s a fake (or rather a prank, some jokers sent the guy a fake WG letter)

- AMX-30 Prototype will almost certainly be unlocked from AMX-13/90
- the original goal in new physics was not to literally create a handbrake, but to allow players to block the tracks with a key. The name “handbrake” came later as a result of how it looks.
- it seems IS-5 will not be a premium tank after all, but a CW reward tank
- the bug where instead of quitting the battle normally the client crashes is known, it will be fixed
- the version of the game from which the physics videos were made, that were later given to the community contributors, was different from the one released on the test server, it was a developer build
- World of Tanks made more than 500 million USD in 2014, becoming the third largest CIS internet company in revenue after Yandex and

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A Little French Food For Thought

Author: Vollketten

Regular readers will have seen a bunch of new French vehicles and modules being announced by WG recently. Is there more to come? Most likely, so maybe a quick gallery of some of the less well-known future French content to consider not that some, all or any of these may be on the horizon, just an indication of quite how much there is still out there to be found. France has a very long history of armoured vehicles, so this is in no way attempts to be a list, just some titbits. It also gives me a chance to clear out my stuff a little in preparation for some more patent silliness for France for FTR later.

Renault M.1923

4 crew, 75mm gun in the hull, 25mm armour, 6 cylinder Renault 180hp engine, 6.04m long, 2.57m wide, 2.03m high, Delaunay Belleville suspension

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Not much today.

- even if the tanks turn more quickly in new physics, this will not be compensated by an aimtime gun nerf
- one of the ways considered to simplify the motion physics and make the tanks more user friendly than they are on the test is the following: pressing W – you go forward. Stop pressing W while going forward, an extremely experienced driver will stop the tank as fast as possible without sliding. Press S while going forward, the tracks will lock (the way the handbrake does in current physics test) – it works the same way when you go backwards and press W. The handbrake works only until the tank starts moving to the direction, indicated by the key you are pressing (eg. starts reversing after going forward, when you keep pressing S).

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Somua S40 Modernization


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Yuri Pasholok posted another bit of info on the French vehicles, that we will see in the game. This time, it’s the Somua S40. By April 1939, the requirements for the modernization of the Somua S35 cavalry tank were laid down. The vehicle, that was to be based on them, was proposed to be mass-produced from October 1940. The requirements mentioned an overhaul of the hull and the suspension, but other changes were connected with the planned production of the CAM 2 (Somua SAu 40) self-propelled gun, which was 3 tons heavier than the S35.

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Meanwhile in World of Tanks…

Now THAT is a lucky shot…

Errata: “Assault on Berlin” – Fake

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a quick update. The piece of news, published roughly an hour ago about the special mode “assault on Berlin” was a fake. The medal itself was real, but it was a part of the last year’s historical battles mode, that was cancelled (at one point, they planned one HB to be the siege of Berlin).

The “Berlin” vehicles are real though, as well as the news that a new city map is being developed, which leads me to speculate that there will indeed be a very special mode where you will participate in the 1945 victory parade.

The Development of AMX 38


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Yuri Pasholok wrote an interesting post about the AMX 38, so sit down, have a cup of coffee or lunch and let’s have a look at it :)

Apart from the companies Hotchkiss, Renault and FCM, AMX too participated in the program to create the next generation light tank for the French army. Atelier de Construction d’Issy-les-Moulineaux (AMX for short) was located south of Paris – it consisted of the former Renault tank plant, nationalized in 1936 and was the last company to enter the competition. Their tank project, later recieving the designation of AMX 38, was introduced in July 1937.

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How IS-6 “Terrible” Could Look Like

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if you’ve read the Insider reports, you know that Wargaming is preparing (for Xbox and possibly PC) a new premium vehicle, an IS-6 called “Terrible”. More like “how terrible”…

Anyway, if you are wondering how it could look like – this vehicle actually already exists, in WoT Blitz! Here’s a picture.


In Blitz, it even counts towards the Lion of Sinai medal.