Hungarian Branch in WoT – Part 2: Light Tanks

Author: Karika

In my previous article, we examined the main aspects and problems with the Hungarian tech tree, which could look something like this in the future as a part of the European tech tree:


From now on, I’ll show you how could these Hungarian tanks and tank destroyers perform in World of Tanks with their historical characteristics.

But, before I start, I must note that I could/would not and predict game parameters like the vehicle health pool (HP), or gun alpha damage, because these are the aspects of in-game balance, and I’m not an expert in that. This applies also to the historical attributes, which are sacrificed to vehicle balance, such as the reload time, rate of fire (RoF), hull/turret traverse speed, terrain passability, radio signal range, and so on. These so not or only rarely correspond to their real life equivalents. Consequently, properties like historical RoF or the type (or even existence) of the radio does not really matter from now on, but I’ll write them down anyway. The armor penetration values are in WoT terms, thus how much armor would they penetrate in 90° at 100m distance with standard armor piercing (AP) rounds.

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Buff My Tank: Chi-To

Author: Daigensui

A problem with Japanese armor research is that most of the records have either been destroyed by firebombing, burned up after the surrender to hide involvement, carried off to the United States where they became lost (along with perhaps problematic translations made), or kept sleeping in private collections. That is why there is relatively little material to work on, leading to endless copying of the same old research (and the accompanying spreading of myths, like a 88 mm gun for Chi-Ri). However, not all is lost, since even now there are new discoveries happening.

I’ve been looking through the archives recently at the National Institute for Defense Studies (when going to Tokyo on business), and came across two files which might be used to buff Chi-To, and by extension Chi-Ri, in the future. While I cannot guarantee anything, given that these are historical records, WG might include them for accuracy in later updates. We’ll see.

For your convenience, I’ve reverse-searched the digital versions of the files at the Japan Center for Asian Historical Record, so look there if you want to do research for yourself.

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- Stalingrad will come “soon”, it will be in the next test round (9.4 test 2)
- apparently, the IS-7 gun model is still SD (developers didn’t manage to get a proper model for 9.4)
- developers are currently collecting statistics in order to implement the XP for tanking
- Storm is aware of the bug on 9.4, where shells fly through tanks, he will investigate
- the feedback on the new gun sounds is “contradictory”, according to Storm – half of players really likes it, half hates it
- the fact that some tanks were paper only or prototypes does not mean they will automatically be reworked to HD after existing vehicles
- in patch 9.6 or 9.7, WoT will transfer to new Bigworld version. Storm states that it should mean a small performance boost for the game.
- Storm confirms that after M4A3E8 is reworked to HD quality, it will get the same armor as the current Fury
- artillery won’t be buffed
- not having enough time to manage your Stronghold? “That means you are not the target audience for that mode”
- Storm states that the sounds of the high caliber guns in 9.4 are “realistic” and historical

9.4 Model Changes

Hello everyone,

in this post, you can find 9.4 model changes. Most are quite subtle. The patchnotes tell us that visuals of some models were fixed (you know, SU-100 and others). Well… not exactly. From what I could gather, what WG basically did is they fucked up the texture resolution in 9.3 and introduced some HD models with lowres textures. In 9.4, this is getting fixed.

You can see it really nice on the SU-100 example, watch the mudguards (rightclick-view image for higher pic resolution – the pictures are big, so be careful):

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ASIA Plans for Clanwars

Hello everyone,

an interesting info found its way to me. I have absolutely no idea whether this is official or a leak, so I’ll just keep the person who sent it to me out of it. The message includes ASIA server plans from now to mid-2015. There are some parts of the message that made no sense to me, I ommitted them not to cause confusion. According to the info:

- the cca 400 province clanwars map on ASIA is going to be removed and replaced by a 160 province one at the end of October
- gold income is going to be reworked (cca “800 gold a province per timezone average”)
- the map change will be accompanied by a wipe
- 3rd campaign will come through Christmas
- after Christmas, it’s possible that the ASIA map will be split into two versions: one “sandbox” for experienced players, one “newbie” version for new players with tier 8 max, no tank locking, but only 25 percent of gold compared to the “full one”
- the above mentioned changes are temporary, in mid-2015, new full CW global map (“CW 2.0″) will go up, this map will be a full world map. If I understand it correctly, the entire world will not be used at the same time, but campaigns will take place in one part of the world at one time.

Interesting I guess.

Belgrade Military Parade

Thanks to DGVympel for the video and several Serbian players for mentioning this event!

Hello everyone,

on 16.10.2014, a huge military parade called “Korak Pobednika” (something like “March of the Victorious”) took place in Belgrade, Serbia with Vladimir Putin being the guest of honor. It was the largest military parade in Belgrade since 1985. If you are interested (there are some interesting armor vehicles), you can watch it here:


The vehicles (including artillery) start at cca 30:00, the armor at around 43:00

Insider Info – Short

Hello everyone,

just a really short info from the Insider about what’s going on in Wargaming:

- Insider mentions that there have been MANY at WG reports of one bug (apparently on live server, this info comes from the day before the test started): HEAT is apparently broken, the mechanism of spaced armor triggering HEAT is allegedly not working and HEAT works thus as a regular AP shell. It was allegedly tested on E100 spaced armor (mantlet) and T110E3 mantlet and confirmed. I personally was not able to reproduce the results, so it’s possible it was hotfixed server-side.

- developers are now strongly discouraged from mentioning War Thunder and comparing it to WoT and encouraged to focus on their own game design instead.

- some developers (including apparently, Richard “Challenger” Cutland) found an interesting info about British ships for WoWs, they are asked to scan it over immediately, as the WoWs team wants to have the Royal Navy tree concept ready before the end of the year

WG EU Events in November

Hello everyone,

again, thanks to the Insider, a list of missions and events for EU server for November. Enjoy!

By the way, notice the amount of missions (specifically the monthlies), that lead to increased XP on “dead end” vehicles (tier 10′s, premiums) – it’s a nice attempt to make people convert XP.

Top of the Tree (1.11.-15.11.) – Object 140
Top of the Tree (15.11.-1.12.) – Object 261

1.11.-1.12. Monthly Missions
- play tier 10 vehicle in random/SH, be in top 10 in XP, get double XP
- play 10 battles in a tier 5+ vehicle once per day, be in top 10 XP, get 5 gold repair kits
- repeat the mission above 20 times, get 500k credits (once per account)

3.11.-8.11. “Fury weekly missions”

- get 3000XP on tier 4-8 US tank (while being in top 10 in XP, maximum 3x per day), get 2 gold repair kits
- get 3000XP on tier 4-8 German tank (while being in top 10 in XP, maximum 3x per day), get 2 gold repair kits
- win 5 battles using the M4A3E8 “Fury” special tank while being in top 10 XP, get x5 XP

8.11.-11.11. “Fury weekend”

At the end of this weekend event, Fury hangar disappears.

- triple crew XP
- equipment discount 25 percent
- consumables discount 50 percent
- premium account discount (3 days for 350, 7 days for 680)
- free 2 days of premium for everyone upon login

- destroy at least 2 US tanks in one battle while being in top 10 XP (in a tier 4+ tank, must survive the battle), get 25 percent XP bonus
- destroy at least 2 German tanks in one battle while being in top 10 XP (in a tier 4+ tank, must survive the battle), get 25 percent XP bonus
- earn 75000 XP during this event on a tier 4+ tank, get 5 gold extinguishers, 5 gold repair kits, 5 gold medkits and 500000 credits
- win 5 battles using the M4A3E8 “Fury” special tank while being in top 10 XP, get x5 XP

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Nothing much today really

- Storm is now aware of the “ghost shell” bug in 9.4 (shells are flying through tanks)
- Storm confirms that in 9.4 there will be no HD models

At this point it is not actually sure, whether Stalingrad will appear in 9.4 or not. Might appear in second iteration of the test (this info is cca 2 days old, so it’s possible it was decided in the meanwhile).

9.4 Feedback – Sounds And All That

Hello everyone,

I downloaded the 9.4 test server today to test… well, nothing. There is not a single thing to test, because the patch is kinda full of fixes. There were some minor changes to maps and I just ran Arctic to see if I would spot them, but I didn’t, so I guess it’s the “we added a bush here” and “we moved this rock a bit to the left” level. If anyone has a list of map changes or something, I’d be grateful.

The patch comes with two things:

- first, the shadow render is supposed to be optimized and there are supposed to be more optimizations as well. Hm… I don’t know. I tested the patch on two computers actually (specifically because of the performance) – my old PC (with shadows disabled): no real FPS increase, but no noticeable drop. The new PC, that can run shadows – the shadows look the same (not sure what exactly got “optimized”) and there seems to be a tiny FPS increase, but it might be a placebo. On the other hand, other players report FPS increases, so there’s that at least, hopefully the patch helps you as well.

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