Otto Carius Passed Away

Hello everyone,

on 24.1.2015, one of the last surviving well-known Tiger commanders, Otto Carius, passed away after a short, but serious illness.


Otto Carius was a German tanker ace of WW2, fighting on the Panzer 38t, Tiger and finally the Jagdtiger. It is estimated that during the war, Carius’ crew managed to knock out 150 enemy vehicles and many more soft targets and AT guns. He survived the fighting and after the war, he opened a pharmacy called Tiger-Apotheke, that exists to this day. He is best known for writing a book of his memories about fighting on the Tiger, called “Tigers in the mud”.

Rest in peace.


Storm answers from the closed betatester section of the forum

- there’s no ETA on “matchmaker 3.0″ right now – there’s a lot of research to be done
- new motion physics: medium future (SS: that usually means 3-6 months)
- Storm considers MM and balancing fixes to have higher priority than Havok introduction
- Type 62 will not be buffed in 9.6
- the HD E-100 model was made according to Panzer Tracts and the weld thickness was copied from there. But in the end, developers decided not to do it and leave it as it was (SS: historically, the weld parts were apparently weaker than the ingame model, I don’t know from head, would have to check)
- developers considered improving the gold to credit conversion ratio to make this conversion more attractive, but decided not to do it in the end
- Storm confirms that there will be no more limited MM tanks, this decision is connected “to gameplay and to matchmaker issues”
- the game is being optimized gradually every patch
- Havok development has nothing to do with motion physics, it’s different people doing it
- new tree render (“speedtree”) will come as a part of the new render system WG is working on

That’s all for today. Storm wrote that he’d be busy through the weekend and wouldn’t have much time to answer questions.

“Developer Time” Q&A (Part 2)

From an earlier “Developer time” writeup I found only just now, somehow I missed it before. Same source (VK Express community), this time the topic is “individual missions”

- no plans for adding the option to complete the same individual missions twice
- the IM tanks will not be nerfed, even if their statistics are very high
- it’s possible there will be a way to get girl tankers from other events in the future
- the girl faces are all real people, working for Wargaming
- the sum of all the credits you can get for complete all the IM’s is 41 million credits
- there will be a girl crew voiceover, performed by “famous voices” (SS: most likely refers only to Russia)
- no plans to allow players to buy IM tokens for money, the IM vehicles will not be introduced to premium shop, ever
- press-accounts will not have the IM tanks

“Developer Time” Q&A

Hello everyone,

this is a writeup of the “Developer Time” show from Wargaming FM radio. The topic was: “maps”. The person answering was Roman Tabolin, whoever that is. Thanks to WoT Express for the writeup.

- development of a map can take up to half a year including the entire design of the map
- in next 3-4 months, there will be no historical maps
- map “Berlin” will most likely not appear in the game
- map “Minsk” will not come anytime soon, but there is development going on and developers are testing it internally. Definitely not in first 6 months of 2015
- each patch brings fixed in the maps (3-4 maps), this will continue
- in the end, only 1 out of 6 maps created actually gets released
- for the new future, two new maps that will be released are being prepared
- there will be no night maps, this was scrapped long ago. “If you want, play with your eyes closed.”

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Fog of War in Random Battles?

Hello everyone,

a strange feature seems to appear randomly in 9.6 test server random battles: the fog of war, the way we know it from clanwars (for those who do not know: FOW is a feature where you don’t see the enemy team until you discover them – by spotting).



Earlier, it was considered a bug, but Storm confirmed that it’s intentional. Likely a test of what would happen, if such a feature was implemented in random battles and to compare it with the results of other battles without FOW under the same conditions of the test server.

The implications of random battles FOW would be tremendous. On the plus side, it would screw with XVM noobmeter and winrate “predictions” (often very inaccurate) would no longer work (so no more “OMG 30 chance to win kkthxbie #drownftw”). On the other hand, it would – in my opinion – lead to MASSIVE camping – random pubbies would not dare to advance without knowing who to expect. Some individual missions would become harder.

But fortunately, it seems to be just a test. And what about you? Would you like to have fog of war in randoms?


- E-100 will not get a Maus turret
- the accuracy nerf in 9.6 does include artillery as well
- accuracy nerf in 9.6 does not mean more shells will drop at the edge of the aim circle, but fewer shells will drop in the dead center
- the size and shape of T95 hatches (weakspots) was a mistake, they will be made smaller in test 2
- the fact that HD Ferdinand hull is shorter than the one of Tiger P is historical
- apparently, WG developers are testing fog of war in random battles in 9.6 test, it’s not a mistake (Storm won’t tell details)
- upper front plate on HD E-100 is not correct, it will be fixed to be the same as it was before, the bar on the top of the turret will also be made smaller
- HD Tiger P towing “eyes” are of incorrect shape, will be fixed
- it seems that the 600 gold price for the crew retrain is not final

Swedish Tanks – Part XXI: Ikv ny

Author: sp15 (US server)

The list of previous parts is at the bottom of the article.

In 1964, a project called Ikv ny was started. The goal of this project was to acquire a new cheap vehicle, which could offer good mobility and still be able to both support infantry like older Ikv’s, but also would be able to fight tanks. Essentially, the idea had come about as there simply weren’t enough modern tanks in the Swedish army and there was a need to re-equip a large part of the army, which was still using modified WW2 era vehicles.

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Tyraforce’s Guide to the Girl Crews

Author: Tyraforce

As you all probably noticed, you are getting a female tanker for every completed 15-mission set of the “personal” missions. When I played my first PC game called Golden Axe, I learned that the female game characters were pretty much useless. The original Prince of Persia didn’t really help as the female protagonist camped the base while you were getting cut to pieces by guillotines, spikes and other nasty stuff. Well, WG decided to change that and the tanker gals are actually MUCH better than the regular crew.

The reason why the girls are better is not just the fact that they come with 2 free skills and that they look pretty, but rather the fact that the Sisterhood of Steel (Fallout faction wearing sexy power armor) does not count towards the XP requirements for the following skills. There are many XP tables out there but IMHO the only important one is the following one, which should help you with the decision whether and which current crews to replace.

xp table

In short, if you want to improve any crew by 1 whole skill, the girls will get there faster no matter how experienced the male crew is. However, I would not suggest replacing a 4-skill crew at all, while a 3-skill crew should only be replaced if you believe you can get the girls to 5 skills. Check your average XP at your tier 10 tanks to see how many battles you’ll need. Replacing below-3-skill crew is a no-brainer.

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9.6 Test HD Models

Warning, this post contains a number of large pictures.

Hello everyone,

patch 9.6 is bringing a couple of HD vehicles into the game, let’s have a look at how their visual and armor models are changing. In case you can’t tell, the pictures with shiny lines on the garage floor are from the new version :)

Lowe – small upper frontal plate weakspot was removed, the mantlet and frontal turret were somewhat reshaped but overall, not that much changed actually, apart from some adjustment of the general shape of the vehicle. If anything, it looks like a small buff.

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