Her Majesty’s Big Gun: FV4005

Source: http://worldoftanks.ru/ru/news/pc-browser/1/FV4005_preview/

Hello everyone,

this article came up on Russian server portal and I think it’s kinda nice, so here’s a sum of what was in it. The FV4005 Stage 2 is the upcoming tier 10 tank destroyer. Here are its basic characteristics, which – since they appeared on the portal – are likely final:

- speed: 35 km/h
- hitpoints: 1850
- gun alpha: 1150


Wargaming characterizes the vehicle as such:

- gun: “183mm of total firepower. The large gun allows you to deal huge amount of alpha damage to practically any enemy”
- HESH-shells: “high amount penetration and awesome damage make this machine a formidable opponent, capable of single-handedly tipping the battle in your favour.”
- psychological factor: “even the peresence of this vehicle on certain maps can blunt your opponent’s initiative”
- good traverse: “even though the turret doesn’t traverse 360 degrees, the traverse angles are more than enough”

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E-25 Removed from the Shop

Well, I guess we were right all along, weren’t we… :)


TLDR: E-25 removed from Shop. Bla bla OP bla bla too many of them. Bla. Buy it in 100 EUR bundle after that. The vehicle will still be available

- until 22.12.2014 in the ingame shop
- until 15.1.2015 in the premium store

After that, it gets removed.

I mean… seriously? Announcing that you are removing a vehicle from sales because there are too many of them and then leave it in the sale for several more weeks, knowing that thousands more will buy it? Yea, that makes total sense. Is it just me, or is Wargaming lately really shifting towards more and more obvious moneygrabs?

Edit: oh, right, forgot. “Removed from the ingame shop” – 22.12., 30 percent discount on tier 7 TD’s starts on 24.12., we wouldn’t want you to get it for gold on discount now, would we…

Straight Outta Supertest: Hightier “Team Battles”

Source: FTA VK community

Hello everyone,

Wargaming is apparently testing a new tier 10 mode on supertest, that resembles team battles, only with tier 10 vehicles and tier 8 lights. This mode has attack/defense mode. Currently nothing else is known, it could be some sort of preliminary test/experiment and there’s no guarantee this mode will appear in the game (although earlier, it was said by WG developers that Wargaming is working on something like that for high tiers).

FTR Technical Post and Contributor Review

Hello everyone,

it’s the weekly FTR technical post and contributor review, but first – a few things on my mind: a bunch of guys sent me some invite codes. I’ve been distributing them mostly on PM/mail basis, whoever asked. Currently, I have none (so no need to ask for them via e-mail) and the demand is always bigger than what I have. Sorry, doing my best. Thank you guys who sent me the invite codes – Sadomasticator, Koval85, Lazyjustice, Jasiek2112 and others.

I am sorry if I forgot someone, but I got buried under an avalanche of e-mails lately. With 60-70 emails per day, peaking at 200 (usually connected with some issues in the game – I mean, I do try to help you guys, but sometimes I do feel like WG official support service :), I am hopelessly behind and some mails I just can’t answer at all, there’s no time. Everything got also complicated by the end of the year as usual, I got so much things to finish that I kept postponing several things I was working on, specifically the AW FTR (yes, it’s still planned, but my priority in previous weeks was working on the Czech branch, now that there finally are some results to that). Same goes for various other emails, people sending me stuff to read, to watch and to post… sorry guys, really doing my best, but my day just has 24 hours like everyone else’s :(

Second thing – the comments. After seeing the amount of stupid and aggressive shit under the “artillery” article, I decided I’d be much stricter on rude comments. I am talking specifically to you, Medjed and a bunch of others – you’ve been around for a long time, enough NOT to go mental whenever arty is mentioned. The future of FTR for 2015 is not clear at this point – I am notoriously indecisive when it comes to this, because I am just SO tired of it sometimes, so it really can be anything between dropping it completely and going “professional” (whatever that means). One thing is for sure though – should FTR be extended (to AW for example, separate FTR AW is and always will be only a temporary solution), I will probably be forced to review the comments policy altogether. Dunno, we’ll see. I hate taking steps like that. The first one will be (or rather is) RO banning all the accounts, using all the “temporary” one minute emails for registration. Sorry, no sharklasers for you. After reviewing the history of comments coming from accounts registered with these mails – well, as you can imagine, most are trolls (strangely enough, there’s not a whole lot of them, maybe 300-400 accounts, including the double- and triple-alts of some people here). This change will be implemented on next FTR system update.

Well, that’s about it. See you next Sunday or so for the pre-Christmas review. In any case – to honor the contributors, who donated this week via Paypal:

Simon S. (Sweden) – large donation, much appreciated, mate
Radek M. (Czech Republic)
Marvin H. (Texas, United States) – thanks for repeated contributions, mate, much appreciated

Thank you all!


- Storm confirms that the impossibility to complete Individual Missions in platoons is a bug in the test, it will be fixed
- Storm states that the situation where even very powerful computers run WoT at under 50 FPS is caused by the lack of optimization – many of those bottlenecks are being fixed currently
- according to Storm, it’s not possible to have icons always appearing over the tank names in the 9.5 minimap, as this solution reduces the performance of the minimap. This is how it currently looks in 9.5 test 2:

- (related to the above) WG was forced to abandon the solution XVM uses currently for technical reasons
- Storm confirms that some individual missions will still be reworked, but the platoon requirement for some will stay (SS: people are asking over and over)
- Mittengard is a newbie-only map, experienced players driving lowtier tanks (pedobears) will not be allowed to play it (this will be implemented via a new special MM rule)

Interview with Andrei Yantsev (WG Publisher)

Source: http://www.gametech.ru/articles/562/

Special thanks to st0ne_c0ld from world-of-ru for linking it.

Hello everyone,

Russian site gametech.ru published an interview with Andrei Yantsev, who’s the leader of the WG publishing department. The interview is quite interesting (its title alone is “a generation grew up, that thinks everything should be for free”) but sadly, very long, so I’ll just sum it up into the point Mr.Yantsev makes.

The interview took place at the Wargaming Developer Contest awards and it’s actually related to it – specifically, to third party application developers, modders and other such people.

- Wargaming started to work with third party modders and such (WGDC) since there was a demand from these people’s side
- WG plans to support these people (modders, application developers) by advertising their creations in the “useful software” part of the portal, specifically the WGDC winners’ creations will be advertised via WG channels
- the way WG sees the future of working with these people (“leaders and WGDC finalists”) is not to buy their products (they can implement the same functions themselves), but to encourage them to form a “core of third party developers”, the existence of which would encourage Wargaming in turn to reveal (release) more of their codes
- WG is slowly moving towards opening up its sources and releasing redactor software for third party developers, but the process is slow since they have to make sure there’s no abuse of that
- regarding the consoles, World of Tanks was until recently Xbox-exclusive, but apparently the exclusivity “wore off” and it’s possible that in 2015 plans to expand to Playstation will be announced, WG is working hard to introduce WoT to “all platforms” (as in, other consoles as well, the only exception being Nintendo)
- World of Tanks would be profitable on Xbox even without the gold account, there are talks in that direction
- Yantsev thinks that Microsoft is starting to take F2P seriously
- “retail version is dead”, it can apparently exist only a gift package, it’s good for older nostalgic people, but young people are used to downloading stuff, F2P and DLC model
- apparently, Blitz is doing fine and growing fast, mobile devices are the future
- in last two years, WoT merchandise made a huge step forward, WG is cooperating with several game accessories manufacturers and such, this was planned very early on
- 2015 will be the 70th WW2 victory anniversary and WG prepares many events towards it (in Russia of course.

Actually, the interview was much more interesting than just this short summary. I wish I had time to translate it all. Oh well, maybe when I have some free time. But this guy does seem to exactly know what he’s doing, I like his answers very much.