Blitz Q&A

Hello everyone,

some WoT Blitz answers from Russian forums:

- developers are experimenting with a city map á la Himmelsdorf
- British and French tanks with camouflages will come in at least 3 separate patches
- tier 1-4 reduced MM spread will not be touched for now, developers are thinking what to do with tiers 5-6
- reworked versions of WoT maps (Lakesville, Westfield, Malinovka) etc. will be added, “new” Malinovka is on its way
- developers are planning to add graphic settings to the Android version
- in patch 1.5 there will be several premium tanks, no Chinese ones however
- national emblems are missing from tanks, because Blitz doesn’t use a decal system. This will be implemented in time, but only after camouflage
- reload timer in aim circle will not come until after 1.7
- it’s possible that WoWp and WoWs will be made for mobile platforms as well
- developers are still working on gamepad support for Android
- no plans to nerf KV-1S the was it was done in PC version

Individual Missions Official Info

Hello everyone,

this info comes from a Russian video and is based on official info by Wargaming, so it’s very likely correct (unless they change something).

Using individual missions, you will be able to get 4 vehicles in this order: StuG IV, T28 Concept, T55A, Object 260 (it’s not possible to skip straight to Object 260).

As announced earlier, missions are split into 5 branches for each class, 15 missions each. You have to complete 4 out of 5 for each tank (eg. 60 missions for each tank), one branch of your choosing you can skip. Apart from fulfilling the objectives, you also get some reward for each mission (credits and such).

Examples of missions:

First mission for MT branch:
StuG IV: win and deal damage, be in top 10 in XP
T28C: win and deal damage, be in top 5 in XP
T55A: win and deal damage, be in top 3 in XP
Obj260: win and deal damage, be the first in XP

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KV-5 Plastic Kit by Takom

Hello everyone,

thanks to Stephane B. for catching this – so, one fine day, he went to buy some plastic model kits and noticed this one particular one. Check this out, this is the KV-5 kit by a company called Takom. It’s a company based in Hong Kong, so I think we can all see where this is going – stronk historicity :)


Did you know that KV-5 fought at Kursk and in Finland? Well, now you know…


On Test 9.5

Hello everyone,

it seems I was wrong (or misunderstood the context) – tomorrow, it’s not the start of common test (CT) but apparently 9.5 supertest (ST). I think the confusion might have come from the fact I mixed the terms CT (“common test”) and “CT” (in Russian, CT reads as ST, “supertest”). As far as I know, this is the first time it happened to me, mea maxima culpa, I apologize.

The way I GUESS it is now, based on previous experience (9.5 test ETA):

27.11. – 4.12.: Supertest 9.5
4.12. – 11.12.: Public test round 1
11.12.- ??.12.: Public test round 2
22.12. or 23.12.: release date

They might squeeze a third round in there somewhere.

Straight Outta Supertest: Achilles and Archer

Source: VK Wotleaks community

The new upcoming tier 5 and 6 tank destroyers. Archer will be unlockable from the Valentine and Achilles from the Archer.


Statistics for 100 percent crew:

Tier 5 TD
Price: 0,4 mil credits
Hitpoints: 360
Engine: 192 hp
Weight: 16,257 tons
Power-to-weight: 11,81 hp/t
Maximum speed: 8/32 km/h (yes, it drives backwards faster than forwards)
Hull traverse: 46 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0,671/0,671/1,63
Viewrange: 360
Radiorange: 573,6

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- Q: “Why does IS-4 have its historical gun, the D-25T, which is a joke on tier 10, while other tanks do not have such an alternative gun?” A: “There are already enough tanks in the game with “joke” guns”
- Q: “The missions for Object 260 are too tough and there will be a lot of rigging” A (SerB): “I am already dreaming of how much butthurt will there be as a result of bans for rigging :)”
- Q: “Will you add bonux XP to tanks with more than 1000 battles?” A (SerB): “…and how about for simply downloading a client, we unlock all the tanks, give you all the premium ones along with a jar of jam and a bag of cookies?”
- the fact that tanks traverse by “jerks” (unlike the fluid turret traverse) is historical
- Q: “Can we expect render range to be turned to circle in 9.5 or 9.6?” A (SerB): “Well, you can always expect anything”
- it’s theoretically possible to change render range for each tank individually, but it’s not needed – the balance parameter is the view range, limited render range is a technical parameter that would be best removed altogether
- Storm states that a mod, which will identify not the shooter but only shell type will stay legal (possible), only mods that also tell you WHO shot you will be dealt with
- it’s not possible for WG developers to simply get rid of the noobmeter part of XVM (hence the idea of anonymizing players in battles)
- developers are apparently not thinking about reducing the 25 percent RNG in penetration
- regarding the current announcement of Object 907 buff – Q: “Fuck this, they should have buffed it only after the third campaign for massive butthurt.” A: “Yea, we thought about it :)”
- Object 907 was buffed because it was simply too weak, now it’s okay

Individual Missions – Not Final

Source: FTA VK community

Hello everyone,

yesterday, a Wargaming-related source stated the following: the individual mission conditions (you know, the 20k damage + blocked damage for Object 260 and others) are not final and it’s possible they might be made easier. All in all, the Minsk office is planning to give out the Object 260 to 10 percent of all players (to compare, during the hard IS-6 grind missions, 4-5 percent of all players got one).

The decision about what to do with them should be taken this week.

IS-2 in Czechoslovak Service

Hello everyone,

in today’s short article, we’re going to talk about the heavy IS-2 tank in Czechoslovak service.


I think I don’t need to introduce the IS-2 tank, the best Soviet heavy tank of Second World War. It was the evolution of the original IS, equipped with a powerful 122mm D-25 gun. This tank killed the German Big Cats and was as rugged as it got in the war.

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