Liberation Celebrations in Netherlands

Hello everyone,

Mr.Raoul Hayen posted some really interesting videos on his Facebook site. It’s from the recent liberation celebrations in Holland. Some of the vehicles there are pretty impressive :) I hope the video works for you. Press the HD button for higher resolution.

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WoT Medal Inspired by Deviantart

Hello everyone,

thanks to Velio Andreev for this one. So, we have this nice new shiny medal for the Twilight of Gods – the “Head of Fenrir”:

It seems that the medal art was actually inspired by a Deviantart user Gloom82 – check this out, this is his impression of the Fenrir wolf from norse mythology.


I don’t know about you, but I think the inspiration is kinda clear. Still… it’s a really nice picture, I can see why the Wargaming people became inspired by it, the (original) artist is obviously talented.

AAF Tank and Ordnance War Memorial Museum in Danville, Virginia

Hello everyone,

a couple of photos from the USA – AAF Tank and Ordnance War Memorial Museum in Danville, Virginia, as the title says. Photos were made recently by Polemarchos (US server). Thank you for sharing! Most of these vehicles are in process of restoration and the museum allegedly has a long list of other machines not on display, that are being restored even now.

There are at least two very interesting prototypes in this collection… check it out :)

M5 3in Gun

3 inch Gun M5

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Spanish AMX-30/Leopard Hybrid

Authors: Vollketten and Walter_Sobchak

Silentstalker: Hello everyone. Today, we are going to talk about the Spanish Leopard/AMX Hybrid and how it can be a potential tier 10 Spanish branch tank (instead of yet another re-worked M47) – and yes, Spain can actually build a branch. More or less. Enjoy!


Okay so despite sitting on this for some time trying to find out more I have come to a dead end with it. Basically I was chasing up rumours that Spain did some interesting tank development experiments from the late 1970’s to early 1980’s which (if we suspend the arbitrary and rather silly 1970’s cut off for a moment) would fit in game as a tier 10 tank.

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Just for it to be clear for everyone: currently, the test server is running the 3rd test round. The previous list of changes I marked as 3rd round was an update to the second round. Yea, it gets confusing.

Also, please note that the “Crab Village” map leaked earlier is apparently an internal WG map, used for testing the vehicles.

- Q: “Will the Chaffee case be the only case of compensation?” A: “We will see every time individually, if there are any such cases in the future.”
- the Chaffee compensation (43340 XP) will be added to the current XP you have on the Chaffee. This is the final decision, it won’t be changed.
- the Chaffee solution was accepted because “it’s a fast and simple solution”
- Storm confirms: FV215b (120) will be changed to Chieftain Mk.3 and FV4202 to Centurion Action X
- FV215b (120) will not stay in the game
- Storm states that the Chieftain will be better than FV215b
- Storm states that he can’t say whether Action X turret will be durable (good for “tanking”), models have to be made first and it has to be tested, but the turret will be tough overall
- patch 9.3 will come soon
- no plans to allow player to buy “event tanks” for money
- according to Storm, the real fate of the FV4202 premium (for free or not) will be announced “closer to winter” – for now the current info (SS: by Evilly about the mission apparently) should be better disregarded

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Tank Grote Model

Hello everyone,

not so long ago, I wrote an article about the Tank Grote, which was intended as a premium tank long, long time ago. At this point it is practically certain that this tank will not appear in the game (multiturret design the reason), but (also long time ago) a WoT model was made of this vehicle – that was not published until now I believe.

The tank looks really good. Too bad they can’t make a – I dunno, a single turret version firing the 76mm only with the miniturret as a decoration. For its time, it was a real beast (keep in mind that this thing is a contemporary of Panzer I and Panzer II, pre-dating the Panzer 35t for example). Historically, it’s tier 2 stuff.


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9.3 Test 3 IS-7 Armor Change

Hello everyone,

in Test 3, IS-7 turret armor was made a bit thicker. The lower part of the armor near the mantlet (you can see the zone becoming “more red” on the picture) was buffed from 240mm to 270mm, making the turret harder to penetrate (following numerous complaints of RU players, because IS-7 is the favourite tier 10 heavy on RU server). Overall it’s a buff, since on the old model (0.9.2), the same area is 240mm thick. Open the post for a (large) picture.

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Third (Fourth?) 9.3 Test Iteration

Hello everyone,

yet another test iteration (“third test”) did hit the test 9.3 today. Following fixes were made in it:

- fixed the client crashes and freezes, happening in some cases
- fixed the issues with one new medal, awarded for doing 1000 spotting damage in battle
- fixed the bug where the ramming damage in test client was too small
- fixed the bugged weakspots on the IS-7 turret frontal armor

Funny I was checking the 0.9.3 test 2 IS-7 armor and I didn’t notice any bugs. Maybe it was not visible in the viewer or something.