Yesterday in Mariupol, Ukraine

Thanks to LoooSeR78V for the videos linked.

Yesterday, 9.5.2014, armed forces of Ukraine (“National Guard”) entered the city of Mariupol to quell the riots and uprisings of separatists. Some videos from the event are actually very chilling – it makes you (speaking of Europeans) now realize that war is not something distant that happened in the past, war can happen even in the age of internet, iPhones and World of Tanks.

Here, National Guard BMP’s are ramming the barricades


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Wargaming Brand Products…

Thanks to Daigensui for the picture.

Meanwhile in South Korea – World of Tanks Ramen! Bon appetit :)


So, when does Wargaming EU start selling World of Tanks brand biological products… nah, better not give them any ideas, otherwise we’ll end up with WG brand manure…

Wargaming Official Radio Broadcast

Thanks to Pro_Viking for this info.

I will be brief since this concerns mostly Russian players. Wargaming now has official radio broadcast (in Russian), it’s mostly music (pretty various mix, some pretty cool retro stuff) and some chick reading the news from the Russian Wargaming portal.

If it doesn’t work for you, open the link for example in Winamp or other player. It works.

Wargaming EU’s Attitude towards Storm’s Posts

Hello everyone,

as you know, I am not exactly a fan of the way Wargaming EU operates – and that’s to put it mildly. One of the things I find the most annoying is their attitude towards new information coming from the Russian side and the active denial position they take in order to stop EU players from knowing what’s coming. And things ARE coming, just you wait.

Let me start with a short story, as it was told to me by my grandfather, just like his grandfather told him Omggamer, a Russian community member and blogger. Once upon a time, there was a Livejournal community called world-of-ru (it still exists of course). Russian users for some reason I don’t understand are very fond of the Livejournal platform – it is available in English as well, but a lot of various WoT-related things are built around the LJ blog. This community is also referred to as “Ponyushna”, because they have the “My Little Pony” ponies as mascots.

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German Technology Exchange with Italy, Part I – Semovente B1 Bis

Author: Vollketten, with a big thank you to Zarax and Captain Nemo for help in preparing this article.

I’ll try and cover some more of the tank related technology exchange between Italy and Germany in Part II, but for Part I to get off to a flying start and to promote some thought, Part I will look at one specific technology exchange from Germany to Italy in WW2. In this case the French B1 Bis heavy tank.

French B1 Bis:


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Super Pershing Mission Interface Bug

Hello everyone,

this is info for those of you, who are working on getting that Super Pershing of yours through the mission. Currently, the hangar mission window is bugged. When you finish one of the partial nation missions (for example gain 75k XP for Americans), the mission counter resets and the mission will start “anew” (picture courtesy of e4gl3m4n):


Please note that according to WG EU info, this is just an interface bug. You won’t be rewarded for fulfilling the nation mission twice (gaining 150k XP for a single nation won’t get you ANOTHER 2 days of prem), nor will it count towards the Super Pershing goal twice (you cannot for example get the XP require for Americans twice and skipping for example Japan completely, you really do have to get 75k XP on each).

History of Great Victory, Part 7

Seventh part of the Wargaming series with Russian veteran memories about the Second World War. This time with Pyotr Alexeyevich Filonenko tells how he, then a 13-year old “son of the regiment”, covered the embrasure of a German bunker with his body and survived.

English subtitles are available.



Pyotr Alexeyevich Filonenko is a retired colonel of the Soviet Milicija. He participated in WW2 ever since he was 11 years old as a member of a tank brigade. In June 1944, during the fighting for the Gomel-Bobruisk trail, when he was 13 years old, he repeated the feat of Alexander Mastorov: he charged the enemy machinegun position, allowing his company to go on offensive. He was wounded 12 times, but he survived. After healing in a hospital, he returned to the front and made it to Berlin.