Odd Weekend Event on EU Server

Hello everyone,

by now, many have already realized that once again, Wargaming EU dropped the ball and screwed up the weekend event (and they’ve been doing SO well lately, fucking up only the Gamescom stream… or the Fury competition (the rules are very stronk)… oh well…)

The event is called “Seven Chi-Nu Kai“, which is odd, because in internal Wargaming materials from July, the event was listed as named “Tenno Haika Banzai”. I guess someone didn’t like the Banzai part, heaven forbid they hurt someone’s feelings – like a week ago, when they put “Russian power” and “Hammer and Sickle” during the anniversary of 1968 Russian invasion to Czechoslovakia… but I get it, Banzai is bad word.

So, the original event news looked like this:


And now, compare it to the current event. Oh yea, that’s right, the 50 percent discount on low tiers is missing. It wasn’t working in the morning and players complained, so – as usual, without a word – Wargaming simply removed that line. The truth is, to be fair, that the line was not supposed to be there in the first place – it wasn’t listed in the leaked event list, so someone just prolly didn’t pay attention. And of course other language mutations blindly copied it – we wouldn’t want anyone to – heaven forbid – doublecheck on stuff, depriving EU players of fail in all the languages.

One last thing made me chuckle – Chi Nu Kai is a “mid-tier armoured sniper“? With 50mm unsloped armor and medium accuracy gun (you have to count the accuracy loss after shooting as well)… well, okay…

T49 Light Tank Video

Hello everyone,

as you might have noticed, in last few days, Russian videos from new light tank gameplay emerged on the internet. Handpicked Russian players and streamers, who are basically so friendly with WG their channels are de facto WG extensions were allowed to do that. Here’s one with T49.



- Storm confirms that the entire set of vehicle models in the game will be reworked to HD (there won’t be a special non-HD client)
- the HD tanks are not textured as dirty from mud, because it would look weird on winter maps
- no plans for changes of the gold ammo for credits mechanism
- camo looking weird on HD models? “Everything is the way it was before”
- IS-7 will not be reworked to HD in 9.3


- it was confirmed in 9.3 supertest patchnotes that suicides will be punished in World of Tanks. A player asked, how will the game know if I for example drive off the bridge by accident. Storm answered that you’d have to “drive off by accident” three times in a row, so that’s apparently the limit of suicide punishment.
- you won’t get bonus XP for blocking shells with your tracks (SS: for example sidescraping). Storm: “Blocking shells by tracks – that’s bullshit and not tanking”
- Storm confirms that shooting hatches will NOT produce less damage than shooting other parts, because it would be counterintuitive for players
- +/-1 MM will not be implemented (Storm: “It would be boring shit”)
- Storm considers current tier 1,2,11 battles (those that have 1 MM spread) boring
- the biggest problem for creating HD models for now is that outsourced modellers suck (lag behind)
- Storm states that having full HD resolution for all tanks (and not just yours in battle as it was changed in 9.2) is pointless, as you can only tell the difference from like half a meter
- the full HD texture resolution for other tank than yours will not return, not even as an option

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9.3 – Chaffee, T92 and T57 Changes

Hello everyone,

in 9.3 supertest (that is running now, public test likely next Thursday), the parameters of the abovementioned vehicles were changed as such:


This tank was reworked to the standard tier 5 light tank (original value in brackets, values for 100 percent crew)

Health: 440 (580)
Viewrange: 390 (400)
Radio: 776,9 m (same)

Armor was reworked of course (resembles current stock Chaffee now, can be seen here)

Weight: 18,392 tons (19,701)
Engine: 460hp (500hp)
Power-to-weight: 25,01 (25,38)
Hull traverse: 42 (46)
Maximum speed: 77,2/21 km/h (56/21)
Ground resistance: 0,767/0,959/1,63 (0,863/0,959/1,63)

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Storm on Multi-Core Support

Source: Wotleaks RU community

Hello everyone,

the following has been apparently posted on RU supertester forums. Storm mentions here the multicore support and its effect and… well, I’ll just translate it.


Storm: “Multicore support – that’s wishful thinking and a myth about great ingame performance, spread by players. God willing, we’ll get 20-30 percent increase out of it. It was not done earlier because it requires an overhaul of practically the entire engine.

Wargaming Bots in World of Tanks?

Hello everyone,

you might have seen the video with RU251 yesterday. There is one interesting part in it however, apart from the tank itself. Check this out:


The text below says “Module (right track) damaged by the shot of Bot 06″

Apparently, this is the first glimpse of Wargaming testing bots in the game. These could be useful for some things like tutorials or PvE mode, let’s just hope we won’t see them in the game instead of real players, we have enough of our own bots already…

Interesting though.