Fixing the Panzer 35t Tank in HD

Hello everyone,

to my eternal shame, despite being a Czech vehicle fan, as you well know, I don’t play Panzer 38t or 35t much. I don’t generally sealclub, that’s one reason, but the truth is, I am really not that much into Czech tanks, that have German crews (waiting for the Czech branch). But yesterday, I decided to give 38t a shot after a year or so.

Imagine my surprise and “joy”, when I found out that historically, both 35t and 38t are completely FUCKED up. Well… let’s have a look at them.

Panzer 35t

As you probably know, Panzer 35t is the Czechoslovak LT Vz.35, used by the Wehrmacht forces. To that end, it was somewhat modified. What is wrong with it historically:

- the 20mm guns are completely unhistorical, they are there for the balance purposes I assume
- the top turret is fake (unhistorical), there was never such a thing as “Verstärkterturm” on Panzer 35t
- the top gun is partially fake, it wasn’t present until the advanced prototypes during the war
- stock engine has somewhat wrong designation
- elite engine is fake
- tracks could use different designation
- radios are problematic but noone really cares about those anyway

Considering that this vehicle is scheduled for rework when it gets remodelled to HD, here’s what could be done with it to keep at least some historicity. Basically, there are three variants, all of them revolve on turrets, one is somewhat unhistorical and I think it’s unnecessery.

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Chaffee Race is Here

Hello everyone,

as you already probably know, today is the day when the Chaffee race event starts. It will apparently be active until 13.10.2014 if I remember correctly. It’s…. just try it. A few random points I picked up quickly:

- exploding barrels do NO damage whatsoever. Given the nature of how they work in other racing games (an obstacle), I am not sure this is intended or anything, but it’s pointless to shoot them, their explosions won’t harm anyone. Likewise, you can just plough through them.
- the special Chaffee has new engine sound, that sounds really cool. Does the regular Chaffee now have the same engine sound as well? Haven’t noticed.
- the Chaffee slides. A LOT. Almost feels like you are playing War Thunder. The problem with it is that the sliding (unlike in any other racing games, where you have the tyre “screeching”) does not have a distinctive sound effect and so it is relatively difficult to keep the vehicle on the edge of a controlled slide.
- shooting the HUGE red fuel towers or whatever they are does nothing
- if you want to get into the enemy lane, it’s possible during jumps, but you have to time it right
- autoaim works ONLY if you are in the same lane (or in the base), otherwise there is the middle wall preventing you from locking on, this makes the shooting quite harder. It’s possible to lock on when you are higher than the enemy, but then the autoaim will just shoot the wall.
- viable tactic is to stay a little behind the group of opponents (who instinctively run as fast as they can since this is a race) and shoot them in the back, but the road is windy and dont expect to knock out anyone
- detracks are practically impossible, the vehicle tracks repair extremely fast (if you hit them at all)
- altough the aim circle seems really small, make no mistake, the gun is inaccurate and fires all over the place, especially when going fast
- another valid tactic when you are on first spot is have one team member (well, you) go to the opposite lane by the end and ram the opponents. The rammed guy will be stopped in his tracks and the other two almost always stop to get rid of you, your teammates will cap
- cap is extremely fast, takes just like 10 seconds – and there are TWO bases on one another, which means it’s completely possible for both teams to achieve a draw by capping at the same time, that’s why it’s important not to only stand around and cap, but also to shoot the other team capping

Overall, it’s… fun, but I am a bit disappointed by the track and the motion model. The fact the tank slides a lot would be manageable, but any obstacles on the road are practically pointless, they don’t even make you lose speed, explosions do nothing – you just go forward and that’s it. The vehicle accelerates extremely fast as well, any time lost is quickly caught up, unless you just stand around, enjoying the scenery. Unless you do specifically what I wrote above (staying a bit behind), shooting over the center line is mostly pointless, it’s much better to just ignore them and focus on driving than crashing into something while trying to aim.

The soccer mode was better.

A Competition For Turkish Players

Hello everyone,

I don’t do this often (or rather, at all), but I am going to do an exception in this case. This post concerns mostly Turkish players (everyone can technically participate, but it’s all in Turkish, so).

On 26.8.2014, a respected member of the Turkish World of Tanks community, Samet Türkmen, passed away – he was very ill, he had leukemia. His friend, nickname BBOSS, decided to run a competition in his honor. The competition runs until 5th of October, the rules are under the link.

Thus, if you want to honor the memory of a respected Turkish player and perhaps win some prizes, feel free to participate.

My condolences on Samet’s passing.

Insider Talks – Skill MM Once Again

Hello everyone,

what follows is a part of discussion between the developers about the skill MM. It has been redacted by the Insider and by me of course, names and such. It’s here only to illustrate the way the developers are thinking. It’s also very long, so… make sure you have patience.

Developer 1:
All right, new preliminary results… once again, how do we…. Measure…… skill???

Developer 2:
What players’ don’t get is that skill is a variable as well, let’s assume for a moment Mr. 63% wins gets into the ultra-unicorn league, well, now what? He goes and does his thing in the game, therefore, as all skills differ with different players, his particular skill is that so some of the players go around and push a certain area of the map and he takes his shots from a distance and scurries into a flank whenever a breach is open, but while then, “oh no, why is Mr. 63% camping? He must be a noob who purchased his account!”

Skill is also part of RNG, because it’s impossible to measure how any player will behave in different scenarios, there’s no set rules of “oh you are a certain tank so you must behave exactly as you’re told to”, and the tank who breaks the rule and grabs their side by surprise is now a “hated noob because he killed me”
If Players want to live by the knife’s end on harsh matches every day, all the time, most of them will be pleading for a rollback of the system, if they want difficult matches where coordination & cooperation is everything, there’s Clan Wars or Platoons.

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Invite Codes

Hello everyone,

yet again, another bunch of invite codes from CD Action magazine. This time by: MrRzepa, Kryzstof P., PL_Astharoth, m_an1ac, m1siolin


Thanks guys!

Weekly FTR Contributor Review

Hello everyone,

once again it’s the time to thank the contributors, it’s you who keep FTR running after all! This time, following people donated via Paypal:

David J. (United Kingdom)
Giovanni P. (Italy)
Philipp F. (Germany)
Philippe G. (Belgium)

Thank you, guys, I really appreciate it, as always. A lot of you guys ask about me how I am doing and the truth is, I don’t know. Lots of things and perspectives changed recently. We’ll just have to see. At least a part of the issue I was talking about was handled, thanks for all the help and support you’ve given me :)

The best way to help me and FTR is via the Patreon service

This is the Patreon account of For the Record. In case you read this for the first time and feel like contributing, here is an explanation what it is, how it works and how to contribute. You can find a list of all those, who pledged and help to keep FTR running here.

Thank you all!


You can check Listy’s new article about bombers over Italy. Also, Overlord is collecting feedback on the new AFK/leaver punishment system, be sure to write your opinion under his post.

- it’s not planned to split the gun caliber and the shell actual caliber (for subcaliber shells, for the purposes of overmatch for example) because such a mechanism would be incomprehensible to players
- there will not be any “anti-medals” for bad behavior in game in order not to provoke idiots, who would collect them on purpose
- oddly enough, Storm and Yuri Pasholok are publically arguing (wut?) about sending/not sending some small things about the vehicle HD models (postwar lights on ISU-152 if I see correctly), apparently there is not a very good chain of communication between the HD modellers and historians (SS: as in, modellers ignoring feedback – I wonder if this is connected to the fact that “there might be no HD models in 9.4″)
- Veider on general LT class buff: “We didn’t scrap that. We will change the view ranges. We simply have to have a look at (new) LT’s on main servers. How did they fit in the game, if we need to fix anything and so on. Everything according to plan.”

Praga TNH – Where It All Began

Hello everyone,

today’s the 28th of September, one of Czech Republic’s most important holidays (the “Day of Czech Statehood”, an anniversary of our patron saint, St.Wenceslas’ murder) and so, we will talk about one rather important Czechoslovak project, that started the long road towards the Vz.38 light tank. Its name is TNH and it was built for one of the most exotic customers: the Shah of Iran.


A little bit of history first. The early 30′s in Czechoslovakia were marked by Škoda and ČKD competing for the Czechoslovak army contracts. As a sort of by-product, large amounts of various proposals and designs were developed and seeing their potential, both companies tried to (with various degrees of success) sell them to various exports markets. Both companies had a sort of uneasy relationship – on one hand, they were the dominant market force (a cartel, which, at that point, was not illegal) and when it came to making money, they could set their differences aside. On the other hands, their history is full of stabs and unkept promises.

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Ricochets Killing Allies

Hello everyone,

well, the 0.9.3 ricochet buff, while generally a nice thing (how many of you already “bent the shell” around a corner using ricochet? I managed to do it once yesterday by accident), it has its bad sides as well. Here, a Russian player Tiberian3 posted a video, where he actually killed his teammate with a ricochet from his tank.

According to the Russian player himself, he DID recieve a teamdamage fine in credits for team damage, but it does NOT count towards the automatic teamkill punishment (you won’t be banned for such shots).