Update on the Performance Issues of mine in 9.0

Hello everyone,

you know what I hate? When you have something you get used to and it takes you a while, but then someone comes and screws it up and you have to undergo the entire “debugging” process once again. That was probably one of the reasons for my ragepost from yesterday, because something that worked for over a year suddenly got screwed. Personally, I was perfectly happy with WoT graphics before 9.0 and I think any upgrades in this department should be purely optional. Either way, the FPS dropped for me heavily.

Basically, I did want the graphics to be at least the same as they were before 9.0. Settings I used before 9.0:

- improved render, 1440*900, anti-aliasing on
- tank texture quality: high
- terrain quality: high or medium (can’t remember)
- lighting, post-processing: medium
- shadows: off
- things like trees, vegetation and other such effects turned off or low

From last night, I made following changes:

- tank texture quality: from high to medium
- terrain quality: medium
- lighting, post-processing: low

The rest remained the same (either low or off).

In the last post, I wrote that on 8.11 settings, my FPS was 30-50, while in 9.0, using the settings same settings, it dropped to 10-15 FPS, for no reason. At this point, I would like to thank you for the feedback and all the helpful advice you wrote me, there were tons of e-mails with various tips.

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Ansaldo 5 tonne Light Tank

Authors: Vollketten and Zarax


We previously discussed was the CV.3 Series Italian Light Tank as a potential Tier 1 for Italy here and while that vehicle is really interesting, it’s not the only option for Tier 1. The Fiat 3000 is probably the most commonly suggested (because it’s a simple fit as another FT-17 clone) and usually considered a superior choice to the CV.3, as it has a turret. But, is there a Tier 1 turretted option which is not just a copy/paste tank?

The answer is ‘Yes’; the Ansaldo 5 tonne tank project.

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Closed the comments on the “feedback” post to be actually able to follow them – you can continue under this post here. As I wrote before, I am known for getting angry really quick, so after I cool down (and defragment my drive), I’ll just fiddle with the settings (got some nice tips), clean up the PC and all the usual stuff. Hopefully I will make the game playable with some decent FPS. I am not quitting FTR either, don’t worry about that.

- the game will not stop working on Dx9 anytime soon
- the Schurzen on new Panzer IV Ausf.G are part of the armor model, they work
- Storm confirms: 12 tanks will be buffed in 9.1, 8 tanks will be nerfed
- the sound of the tank destroyed in 9.0 – Storm doesn’t know whether it’s “realistic” – the feedback is that half of the people think it’s fine, other half think it’s like a “pop” and not an explosion. The sound itself was recorded based on a 152mm shell explosion
- there will be only one client, but it will be possible to select via the launcher, whether you want to download HD models or not, at least that’s how the work in progress looks like, it’s possible that it might change still
- updated (HD) tanks on standard render appear without shaders and look “flat”, because the old tanks had the shadows drawn directly into the textures, while they are calculated in real time now, but that goes only for improved render, on the old one, it looked ugly. Developers will make some feature to work around this.
- the algorithm for automatic graphic selection is “complicated”, details cannot be disclosed

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Stronk Wargaming Art

Hello everyone,

so, after raging a bit about the 9.0, I needed something to calm down and laugh about. And what do you know, Wargaming delivers! American server announced the tier 10 discount with an article, featuring Waffenträger E-100 “art”:


Something weird about it? Yea, the gun is the British L7 from the 60′s (at least the front half, the latter half belongs to the German gun). I mean… WT E-100 is unhistorical, but… not THAT much unhistorical. Or maybe it was the nazi Ahnenerbe time machine in action :)

Edit: apparently I was wrong, I thought it’s the L7 “thanks” to the “ejector”, but according to The_Chieftain (and other people), it’s because the artists simply mashed the 128mm and 150mm guns together, producing this.

9.0 “Feedback”

Well… I’ll be brief. I downloaded the patch 9.0 and installed it just like everyone else. My computer is not good, but it’s also not utter crap. Previously, I ran WoT on medium terrain setting, high model setting, shadows turned off, medium lighting, medium post processing and all that. My FPS was between 30-50, depended on the map. Map loading was quite comfortable (apart from the winter Himmelsdorf and Windstorm, those loaded very long for some reason). Without even trying historical battles, I went straight for random with my old settings in place – and the result?

The game was completely unplayable for me. Same settings – 10-15 FPS. Absolute nightmare. This shit wasn’t there on the test, first test worked just fine for me at least…

And to top it off, the battle (Himmelsdorf) loaded TWO FUCKING MINUTES. Same settings, mind you – earlier, 10-15 seconds, now two minutes. Very skill, many programming, wow.

Alright then, out of battle and change settings.

- textures: medium (I refuse to play on “low”, fuck that shit, played on “high” before)
- pretty much everything changed to low or off

Another battle, new Pearl River. This time, map loads significantly faster (15 seconds or so). 15-30 FPS (VERY fluctuating, depending on what goes on the screen), but what is worse, everytime I switch to sniper mode, there is a 0,5-1s “lag” where the computer loads something from the HD. This used to be a problem for me until it was fixed like half a year ago, not sure by what, but it’s back. Another issue, even with low post-processing (or that thingie that according to the tooltip controls the smoke quality), artillery explosions cause MASSIVE FPS drop for me (to 5 FPS or so).

Result: the game is completely unplayable for me. Sure, I could (again, after a year and something) return to the old render (not sure it would even help, the improved render gave me more FPS), but… no. I’ve had it. The game is laggy as fuck (normal on patch day, but it was laggy even before today) and now that the FPS is gone as well without making the game look like shit, there is no real reason for me to stay, especially when Elder Scrolls on my computer run smoothly on medium/high details, without the game looking like something from 2001.

Sorry, that’s it. I am quitting WoT.

Edit: before anyone panicks, no, FTR is not going away, I wouldn’t be such an asshole. After all, I already took the money. I’ll keep running it, I just won’t play anymore.

Edit 2: As you well know, I am quick to anger – so after chilling a bit, I will try cleaning up the computer, updating drivers etc. and we’ll see.

Storm talks about Patch 9.0

Source: http://world-of-kwg.livejournal.com/287461.html

Hello everyone,

since Patch 9.0 is active on the Russian server for a day already, Storm is asking the Russian players for 9.0 feedback. Apparently, some players have had their FPS actually increased (SS: but a lot of players complained about massive FPS drops). He also asks about feedback on the historical battles, HD models and everything else. He mentioned the “secret M4 nerf” and explained that they simply forgot to add it to the patchnotes – it happens when there is a patch with many smaller things, sometimes, something gets forgotten.

From the discussion:

- there will be no separate client for HD models and “old” models
- if you see a flash in the sniper mode and you have it disabled in the settings, it’s probably mods
- apparently, there might be an issue with long queues for historical battles as well, developers are watching it closely
- the sound of tank destruction was changed, other sounds only had their volume tweaked
- inside of the gun barrel was made darker intentionally
- there will be new effect implemented when the tank gets destroyed – massive flame and burning, followed (SS: if I understand it correctly) in some cases (certain chance) by an ammo rack explosion
- Sherman was actually statistically quite OP, that’s why it was nerfed in 9.0
- there is no Tiger I in the Ardennes and Balaton HB, there were no Tigers there historically
- Panther/M10 premium will be added to Ardennes later
- apparently, in 9.1, Maus will be neither buffed nor nerfed
- Storm is actually home today, he is ill
- if you see models at distance riding around without tracks, increase your model quality in settings
- there is something wrong with the Tiger suspension (“lifted”?), it will be fixed
- hangar puts a lot of strain on the videocard, Storm states it will be optimized (in 9.1/9.2)
- in the future, it will be possible not to download HD models
- WG will monitor the FPS situation, because many report FPS drops (Storm however adds that many also report FPS increases – apparently, weak computer owners report increases and good computer owners report drops)

Storm explains why the tier table was removed from the battle queue screen:

“Some guys wrote a mod, that analyzed the data from this table and allowed players to enter the battle at those times, where the chance to end up as a top tank was highest. This chance was made seriously higher. In order to fight this mod, we decided to disable the transfer of this data to the client. I didn’t post this earlier not to bring attention to this mod.”

- patch 9.1 will be more like a patch that fixes the bugs from 9.0