9.4 Test Round 2 Started

Hello everyone,

test 2 of 9.4 has begun, with the following changes (compared to test 1):

- added new map Stalingrad
- reworked the gun sounds, based on test 1 feedback
- fixed the bug where the ricochet damage counted twice, fixing also the improper issuing of Dumitru, Orlik, Bombardier and Warrior medals
- fixed the bug with shells flying through tanks, that appeared in test 1
- reworked the design of game menu, that opens when pressing Escape

- fixed issues in visual models on following vehicles: Stug IV, M56, Object 260, Panzer II Ausf.D, Panther 88, Centurion 7/1, KV-85, M5 Stuart, M3 Lee
- fixed issues in collision models on following vehicles: T-55 NVA DDR, Object 260, T95E2, StuG IV, Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71
- fixed visual camouflage on models of T95E2, Tiger II, E 100
- fixed the loading capacity on StuG IV and Panzer II Ausf.D
- nerfed the reload time of T28 Concept

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- SerB confirms that the current VK4502B will be replaced by Maus prototype. The rear turret tank will then either become a premium tank, or will turn into the alternative hull for the existing VK4501A
- SerB states that the problem with the previous issue of historical battles was in getting enough players for both teams. Now WG is working on PvE historical battles.
- no plans for historical battle PvP mode
- the account statistics reset for gold was just a rumor
- the characteristics of the Fury Sherman are worse than the characteristics of HD M4A3E8 will be

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New Wargaming Video about Engines

Enjoy! The video is a bit odd (why call it a “carburator” engine, why not call it just gasoline engines, that is far better known). By the way, the information about the Germans using gasoline due to their wartime situation is not correct, or at least not entirely. The real reason, as explained by H.Doyle was, that the Germans required certain peak operating time for their engines, which corresponded to gasoline engines. If they required like 2 hours more (IIRC), they would have gone for diesel.


New Function on Wot-News: Recommended Tanks

Hello everyone,

I’d just like to inform you of a new, experimental function on wot-news, programmed by Edrard in cooperation with the WN8 rating guys. If you are into rating and all that, you probably know that one of the wot-news functions is to check your WN8 rating on this page:


A new function was added to this table – a list of recommended tanks under the “WN8 Suggested Tanks” button. If you press it, you get the following screen:


This is a list of the tanks that you should play (or shouldn’t), if you want to increase your WN8 rating. Basically, it shows the vehicles in your garage, that have the best (and worst, on the right side) rating increase (or decrease) per battle. You can use it as a tool to pad your stats improve your rating in order to be a better player. Enjoy!

“How we make WoWs: Export Automatization and Content Verification” – Part 1

Source: http://m.habrahabr.ru/company/wargaming/blog/241083/

Hello everyone,

what follows is an article from Wargaming technical developer blog. I hope you will find it interesting. I did not translate some of the parts literally to express what the author means better, I hope you can forgive that :)


With the private preview of Wows at Gamescom and Igromir, the game release draws ever closer. Currently, we are in the middle of alpha-testing stage and us, developers from the Wargaming studio at St.Petersburg, called Lesta, have a whole bunch of questions to decide. Given that, we already managed to pass a whole lot of obstacles. Below is the account of how we managed to adapt the exporter of our engine to the needs of Wows and how we created the process of content verification.

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- apparently, all the servers (including ASIA) will have the M24 Chaffee Sport crews, left over from Chaffee race event, retrained to regular Chaffee for free in 9.4
- Storm wants to apparently nerf the camo a bush provides to your tank by 20-25 percent
- there will apparently be a video, showing how the new gun sounds were recorded
- there was a “funny” episode in World of Warships development – at one point, there was a piece of land with some indestructible houses. Everything was fine, but the developers discovered that the FPS is dropping a lot, whenever these houses appeared on the screen. The issue was investigated and it was found out that inside one of the houses there was a bathtub and inside it, there was a model of a small plastic duck swimming, which would be a silly joke from one of the artists, were it not for the fact that the duck had around one million polygons…
- Storm confirms that the 9.4 gun sounds are the same as the ones from 9.1 Test 1, excluding high calibers. Some other filters were applied as well.
- developers are currently working on 9.4 Test 2
- developers are working on implementing polls and votes to WoT interface
- new HD tanks? “When they are done”
- developers now admit that the feedback on the new sounds is negative, they however are not sure, whether it’s just because those who like them stay silent and those who don’t whine
- from now on, every test client round will not be downloaded as a patch, every test will downloaded separately as a complete client (cca 7,7 GB). This was decided because “unfortunately, a huge part of playerbase was not able to follow the patching instructions”
- Havok coming this year? “It’s possible, but no guarantees”

Hungarian Branch in WoT – Part 3: Turán medium tanks

Part I
Part II: Light tanks

Author: Karika


In this part, we’ll take a look at how could the Hungarian Turán medium tanks be implemented into WoT. Everything is the same as in the previous article: I will not predict game parameters (health points or alpha damage) and the balance parameters (radiorange, RoF, etc.) would not necessarely be implemented as I listed them below.

Please note that these are only the historical characteristics, so presumably (!) these would be only the stock or intermediate configurations of the in-game tanks, not the final ones.

Turán – Tier IV



Possible vehicle description

In 1940 the Hungarian Ministry of Defence decided to buy the licence of the yet unfinished design of the Czechoslovak T-21 medium tank, to solve the problem of the missing medium tank class in Hungarian service as soon as possible. However, because the prototype needed plenty of modifications and suffered from many breakdowns during its development, the first 40M. Turán I medium tanks only arrived to the troops in the Summer of 1942. Soon after that, the need for a higher caliber gun arose, so between 1942-1943, the Turán was further developed to 41M. Turán II and recieved a short 75mm cannon in a modified turret. Approximately 459-462 Turán I and Turán II were manufactured during the war.

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