Weekend WG EU fail

Hello everyone,

weekend is here – and this time, the event is actually really nice, I will definitely grind some credits. But it wouldn’t be a WG EU event without a fail, would it? :) This time, it’s about Tiger discount and income bonus.

Regular (English) version:


But Germans get more?


No, they don’t. It’s just a portal typo as usual. Still, some people got a bit confused by it. Oh well.

16 thoughts on “Weekend WG EU fail

    • If WG did fire somebody for every fail that than you can expect a LOT of people getting fired. Heck the company might become dissolved.

  1. SS, you need to do a counter on the page to keep a running total.


    WoT EU #3213
    WoWP EU # 12
    WoT NA # 345
    WoWP NA # 9

    Then you can declare the winner annually for the WG Cluster Fuck award

  2. Hey SS, you could add a section, maybe after “Q&A Only”, where you list all WG EU’s fails: if they keep this pace it might outnumber Q&A… /sarcasm