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- War Thunder sounds being better than WoT 9.4 sounds? Storm: “There’s no ‘impact’, ‘density’ or ‘bass’ in their sounds.”
- for now, there is no ETA for “XP for tanking” (SS: keep in mind that it takes an entire patch cycle just to collect proper data, so it’s possible that it won’t appear in 9.5 either)
- Storm states that the new sounds will not come for everyone, but as a downloadable mod pack, the way ultra HD textures were in 9.3, this mod will come in 9.4
- it is confirmed that no other server than ASIA will get a Type 59 on sale (thanks to Not_Me for this info), EU will apparently get some other exclusive tank on sale in December

Straight Outta Supertest: Garage Battles

Source: VK Wotleaks community

Hello everyone,

apparently, according to the source listed above, the testing of new “Garage Battles” mode has begun on supertest. It’s a 15 vs 15 battle (of an unspecified tier, but I am assuming it’s tier 10 mode) where you have three lives.

Basically, you can respawn twice. After your death, you can choose where you respawn from several options. Hulls of the destroyed tanks do not remain on the map, they disappear.

Meanwhile in Britain…

Thanks to Sheep21 (NA) for this one :)

Hello everyone,

you all know at this point that Wargaming is cooperating with the creators of the movie Fury by promoting the movie via their videogame. But oddly enough:

fury - war not a game

A qoute from article:

…speaking on the red carpet, Pitt, 50, said that he had allowed his eldest son, Maddox, who is 13, to see the film and that he discussed it with him afterwards.
“We talked intensely about it.
“The younger generation play a lot of video games and I want them to understand that there are casualties. You don’t press reboot.
“There are real consequences and real stakes. We talked a lot about it.””

Well, that’s strange. War is not a game and yet you promote the movie through one? In any case, I am very curious how the movie will turn out (unfortunately, it only reaches CZ in November, so unless I manage to “procure” a copy somewhere before that, that’s when I’ll go to see it). I’ve seen some very positive reviews from the Americans (mostly from journalists), but also some very negative ones, so we’ll just have to see.

BT-SV and Type 59 To Be Sold In Gift Shop

Source: Tanitha’s Post

Thanks to mttspiii for this one.

Hello everyone,

according to Tanitha’s post from ASIA forums, an interesting thing is about to happen:

- Type 59 (as a part of one-time-only offer) will be temporarily sold in gift shop
- BT-SV will be sold as well as a part of a 100 USD bundle

There are currently no plans to introduce MTLS and Panzer II Ausf.J to the shop. This is valid specifically for ASIA server, but I have to wonder – is Wargaming so in need of a lot of money as to cross that boundary on US, RU and EU?

Weekly FTR Contributor Review

Hello everyone,

once again it’s the time to thank the contributors, it’s you who keep FTR running after all! The Panther competition packages are going to get sent tomorrow – I would have done it before, but I bought crappy packages and some of them got torn by uncareful handling.

This time, following people donated via Paypal:

Inner Sanctum Inc. (Arizona, United States)
Stefan Y. (Sweden)
Petrus G. (Netherlands)
Ingolf G. (Germany)
Timothy S. (United Kingdom)
John S. (Florida, United States)

Thank you, guys, I really appreciate it, as always.

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Thank you all!


Check out the Chieftain’s article on why quoting B.Cooper’s Death Traps is not a good idea…

Anyway, not much today:

- a player stated that the new high-caliber (152,170mm) sounds in 9.4 sound like a combination of three successive sounds. Storm confirmed that, stating that it’s a trick, done in movies to improve the “power” of the sound.
- Storm does not know exactly, but it’s possible the developers are experimenting with transferring WoT to WWISE (new sound engine)
- IS-7 will not be buffed: “the HD IS-7 became stronger than the old one”
- IS-6 penetration buff is not planned
- the famous Stalingrad fountain with kids playing will not be present on the ingame map, as it did not fit the segment that was modelled
- developers are still working on XP for tanking
- T-34-3 will not be buffed more than it is in round 1 in 9.4
- remember that Igromir video host? Russian players found out that she “acted” in an… adult movie, so to say.
- regarding the “Recruitment” program, it will not be usable to train your twinks due to limitations
- Stalingrad will appear in the game without Havok at first
- +/-1 MM will not be introduced

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Tank Inspector PRO, Sneak Preview (Part 1)

Source: http://tankinspector.sinaapp.com/stipro-sneak-preview-part-i/

Hello everyone,

even though I was not specifically asked to advertise the Tank Inspector PRO, I am doing it gladly, because aside from the discontinued Tank Viewer, it’s the best tool to find out, what the developers fucked up this time changed in every patch, as well as various hidden statistics of the vehicles. I will thus copy Hillin’s text for the preview from the site linked above, I hope you will be as intrigued as I am.

Hillin (Tank Inspector developer):

It’s been sometime since we wrote our last post and make an update to Tank Inspector, but that doesn’t mean the project is muted or dead. In fact, as you might already heard, we are busy working on a new project, namely Tank Inspector PRO.

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Chaffee Sport Crew Retrain (again)

Thanks to Nicolafaraone92 for this one.

Hello everyone,

WG EU support (specifically, Mr. Jorge Castro) confirmed that on EU server, the M24 Chaffee Sport crew, left over from the Chaffee races, will be retrained automatically to regular M24 Chaffee crew in patch 9.4.

Other servers’ status on this issue is unknown (and different), although according to another support ticket, on ASIA server, the crew will allegedly not be retrained automatically at all.