Abrams in Germany

An interesting photo for no reason in particular. An M1A1 platoon in West Germany (Bavaria), Hohenfels, 1987.

M1A1 platoon Hohenpfelz Germany 1987

These tanks would have faced the brunt of a Soviet onslaught if shit went to shit back then.

Jimquisition feat. Wargaming

The title says it all.

On personal note, I never believed I’d see this again. Another “Czechout-like” situation and WG EU does LITERALLY THE SAME THING – fucks the contributor over and creates a massive clusterfuck in the process.

Oh man. The video is fucking hilarious and even if you are the most hardcore WG fan, I urge you to watch it for the entertainment value alone. It’s a masterpiece.

Needs moar Wall…

From the improper use of the word Wall, I am sure you already know what we will be talking about. That’s right, Mexico! Mexico has its share of really exotic vehicles and this is one of them.

DN-5 V150 commando copy M8 turret Mexico

This armored car is called DN-5 “Buffalo” (or, DN-V, depending on source). It consists of a hull of a DN IFV and the turret of… the M8 Scott self-propelled howitzer. Because why not. It’s not a tank destroyer of course, it’s more like a light fire support vehicle combined with light artillery (it can fire indirectly).

The DN hull is an interesting thing in its own right. Many consider it a copy of the Cadillac Gage Commando platform, but Mexican sources claim it was an independent design. Whether it’s an unofficial (illegal) copy or a indeed an independently developed vehicle, hard to say. This vehicle was designed in 1984 based on parts readily available in Mexico (a number of M8′s was purchased by Mexico from US surplus after the war).

Wargaming Saltmining Inc.

Hello everyone,

I can’t help myself but return to #SirFochGate I posted about in the last post an hour ago or so, because it’s hilarious.

First and foremost, I’d like to congratulate the Wargaming colleagues on this level of fail. Getting Jim FUCKING Sterling involved, that’s just another level, one we at Armored Warfare are still staring at in envy. A short summary:

- SirFoch made a video criticizing Wargaming for their shift towards Pay to Win
- Wargaming threatened to strike it down with copyright
- Multiple Youtubers get involved, including Jim Sterling

Oooops. Sir Foch posted an explanation on Reddit including some pics from Wargaming community contributor discord I assume, proving he was indeed threatened.

Ph3lan, threatening a hostile Youtuber with frivolous copyright strikes publically (of COURSE Sir Foch took screenshots, he’d be an idiot not to) – how stupid are you? I mean, professionally, I can partially relate to your feelings about youtubers who produce content that’s completely misleading, but I’d never threaten them with copyright strikes. Plus, let’s face it, I think Foch might be right.


On more positive side, after two years of working on Armored Warfare, I am sort of glad that nothing changed when it comes to WG. It’s like I never left :)

And last but not least, seriously… Wargaming, if you are reading this, please, please, please, PLEASE, don’t fire the guy. I am sure he was just a naughty little boy and meant well.

Also, I really don’t want to see him applying for a job here.

Edit: Apparently the head of the EU community (WG EU, who else…) responded by claiming that “we didn’t do anything”

Haha this is literally like the Czechout affair years ago :)

(and you know how well that went)


Sometimes I wish I was writing FTR about WoT still. AW has done weird shit too, but I’d have a fucking field day with this…

Personally, I think it was not a company decision but an action of some retard in charge of WG Youtube going all salty about SirFoch.

Fun stuff :)

The British in Russia

Mkii russia

British Medium Mk.II* tanks captured by Germans – in Russia. The Russians purchased 15 of those vehicles in 1930s. By the end of the decade they were already completely obsolete and were used to stop the initial German attack in the form of immobile bunkers, without much success.

From Russia with Love

We all know that the Russian tanks get exported everywhere, but sometimes they pop up at unexpected places.

T-80U South Korea

This is a T-80U tank, one of the best MBTs the Soviet Union had. Only, it’s not in Soviet Service – it’s in South Korea! 33 vehicles of this type were given by Russia to South Korea in mid-1990s to cover the Russian debt. 1990s were not a good time for the Russian military as even truly advanced equipment was sold left and right (along with massive budget cuts) to help deal with the disastrous financial situation of the country following the breakup of the Soviet Union.

T-80U South Korea 2

As for the Korean T-80U’s – now, two decades later, they are still in active service, but their enormous upkeep is pushing the South Korean military to retire them in favour of indigenous tanks.

Triple A: Anti-Air Abrams

Check this out. The source of this is the American Journal of Military Ordnance, more than 2 decades old. It’s amazing what you can find in the old sources. Very special thanks to Captain Nemo for this one.


This is a proposed AA variant of the Abrams MBT, equipped with two 35mm Bushmaster Mk.III cannons and an ADATS missile launcher from the early 1990s. It was designated M1/AGDS (Air-Ground Defense System). Existing M1 tanks were to be converted to this mobile AA vehicle, intended to provide short-to-medium range AA support against slower airplanes and helicopters. The guns were guided by a dual-beam X-band pulse Doppler radar with the range of 25km. Each could fire approximately 250 rounds per minute of 35mm anti-air and anti-armor rounds, can engage ground targets. The vehicle was to carry two 500 round magazines for AA rounds and small 40-50 round magazines for AP rounds. Maximum gun range – approximately 3km.

The 152mm ADATS missiles are dual-purpose and weigh 51kg. They combine HEAT and HE-FRAG capabilities and maximum AA range of some 7-8km (depending on the type of target). Can be used against both air and ground targets (maximum ground range is approximately 10km).

The M1/AGDS proposal was never built.