Straight Outta Supertest: T-34-3 Buffed


Hello everyone,

on supertest, T-34-3 (tier 8 premium Chinese medium tank) was buffed. This is NOT the final version apparently, but it’s a good indicator of what will happen. Stats for 100 percent crew.

- DPM increased from 1694,6 to 1821,1
- reload time buffed from 13,808s to 12,849s
- reate of fire buffed from 4,345 to 4,67
- accuracy buffed from 0,441 to 0,403
- accuracy on the move (when moving at maximum speed) buffed by 25 percent

Straight Outta Supertest: Panzer II Ausf.D


Hello everyone,

new tier 2 “premium” tank appeared on supertest. It’s Panzer II Ausf.D (…because, you know, there is not enough clones already). It’s very likely a reward tank, but what for – that is unknown. It’s even possible we are looking at New Year’s gift tank, it’s a perfect candidate (German, lowtier, crap).


Statistics for 100 percent crew.


Fast modification of Panzer II, intended for light divisions, based on cavalry units. Panzer II Ausf.D had a completely new hull and suspension, the turret was borrowed from Panzer I Ausf.C. The suspension included 8 doubled roadwheels of large diameter with individual torsion bar suspension without support rollers. The tanks with improvend suspension elements and with new drive sprockets recieved the designation of Ausf.E. According to various sources, 200-250 Ausf.D and E vehicles were built.

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Not much going on. Russian Supertest had a little affair, where one guy with the nickname Kostik_11 ranted against Ukraine (allegedly very rudely) and as a reward, he got kicked from supertest and recieved a 2,5 month ban. He “appealed” using support ticket and RU support changed his punishment to permanent ban, which caused much butthurt and many bricks were shat. The rage on RU forums was quite funny, pointless to translate though.

Q: “Developers, you said earlier that the vehicles, which can be lit up by firing into frontal transmission have this handicap compensated by other characteristics. Does that mean you will nerf the frontal transmission vehicles, now that they can’t be lit up from the front?” A: “If necessary”

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Of World of Tanks Economy 2 – Free to Play vs Pay to Win

Hello everyone,

today, I am going to write something about one specific aspect of World of Tanks (or any “World of” Wargaming product really) – the Free to Play (F2P) business model. Looking at the forums (well, okay, specifically the Czech ones, but the same thing comes up everywhere on occasion), I see a lot of confusion about the “free” part. People do complain that Wargaming shouldn’t charge as much for this and that and that should be for free too and whatnot.

Wargaming is not a charity. It’s a business corporation and it does not exist to entertain anyone, despite how much various Wargaming representatives talk about bringing joy and doing what they do with love and whatnot. It exists to make money. Noone invests millions of dollars in something, that doesn’t bring profit – and so, Wargaming has to charge for something. And that something always brings pay-to-win element into the game – the question is not IF, the question is HOW MUCH.

First, there is this nice little video by Extra Credits again – if you have time, go ahead and watch it (you can skip it, I’ll be describing the effect in the article, but they do it better):


Alright. So, what we have here is the free-to-play model of Wargaming, which they call “free-to-win” or something. In the video, it is cited as one of the good examples of free-to-play monetization and I actually agree. It’s a very delicate balance. You have two aspects of the game, that have to be in equillibrium:

- the ability of the developer to make money off the game
- the ability to play for free with it still being fun

Now, make no mistake. You will always have some pay to win elements, no matter what the developer says and how they argues. What matters is their intensity of course. Sure, you might argue that for example selling “hats” (Team Fortress) might not have any P2W element, but is that really true?

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Supertest M56 Scorpion Update


Hello everyone,

just a quick update on the M56 Scorpion and how it is doing on supertest. Scorpion set of characteristics (including pictures) was leaked earlier, when the vehicle was introduced to the supertest server.


The feedback from supertesters about this vehicle is that with current characteristics, it sucks even against tier 9 vehicles, let alone tier 10′s. The developers allegedly agree, they too are unhappy with the vehicle performance. Current line of thinking is that this tank destroyer will definitely have limited matchmaking – it’s allegedly even possible it will not see tier 9 and 10 tanks in battle at all. This is however extremely preliminary at this point, further tests and tweaks are being conducted.


A quick announcement – I had several events planned for this week, specifically a nice historical competition, the Hall of Shame mod, some streams and such. Unfortunately, everything got delayed by a week or two by the fact that my PC is undergoing repairs, so please, be patient (especially the mod seems to be a requested featured judging by mail).

- the equipment is tied to a vehicle, not its modules. FV207 British artillery for example uses medium caliber rammer, while the vehicle tier higher uses large caliber rammer, even though it can use the same gun. That is due to the presence of the 7.2in howitzer on the latter vehicle
- Swedish tanks in the game? “If Swedish tanks were to be added to the game they would more likely be part of a European tree.”
- regarding WoT monetization: “The game model is such that you use your tier 6 and tier 5 to generate credits to fund your higher tiers. If you could play tier 10 without ever having to really worry about losing credits, why would anyone ever use the premium account option, purchase premium tanks, or play any other tier than tier 10 where they don’t have to worry about facing tanks of a higher tier?”
- T95E2 Medium Tank in WoT? “We can’t comment on future content because it’s always subject to change. The future of this tank hasn’t been confirmed, once we’re sure of what is happening with it, we’ll let players know at a time where we’re also able to answer any questions players have about it.”

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About the Fury Competition Results

Hello everyone,

so, the Fury Competition results are here.

Personally, I was really skeptical about the competition and still am about the movie, for various reasons:

- they wrecked the Sherman they used (followed by a Wargaming money drive for its restoration)
- too much hype
- I don’t like Brad Pitt

Anyway, about the competition. The first funny part is that the “super secret tank” (reskinned Sherman to looke like the one from the movie – not sure which version, the one appearing on the screen, or the way the tank looked after the shooting) is not even in the game (probably gonna be in 9.3 files coming out after this weekend), but whatever.

The winning trailer looks good I guess. I am really not a WoT video expert, but I kinda expected a bit more. But fair enough, why not. What struck me as odd however were the other “trailers”, for example the one, that won third place.


I mean, so there’s the American T20, the M6 or whatever and a Hellcat at the end, what does that have to do with the Fury movie? Absolutely nothing? It looks like an action version of a random WoT video. I know it took probably some (even considerable) effort, but… well, I don’t know.

And what do you think of the contest?

Wargaming to Cooperate With Anime Again

Thanks to WARLOCK360100 for this one.

Hello everyone,

according to this article, Wargaming (specifically Viktor Kislyi) announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2014 that Wargaming (World of Warships) would cooperate with the creators of anime called Arpeggio Blue Steel, which is apparently warship-themed. Tried to check on the story of the anime and it makes no sense to me, so I guess it’s an attempt to make specifically the Japanese players interested.


Well, at least they are doing the advertising right: