Stronk Russian 9th of May Military Parade

Thanks to Clearevil for sending me the link :)

Hello everyone,

today (from 8:00 CEST) is (in Russia) the celebration of the Russian victory in WW2 and they have a military parade going on in Moscow – this time streamed on Youtube. Chances are we will see some tanks, so that might be interesting for some.



By the way, if you want to share your feelings about Russia, Stalin, Crimea, Putin and that sort of stuff, this is not the… nah, screw it, who am I kidding. Go nuts.

Meanwhile at Lugansk…

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Here’s a restored T-34 driving around at Lugansk (6.5.2014, video posted by Yuri Pasholok)



Apparently, it served as a monument in Lugansk and was restored to working condition. And two days later, it’s driving around the city center (thanks to Andrys9 for the link), likely for the preparation of 9th of May celebrations. The article connects the appearance of the tank to the pro-Russian rioters in Slavyansk and Lugansk, so it could also be the Russian armored support coming to help the separatists… :)


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Visiting the 73rd Tank Batallion, Přáslavice

Warning, this post is VERY picture heavy

Hello everyone,

this article will be from my personal experience with my own photos (so excuse their quality – did my best, but I just suck with a camera). Yesterday (7.5.2014), me, carramba66, CatfoodCZ, Clearevil and cNNk (two mods, OMG!) visited the 73rd Tank Batallion at Přáslavice. We were invited as VIP guests by the Československá Obec Legionářská (ČSLO) veteran organization as a reward for the charity for veterans we organized, which was recently concluded – it was supposed to be an “open day” at the unit (for public) and the some of the veterans themselves were to be present, when the unit formally thanks them for their service (since it was the day before the end of the war celebration here. Here is my account from the trip.

The unit is located at Přáslavice (Moravia, near Olomouc) and it was the same unit that Wargaming visited not that long time ago (easy, since it’s the only unit equipped with the T-72M4CZ) – I learned some very interesting info about Wargaming and especially Czech community management from the trip by the way, more on that later.

Anyway, the weather was nice (well, at the unit, everywhere else around the country it was raining, so good luck for me). We arrived at around 9AM (got up at 2AM, slept for two hours and the day before I had some others stuff to deal with, to say I was tired would be an understatement).

The unit entrance is “guarded” by a (post-war produced) T-34/85 tank, painted as one of the tanks that entered Prague in 1945 and took part in its liberation from nazi occupants.


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Earning “Free” Gold during the Super Pershing Event

Hello everyone,

a short info (thanks to DEXXXXXTER and Asmodeus for noticing this) – as you know, we have the “Military Parade” special, celebrating the end of the Second World War. As a part of it, you can buy tier 8 Super Pershing with a 15 percent discount.

If you do that (buy it with discount) AND you fulfill the Super Pershing mission after that, you will recieve the gold compensation of full Super Pershing price, eg. you will get 15 percent more gold, than you spent for the Superpershing.

I am always reluctant to post this kind of info, because by now you must have figured out that this is not an “oversight”, but completely intentional move by Wargaming EU to make you actually buy that thing AND to make you play the (rather difficult) mission (eg. play as much as possible, perhaps spend gold during your play etc.) – up to you, whether you take the deal or not of course, but… well, I won’t.

Wargaming to Start its own Radio


Hello everyone,

it seems that Wargaming is going to start their own radio in near future. In Russian of course – they are (for their branch in Minsk) looking for a content manager for this project.

Jobs content:

- Participate in WG Radio media plans development.
- Prepare scripts for various activities and participate in their discussion.
- Write text materials for the air.
- Develop content for WG Radio editorial staff.
- Negotiate with Wargaming representatives and prepare them for going on the air.
- Monitor WG Radio content.

Basically, they want something like me, only for a radio. And Russian language only. So, anyone interested?

Personally, I don’t think game radio is a good idea in general. I mean – who has time to listen to this? When you are playing, do you really want a radio stream eating up your bandwidth in the background? Podcast, on the other hand, would make much more sense. I mean… imagine something like Mingles with Jingles, but with WG staff and without the “generic gameplay footage” video background. That’s something I would enjoy immensely. In English that is. I wish I had Jingles’ voice and accent, I sound terrible on the mic.

History of Great Victory, Part 6

Sixth part of the Wargaming series with Russian veteran memories about the Second World War. This time with Major-General Vladimir Konstantinovich Polupanov, who – a common combat engineer in 1945 – remembers capturing Fort No.5, one of the toughest fortifications in Königsberg, that posed a direct threat to the movement of the units of the 43rd Soviet Army.

English subtitles are available.



Major-General Vladimir Konstantinovich Polupanov was a squad leader in the 175th Independent Engineer Battalion of 126th Rifle Division of 3rd Belarus Front. He fought at the 1st Baltic, 3rd Belarus and 2nd Belarus Fronts. He helped to liberate Belarus and Lithuania. By an order of the Supreme Soviet of the USSSR presidium from 19.4.1945, for his heroism during the Königsberg fighting and for conquering the fortification, he was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, with an Order of Lenin medal and the Order of the Golden Star medal.

Please be civil in comments, I am watching them. I don’t want to see any BS there.

Swedish Tanks – Part VIII: Pvkv m/43

Author: sp15 (US server)

Part I:
Part II:
Part III:
Part IV:
Part V:
Part VI:
Part VII:


During the first years of WW2, the Swedish army had seen the success of German assault guns and tank destroyers – it was decided that these types of vehicles were to be introduced to the Swedish armed forces as well. TNew tank destroyers would be under direct command of the brigade commander and were meant to support tank companies with mobile and powerful anti-tank guns

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Minipatch Patch 9.0.3 coming to ASIA and RU servers

Hello everyone,

tomorrow, 8.5.2014, a minipatch 9.0.3 will be activated on EU, RU and ASIA servers. This patch will “bring a series of changes in the mechanics of discounts and missions”.

Edit: Official info from WG support page

This patch is made to help those who are facing issues with game performance due to inappropriate graphical settings in the client.
The goal of this patch is to detect players who are experiencing low FPS (less than 20) and propose them to adjust their graphical settings

History of Great Victory, Part 5

Fifth part of the Wargaming series with Russian veteran memories about the Second World War. This time with former navigator of the Pe-2 plane, Galina Pavlovna Brok-Belcova, who recalls how because of the issues with one of the engines on its way to its target, her bomber stayed behind the formation, was left without fighter cover and was attacked by German Focke-Wulf fighters.

English subtitles are available.



Galina Pavlovna Brok-Belcova took part in WW2 as a Pe-2 bomber navigator, serving in 125th Guard Bomber Air Regiment (holder of the order of Suvorov and the order of Kutuzov). She flew 36 sorties, took part in the Operation Bagration to liberate Belarus from German fascist invaders. She was awarded with the Order of the Red Star, Order of the Patriotic War 1st and 2nd Class and is a honorary member of the Soviet woman air pilots club.