Micropatch – Confirmed for Friday

Hello everyone,

an odd thing happened. Russian and EU info do not fit one another. Either way, according to this link from the German community (thanks to Phobos86 for the info), it is confirmed that the hotfix micropatch will come on Friday, 25.4.2014 – from 6 AM, the server will not be available for cca 45 minutes.

The micropatch will bring the following:

- fixed several bugs, that caused the client to crash
- fixed the bug, where the player got “stuck” on “Updating tankers” screen in the hangar, that happened when a player accepts platoon invitation, requiring him to relog to another server and certain other circumstances
- fixed the bug (or rather, significantly mitigated) where the game “freezes” for a short time after the destruction of enemy tank
- the turret being ripped off by ammo rack explosion effect got strongly optimized
- fixed the bug, where IS-3 destroyed model had red (“texture missing”) texture on its gun
- fixed the rare bug, where sometimes, when buying temporary camo and decals, some gold was removed from the account

Why am I saying it’s odd? Because this morning, Storm wrote in his post that even he is not sure when the hotfix is ready. Apparently, the EU section is of different opinion.

Storm talks about Critical Performance Drops

Source: http://world-of-kwg.livejournal.com/289014.html

Hello everyone,

Storm made another post about the issues, that came with 9.0. Currently, he is dealing with FPS drops and states that WG does not enough data on this issue. He states that the developers checked dozens of various configurations, reported as problematic, but couldn’t find any critical FPS drops, mentioned in reports coming from the players.

If you have critical performance drop issue, that means for example that the FPS dropped to like 10 and reducing settings doesn’t help, while before, you had nice 30-40 FPS, Storm asks that you

- make a dxdiag log
- make screenshots of game and graphics settings
- describe the problems (like “in 8.11, I had X FPS on settings Y, in 9.0 my FPS dropped to Z, reducing settings doesn’t help, it’s impossible to play”)
- upload and write this into a FTR comment under this article (or, alternatively, if you speak Russian, post it under the original article, linked above)

Storm also said that WG found a solution for the game crash issue and some of the freezes and there are also good advances in fixing the issue, where you have a noticeable freeze (lag) whenever an enemy tank gets destroyed. Developers are also working on fixing the “enableCPU” thingie (the one that spreads the load on multiple cores) on some configuration.

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Hotfix 9.0.1 is Coming

Source: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/352479-901-update-coming/

Brace yourselves, 9.0.1 hotfix is coming. Preliminary ETA is this Friday.

I want to update the community on the status up the next patch for World of Tanks. As you all know 9.0 is an update sets the stage for all the updates for the rest of the year. There were major functional changes that had to occur in this update to make that possible. This unfortunately led to some of the instability in form of game crashes and issues with framerate.

We have already identified some of the issues and currently have a patch in QA testing. It will address many of the game crashes and some of the framerate issues. We want to get this patch out as soon as possible without introducing new problems.

The current ESTIMATED timeframe for this patch is this Friday. It is subject to change depending on what is found by QA, but I wanted to make sure you are as informed as possible. If this estimate changes I will make another update. I will also update you if a second patch is required. We apologize for the disruption this update may have caused you, however we look forward to the advances that this patch will allow.

Thank you all for your patience,

Joshua Morris
World of Tanks Producer – North America

Weekly FTR contributor review

Hello everyone,

once again it’s the time to thank the contributors, it’s you who keep FTR running after all! This time, following people donated via Paypal:

David R. (United Kingdom)
Kvasnikov (Finland) – he wanted the following message posted:

“I recently passed 30 000 battles milestone in WoT and I wanted to thank also FTR for providing lot of useful information during my career. Check out my short story here: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/383466-kvasnis-memory-corner/

Grimdorf (United Kingdom) – large contriution, much appreciated mate!
Artur S. (United Kingdom)
Alexander F. (Netherlands) and the entire 11RHS clan
Daniel Š. (Slovakia)

The best way to help me and FTR is via the Patreon service


This is the Patreon account of For the Record. In case you read this for the first time and feel like contributing, here is an explanation what it is, how it works and how to contribute. You can find a list of all those, who pledged and help to keep FTR running here.

Thank you all!

QA: Ask Me Anything on Reddit

Hello everyone,

what follows is the summary of the “Ask me anything” Reddit session with Ectar, Obirian and Evilly.

- 9.0 FPS loss? Inconclusive, differs from case to case, hotfix is planned:

Any issues that players are experiencing with 9.0 we’d ask that they please contact our support team who can look into their specific circumstances. We have a few things being worked on atm and plan to release a micro patch which should resolve some issues. It’s important to people report their issue to our support team so we can accurately measure who is affected and filter out people who have the same issues from the people who have a different issue but just go with the flow and say they have the same problem.

- the hotfix will allegedly come this week
- there are tier 5-8 premium UK tanks planned, tier 8 will possibly come this year
- Havok: 9.2 or 9.3
- Evilly on lowtier tanks in HB: “…we have some ideas about LT role in HB.”
- HB long queues? “We know the problem, working to resolve this issue.”
- Evilly’s favourite tank to replace the FV4202 on tier 10 is Chieftain
- it’s not yet decided whether Neubaufahrzeug and Grosstraktor will become regular premium or reward/promo tanks
- benchmark mode in WoT? “Use tutorial”

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Which icon would you like WoT Blitz to have? Vote here!

- armor in the game doesn’t have “real thickness”, it’s simply a line with a thickness number assigned to it
- SU-152P/G in the game? “No comment” (SS: I asked that before – seems like these vehicles are acceptable candidates)
- artillery is doing fine statistically
- it’s possible that the tank hull should (like IRL) behave a bit differently than during the ingame ammo rack explosion, but developers consider such nuance irrelevant
- the exact number of destroyed enemies was not removed from statistics, it is implemented in a mouseover pop-up window
- when a 1000-dmg HE shell damages the tank for 400 for example due to only partial penetration, the remaining 600 will not count towards “damage stopped by armor” statistic
- Storm confirms: the content of the Updates folder in the game folder can be safely deleted to save space

That’s all for today, the contents of the AMA will be posted after it’s over in a separate post.

“Ask Me Anything” on Reddit with Evilly

Hello everyone,

in 30 minutes (18:00 CEST), an “ask me anything” session should commence on Reddit. You will be able to ask WG staff questions about the game. I will later make a summary of what was answered there.

This time, it’s however interesting, since one of the people answering will be Anton “Evilly” Pankov, the Chief of RU community. The thread is not yet open, it will appear apparently only after the session starts.

Old (Pre-9.0) Hangars for World of Tanks

Hello everyone,

annoyed by the new 9.0 hangar and the fact that it puts more strain on the graphic card than the battle itself in some cases? Well, fear not, a solution exists:


Old garage mod. The lighting is a bit off (kinda ugly), but there is a significant decrease in load and increase in FPS. Thanks to Saša Dordevski for linking it to me.

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